best putters for beginners

Best Putters for Beginners

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Did you know that the best putters for beginners can save you 7-9 shots per round?

It's true!

Putting in golf CAN be fun, but most of the time it requires a lot of hard work and IMMENSE patience.

At Honest Golfers, we often get this question... 

Is there a quicker way to get better at putting?

Is there a way to take those three putts and turn them into two putts time after time?

Well, our avid readers, the ONLY way of getting better at putting is through consistent practice, plus finding the best putter to help you aim at your target and accurately control the distance of the putt.

What’s a putter exactly?

Some golfers, especially amateurs, get confused with this in the beginning.

For everyone’s information, a putter is simply a golf club that is made to hit relatively low speed shots, shorter strokes and distance (most of the time) on greens - with the goal of making the ball roll inside the hole.

"Get in the HOLE!"

Honestly speaking, we think a putter is one of the most important clubs in your golf bag, after all it's used regularly on every hole you play.

It may sound simple, but finding the best putters is a tough job.

With hundreds or even thousands of choices out there, it’s difficult to pick one (especially if you're a beginner).

Fortunately, we're here to help you find the most perfect putter brands that would match your playing style.

So, are you ready to putt and hit that game-winning shot?

Best Putters for Beginners

Let’s all dig in and find out the best putter this 2019.

As a summary, here's a complete list for the BEST Putters for Beginners at a glance

Are You In A Hurry?

Our Test Winner After 45 + Hours Of Research:

Why is it the BEST?

  • It features White Hot Inserts which improves the feel, sound, and overall performance of the putter.
  • It has a Heel/Toe weight placement to ensure more responsiveness and forgiveness across the face.
  • This blade putter has a sleek finish with an impressive overall look, and durable.
  • There’s a Full Shaft Hosel that allows the hands remain ahead of the ball on impact to offer an upward strike.
  • Contrasting Alignment Aids promotes stroke consistency and increase the accuracy.
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Best Putters for Beginners 2024

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1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter - TOP PICK

The combination of sleek finish, and accurate performance, feel, and consistency of the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2 are the main highlights of this putter.

While using this putter, it was hard for us to miss our putts. It offers more premium features which makes it the BEST putter this 2019.

So let’s move forward to those premium features, shall we?

This blade putter comes in with an enhanced White Hot inserts to give all golfers a consistent performance, and smooth ball roll.

This multi-layer insert is created by the by the latest multi-layer golf ball technology which promises stability across the entire striking surface.

How do these White Hot inserts actually perform?

For every shot, these inserts offer a huge level of feel and feedback on the putter head resulting to a sweet and consistent clean ball strike. It’s applicable for both long and short distance putts.

Meanwhile, the heel/toe weight placement offers an irresistible sound and feel that adds more confidence to every putt.

Odyssey, along with other golfers, claim that the White Hot 2.0 have the softest and greatest feel ever in the history of golf.

The head weight is about 343 grams, 33” to 35” shaft length, and a standard 3º loft and 70º lie. Plus, the club is versatile to use on both slow greens and fast greens.

As for the design, White Hot Pro 2.0 is a very professional-looking putter. The looks of it features a dark matte and high-end PVD finish which is made to reduce glare, while increasing the longevity.

It’s not only designed to look great on green, but also to stand out among other putters out there in the market.

Seriously, is there anything that a golfer would want more than this White Hot 2.0?

With all of these features mentioned, it’s fair to say that this putter is the best option for both amateurs and professional players.

It’s a kind of putter that anyone can use because of its easiness. Every golfer would fall in love with the excellent feel, sound, feedback that it offers across all strikes.

For every putt, you will that confidence building on you - which is both crucial and essential in winning games.


  • The White hot face inserts offers consistent feel and sound, while ensuring accurate performance.
  • The timeless blade head provides incredible feel, and better feedback for every shot.
  • The full shaft offset and heel/toe weight placement maximizes feel and accuracy of this putter while aiding the alignment.
  • It also features a crank neck hosel design for an enhanced visualization through each stroke.
  • The sleek matte finish improves the aesthetics of this putter, while enhancing overall durability.
  • The mallet putter features T-style alignment for unbelievable accuracy.


  • