8 Best Golf Drivers ([year] Hot List Revamp)

8 Best Golf Drivers (2024 “Hot List” Revamp)

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Nothing beats standing on the first tee and pulling out your beautiful driver, knowing it will perform brilliantly. A good solid drive is crucial if you want a successful game. And if your driver suits your skill, your confidence increases. There are various drivers for different skill sets, and finding one that will work for you may feel like an uphill climb.

Here are eight of the best golf drivers to help you find one that suits your skill:

  • Best Golf Driver For Consistency:  PING G425 MAX Driver
  • Best Golf Driver For Distance: TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver
  • Best Golf Driver For Feel And aesthetics: Callaway Paradym Driver
  • Best Golf Driver For Technology: Callaway Epic Speed Driver
  • Best Value For Money Golf Driver: PXG 0211 Driver
  • Best Golf Driver For Seasoned Players: Titleist TSi3 Driver
  • Best Golf Driver For Women: TaylorMade Sim Max Women’s Driver
  • Best Overall Golf Driver: PING G430 MAX Driver

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Wondering why the PING is our favorite overall? Or why we chose the Titleist for our “seasoned” pick? Keep reading (it’s a quick/enjoyable read, I promise) to find the best golf driver for you and you can read more of our independent golf reviews afterward!

Best Golf Driver For Consistency: PING G425 MAX

Source: golfweek.usatoday.com

PING G425 MAX Driver’s weight-saving technology and dragonfly crown design have a 26-gram tungsten adjustable weight. The new tungsten weight, called the “CG Shifter,” enhances playability with the option to fix it in a draw, fade, or neutral position. 

The PING G425 Max Driver Looks

The G425 MAX look does not take the focus away from its ability to hit the ball, but it is tasteful and aesthetically pleasing with its busy sole design and limited color accents. The matt black G425 MAX has a valley-shaped club face pattern, a moveable sole weight on the back edge, and a wide crown with ridges that makes it look heavy.

The PING G425 Max Driver Feel And Sound

The sound & feel of the G425 MAX is a little loud and metallic, with a sharp pop when the club hits the ball, but the explosive feel more than makes up for it. The G425 MAX is a stable driver that provides a solid and modern feel with great flex in the clubface. The heel and toe hold up well, considering the driver’s forgiveness, but a golfer will not get a clear impact experience.

The PING G425 Max Driver Performance

The G425 MAX is not a great distance driver with its average ball speed because the design and technology mainly focus on high MOI and better stability. Do not be discouraged because the PING G425 MAX Driver lets you configure the weight position. Configuring the sole’s weight position may give better ball distance compared to your current driver.

Golfers with a nagging slice problem have great success with the G425 MAX’s movable sole weight, and the forgiveness and adjustability of this incredible driver make 18 holes unforgettable. The deep center of gravity of the G425 MAX provides ample loft and holds a better line and control over the ball’s direction.

The forgiveness of the G425 Max is so impressive that you almost must miss the clubface to end up out of bounds. If you miss the sweet spot, you will lose some distance on the ball, but it will not be as drastic as you think.

When the weight of the driver is in the neutral position, the G425 MAX leans toward a draw bias, but it produces a good trajectory height. The draw bias is great for the slicer, but if you struggle to move the weight to the heel, you can increase the draw to remove the slice.

The G425 MAX’s deep CG produces high backspin that may be problematic for some players, but it boosts launch that decreases the chance of a miss-hit. The G425 MAX design caters to players who want consistency, struggle with slicing, and need stability off the tee. 

Best Golf Driver For Distance And Forgiveness: TaylorMade Stealth 2

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The [amazon link=”B0BPF4CPH3″ title=”Stealth 2 Driver by TaylorMade” /] is brilliant for ball distance and forgiveness. If a player wants a driver that combines forgiveness with distance, the Stealth 2 will greatly add to their golf bag.

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Looks

TaylorMade kept the same color scheme as its SIM series, with a few slight changes. The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver features a futuristic design, and since the color scheme was successful in the past, the firm chose against making significant alterations. Aesthetics, technology, and speed were features of the first model, while forgiveness was a feature of the Stealth 2.

The black body and the red face of the Stealth 2 are like the SIM series, but the crown changed from matte black to a glossy shine with a red emphasis on the back of the head. The weight screw is towards the heel, the Composite Ring, and Inertia Generator with the Stealth logo on top, and all these components are located beneath the club head.

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Feel And Sound

Every player expects the best from TaylorMade, and they did not disappoint with the Stealth 2 Driver. The designers engineered a bright, explosive sound that does not draw negative attention, leaving players and bystanders amazed at the full package. The Stealth 2 produces a low-pitched, solid sound with a slight plastic feel, although it does not affect the driver feel too much.

