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Best Golf Towel

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Playing golf under the scorching sun can be very hot, sweaty and exhausting work right? And what about the cold and wet? In most conditions, the best golf towel can help you out -  BIG TIME!

Being a keen golfer, you don't want to miss a good opportunity to play your beloved game.

While golf is played for a variety of reasons, there is one IMPORTANT piece of kit that works better than anything else to wipe away all the dirtier parts of the game and make them clean again! 

We all love having clean clubs on the course right?

Best Golf Towel

Of course!

Who doesn't?

A dirty club face can really impact your game (in a bad way) after all!

But what is it we're talking about!? 

Yes, it's the good old trusty golf towel!

Top 10 Best Golf Towels for 2024

  1. Clothlete Microfibre Golf Towel (Best Overall)
  2. Callaway Golf Towel (Best Performing)
  3. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel (Best Durability)
  4. Greens Microfiber Golf Towel (Best Budget)
  5. Club Glove Towel (Best Value)
  6. Team Golf NCAA Towel
  7. Simplicity Cotton Towel
  8. Team Golf NFL Towel
  9. Grip Boost GB Tri-Fold Towel
  10. Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel

If you're a golfer, you'll know how important it is to have a fine quality towel.

A great golf towel can serve you by:

  • Cleaning your golf balls 
  • Cleaning your golf clubs
  • Drying your hands
  • Drying your face and body
  • Offering some protection from the sun when draped over your head
  • PLUS many, many more benefits!

A golf towel is important and this is why we've written this review for you!

However, hunting for the best golf towel for you might look like an easy task on the surface, but let us tell you now there's more to a golf towel than meets the eye....

So we've collected all the BEST information to help you find the Best Golf Towel for you and your golf game.

You'll find many golfers who maybe a little careless when buying a towel and then later, end up regretting missing out on something they wanted in their golf towel....which they didn't get...

Lets take a look at our Top 5 Picks:

If you've already made a mistake and purchased a low-quality towel, this review will be a great place for you to start. 

Let's Go!


Enjoy our info packed article?

Then take a look at the bottom of the page for a GREAT tip from the golf legend Ben Hogan on  how to use your golf towel to improve your hitting!

In A Hurry? 

The Test Winner After 18 Hours Of Research:

Why is it better?

  • Snap attachment design lets you snap the towel to your bag. Easy Peasy.
  • This pack comes with white, black AND grey color towels which you can use for different purposes (hands, balls etc).
  • The towel has a microfiber design allowing it to dry wayyy faster than a normal towel.
Our Score









Our Top 5 Golf Towels [Quick View]

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1. Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel

"Looking for the BEST budget friendly towel on the market today?

Well, gentlemen and ladies, this is your lucky day!

We've scoured the internet and found this absolute winner of a towel set which will let you kiss all your golf cleaning issues goodbye!

We've said it before, this is a 3 pack product - YES, that's 3 not 1, not 2 BUT 3 towels in one incredibly well priced pack!

"But the quality won't be so good..."

Wrong compadre!

The high quality material used features absorbency of 400g per square meter which basically means it will dry anything that's wet in seconds.

It comes in at 24 inches long - that is pretty long!

And on top of ALL this, the towel features a microfiber design that works for fast matter HOW wet the conditions are....


All this for a very low price... 3 towels, ready and waiting to wipe the sweat from your brow, the dirt off your clubs and shine up your balls (no jokes intended)....

Plus, the towels come in different colors so you can track which one you use to clean your balls, and which one you use to clean your brow. 

Whatever you do, DON'T confuse the two 😉

As for the size, well you'll find these towels to be usefully long, they have plenty of reach when hanging from your bang.

So to sum up, these towels come in at a phenomenal price, they feel soft and dry anything wet they touch in seconds. There's 3 of them in a pack and they all come in different colours so you won't confuse what you use each one for.

All in all, we just LOVE these towels, so much so, we carry them on our bag.

Ps we forgot....the towels also come with a snap on attachment so you can clip them to your bag with ease.


