What to Wear Golfing

What to Wear Golfing: Tips for Men & Women Without Golf Clothes

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If you’re a beginner golfer, you probably don’t want to be in the spotlight at your local golf course!

A lot of seasoned players will wear dedicated golf clothes and look the part, and you may be afraid of feeling out of place. 

You may also wonder if there’s a function to these clothes; being uncomfortable is not a good way to start a new hobby, after all. It can be hard to know what to wear golfing if you don’t have golf clothes.

To make matters worse, golf is a sport known for its aesthetic side! There is a fashion and a culture to golf, from the clothes to the clubs. 

We’re here to help. Read on to find simple, comprehensive tips for both men and women so you can construct an appropriate outfit using items you already have at home! 

Golf Attire for Men

Golf Attire for Men

If you browse through some golf clothing catalogs for men, you’ll start to notice some themes that are easy to recreate with pieces from non-golf brands:


  • The standard top for a man in golf is quite simply a polo shirt. Any color will do, although opt for something that isn’t too extreme, bold, and distracting. The polo is durable, breathable, comfortable, sporty, and classy
  • Sweaters, vests, and jackets are the most popular options to layer over a polo shirt in colder conditions. Stick to less bulky options that don’t restrict movement, and try to stick with your color scheme
  • Other warmer options are long-sleeved polo shirts and turtlenecks
  • Avoid: t-shirts, hoodies, controversial logos and slogans, and excessively casual clothing.


  • The standard bottom options for men are well-fitting khaki shorts and khaki pants, for their neutral color and style that goes with almost any polo shirt. A belt is optional
  • Some players like to go a little bolder with chinos or slacks. Just don’t go too overboard; again, there is a fashion to golf, and it isn’t flashy and extreme
  • Avoid: jeans, cargo shorts, sweatpants, and ripped items.


  • For those who don’t have golf shoes, sneakers, and other low-profile sport-oriented shoes are best
  • Golf involves a lot of walking, especially if you don’t have a cart with you. Try to maximize durability and go for lightweight options that are easier on the feet and legs
  • Proper golf shoes usually have spikes or cleats on the bottom for added grip. Try to replicate this if possible with shoes that have a lot of grip
  • Avoid: basketball shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, and dress shoes.

Golf Attire for Women

Golf Attire for Women

Just as with mens’ catalogs, you will notice some running themes throughout popular womens’ golf outfits. 

Golf attire for women should be comfortable, functional, and stylish! It should also follow the dress code of the golf course, which may vary depending on the location and season.

Here are some general guidelines and tips on what to wear on the golf course for women:


  • Collared tops or other tops with high necklines are the general preference for women in golf
  • Regular polo shirts are great for women, not just men. Many women opt for a sleeveless polo shirt, but either is standard
  • You can also wear a long-sleeved polo shirt or a sweater in colder weather
  • Avoid: revealing clothing, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, controversial logos and slogans, and excessively casual clothing.


  • Dresses are a great option. Something flexible, relatively plain, and durable that is above the knee but not too short. Avoid anything too frilly and voluminous.


  • Skirts, like dresses, are great if they are durable, flexible, and above the knee, but not too short
  • Shorts are a good alternative. In fact, skirts are usually worn with shorts underneath in golf. ‘Skorts’ are particularly popular, merging the benefits of the two.


  • Footwear is much the same for women as it is for men. Opt for low-profile, sport-oriented footwear like sneakers.

Golf Accessories

From hats and glasses to watches and jewelry, you may be wondering what you can get away with on the golf course!

Not only are many accessories acceptable, but some are even considered useful or recommended:

  • A pair of shades go a long way in golf, especially in sunnier conditions. 

    Your choice of lenses and color can affect your vision and performance! Some of the most popular lens colors for golfers are brown, amber, and rose, as they can improve depth perception and clarity.

    Some of the most popular lens shapes are wraparound, aviator, and rectangular, as they can provide good coverage and stability

  • Pros can often be seen wearing a cap with their glasses for added sun protection. 

    Baseball, visor, and bucket caps are among the most popular, as they tend to match typical golf attire and are designed for use in sporting settings. 

    Some of the most popular colors for golf caps are black, white, and navy, as they can match any outfit and look professional! For women specifically, open-top baseball caps are a particularly fashionable option.

  • Not only are watches part of the fashion of golf, but there are more practical reasons to wear one, especially in the age of smart devices!

    Some watches can even help you analyze your swing speed and other features of your play. 

    Some things to be careful of are weather conditions, wrist flexibility, and competition play. 

    There may be rules in place that don’t allow for devices that might compromise fair gameplay, and when in an amateur setting, you should always ensure your watch isn’t going to get damaged by the weather or damage your gameplay by restricting movement of your wrist!

  • A good pair of gloves can complement a high-quality golf grip or make up for one that isn’t so good. 

    You want to opt for thinner gloves that maximize grip, control, and comfort, as well as durability.

Dress Codes

Golf Dress Codes

One more very important thing to consider is course-specific dress codes! 

Most golf courses actually have a unique set of rules about what must and must not be worn on the course, with some being stricter than others. 

That’s right – not only are some items not allowed on some courses, but on some courses, you have to wear certain kinds of shoes, clothing items, or even particular colors.

When it comes to courses with dress codes, you can follow any advice above until the point that it contradicts the rules of that specific course.

Some courses may not allow certain kinds of undergarments like visible thermals, while others do. Consider the less obvious clothing items that you might not give a second thought before you turn up to the golf course!