VariSpeed Putting System Review

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Are you looking for a highly versatile mat that would improve your beginner putting stroke like the best putters on tour?

A training guide that will allow you to use it at home without the need of going to a golf course?

If yes, then...

The VariSpeed Putting System is what you need, and we know that you'll LIKE it.

We tested it out, and we can affirm that this is perfect for honing your golf strokes.

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

VariSpeed Putting System

VariSpeed Putting System

Why is it better?

  • It has adjustable 4 stimp tested speeds ranging from 7.5-13 on one indoor putting green. 
  • Features a visible ball traces that allow you to see the exact path of your ball. Included with adjustable break wedge that you can set up realistic break conditions.
  • The smart guidelines to help in perfecting your putt and enable several fun games to be played.
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The Important Bits

Build Quality

Control & Performance

Design & Appearance

This Putting Mat has a customized slope through its break wedge that you can slide under the mat to have better speed and control of the golf ball. It's excellent especially if you are preparing for real-world conditions like the weather, and those greens.

While using this putting mat, we noticed some visible golf ball traces left whenever we hit our shot. But we don't mind as it helped us analyze the path of our every shot.

Don't worry, because you can quickly erase those traces using the mat brush.

If you are considering purchasing this putting mat, we also have added a list of pros and cons, our standard rating table, and reviews from other golfers.

VariSpeed Putting System Reviews

VariSpeed Putting System

We would definitely recommend the VariSpeed Putting System to all golfers who need to improve on the stroke of their putt.

Using this helped us hit the golf ball consistently while improving on our swing and every stroke.

Probably, one of the best putting mats ever made.

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Final Words

The VariSpeed Putting System practice fun and easy.

The ability to customize putting speed and add realistic breaks and the smart guides are some of the features that we admired.

Overall, it's a great value for money especially if you are training for an upcoming golf tournament.

Who knows, it can be the reason for your next game-winning shot.

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