  • Comes with a snap attachment design that lets you snap the clothes to any part of your bag. 
  • The clothes are able to pin to each other so you can make one bigger one.
  • The pack comes in white, black and grey color that serves different purpose. The white one can be used for cleaning your face and hand.
  • Washer friendly
  • The pack features microfiber design that works for fast drying no matter how much wet the condition is


  • The pack might not fit into your golf bag if it is already crowded with other golf gears.
  • The towels come larger in size and you might have to roll or fold them up to stuff in your bag

2. Callaway Golf Uptown Golf Towel

You know what good quality material feels like right?

And you know, Callaway, stands for the BEST quality in golf equipment?

Can I hear a yes?

Well, you can imagine putting the best towel material together with the Callaway brand is going to mean an astonishingly high standard of golf towel.

And Callaway is a brand that offers all of this with its 2018 Uptown towel model. This cloth measures in at 21 inches x 16 inches and comes with super soft touch material - believe us, it is so smooth to touch.

Callaway have constructed this towel out of fine cotton, so the material is truly a great way to clean your hands and face as well as your clubs and golf balls.

No, not your balls this time, we already did that joke once. Even we thought it was getting old :)...

Like most of its competitors, the towel too has a carabineer ring so you can attach it to almost any bag or cart you use out on the course.

When all is said and done, this towel is just plain GOOOOOD, with a capital...


We are happy to tell you, if you buy this towel now, you will have precisely zero regrets. Yes 0. Enjoy it!


  • The material is durable and wash friendly.The towel has a soft touch to feel
  • You can use it for you or for your clubs and balls, the choice is all yours.
  • Doesn't fade even after a lot of washing.
  • It is able to clean all the wet.


  • It doesn't have microfiber. Sorry compadre. But it does feel as soft as silk if that helps...

3. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel

Nike is one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the world of sports.

You would think they could make a decent golf towel? Right?

Of course they can!

This little piece of cloth has bagged many positive reviews from its users, and that means there is no reason not to put this in your bag.

If you look at its traits, it features superior absorbent element for its smooth waffle weave microfiber material.

Listen, we need to tell you this material is the nuts, it's able to dry all the sweat on your brow away like a breezeeeeee.


As for its size, well it's a bigun'  measuring in at 19 x 41 inches (hey you could even use it for the shower! It's that BIG)


We just hope your golf bag is big enough for this towelly beast.

You'll also find a giant Nike tick embroidered on both sides of the towel, so you won't go unnoticed on the course with your brand spanking new designer towel.

Imagine this: a scorching hot day, your body is sweating through every pore, you've got a 100 yard wedge shot and the putt for the round....but your hands are wet like otters panic....

"how am I gona grip the club"

"I'm gona mess this shot up"

Fear no more, because you'll have the saviour of the Nike Microfiber towel ready to wipe away all that greasy sweat...urghhhh.

So you can take the best shot of the round and knock in a 3 foot putt to win!

I don’t think you'll need to look any further for a more important reason to buy this supreme towel, right here and now!


  • Provides great absorbency to dry all the wetness quickly for microfiber design
  • Easy to clean as it dries out quick
  • The towel feels soft to use
  • Able to clean all the sweat from your face and hands
  • The towel comes big in size.


  • There is no clip or hook in the towel to attach it to other stuff.

4. Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel

Here we have another Best of Golf Towel we really want to bring to your attention. This towel reaches the heights of cool-cleaning-towel-performance!

With it's microfiber design, it's not hard to see how easy the Greens towel will wipe away any sweat, dirt or grime away out on the course...

Let's not forget, no one wants to play with a sweaty (stinky) golf partner out on the links, and we think the Greens towel will stop any of these type of problems in their tracks!

Next up, there's a carabineer clip, another great trait meaning for you can snap the towel to just about anything.


Listen, the quality of the towel is top-notch. And on top of this you'll be getting a pack of 3 with your purchase, so you can utilize them for different purposes.

Body. Balls. And Clubs. 

And you know what the BEST part is?

