Best Golf Clubs

Best Golf Clubs (2024 “Hot List”)

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Golf clubs are an investment, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can end up paying for a set of clubs that are too stiff for your swing (or too long, or too short, or…). That’s a shame because a good set of golf clubs can last 10 years without having to be replaced.

Honest golfing tip: no matter the price, the clubs you choose are an investment that you will have to live with (mentally and physically) for a long time, so here are the best golf clubs on the market right now:

The best golf club set is the [amazon link=”B07W4F18SH” title=”TaylorMade P790s” /]. This iron set offers maximum distance and accuracy and provides forgiveness for those who need it. Distance and accuracy are the two elements that all golfers desperately need with their irons, and the TaylorMade P790s provide just that. 

[amazon box=”B07W4F18SH,B08QSKCDDB,B09G3FZ4L2″ grid=”3″]

The only instances that I wouldn’t recommend the P790s are if…

  • You’re serious about improving your game and have a mid-handicap level. Choose the [amazon link=”B08QSKCDDB” title=”TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX irons” /] (available on Amazon) instead.
  • You want aesthetically appealing clubs. Go for the [amazon link=”B09KNV1R48″ title=”Callaway Rogue golf irons” /] (available on Amazon).
  • You’re a low handicapper or semi-pro golfer who wants consistent speed and shot accuracy. The [amazon link=”B09G3FZ4L2″ title=”Gold Mizuno Pro 223″ /] (available on Amazon) is ideal.
  • You’re a pro and want optimal performance and consistency. In this case, you’ll love the performance of the [amazon link=”B08PDSB925″ title=”Callaway Apex Iron Set” /] (available on Amazon).

…but make sure to read the entire post below, because we step-by-step you through making an investment you won’t regret…

Golf is a game that has fine-tuned a certain type of player, and that’s why finding the perfect golf clubs for you can be really difficult.

Not all golf clubs are the created same, and with so many good sets out there, it’s difficult to decide which ones are the best. A golfer’s clubs are his tools, and the better the tools, the better your chances of improving your handicap. 

In this article, I’ll take you through the best golf club sets in five different categories. I’ll also discuss why the TaylorMade P790 irons are the best for most golfers and which alternatives are better options in certain situations. So, let’s get started!

best golf clubs on the market

Best Overall: TaylorMade P790 Irons

As an excellent set of golf clubs at a reasonable price, the [amazon link=”B07W4F18SH” title=”Taylormade P790″ /] (available on Amazon) is the best option for most people, regardless of your handicap level or playing style. 

The P790s are designed to maximize distance while improving accuracy. They were initially targeted towards low to mid-handicappers and were an immediate success. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them as a beginner. 

You’ll find both professionals and 20+ handicappers using these clubs, and there are many reasons for this. TaylorMade has consistently released quality clubs, and very few golf clubs can appeal to such a wide range of golfers.

It’s safe to say that the P790s have only improved since their initial release, with the latest version boasting an improved look and feel. They are much lighter and more consistent than the first version, and that is thanks to the SpeedFoam Air feature.

SpeedFoam Air is a type of foam inside the club’s face, providing extra compression at impact while producing a beautiful sound at impact. 

The club heads have been redesigned with a thin-wall frame that is made of 8620 carbon steel. This redesign has allowed the club to have much better launch angles, thanks to a lower center of gravity. The P790s now have a higher yet more controlled launch angle. 

There’s even a design on the longer irons that keeps the ball speed up, even with a bad contact. 

Bottom line:  I highly recommend the TaylorMade P790 irons if you’re looking for golf clubs that offer improved consistency and distance for a reasonable price. They perform well for low handicappers and are even used by some PGA Tour pros. 


  • Consistency: The TaylorMade P790 irons are designed to provide you with consistent distance and feel every time you strike the ball. 
  • Better distance: The P790s will add a couple of extra yards to your game, especially with the longer irons, thanks to its innovative Thru-slot Speed Pocket. 
  • Great overall look: The P790s have a slick and elegant look, and you’ll feel like you’re playing with tour clubs. 
  • Offers forgiveness: Although they may not offer as much forgiveness as some beginner golf clubs, the P790s do offer enough to make life easy for a mid to low handicapper. 


  • They don’t work well for beginners and high handicappers: Although some high handicappers may enjoy using the P790s, they aren’t the best clubs to start out with. There are better golf clubs available that offer much more forgiveness and are easier to swing. 
  • Produce highball flight: A highball flight isn’t necessarily bad unless you’re playing along the coast and in very windy conditions. Therefore, it’s necessary to know what works for you and what the playing conditions are. 