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Performance

An indoor test of the Stealth 2 using the Trackman 4 produces ball speeds between 130 and 135 mph with low spin. The TaylorMade Stealth 2 produces a spin rate averaging about 2000rpm, although it feels more and produces a distance of about 212 yards. The lower spin rate produces more roll, adding a few yards to the drive.

Best Golf Driver For Looks And Feel: Callaway Paradym

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Callaway decided to forgo the titanium in the [amazon link=”B0BLTC4XPL” title=”Paradym” /] driver to make it 20 grams lighter. The Paradym is eleven percent lighter than the Rogue ST, making it more forgiving with a higher MOI.

All golfers will benefit from the dispersion level that is thirty percent tighter for added control. 

The Callaway Paradym Driver Looks

Comparing looks to other Callaway drivers, the Paradym does not disappoint and keeps true to the positive results that the brand has with its range of good-looking drivers.

At first glance, you might not think that the sole provides enough grit to the driver, but even the lack of pop from the soles grows on you after a while. The dark milky green-blue color hits all the right notes, and it complements the sole design, providing a beautiful balance between minimalism and appeal.

The Paradym’s crown is one of a kind, being able to divide into three separate sections. The first division is the titanium used near the clubface, followed by carbon fiber in the center, and rounded off with more titanium at the back.

The way that Callaway incorporates the Paradym driver’s tungsten cartridge, and sliding weight track, shows how good the designers are and how simplicity can produce beauty. The Paradym driver keeps up with the changing times with its modern and stylish look.

The Callaway Paradym Driver Feel and Sound

Because Callaway is unique in its look, sound, and feel, it is almost impossible to misjudge it for any other driver. The feel of the Paradym driver is like the other drivers produced by the brand, but at the same time has its own identity. The satisfying sound when the driver flies past your ear, and the solid impact sound as it connects the golf ball, are guaranteed with the Paradym driver.

The Paradym driver has a mid-pitched sound that gets crispy when you connect the face high and a lower grating sound when the ball connects the clubface at the bottom. The driver’s sound and feel are consistent and pleasing overall.

The Callaway Paradym Driver Performance

The Paradym driver produces more distance than the Rogue ST MAX, but not by a lot: no more than ten yards, if that much. The Paradym driver has the smash factor, meaning it gives a faster ball speed because of its face design. The spin you get from the Paradym driver is on the lower spectrum, but it still produces great flight. 

Few drivers on the market deliver such great ball speed with directional forgiveness, and Callaway Paradym managed to achieve both. Callaway accurately places the Paradym as a medium-high launch driver with a slightly lower trajectory than the Rogue ST MAX.

Best Golf Driver For Technology: Callaway Epic Speed

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The name says it all, and the [amazon link=”B08YYZ974Y” title=”Epic Speed driver from Callaway” /] maximizes the club head speed to deliver great and long drives. 

Callaway impressed everyone when they introduced the Epic Max and continued with the Epic Max LS, but now they are putting it all out there with the Epic Speed driver.

The Callaway Epic Speed driver surpasses the Max and the LS with about 0.8 to 1.5mph, and every 1mph of club head speed produces about three yards distance.

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver Looks

Compared to the Callaway Epic Max and LS, the Epic Speed has a moderate 460cc footprint. The Epic Speed has a classic look with its toe a little higher because its clubface is deeper, but do not mistake it for a deep-face driver. The Epic Speed design includes a Cyclone Aero head that is aerodynamic, with less drag and has a flat crown.

The Callaway Epic Speed boasts a black Triaxial crown made from carbon fiber that reduces the driver’s weight. Strategically reallocating the weight and using carbon fiber improves its forgiveness. The Callaway Epic Speed includes a toe panel made from carbon fiber that closes the clubface quicker, creating a slight draw.

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver Feel And Sound

The design behind Callaway’s Jailbreak Frame is to produce a rigid club head that keeps its shape at impact to ensure less energy is wasted. Callaway’s Jailbreak Frame technology transfers the energy back into the ball to provide greater speeds and a solid feel.

Combining the Jailbreak Frame technology from Callaway Epic Speed with a titanium Flash Face SS21 design, you find a driver with a solid and precise feel. The Epic Speed driver is solid and precise, with a muted but pleasant sound, and the rigid carbon fiber structure of the head removes all metal pings and “pops” when the club meets the ball.

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver Performance

Callaway’s Epic Speed driver should be a medium launch and spin driver but appears to produce a lower launch and low spin. The Epic Speed provides excellent control and produces a powerful ball flight. 