The Greens towel offers this incredible pack for the price of 1 towel. Measuring up at 16 x 16 inches the towels come in at a size which means they're not too big, or too small.

These towels may not have the brand allure of the Nike or Callaway towel, however, for the price, we couldn't beat them!


  • Super absorbent capacity to clean you and your clubs effectively
  • The Microfiber design helps a lot in reducing odor as well as drying all the wet quickly.
  • You will be getting 10 different colors to choose on from.
  • Comes with a carabineer clip that works to clip it to your cart, bag, belt loops or anything
  • The towel itself is easy to clean
  • You can present yourself three for the price of one.


  • The towels are more on the thin side.
  • They come a bit smaller in size

5. Club Glove Caddy and Pocket Golf Towel Set

Would you love to splash out a bit of money on a premium towel?

Then have a look at this best golf towel set Club Glove is offering.

The set includes a tour-sized caddy towel measuring 17 x 14 inches, you can use this luxurious towel for cleaning your face and hands or even for your clubs.

It also includes a pocket-sized towel that measures 8 by 12 inch that can be used for something other than you use the other towel for.


So, as we say these towels really meet the needs of any golfer and with the premium feel we think you'll be pleased.

Next up, these towels are non-abrasive and a lint free design. The set aims to give smooth cleaning without leaving any lint - Nice.

On top of this, the 15 different color options available mean there's a great range for you to choose the color of towel which best matches your existing golf attire....

(We're all about color coding)

And, if you think you are one of those picky golfers, then this color variety means there's undoubtedly a color option out there for you! 

Finally, this towel is a microfiber cloth, so you will find the towel able to absorb water extremely quickly.

This Club Glove Caddy and Pocket Towel come in at a reasonable price for such a quality towel, we have no hesitation in recommending them to you.


  • The set comes with a 17 x 40 inch tour sized towel.
  • It includes an 8 x 12 inch pocket sized towel as well
  • It is able to hold up to 400% of its weight in water!
  • Comes with a lint free design so that you don’t get to see even a little lint after a wipe.
  • Comes with a non-abrasive design so you can feel the smooth texture.
  • The tour-sized towel consists of a center slit that lets you fit the towel on your club heads directly so can get the best cleaning.
  • Absolutely wash friendly.


  • The tour-sized towel can be a bit tough to fit into a jam-packed golf bag

6. Team Golf NCAA Embroidered

With the NCAA Embroidered towel by Team golf, you can wipe all the sweat and dirt that sometimes goes with playing your favorite game.

We love the 100 percent cotton feel of the cloth.

It's so comfortable to feel and use to clean your sweat off your brow.

On top of this, it is also able to wipe the dust from the clubs, balls and other golf equipment.

Have no fear your NCAA towel is here!

But ladies and gents, this isn't the best bit, we love this towel even more because you get to choose your favorite NCAA team embroided on to it!

PLUS it comes in your team colors!


Coming in at 16 x 22 inches in size, Team Golf has made the cloth a tri-fold towel so that you can stuff it easily in your golf bag.

As well as this, it also has a clip you can swivel and clip to just about anything so you can have it right by your side through 18 holes.

Speaking of the clip it's worth mentioning it's made out of plastic rather than metal.

We think this towel is a great quality towel that does the job you want it to with the added bonus of your team crest emblazoned on to it!

What more could you ask for from a golf towel uh?

So, if you think this towel matches all your looking for in a golf towel, go take a look at it today!


  • The towel is thick with a smooth texture due to its cotton material.
  • It's very good quality as the cloth does not fade after its wash.
  • It is able to clean you as well as your golf gear amazingly.
  • The swivel clip made it easier to clip it to anything for convenience.


  • The clip is made of plastic, and some users found it a bit flimsy

7. Simplicity 100% Terry Velour Cotton

This is a cloth of one thing and one thing only - simplicity! 

This is the attribute that the brand Simplicity is known for, as you can guess from the name.

I know, I know, it's obvious, but it had to be said 🙂

However, talking about the towel, the brand claim is simple, for this to be the best golf towel manufacture in pure cotton made of velour terry.