Best Golf Clubs for Serious Golfers: TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Irons

While the P790s may be the best golf clubs for mid to high handicappers, the [amazon link=”B08QSKCDDB” title=”Taylormade SIM MAX irons” /] are best for players of all handicaps and those that are serious about improving their game. You could use them as a beginner and up until you’re a scratch golfer. 

These irons generate fast ball speeds and provide consistency while still being one of the most forgiving irons out there. This makes them easy to hit without compromising distance, as many golf clubs tend to do. 

‘SIM’ stands for ‘Shape in Motion,’ and it certainly stands up to its name. In fact, the design and components of the SIM MAX iron heavily rely on ball-shaping technology within the golf club. It has clearly worked, as there aren’t many golf clubs as complete as this set of irons. 

The extra distance generated by these irons is due to technology such as the speed pocket and the speed bridge technology. This results in the SIM Max irons practically maxing out ball speed without going over the regulations set by the USGA. 

Alongside the extra distance, the SIM MAX irons offer amazing forgiveness to golfers of all handicaps. This is the main feature that has set these golf clubs aside from the rest. The technology used in the making of these clubs has made this possible since the SIM set has a cavity back and features Inverted Cone Technology

So, even off-center hits and toe strikes seem to go straighter.

The SIM MAX irons also offer a great feel and consistency, which may be sorely needed for high-handicapped golfers. The CHO® Damping System also creates a forged-like sound at impact and gives the golf club a tour-like feel to it.

Bottom Line: If you’re a high-to-mid handicap golfer who enjoys golf and wants to improve your game, then the TaylorMade SIM MAX irons are the ideal clubs. This also applies to beginners who want a set they can use until they reach a single-digit handicap. 


  • Suitable for golfers of all handicaps: The SIM MAX irons can be used effectively by players with high, mid, and even low handicaps. It’s difficult to find golf clubs these days that aren’t specifically designed for a single group of golfers. 
  • The clubs are forgiving: No matter how good or bad you’re at golf, the SIM MAX clubs will give you the forgiveness you need to turn those ugly shots into decent ones. It’s especially helpful for beginners, high handicappers, and mid-handicap golfers and will certainly help lower your scores. 
  • They hit longer distances: With the type of technology that went into these golf clubs, it is no surprise that these are some of the longest irons that TaylorMade has ever made. This means that you’ll be hitting shorter irons into greens, which is a significant morale booster. 
  • It has a great feel: When a SIM MAX iron strikes a golf ball, it sounds exactly like a forged club striking a ball. It also has a very smooth and consistent feel to it, which many golfers have come to love.


  • It’s not a budget club set: The SIM MAX irons are on the higher end of the golf clubs market, and so many golfers won’t be able to afford them if they’re on a budget. Some customers feel it should be priced lower as its golf clubs mainly aim at beginners and high-handicapped players. 
  • Doesn’t produce as much spin: Most high-handicap golfers struggle to produce spin, which is a problem because the iron shots tend to run through the green. Therefore, a golf club that produces less spin won’t help the golfers’ cause in the short game.

Best Golf Clubs for Professional Golfers: Callaway Apex Iron Set

Callaway is famous for making golf clubs that are targeted toward better golfers in the lower handicap range. The [amazon link=”B08PDSB925″ title=”Callaway Apex Iron Set” /] is aimed at avid golfers who are in or close to the low handicap range. 

These golf clubs offer higher launch angles, higher spin rates, and a tour-like look and feel to them. The old Apex irons performed well but lacked the looks and felt to be an excellent option. However, the new Apex iron version has patched up all of those shortcomings and is now easily one of the best golf clubs. 

The better feel in these golf clubs comes from the thicker face and a polymer core that enhances feel and face resilience. They also have almost 50% more tungsten than previous versions, which is added to the head of the club. 

All of this results in a better impact zone on the clubface, as well as longer distances and more forgiveness. 

Customers who have tested the Callaway Apex irons have left very positive reviews, and so have professional critics. So what separates these golf clubs from the rest? The answer doesn’t lie in any one component that makes it special, but rather in that it is a well-balanced golf set that ticks almost all boxes.

This set offers good distance, exceptional forgiveness, a high launch angle, and is very consistent with strikes overall. It even has the looks of a tour iron set. 

The secret to the longer distance in the new Apex irons is the max-impact technology in the face of the clubs. 

Bottom Line: If you’re a pro or scratch golfer, you’ll love the consistency, distance, and overall feel of these clubs. They are used by a lot of pros, and this speaks volumes about the set’s quality. 

Even if you’re a high handicapper but know how to swing a golf club properly, you’ll find these clubs enjoyable to use. 


