7 Best Putters

7 Best Putters 2024 (+ All-Time Rankings)

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To get your handicap down, it is essential that your putting is at its best. Most players struggle on the greens, which can seriously affect a game’s outcome. Hundreds of putters are available, each claiming to have a unique ability to better your short game. Finding the best golf putter will advance your putting skills and make every shot exciting and memorable.

Here are seven of the best putters of all time:

  • Best Bargain Golf Putter: Pinemeadow PGX Putter
  • Best Beginner Golf Putter: S7K Standing Putter
  • Best Golf Putter For Adjustability: Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter
  • Best Forgiving Golf Putter: PING Heppler Tyne 3 Putter 
  • Best Mallet Golf Putter: TaylorMade Spider GT Putter
  • Best High MOI Golf Putter: Odyssey Tri Hot 5K
  • Best Milled Golf Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter

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Best Bargain Golf Putter: Pinemeadow PGX Putter

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The [amazon link=”B008JO4SHK” title=”Pinemeadow PGX Putter” /] has a large white mallet with a heavy feel and is a great choice for mid-handicap golfers and beginners. The PGX is forgiving, promotes confidence and control on the green, and helps get the ball within a few feet of the hole.

Alignment, consistency, and forgiveness are important aspects for a golfer, and the Pinemeadow PGX Putter provides a fair amount of all three on the green.

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter Alignment

Alignment lines are very important features on putters, and if it is easily visible, the player can steer the ball in the right direction without struggling to aim. The Pinemeadow PGX Putter alignment lines are designed so that you will instantly know that it will easily line up the ball for play to the hole.

The line’s great visibility is due to its long design that extends over the head of the PGX putter. The head of the putter is white to provide a strong contrast with the alignment line and green to improve your focus and align the ball even better.

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter Forgiveness

Putters with larger mallets are better for low and mid-handicap golfers because they provide a bigger sweet spot. The Pinemeadow PGX Putter has a square design mallet with a big head and works especially well if you have a straight back and follow-through putting style.

The PGX Putter is built for forgiveness, and what the player lacks in feel and precision, the putter makes up for with its balanced and square face. 

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter Consistency

Most players take a beating on the green because they do not have a consistent swing, and to putt, consistency is key if you want to bring your score down.

If you have an arc in your putting swing, the Pinemeadow PGX putter is likely not for you, but if you have a straight putting style, you will get better and more consistent results.

The Pinemeadow PGX putter’s weight and square shape head provide a consistent putt with most strokes and creates confidence.

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter Feel 

A weighted feel places the PGX in a better position when you align for a putt, and although it is in a lower price range, it feels a bit more expensive.

There is a slight vibration on impact, but you must be a seasoned golfer to notice it when you hit the golf ball. The vibration is so little that it is almost not worth mentioning.

The PGX is designed to have a tour weight, giving it a slight edge over other entry-level putters, but it still has limited technology. The Pinemeadow PGX putter feels and controls well with variable green speeds, and it is a great feature considering its price tag.

Best Beginner Golf Putter: S7K Standing Putter

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When it comes to finding the best putter for a beginner, all you need to know is do not miss the opportunity to try the[amazon link=”B07S8XPF3X” title=”S7K Standing putter” /]

The S7K can align the shot and then leave the putter standing in its position to let you check the trustworthiness of your line. Aligning your putter is vital, and it has never been easier than with the three Triple-Track Path Guides.

The S7K Standing Putter Looks

The S7K Putter is a tossup whether it is a Mallet putter because certain features point toward it, showing blade putter characteristics. The S7K’s look is most likely better described as a hybrid putter with its head stretched back substantially. 

The S7K has a small cutaway piece known as the Trippel Line Guide Path and a flange with indentations visible on both sides at the back of the head. To get an accurate alignment, the designers placed a striking dot in the front to ensure the best putt results.

A distinct fly-cut pattern on the face of the putter provides a soft feel on impact and creates a true roll.

Combine a soft feel with a thin topline and extended sole to improve alignment, and you get an aesthetically pleasing matte color putter ready to put the golf ball in the hole every time.

A surprise added to the S7K putter is the face placed in front of the shaft rather than level or slightly behind the hosel. Moving the face level slightly back is not easily notable, but still a bold move by the designers.