Best Value For Money Golf Driver: PXG 0211

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Drivers are expensive, and you pay for quality, design, and technology in today’s golf world. If you look at the price of drivers, you will find that the [amazon link=”B0BJH9LRFW” title=”PXG 0211 Driver” /] has everything you want at a reasonable price.

The PXG 0211 design incorporates the weight at the rear of its high-speed titanium face, producing a low center of gravity and high MOI for maximum forgiveness. All the technology in the PXG 0211 is like other high-priced drivers.

The PXG 0211 Driver Looks

Aesthetically the PXG 0211 is a stylish and beautiful driver with its slightly smaller head and all-black, multi-material crown. The shade of light grey in the back contrasts well with the head’s darker features in the front to provide that splash of elegance.

The crown of the PXG 0211 is matte black, with a small X shape for alignment purposes that is located opposite the trailing edge stripe to make it visually pleasing. Besides the single silver PXG logo, the driver is mostly black, and its look compares well with the best drivers available today.

The PXG 0211 Driver Feel And Sound

The new PXG 0211 driver will surprise you with its quiet sound compared to drivers like the PING G425. It has a mid-pitch that will not hurt other players’ ears but makes its existence known on the tee. Combine the sound of the PXG 0211 with a solid feel, and you will find a driver that produces great feedback to your hands at impact.

The PXG 0211 Driver Performance

The PXG 0211 driver is a solid all-around performer that works for almost any golfer and provides good ball speeds even with miss-hits. PXG claims the PGX 0211 is 1.7 MPH faster than its predecessor and produces a medium launch and spin rate of 150 RPM.

The new PXG 0211 has an adjustable hosel and loft that go up or down 1.5°, which produces good ball distance of face angles. With the PXG 0211 driver, you can fit a suitable grip size with various shaft options.

Best Golf Driver For Seasoned Players: Titleist TSi3

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[amazon link=”B08R7SGR7L” title=”The Titleist TSi3″ /] is a composition of quality and innovation by the brand that shows the company’s dedication to manufacturing one of the best drivers available on the market. The TSi3 features a pear-shaped design combined with the SureFit center of gravity track technology. 

The SureFit tech, placed around the back edge of the head, allows golfers to modify their shots and adjust the launch angles. The Titleist TSi3 has a rounded top and produces a quiet thud on impact and a sole visible weight, a feature many golfers will prefer.

The Titleist TSi3 Driver Looks

Titleist changed small features on the TSi3 driver compared to its predecessor, the TSi2, giving it a classic pear-shaped head with a curved toe and heel. Other differences between the two drivers are that the TSi2’s clubface is elongated, and the TSi3 has a squarer look from the clubface to the rear.

The TSi3 has a textured clubface, giving a visual distinction between the black crown and the face of the driver when a player sets up behind the golf ball. The TSi3 is sure to draw attention with its sleek, black aesthetic and logo on the side of the heel.

The Titleist TSi3 Driver Feel And Sound

Carbon fiber produces a dampened sound and vibration when used in driver composition. When you hit the golf ball with a Titleist TSi3, it has a unique metal feel at impact because its titanium head has no carbon fiber. Titleist’s new addition, the TSi3 driver, produces a beautiful, low-pitched, muffled sound and pops on impact.

The sound of the TSi3 on impact remains even with a miss-hit, but the feel becomes harder on the hands the more you deviate from the sweet spot. The TSi3 feels fast and consistent no matter where you strike the clubface with the golf ball.

Titleist could have taken more time with the feedback design from miss-hits with the TSi3. It provides a distinct feel with most shots, but there are some occasions where the feedback is underwhelming. Overall, the Titleist TSi3 is a very forgiving, good-sounding, and well-designed driver that will look good in any golf bag.

The Titleist TSi3 Driver Performance

If you know the TSi2, you will be slightly disappointed in the distance the TSi3 produces. If you consider that Titleist does not market the TSi3 as a distance driver and that it only produces drives 5 to 10 yards less than the TSi2, its other benefits quickly outnumber the shortfall. The TSi3 is forgiving and will place the ball in the fairway every time, making up for those few yards lost.

Considering the TSi3 design, it still produces a lot of distance, especially for seasoned players that want maximum ball flight while finding the fairway. The Titleist TSi3 design is for distance control and forgiveness and consistently outperforms most drivers. 

The TSi3 has a high MOI, is extremely forgiving, and favors accuracy and workability. The TSi3 has all the tech of the TSi2, including the ATI 425 face, which makes the Titleist TSi series great. Although the TSi3 is forgiving, it is not a miracle worker and will give you great distance, ball flight, and direction for low and mid-handicap players.