  • Great looks: The improved, polished look of the new Apex irons are what every low-handicap golfer desires. The slick design, with the round toe and highlighted grooves, just looks perfect behind the ball. It’s great for any golfer’s self-confidence. 
  • Balanced performance: The performance of a golf club offers everything from forgiveness to ball speed, and these irons have a really good performance rating. The forgiveness on bad strikes is also excellent and will give you the confidence you need to swing freely. 
  • Better launch angles: Callaway has improved the Apex irons by giving them strong lofts, easy launch characteristics, and excellent spin rates. Callaway has improved spin rates in their new range to help you avoid getting those real fliers. They’ve been able to achieve this through the addition of high-spin shaft options.


  • Isn’t the best-looking golf club set: Although the Callaway Apex iron set has come a long way, the looks aren’t the best when compared to other clubs in the market. This is a big let-down for many low-handicap golfers who want a good performance club with a good aesthetic appeal. 
  • Not great for higher handicap golfers: These golf clubs are mainly targeted towards a specific group of mid to low-handicap players. It’s an excellent set of clubs overall for that category of players but not so much for the players in between.

Best-Looking Golf Clubs: Callaway Rogue ST Pro Iron Set 

In golf, there’s always the dilemma of players who want good-looking clubs while also looking for irons that perform well. Golf manufacturers never seem to be able to make golf clubs that fit all the categories of performance, distance, and good looks.

However, Callaway has devised a solution with the [amazon link=”B09KNV1R48″ title=”Rogue ST Pro Irons” /].

According to reviews, these golf clubs perform really well and are the longest-distance irons. So, for any golfer looking for the longest-distance irons, you’ve found your clubs. 

The hollow body and compact-shaped head are what provide extra whip to the golf ball, which results in the ridiculous distance. The face has an AI-designed Flash Face Cup, which results in higher launch angles and faster ball speeds. 

Callaway has done an exceptional job of doing all of this without compromising the looks of the golf clubs. They have the look and feel of a tour player’s iron.

Another great feature of these golfing irons is their great workability, and it’s easy to shape the ball both ways with these clubs. This is important if you’re a low-handicap golfer who likes to shape the ball differently to get at tucked or off-center pins.

However, this won’t matter much too higher handicap golfers who only know how to hit the ball straight. 

One aspect of the ST Pro irons that may pique the interest of higher handicap golfers is that they also offer a decent amount of forgiveness. Although in these, forgiveness may not be as good as in some other clubs, it’s enough to work with. 

Overall, the Callaway ST Pro irons have an above-average performance in all aspects.

However, these golf clubs’ accuracy is what ultimately lets them down. After hitting these golf clubs on the range, you’ll notice that the shot dispersion isn’t as good as that of the other golf clubs I’ve listed above, and some shots seem to go way further than expected. 

This is the reason why I’ve listed them in the aesthetically-appealing category. 

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a set of clubs that has both looks and performance, then the ST Pro irons do the best job of combining the two. If Callaway decides to improve the accuracy of these clubs in the future, they may become one of the better-performing options. 


  • No 1 in distance: When it comes to shot distance, the ST Pro irons are ranked no.1. I was amazed at how far these irons went, and it certainly feels good to be hitting an 8 iron when it’s a 7-iron distance.
  • Great workability: The ability of these golf clubs to shape the ball both ways is incredible. This isn’t just a set of clubs that can go far, and more importantly, it’s suitable for every golfer.
  • Good launch angles: With these clubs, you’ll be able to launch the ball and get it to sit softly on any green. Couple that with a good spin rate, and you’ve got the perfect match. 
  • Decent forgiveness: While it’s not a beginner club, it offers enough forgiveness for high handicappers. 


  • Accuracy: The accuracy of the ST Pro irons is what lets this set down, as it has one of the worst accuracy ratings on this list. However, the bar is high when comparing the best clubs of all time, so most average golfers might not see much difference. 
  • Not great for lower handicappers: Golfers with lower handicaps will struggle with these clubs because, although they perform well in every aspect, they don’t have the best accuracy. Accuracy is what every low-handicap golfer desires, and without it, they wouldn’t be playing competitively. 

Best Golf Clubs for Low Handicap Golfers: Gold Mizuno Pro 223

The best golf clubs for low handicap players are the [amazon link=”B09G3FZ4L2″ title=”Gold Mizuno Pro 223″ /] irons. They’re made for low-handicap golfers who are good enough to hit a blade but want some forgiveness in their clubs. 

Many Tour players, such as Jordan Spieth, are also switching to clubs with a cavity back. This ensures that the bad strikes aren’t as bad as they would be with blades, allowing these elite golfers to feel more comfortable with their clubs. 

These clubs have a beautiful design across the face that gives them a tour feel. Looking at them, you can tell that these were designed for great golfers.

Customers have said that they are satisfied with the design and overall aesthetic appeal. Mizuno has also put in a nice touch by placing their logo on the back toe of the face, just like with the older generation of clubs.