This material combination gives the towel a smooth texture and you'll be able to feel it too.

It's SO soft that it won’t give you a bad clean. 

On top of this, another great feature of this towel, is its ability to absorb moisture.

So if you feel weary after a long golf game, the cloth can be a great aid to wipe away all of your sweat. 

Coming in a tri-fold design, the cloth has been designed with a clip and this will help you hook it on anything you need to out on the course.

To talk more about it, the clip is made up of metal so you won’t be dissapointed to find it break after 10 rounds.

This golf towel will last you for a looooong time.

Besides, you can also carry it in your golf bag as it comes compact in size.

If you want the 'best golf towel', you can pick any one of the seven colors that the brand has available today. Go ahead - treat yourself!


  • The cotton material makes it feel soft and smooth to touch and use.
  • Features great absorbency power to wipe all the sweat easily.
  • The towel is very lightweight, hence it feels easy to carry.
  • The hook is able to clip onto anything for handiness.
  • The clip is made up of metal, so it doesn’t feel cheap.
  • Comes in seven different colors for option.


  • You might find it a bit long
  • Might get faded after a wash or two

8. Team Golf NFL Embroidered

Show your favorite team to everyone on the golf course with this elegant embroidered NFL towel by Team Golf.

Go ahead choose your team and show it off to all of your golf buddies with pride!

This cloth comes with a checkered scrubber that helps in cleansing golf balls and club heads.

Next up, with 60% cotton and 40% Rayon material, the towel has been made to be pretty durable so that it lasts a long time out on the course.

Though the cloth is a great quality product, it might shed some lint after wiping your gear.

So, this is something that you should consider. 

You'll find that the towel has a tri-fold design to which is nice.

However, to talk about its measurement, the NFL measures 16 x 22 inch. 

There's a signature swivel clip on the top of the towel allowing you to clip it to anything. Furthermore, you can even unclip it easily as well which is quite handy for a towel.

If you're looking for something that wipes away all the dirt from you clubs and the sweat from you brow, you should check out this golf towel today!


  • The stitching and pattern can look cool when you carry the towel on your bag, so design wise it is pretty a great product.
  • The clip is able to hook to anything, so it’s very handy.
  • Your able to wipe all the moisture and dirt from golf balls and club heads easily.
  • The clip swivels which helps more for convenience.


  • It has been sewn to stay folded so you cannot unfold the towel. which can be an advantage too!

9.Grip Boost GB Tri-Fold

This Grip Boost towel is designed to do exactly what it says on the embroidery.

'Boost your grip of the golf club'

Pretty simple, but very effective....if it work's that is?

So does it? Let's find out....

Starting off, this towel comes with tri-folded design which we like as it folds down nicely for storage. The towel is made from microfiber material which packs plent of absorbency power.

The towel has a checkered design which adds to the ability of the towel to act as a scrubber, getting those hard to shift dirt marks or grass stains off your clubs and equipment.

So this towel is really capable of cleaning all the dirt from your golf equipment.

There's also a pretty neat feature on this towel which we haven't seen on any other towel and like a lot....

You see, there's a tiny pocket included on the towel as well so you can keep all your small items inside it (tee's, ball, pencil?).

Pretty cool uh?

This towel is completely machine washable so you won't need to be concerned about the towel becoming faded after washing.

The towel is also available in 3 colors and each of them has a carabineer clip included for convenience. All in all this towel is a really solid contender to be your next golf towel.

It's affordable, durable, of high quality and does every thing you need a towel to do out on the links. Thumbs up on this one from team Honest Golfer!


  • Small built in pocket for keeping tiny golf items.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • A hook on top so you can clip it to your bag.
  • Able to clean dirt away like a breeze.
  • It's machine washable, so it won’t fade.


  • The stitching around the pocket may be a little weak over time.

10. Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel

The Spotless Swing golf towel is all about versatility.

And the brand has stated that too. They want this towel to be used as a multi purpose towel.

But what are those multi purposes I hear you ask?

Well, here they are...