The TSi3 driver’s trajectory launch and spin depend on a few factors, but generally, it launches low and penetrates with less spin. The SureFit center of gravity track has five settings shifting the weight towards the toe to provide fade and shifting it towards the heel for a draw bias.

Best Golf Driver For Women: TaylorMade Sim MAX

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[amazon link=”B082PN12SW” title=”The TaylorMade SIM MAX” /] is all about ball control, regulating spin, and ultimately providing the best forgiveness with shots off the tee.

The SIM Max driver’s face is eight percent larger than the standard SIM driver, and it has 20 grams of back weight located on the inertia generator’s tip in the sole.

The 20-gram weight on its tip gives the Max a 70 points higher MOI than the standard Sim driver.

The TaylorMade Sim MAX Women’s Driver Look

The SIM MAX driver has an almost identical look to the SIM driver and only has a slightly bigger and longer head.

The TaylorMade SIM MAX has an Inertia Generator that is bigger than the standard SIM driver and covers a larger area. The SIM Max is a good-looking driver with its white and silver crown with some blue accents. 

The TaylorMade Sim Max Women’s Driver Sound & Feel

The TaylorMade Sim Max driver is consistent everywhere on the clubface, and the consistency remains even when you miss the sweet spot. If you know the Sim, the Max will not surprise you because it produces the same pitch but a slightly louder sound at impact.

If you have a miss-hit with the Max, you will enjoy its stable feel, incredible feedback, and how accurately it responds to your hands.  

The TaylorMade Sim Max Women’s Driver Performance 

The TaylorMade Sim Max has a slight edge over the standard Sim driver producing a higher launch and adding a few extra yards from your drive with less rollout. The higher spin you get from the SIM Max does not affect the distance; it competes with some of the best distance drivers available.

With the Sim Max, players must be weary because a strong and fast swing speed could produce too much spin, which may reduce ball flight. The Max produces longer ball flight with a slower swing speed because it stays in the air longer, and the distance increases if you hit the center of the club.

The Sim Max driver has a D variant that produces even better forgiveness than the Max, but the Sim Max provides ample forgiveness for most players. If spin is important to you, the SIM Max has it in spades. Because of the Max’s large Inertia Generator that shifts the weight back, it produces a med-height ball flight that flies.

Golfers with slower swing speeds enjoy the Max driver technology more because it easily gets the golf ball up in the air. The Max still works well if you have a faster swing speed because it gives control and distance without constantly forcing the driver. 

Best Overall Golf Driver: PING G430 Max

Best Overall Golf Driver
Source: ping

PING’s G driver series are very forgiving, and the G430 MAX continues its reputation with a 10,000 moment of inertia. The G430 Max driver by PING provides a pleasing solid sound because of the internal rib structure, and it is a surprising improvement on its predecessor, the PING G425 MAX.

The PING G430 Max Driver Looks

Many golf brands are simplifying the design of their drivers, and most display a clean and simplistic look. The G430 MAX shows that PING is not done with its busy and exciting look. The top of the G430 crown is popping with carbon-like inserts towards the back of the crown, and the Turbulators are still visible.

The PING G430 driver head is 460cc with a shallow face that exaggerates its size. PING, like the D-shape design in their G series drivers and with an elongated crown, the G430 enhances the D-shape even more.

Like the G425 driver with its matte black finish and sole design, the G430 includes a lime green tone that slightly shows on the club head. The G430 MAX may be busy for some players, but its contemporary look is one of PINGS’ better designs and, overall, a beautiful driver.

The PING G430 Max Driver Feel And Sound

The G430 MAX shows some upgrades in its sound, being considerably duller and having a lower tone than other PING drivers. The PING brand got some remarks about the sound of their previous drivers from players and tour pros and decided to improve with the G430.

PING’s driver heads are known for their stability, and even if it feels like you hit the ball way right, the technology brings the ball back into the fairway. The PING G430 MAX driver is incredibly stable and continues surprising players when it makes a beautiful recovery on those missed hits.

The PING G430 Max Driver Performance

PING states that the G430 MAX provides greater flight distance than the G425; at first, they both produce 132 mph, but the G430 has a little more.  

With certain shots, the G430 MAX reached ball speeds up to 134.6 mph, making it 2 mph faster than the G425. If a driver adds a two mph increase, it will produce four extra yards, which PING promised with the G430 driver and delivered.

Conclusion: Best Drivers Golf Has to Offer in 2024


Golf drivers constantly evolve, and golf brands redesign and improve their clubs to target specific areas for every skill-level player.

Some drivers are better suited for distance, and others for control or forgiveness.

Whatever driver you choose, finding one that will give you the best results and improve your game is crucial. There are various drivers, and one of them will feel at home in your golf bag.