5 Iron Golf Club Guide (Distance, Loft, etc.)

5 Iron Golf Club Guide (Distance, Loft, etc.)

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Whether you are new to the game of golf or just want to better understand your clubs, it can help to read about them. The 5 iron is a great place to start because it is right in the middle of the irons and provides a good balance of high and low iron characteristics. So, let’s get to know the 5 iron golf club a little better. 

A 5 iron is a mid-range iron that allows you to balance loft with distance and achieve longer, higher shots. It is a forgiving club, but it requires a different stance and approach than other clubs in your bag. Your 5 iron can get you out of the rough or up a large hill with a good balance of height and distance. 

This article will discuss 5 irons, why they are important for your golf game, and how to get better at hitting with them.

What Is a 5 Iron?

What Is a 5 Iron

A 5 iron is a mid-iron that has a thin metal club head. Golfers commonly use a 5 iron from the fairway or light rough as it allows you more control. The face of the 5 iron is thick, so it tends to be forgiving. This club can help you out of the rough or get you on the green faster than some other clubs. 

If you are new to golf or just want to better understand how each club works, the 5 iron is a great place to start. It is a mid-range iron with a thin metal head. The flat head of an iron allows you to better control your shots. It provides more opportunities for backspin, allowing you to control exactly where your ball lands. 

A 5 iron is also great for getting you out of trouble which makes it one of the best irons in golf. With a 5 iron, you can come down on the ball in a few different ways. This means you can use the flat heat to dig your ball out of the rough and get it back into play. 

When it comes to 5 irons, you have more control. This means how you swing the club becomes vital in performing cuts, fades, and hooks. Without the unique shape of this iron, that would be a lot more difficult. 

The main advantage of using a 5 iron compared to other clubs is the loft that it provides. If you are playing with hills that you need to avoid, the 5 iron will be a lot of help there. It allows you to hit the ball over most obstacles. 

The main problem that people run into with a 5 iron is remaining consistent. These complications happen because the head of the club allows you to control the shot very easily. This means that if your swing is a little off, it can drastically affect the shot. So, this club takes some getting used to.

5 Iron Distance

5 Iron Distance

While the exact distance you can hit the ball depends on your capability, strength, and age, the average golfer can expect to hit a 5 iron about 164 yards (150 meters). This is an average taken from players of all strengths and capabilities. So, depending on your skill level, you may hit your 5 iron less than 164 yards (150 meters) or even further. 

Of course, there are many things that can affect how far you hit a club. Some of these factors can have to do with your overall golfing ability. However, sometimes the weather or even the surface you are hitting on can drastically change how the club performs. 

Ways To Improve 5 Iron Distance

  • When teeing off, use a tee peg.
  • Trust the loft and avoid hitting up on the ball.
  • Improve your swing speed.
  • Practice from different lies.
  • Try different club lengths.

These are just a few simple ways to improve the distance you get with your 5 iron. Remember, 164 yards is average. So, you don’t need to get that yardage for your 5 iron to be useful and effective. Instead, focus on where you want the ball to go and practice getting it there by changing up your swing speed, intensity, or style. 

Standard 5 Iron Length

Standard 5 Iron Length 

The standard length of a graphite shaft 5 iron is 38 inches (96.52 centimeters) for men and 37.25 inches (94.62 centimeters) for women. A 5 iron with a steel shaft will be 37.5 inches (95.25 centimeters). Of course, the standard length for a 5 iron and other clubs is not the only option out there. 

You can add or remove inches from the standard length as needed to create the best possible club for your height. Most people who are of average height do not need to do this. However, those taller or shorter than 5’9” to 6’ (175 to 183 cm) should consider a different club length

For every three inches that you are shorter or taller than the average height, many golf club manufacturers recommend adding or subtracting half of an inch from the club length. For example, if you are 6’4” (193 cm), add half of an inch to the length of your 5 iron. If you are 5’3” (160 cm), consider a club about an inch shorter than average. 

This sizing per your exact height is unnecessary as many people find standard length 5 irons to work well for them. However, proper sizing can help your game reach the next level as far as accuracy and distance. So, consider it when looking for new clubs. 

More Than Height

When it comes to the size of a 5 iron, there is more to factor in than just your height. Irons are a lot different than other clubs because they require a different stance and maximum control of your shot. So, your stance when swinging and your arm length both play very important parts in the iron length you need. 

We recommend testing other club lengths if you feel like you aren’t getting the most out of your 5 iron. Most pro shops allow you to test their clubs for free. So, take a trip to your local golf store and try a few different length variations with a 5 iron. 

If you have a low stance, you may need a longer shaft. If you have long arms, you may need a shorter shaft. So, test out some options and see how much the length of your 5 iron truly matters with how it performs. 

5 Iron Loft

5 Iron Loft

A typical 5 iron will have a loft of about 21 to 27 degrees. The loft of a golf club is the angle between the face of the club and the ground. The degree varies so highly on average because there is no set regulation on golf club lofts. Instead, manufacturers are free to create their own lofts. So, there is a big variance in degrees for each club. 

Lofts typically increase as you reach higher iron club numbers.

So, as in most other cases, the loft of the 5 iron is average when you compare it to other irons. This makes the 5 iron great for getting a good mix of distance and height. 

The loft is a very important part of golf as it can affect a lot of the game. Loft affects the trajectory of the shot. A higher loft typically means that the ball will fly higher and spin more. However, the higher the loft and the trajectory of the ball, the less distance it will go. This is why you are more likely to see the ball go higher as you go up in iron numbers but not as far. 

So, 5 irons have just enough loft to help get you over a tricky hill while still allowing the ball to travel a good distance. This club comes in handy quite often when trying to get to the green, get over a hill, or get out of the rough because its loft gives it height without sacrificing too much distance. 

If you consider lower irons, you will notice that the distance they can cover increases as the number gets smaller. However, the height of the shot will also decrease. You can also change how you hit with a 5 iron to ensure it gets more loft by hitting it at a different angle. If you add more loft to the club, you will get more height with your shot though you are sacrificing distance. 

Final Thoughts: Golf 5 Iron Distance, Length, Loft & More

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, 5 irons are vital for any golfer who needs good distance and decent height. Your 5 iron can get you out of the rough or help you make it to the green from the tee on a par 3. 

While the length of a 5 iron is typically standard, consider practicing with some different heights to see if it helps you improve your shot. Remember, this club provides you with height and distance. So, if you need something higher, go up in your irons. Meanwhile, go down if you need a club that’ll take your ball further.