Aside from their great looks and impressive forgiveness, Gold Mizuno Pro 223 clubs have so much to offer.

This set of clubs is unique because the 4 through 7 irons are made from forged Chromoly material with a flow micro-slot for distance and forgiveness where needed. The 8 iron to pitching wedge is made from a single billet of 1025E mild carbon steel for precision and control. 

This is something that is rarely done by manufacturers and definitely adds to the appeal and performance of the irons. 

These clubs are designed for faster swing speeds, and you’ll find that if you have a fast swing speed, you’ll gain distance over your normal yardages. However, players with slower swing speeds may not benefit from playing with these irons. 

This is why there are mixed reviews about how well the Pro 223s perform in terms of distance, with some critics saying that they have an average performance while others notice a significant increase in distance and accuracy. 

Although it may be exciting to hear that these clubs provide more distance, this isn’t the main concern for low-handicap golfers. They are more interested in the accuracy and consistency provided, and the Gold Mizuno Pro 223s doesn’t disappoint. 

Mizuno has a well-earned reputation for quality golf products, and they have delivered again with this set of clubs. I was impressed at how similar the numbers were during testing, with the launch, spin, and carry numbers staying really tight throughout. That is the ultimate test for consistency, and the accuracy is just as good.

There are also full sets available for lefties and female golfers, providing greater inclusivity than most other golf sets out there. 

The only downside to this brand is that they don’t make the best drivers and hybrids. So, it’s best to get a driver from a more popular company like Callaway, Ping, or TaylorMade. 

Bottom line: If you’re a low-to-mid handicap golfer who can strike the ball consistently and are after clubs that provide great feel and consistency, then these clubs are for you. Let’s not forget about the aesthetic appeal and the forgiveness that they provide. 


  • Great look and feel: Mizuno Pro 223s have a compact head shape that looks and feels great behind the ball. Any golfer would be happy with the looks of these clubs. They also provide a great feeling when you hit them in the middle of the clubface, especially with the shorter irons, as you get that renowned ‘soft’ feel.  
  • Quality performance: The main selling point of these irons is that they are consistent with every strike. You won’t get shots that go 10 yards further than normal, which helps you on competitive courses. 
  • Good forgiveness: The forgiveness provided by these clubs to a low handicap golfer will most likely result in lower scores, as the mis-hits aren’t as bad as they would be with blades. 
  • More distance: You’ll probably find that you get more distance out of these clubs when compared to a normal set of clubs. However, this is only true for golfers with fast swing speeds. 


  • Not the best for higher handicap golfers: While they’re aimed at lower handicap golfers, this must be considered a negative if we’re talking about the best golf clubs ever.
  • They don’t go very far if you have a slower swing speed: If you have a relatively slow swing speed, then the distance produced by these clubs is average at best. However, you could argue that the main focus of these Mizunos is accuracy and consistency.

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Clubs 

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Clubs 

While choosing between different golf club brands can be difficult, it helps to take specific requirements into consideration. Before buying new golf clubs, take into account these factors: 

Handicap Level

Handicap Level

Most clubs are designed for a particular group of golfers based on their skill. It makes no sense to use a club that pros use if you’re a beginner. Most professionals use clubs with less flexibility to maximize distance. 

If you’re experienced but use the same club as a beginner, you’ll start hitting all over the place since the clubs are usually designed for individuals with differently-paced downswings. 

Shaft Quality 

Shaft Quality

Always check user reviews on the shaft quality of a golf set before buying one. Some companies design great clubs, but the shaft quality may not be up to par. In such cases, you’ll have to consider replacing the shaft with one that suits your style. 

Graphite shafts are often ideal since they’re flexible and durable. However, irons with steel shafts seem to offer more distance. The durability in design is more important than the shaft material.

Swing Style

Swing Style

Another factor to consider when choosing new golf clubs is your swing style. Some clubs are designed for players with faster downswings, while others offer more flexibility and will help you get more distance even when you hit the ball slowly. 

However, regardless of your swing style, you’ll often have to trade off between distance and accuracy, as it’s rare to find clubs that offer maximum distance and forgiveness. 

Recap: Best Golf Clubs 2024 Has to Offer 

Recap: Best Golf Clubs

With so many golf clubs available, choosing a set that suits you can be difficult, especially if you’re a casual golfer or don’t have time to go into the specifics of choosing clubs that perfectly fit your style. 

If this is the case, the TaylorMade P790s are the ideal option. If you’re looking for more specific alternatives, choose clubs that suit your handicap level and swing style. 

Keep in mind that clubs that have more accuracy and forgiveness will often hit shorter, while those that offer more distance will sacrifice forgiveness.