The S7K Standing Putter Sound & Feel

The S7K putter feels slightly dull but works great with a hard golf ball. If you play with a softer golf ball, it may increase dullness and cause fewer desirable results.

The closer your ball impact gets to the heel and toe, the duller the feel of the S7K becomes, but a little practice, and finding the center should improve your accuracy and consistency.

The S7K putter’s shaft and head provide a light feeling that instantaneously lets your hands know if you played a bad shot even before you lift your eyes to see the blunder.

The S7K may not be the best putter available, but its feel and sound are something every beginner must consider.

The S7K Standing Putter Forgiveness

The S7K putter easily passes the forgiving test, and even if you hit it off-center, it stays true to the line.

Good forgiveness with the S7K means that even if you have a moment where you accidentally miss the sweet spot, but your line is accurate, you will still get reasonable results.

The S7K has a high MOI, but you will still notice that when you miss the center, it still gives that dull feeling to remind you that you need to concentrate next time to hit the sweet spot.

The S7K Standing Putter Overall

Overall, the S7K is a great putter, especially with its performance and forgiving ability, and it will not leave you halfway with those longer putts.

The alignment design and technology combined with its light feel will make sinking those frightening five feet putts with the S7K a pleasure every time.

If you are a beginner and you have an opportunity to test the S7K, you should, and you will likely add it to your golf bag. 

Best Golf Putter For Adjustability: Cobra King 3D Printed Agera

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Many heads turned when Jason Dufner took out the [amazon link=”B094D5TBMZ” title=”Cobra King 3D Printed Agera” /] on the PGA TOUR. This futuristic-looking putter is a little strange, but it comes packed with a 3D printed nylon insert, aluminum and tungsten weights, and the highest MOI rating of all Cobra’s putters.

The multi-material construction and very big head make this a very forgiving putter and one of the best choice putters for beginners and mid-handicap players.

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter Look

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter is odd looking, but if it is the looks you want, Cobra has other more vintage-looking traditional putters. Cobra chose to focus on the task of putting rather than looks with the 3D Printed Agera, and it is proving its ability where it lacks glamor.

Looking down at the putter, it has a square shape and looks very busy with the 3D Printed mesh construction sticking out on the sides of the head. The sightline is not distinctly visible, especially from certain angles and when the sun shines directly on the sightline.

The look may catch on, especially with the younger generation, and until then, it surely is noticeable with its modern mallet-shaped head.

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter Feel And Sound

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter is fairly light considering its big putter head, and with all that, it still produces a stable and solid feel with little to no feedback to your hands. On impact, you can expect the Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter to be loud, which may be distracting, but it does not affect the quality of the shot.

The SIK Face Technology uses descending loft to create a consistent launch, and the stock Lamkin Sinkfit Straight Connect grip and larger head improve the overall feel and control of the clubface. The lightweight, larger club head and the technology produced consistency with long putts, and once you get used to the square face, every putt either falls or gets very close.

The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter Forgiveness 

Finding balance and consistency is the foundation of a successful putt, and if you can find a putter that provides both these qualities and performs well with long-distance putts, you have a winner. The Cobra King 3D Printed Agera Putter is tremendously forgiving and considered one of the top putters for mid-handicap players and beginners. 

If striking the golf ball properly and accurately is one of the areas that you need to work on, you need a forgiving putter with a high MOI like the Cobra 3D Printed Agera. 

Best Forgiving Golf Putter: Ping Heppler Tyne 3

Source: ping.com

The fang-style design of the PING Tyne 3 model is a classic with its black steel-faced mallet and aluminum copper-colored wings.

A strategically placed weight balance creates a high MOI and sends the center of gravity deeper, which is ideal if you have a slight arc in your stroke. Suppose you are a golfer that insists on a pleasing feel and sound; you must look no further than the Tyne 3.

The Ping Heppler Tyne 3 Putter Feel And Sound 

The designers of the PING Heppler Tyne 3 did many tests, and the feedback resulted in a flat metal face. The excellent flat face design gives a unique experience when striking the golf ball and does not hinder a player’s performance; it boosts their confidence. 

The Heppler Tyne 3 machined flat face resulted in great handling, a firm feel, solid sound, and beautiful aesthetics. Between the black aluminum and steel copper for the face that varies between models depending on its placement, you are assured of maximum forgiveness and optimal CG.

