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what is a chip in golf terms

What is a Chip (in Golf Terms)?

There are a lot of different terms for golf shots. If you have ever heard the term “chip shot,” then you might be scratching your head. What is a chip in golf, and how can it benefit your golf game? So, what is a chip in golf terms? A chip shot is essentially a shot…

what is a putt in golf terms

What is a Putt (in Golf Terms)?

Of all the different strokes in golf, putting is one of the most recognizable, but what is a putt in golf terms? If you’ve spent time on a golf course or watching golf on television, you may hear terms such as drive, approach, lay-up, or chip. You’ll also hear people saying the golfer is now…

how many irons in a golf club set

How Many Irons in a Golf Set? (2 or 6)

Whether you are a casual golfer or a scratch player, you are probably familiar with the many different types of golf clubs in the marketplace, including woods, irons, putters, hybrids, and wedges, among others. Most of us only use one or two irons in our sets, but how many irons in a golf set and…