Firstly, you can use it to keep your hands and face clean as well as the golf equipment.

Secondly, the inner part of the towel helps to catch all the moisture and dirt from your club heads.

Thirdly, it’s made from microfiber material which lets you clean the dirt of your clubs with complete ease.

So all you need to do is prepare for your next shot.

Speaking more of the material, the fabric is able to absorb over 600% of its weight -  we think that's incredible.

Not only that, you can also clean the towel after you are done using it since the cloth is absolutely machine washable.

If all this wasn't enough, there's also a clip on top of the towel as well so you can attach it to your bag easily. 

So if you would like to spend some of your hard earned buckaroo's on a great quality towel that's going to last you for years to come, then this one from the Spotless Swing could be the best golf towel for you!


  • You can keep the dirt away from your face and hands with it.
  • You can clean the balls and club heads with its inner compartment.
  • The inner compartment helps to trap the trashes.
  • Microfiber material helps to dry moisture quickly
  • There is a hook on top so you can clip it to the bag easily.
  • Can absorb over 600 percent of its weight.


  • It might shrink a bit after a wash.

Your Golf Towel Buying Guide

Let's have a quick look at why you need a golf towel and what are the benefits of having one, shall we?

Lets GO...

Helps Clean And Dry Your Golf Gear

More often than now, golf towels come with a construction of microfiber blend fabric. 

So they have a great absorbency power.

The dimension of golf towels are usually smaller than other traditional towels, like the one you use for the shower.

But, it these golf towels are easier for you to carry with you out on the course.


Not only that, most of the cloths come with a clip that allows you to clip them to just about anything - no more losing your towel out on the course.

One of the foremost purposes of golf towels is obviously to clean your golf gear including clubs and balls.

Some of the other useful things that the little piece of cloth does is to buff off the grass marks on the ball, tackle the grit and dirt build up in the grooves of your irons and to get any debris of your putter.

But the uses don't end here.

You can make use of your golf towel in several other ways as well. 

Who likes to have a set of mucky clubs? 

Yeah - no one. There's nothing better than a gleaming set of clubs, and this is where a great golf towel really helps.

Wiping down mucky clubs with your new micorfiber cloth will help you keep your golf gear in top notch condition helping improve your game, but also (something few people mention) help preserve the life of your golf club.

Helping you get more years of quality use out of your favorite pieces of metal!

Personal Purpose

Many of the brands offer a set of towels that you can use for personal purposes. 

While one towel is great for wiping off the dirt on your clubs, it is also great to help you feel completely relaxed out on the golf course.

All golfers know how tiring it can be to play a single session of the game in heat of summertime.

The sweat drips down your skin and hands, without a towel to wipe it away it can be really quite uncomfortable and also negatively affect your ability to perform at your highest level.

Horrid sweat can lead to a loss of concentration and yes, ultimately bad shots.

This is why it's so important to carry a .

Cooling Golf Towel

Putting a cooling towel around your hot neck or over your red hot head feels like putting soothing ice on a burning fire right? 

You can guess what we're talking about here. 

A cooling golf towel is pure bliss in extreme conditions which are ever present on the golf course - especially during the summer months.

It will give you a cool experience which lasts for hours but also calms down your weariness as well, helping you perform better on the course.

So whenever you have a golf game during the searing summer time, the cooling cloth will be there right by your side. 

What Are Golf Towels Made of?

If you’ve ever purchased a low-cost towel, you might have seen that the threads and the little lint of the cloth get everywhere after you use it.

And right at that you moment your realize how important it is to get a towel of good quality.

Particularly in golf games where a couple of hits could make a BIG difference as to whether you win or lose.

So, a towel made from a good fabric is a must for any serious golfer!

Our number recommendation is to track down a towel made from microfiber.

Microfiber is a fabric that with a superb cleaning capacity (it doesn't leave fibers all over your clothes and clubs either).

The fabric is also lightweight and you will find it really easy to get the towel into the grooves of your clubs effortlessly!

As well as this, this kind of fabric also helps a lot in drying all the dampness quickly.

