PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer Review

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Your passion for golf and unending desire to improve your game definitely brought you here.

This PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer is a popular training aid that gets an extraordinary complete makeover. From its design to its functionality, we totally LOVED every part of it.

You might ask; "Is it just another big promise that will fail to deliver?"

We know, and understand that most golfers, including top putters, are getting tired of hearing huge promises for a training guide that can't deliver results.

We can't blame you for that; as some golf companies have been manufacturing golf items only for the sake of making money, but not providing better outcomes.


This training aid is an AWARD-WINNER.

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer

Our Honest Star Rating

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer

Why is it better?

  • Perfect in working on your alignment and positioning while putting, it helps in reducing the number of putts per round and get a better score. 
  • Features magnetic putter guides on the mirror to check your alignment and address position more accurate.
  • It has a PuttOUT mirror that comes with a stand-alone 2-inch putting gate to actively work on your strike path and target by having the putter pass through the guide.
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The Important Bits

Build Quality

Control & Performance

Design & Appearance

We tested it out, and we LOOOVEED that it managed to be an incredible training aid with better features, and innovated new elements compared to its previous models.

What we liked, even more, is that the mirror trainer package also comes with a metal gate. It gives an extra challenge of hitting your initial start line that improves your shot accuracy.

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In this review, you will continue to get to know more insights about this Putting Mirror Trainer, and why we think you should buy it now.

We have included a list of pros and cons, and our standard rating table in this review, so you might want to check it out as well.

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer Reviews

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer

Our Honest Star Rating

"A big part of winning our games is a result of using this training aid."

This PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer is what every golfer would want to have at home, or on the golf course.

It is very easy to set-up and use. 

Mirror putting trainer with gates

Video Transcription

Golf Lessons-Rickie Fowler

Video Transcription

Using a Putting Mirror for Better Putting

Video Transcription

How the Pros Use the Putting Mirrors

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Final Words

The PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer is a BIG WINNER. 

It has been around in the market, but PuttOut made a great job in revamping the style, and performance of this training aid. It is substantially BETTER than its previous models.

This Putting Mirror is so great that it helped us get better game scores out on the course. 

It's very versatile that it has been a part of our regular practice routine. We never have issues using it.

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