The Ping Heppler Tyne 3 Putter Multi-Material Designs

Designers of the PING Heppler Tyne 3 used superior lightweight aluminum and steel to produce a putter that is sure to perform at the highest standards. Strategically shaping the metal and correct weight placement ensures a high MOI boosting the putter’s forgiveness.

The PING manufacturers use pressure-cast aluminum for the putter to create specific features and produce a brilliant quality with the highest MOI in the series. Inspired by a runway at the airport, the putter head has fourteen dots to ensure that aligning the ball is easy and accurate.

PING designers went the extra mile to produce four variants for the best fit and feel so that each golfer can experience the quality and performance of the Heppler Tyne 3 putter:

  • The well-known PP58 inspires the standard PP59 grip. 
  • The PP60 is a light and midsize design that fits the contours of the hands, including flats found on its top and sides. 
  • The PP61 has a larger-than-life pistol shape and is slightly heavier than the other three.
  • There is the lightweight PP62 to promote quiet hands with its large round shape.

All four PING Heppler Tyne 3 putter variants are exceptional, and choosing the correct one will come down to personal preference.

The Ping Heppler Tyne 3 Putter Stiffer Adjustable-Length Shaft

The PING Heppler Tyne 3 putter comes fully loaded with some of the best technology and stands firm as one of the most forgiving putters available on the market. Its unique adjustable shaft provides different lengths for less flex and a firmer feel, and best of all, it is concealed underneath the grip of the putter.

The extraordinary shaft technology makes the putter sleek and lightweight, and the Tyne 3 model looks amazing with its attractive black chrome finish. The adjustable shaft allows you to have it at 32 inches and lengthen it up to 36 inches using the adjustment tool at the top of the grip. The grip stays fully aligned throughout the adjustment, and one turn with the tool provides about a ¼ inch up or down.

Best Mallet Golf Putter: TaylorMade Spider GT

[amazon box = “B08DK9LR1M” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

TaylorMade is back with its newest innovation, the [amazon link=”B08DK9LR1M” title=”Spider GT putter” /]. Well known for their Spider putter line with the Spider GT, they shifted the focus on high MOI with a compact head.

TaylorMade considered every aspect, which is why they offer the Notchback, Rollback, Splitback, and the standard GT in their new Spider series. 

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter performs above and beyond expectations, and seasoned golfers and mid-handicap players will enjoy its stability on the green.

The TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Material And Design

The Spider GT putters have a few distinctive characteristics compared to the other spider putters made by TaylorMade.

For one, the Spider GT moved its steel sections of the putter to the black wings on the outside to reduce the weight of the center section by eighteen percent.

The other big characteristic change is to provide a high MOI by making each steel bar ninety grams for added stability.

The TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Look

The 6061 aluminum top plate distinguishes the crown and shows the small alignment line. The two black wings on each side with the aluminum top plate and small sight line give the TaylorMade Spider GT a futuristic spacecraft look.

To complement the aesthetics even more, the designers chose red, black, and silver top plates; all three colors show well on the green.

A good roll when you putt is important, and the Pureroll 2 inserts in the Spider GT have grooves placed at 45⁰ angles made from TPU and aluminum to ensure a great roll.

The upgrade from the Pureroll to the new Pureroll 2 provides the Spider GT putter with an outstanding sound and, with every putt, an amazing feeling.

The TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Playability

Except for the three colors for the top plate to choose from, the TaylorMade Spider GT provides a choice of three hosels to improve your short game as well:

  • The slant heel hosel is small and includes a 21⁰ toe hang on the Spider GT. 
  • The single bend hosel is another good choice for the player who likes a great putter with a good face balance.  
  • The center shaft is close to the sight line, making the putter feel extremely solid and easy to align.

To increase stability and comfort, TaylorMade’s SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 combines a flat grip on the front with a pistol grip on top.

The grooved shaft provides a great feel and stability with a soft segment five inches from its lower portion to improve accuracy.

The Fluted style shaft is unique, and TaylorMade has been using it for a while due to its success and how it improves the putter’s feel.

The TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Stability

TaylorMade has set a high bar with the Spider GT putter, especially for its size. With the various choices you get, like the three hosels, reduced center weight, and 90 grams added to the sides, there is no shortness to its stability. Both mid and low-handicap golfers will benefit from the solid feel and stability you get from the TaylorMade Spider GT putter.

Best High MOI Golf Putter: Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K

[amazon box = “B09KNVJ4QC” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B09KNVJ4QC” title=”Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter” /] compressed all the best technology into a classic blade to improve its forgiveness.

The Tri Hot 5K’s Stroke Lab shaft and a strategically weighted head provide a brilliant solid feel that gives the player the confidence they need with those long putts. 

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Material

With an MOI exceeding 5000, you know that the Odyssey Hot 5K is brilliant and that few other blade putters on the market today can compete with its quality and excellence.

If you wonder why it is called the Hot 5K, it is because of the 5000 (5K) MOI score. The Tri Hot 5K combines tungsten and 6061 aluminum steel to produce a head weighing 359 grams. 

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Stability 

Ten percent of the head of the Hot 5K putters’ weight in the trailing edge is aluminum.

The putter’s stability is increased by adding forty-four percent of its head with 157 grams of tungsten and focusing it mainly on the toe and heel area. A portion of the tungsten is positioned on the trailing edge to achieve a high MOI and prevent the putter from twisting on impact. 

Odyssey Tri Hot 5K #2 version with its 50″ toe hang weighting style is a standard size putter, and it feels somewhat oversized, but it does increase confidence. The #2 putter has a deeper head to transfer the weight in the sole further back to increase the MOI.

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Playability

One of the impressive features of the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K is the red top section of the stroke lab shaft, which is made from graphite combined with a short steel tip.

The combination of steel and graphite reduces the shaft’s weight compared to an all-steel shaft with forty grams. 

The weight is spread strategically in the head and grip to provide the putter with a counterbalance to provide the player with better swing speed, accuracy, and consistency.

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Sound And Feel

The face of the Tri Hot 5K still has the white insert and, at only six grams, provides a solid sound. Its light weight increases the MOI providing players with a good overall feel, specifically if they use a firm golf ball.  

The Stroke Lab shaft of the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K gives it a distinct, lighter feel that provides more give than an all-steel shaft. Every golfer has a certain feeling they want and expects from a putter. With the Tri Hot 5K, every stroke played provides this feeling that you get a better impact, although it sometimes sounds a bit hollow.

No golf equipment review is complete without mentioning the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K new oval pistol shape grip that fits your hand extremely well. Odyssey did not always have the best grip designs, but the new oval pistol shape proved one of the brand’s best.

Best Milled Golf Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock 28

Best Milled Golf Putter
Source: bettinardi.com

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter is growing in popularity alongside the brand’s wide range of putter styles and models with their increasing presence on tour. This extraordinary, milled putter brings new confidence to the green for all golfers, especially low-handicap players.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter Playability

Depending on a player’s preference, some golfers may find the length from heel to toe a little long, considering the length of the flange from back to front. The speed off the face is a little slow, but once your mind finds its balance, it produces a confident putt and performs exceptionally on fast greens.

Another impressive feature of the Studio Stock 28 putter is the jumbo grip and the smaller standard pistol grip options. Both grips produce a firm and confident feel during a putt, and the flat front edge design is nice and wide to easily position your thumbs for stability.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter Feel And Sound

Looking at the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter, it looks as if it has more loft than it does. The illusion that it has more loft allows for a better view of the face to assist when a player has to putt from the fringe. 

The length of the head from heel to toe promotes forgiveness because there is a lot of face to work with. The face design is the best part of the Studio Stock 28 putter because the groove pattern produces a soft and mild sound when it hits the golf ball.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter Look

The Studio Stock 28 putter is a classic offering when you consider its looks, but top technology and exceptional design make it a top-performing putter.

It will do the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter an injustice if there is no mention of its stylish bright red headcover that stands out and makes this Bettinardi putter extraordinary.

Final Takeaways: Best Golf Putters 2024 Has to Offer

Conclusion Best Golf Putters

Stability, balance, and a high MOI are some things you need from a good putter, but many variables influence a putt.

It is important to find the best putter for all golfers, especially knowing its strengths and how it will benefit your unique putting style and skill level.