So, if you want a golf towel that benefits you out on the golf course in several ways, look for the one with good quality material.

Super Absorbent Golf Towel 

This is the technical part of your decision about getting the best golf towel in your hand.

Just as we have mentioned earlier, a great towel is one that is made from microfiber material.

This fabric is the reason for which you can determine the rate of absorbency.

Basically, this absorbency rate is measured per square meter of fiber or per square foot.

Although it might look tough to relate but after a couple of conversion, it becomes an easy number for comparing.

Many companies give the rate via the absorbency percentage compared to the towel weight.

If you want the true benefits of microfiber we recommend a minimum absorbency of 400%.

Golf Towel Size

Size is one of the most common factors listed as to why, or why not a golf towel is purchased.  

While picking up a golf towel, you might want a big size so you can wipe all the stuff without the need of cleaning it in the same place and spreading the dirt  back where you already cleaned it off.

While you select the size of the towel, you might mull over if you would like to keep it in your pocket or in your bag.

These are the two instances that you get encountered whenever you think of what size towel you want. 

However, it is still better that you opt for a towel that comes with a hook so that you can clip it to anything, be it your bag or belt through a carabineer.

So, whenever you decide to buy a golf towel on the internet, remember to think about what size towel will work best for you! 

But it is advised to get the hooked one as it helps you for being a handy trait.

Choosing Your Golf Towel Color

This is yet another important factor to think of while buying a golf towel since it plays a significant role in determining the durability of the cloth.

Just like other products, cloths too have stability attribute, hence you must have the one that will last long.

However, if you plan to grab a golf towel with a goal of using it to rub your golf balls or wipe off the clubs, then you might wish to have one that comes dark in color.

Because the rule of thumb says that the darker the towel is, the less you will get to see the dirt inside of the fabric.

And this will mean you will use it more before washing. Ultimately the process of washing the towel will be what gradually lessens it's durability over washes.

Many brands offer white or light colored cloth that look very pleasing on the eye.

Benefits Of A Golf Towel

  • The towel helps to wipe away and contain any debris so it keeps your golf gear clean.
  • It helps to clean all of the dirt off your golf balls and clubs.
  • Microfiber towels work great in wiping the dampness off your equipment and drying them out quickly.
  • Towels with a hook can be a great allowing you to attach them to a golf bag for convenience.
  • The cloth can also be used for personal use, so you can clean sweat off your hands and face.
  • Don't forget a golf equipment is *EXPENSIVE* a good golf towel helps to prolong to life of your beloved equipment by keeping it in a great condition!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are Microfiber Golf Towels so popular?

A: There are two common materials found in case of the construction of a golf towel: one is cotton and the other is microfiber. 

But it has been observed that the microfiber has outweighed over the other one for which it became so popular.

The reason for its popularity is that it is able gather the dirt very well and can be washed also to keep it clean.

Another reason is that microfiber golf towel absorbs the damp fast and they also dry out quickly. 

Not only that, they are also machine washable and come in lightweight. So no lugging around a heavy towel for you!

Q: How do you measure the absorbency rate? 

A: The rate of absorbency is measured in either per square foot or per square meter.

Mostly it is stated in percentage. Usually the higher the number of absorbency the better.

For example, if a towel has a high rate of 500 gram per square meter, they will state it having 500% absorbent power comparing to the heft of the cloth.

Q: Does the plastic hook last long?

A: Most of the golf towels come with a hook that is either made from plastic or metal. 

The hook is one of the vital attributes of a golf towel since it helps in snapping it to your bag easily. If you go for the plastic hook and expect it to last for decades, then you are probably going to be disappointed. 

The metal hook is inevitably, on most occasions going to be more durable than the plastic hook.

Picking up the best golf towel can make your golf game somewhat easier.

And for this, it is essential that you get to pick the right one so that you can have the finest experience.

There are many golfers who overlook having a towel of fine quality and they end up paying less for it.

So we would say even if you want to grab inexpensive cloth, make sure it is of good quality.

Ben Hogan's Golf Towel Hitting Drill....