Titleist 910 D2 Reviews

Titleist 910 D2 Reviews

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Titleist is the most traditional and best golf driver manufacturer you can find on the market. Unlike other manufacturers, they only release 1-2 new clubs per year. In this review, we're going to be taking a look at the 2010 Titleist 910 D2 Driver. This club was the first driver to include the 'SureFit' customisation settings: allowing you the user, to actively change up the parameters of the driver to better suit your driving needs.

Below you will find Honest Golfer review of the Titleist 910 D2. If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of pros and cons and our standard rating table:



  • Fantastic build quality as we have come to expect from the Titliest brand.
  • A little bit of an old club vs the modern drivers available. However the build quality and feel has stood the test of time.
  • SureFit allows you to change a number of settings on the club yourself. You don't have to visit the club shop everytime you want to adjust your driver settings anymore.
  • If you don't like the traditional looking golf club and prefer your club to look a little bit more flashy, this is probably not the club for you.
  • It feels great when you hit it out of the middle! Great carry distance potential.
Build Quality
Control & Performance
Design & Appearance

Say Hello To The Titleist D2 910...

We're going to be taking a look today at the Titleist 910 D2 driver, one of the popular golf drivers for sale in the market, so let's check it out, so we've got our hands on a 9.5 stiffness shaft in the 910 d2.

The D2 is the bigger head of the two; it's a 460 head design for 460cc head shape. It's got the dark face, with a lovely form on top, and this kind of rounded back.

You get a classic tightness line on the top, and then you get SureFit hosel, so it's the hosel that allows you to move the head around and change the way it lies, change the way the ball launches, which will affect the direction as well so it's pretty smart!

We're going to do another article looking into SureFit in a bit more in detail. We're going to talk to you about how it affects your shot at the end of this review.

What does the Titleist 910 D2 Look Like In The Bag?

I want to give you an overview of the club; it's quite smart looking.

You get the coloured sock, wow that's a beautiful looking head cover with the Titleist 910 D2 branding. This one's brand new so they're always a bit tight to put on the club at the start.

You also get your pouch, so in your Titleist pouch you get your wrench for changing the settings on SureFit. Inside the bag there's also a couple of little pockets, maybe you could use them for tees or anything else you might want to keep in there.

Also, you get your manual. The manual shows all the different settings, with a few instructions on how to change the club, so you get all the details you need to get the club on the course and get yourself set up! Titleist are saying, with D2s they would prefer for you to get the club set up by pro and don't start messing around with it yourself every day! Just get the club set up in a way that will help your game and then play with it.

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Letting Rip With The Titleist 910 D2

So let's hit it! I've got the standard diamond black stiff shaft on this one; the shaft is one made by Titleist! We're going to give it a wallop and see what it feels like to hit!

Here we go, first impressions looking down at the setup against the ball, it seems great! It has a classic Titleist look, lovely shape - I love the dark finish. The black onto the black looks nice.

The reason they do this Titleist says is that when you start manipulating the club with the short foot hosel if you have a silver face to a black face they say you see the manipulation clearer, and it might put some people off. So the utter blackness of the head allows you to manipulate the face and it doesn't look too off-putting maybe if you put it in its last setting.

So here we go let's give the 910 a whack. Okay, that feels great! What I love about Titleist drivers is that they work. I mean that's why they're tour proven, that's why you got the guys on the TV using these clubs.

They don't spin too much, so they're great at going forward and getting perfect distance as long as you get the setup for you correct. Let's give this one another wallop.

That feels fantastic!

It feels good off the face; it's strong, I mean they're going flying out the front, they're just going to fly. Now we're going to do some articles in the future to give you some data on these clubs. I'm just giving you a brief overview today. So let's give it one more wallop.

Here we go again, it looks good, I've got it in the neutral setting, so it's 0.5 a degree open, which means it sits square against the ball for all intents and purposes to my eye.

Let's give it one more hit - it's just a great flight, nothing feels like that. There are just no real gimmicks with this club, it just goes! SureFit is not a gimmick for sure, in our opinion, it's a very bright idea

Titleist 910 D2 Surefit: Custom Fit Your Driver

We want to give you a quick overview of the Surefit system. So you've got the key which it's in the top of the head where you've got this little wrench hole. You then push that down with the key to undo the head.

What that then allows you to do is change the settings on the club. So there we go we got the head off, and then you got your dial. You'll then see the markings of A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s on the dials. The top dial has the letters, and the bottom dial has numbers on it. So you set these two dials, and it gives you a different ball flight! Pretty clever uh?

So what I'm going to do is change the settings from the standard which is what I was hitting it with before. I'm going to change the settings to give me more loft (by 1.5 degrees.

The club will sit more upright in the lie. So what you do to get the clubhead back on is you get your settings to your desired position, for us it's A3. Okay then you pop the head back on, and you make sure the dot on the club, hopefully, lines up with the A3 setting.

Then what you do is you put the club on the floor to give it a little, and then you tighten it up (if you don't do it this way, what happens is as you tighten up the settings it twists the club). You don't get the settings you think you're getting! So that's it, let's check again, yeah that's A3, so this club is now a 9.5 loft with 1.5 degrees extra loft due to the change I made in the setup.

So it does feel like it's going to go a quite high left! Excellent, now let's give it a wallop and see what happens. Wow, I mean it's going higher, it should do it's got 11 degrees of loft now. 11 degrees of loft for me is far too high. I'm in the 9.5 even 8.5 loft area with my drivers.

Let's give it one more hit - yeah it's going left as well! That's great, the Surefit is ingenious. When you put the club down it doesn't look too crazy; it doesn't look hideously toned in or anything, it seems quite lovely. So the Titleist 910 D2, we love it, absolutely love it.

People, you've got to get out and try this club. Just go out and hit it. Get with a pro and get hitting it as well! Get your settings all correct and get out and enjoy it ā€” the Titleist 910 D2 is a great club.

If you were looking for a new driver in 2011, undoubtedly you've got to be trying this one or you making decisions.


I think you can tell that we have a real soft spot for this Titleist 910 D2 driver. There is so much about the club that we like - the look, the feel, the strike, the performance. What's not to like? Even the vast array of easily changeable user settings mean that you can always tweak the club to suit your developing style of play and skill level.

Titleist is a strong golf manufacturing brand that we trust. There may be newer drivers out there with fancy tricks and gimmicks to make you feel like you're going to gain a few yards but let us tell you this. The Titleist 910 D2 is one of the most honest golf clubs you can find on the market. Enjoy it!