So you've been hearing great things about the GX-7 Golf Club right?

But does it HONESTLY live up to all the hype?

In short - yes.

We do have some important considerations to tell you about too - hence this review...

Below, you will find the official GX-7 infomercial, followed by a few independent reviews hand picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points.

If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of pros and cons, and our standard rating table.

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In A Hurry? 

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

The GX7 Golf Clubs

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Our Honest Star Rating

The GX7 Golf Clubs

Why is it better?

  • The price is lower than most other brand-named drivers - mainly because the GX7 is aimed at the amateur market.
  • Hit the fairway consistently as the GX7 is a very forgiving club.
  • Designed to be hit like a 7-iron, so it has a very stable swing.
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The Important Bits

Build Quality

Control & Performance

Design & Appearance

GX7 Golf Club Video Reviews

GX7 Golf Club Video Reviews

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Our Honest Star Rating

If your struggling with a high handicap and looking for a new club, then you should certainly give the GX7 a try.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose!

GX7 Golf Club Video Reviews

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GX7 Golf Club Infomercial Review

Video Transcription

GX7 Golf Club Infomercial Review

Video Transcription

GX-7 Golf: Better Accuracy with the GX-7 X-Metal

Video Transcription

​GX-7 Golf Reviews - Dave Stuart

Video Transcription

Final Words

Ok, so it's pretty clear that the GX7 is one of those "as seen on TV" clubs, but unlike most - this one actually lives up to the hype.

It may not be the prettiest of clubs, and it may not be endorsed by a celebrity, but overall it is such a solid club that can make golf a joy - we highly recommend it.

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8 thoughts on “GX7 Golf Club Review

  1. I have been struggling with my driver(s) for a while now. I had seen the infomercials for the GX-7 and it looked promising. However after reading some reviews it seemed as if the club was all hype. Yesterday at my regular outing with the fellows I pulled out my driver but the head had loosened. I did not have a tool to tighten it nor did anyone else. One of my playing partners had a GX-7 in his bag. He said he could not hit it but everyone else had hit it well. (He has to stand facing left of the fairway because he swings so far outside to inside). I was curious having seen the ads so I asked if I could use it. Oh my gosh, from the first swing to the last this was an excellent club. I hit my drives straight and long and only missed one fairway and that was because of a wild over swing. I came home immediately and ordered one for myself. I hope since I bought one I’ll still be able to hit it like I did yesterday. Fantastic club.

    1. Thanks for your awesome feedback on the GX7 George! We’re so glad you enjoyed playing with the club. We honestly think it’s great!

      Honest Golfers

  2. The GX-7 is definitely an improvement in accuracy. I do hit it straighter more often. Problem is that I go from 220 with my driver to 195 with the GX-7. That’s 25 yards as in 135 to the green vs. 160! I love the club and use it off the fairway regularly.

  3. I am a big fan of the GX-7 metal driver. I am more consistent with it and it is very forgiving. I hit it long for someone who is 69 years old. I hit it pretty regular at between 220 and 250. I liked it so well that I bought their 18 and 21 degree fairway woods. I hit these very well also. People that I play with keep asking me what I am hitting off the tee because I actually hit longer than them without hitting a driver. I haven’t tried hitting the GX -7 off the fairway. Now that I think about it, I should give it a try, but then again why should I when I hit their fairway woods so well. I strongly recommend these clubs.

    Now let’s talk about the Xe-1 wedge. I bought both the 65 and 59 degree wedges. I haven’t mastered them in the sand. Sometimes I hit them well and other times blade them. That goes the same for hitting them off the fairway. To me these wedges are zero to hero or visa versa. Phil, I am not. I do use them a lot though.

  4. Hello! I bought a Gx7 driver, 14 degree about two months ago. I played with it 4 times and the shaft broke off at the hosel. How do I get a new shaft for my club?

    1. Hey, thanks for the great question! We recommend getting in contact with the manufacturer of the GX7.

  5. Bought one used (14 degree) in excellent condition for $25 and it has replaced my 3 wood and I use it on holes I need to be straight. Lost about 15 yards of the tee but gained 10 yards back over 3 wood. Best $25 bucks I ever spent on golf clubs.

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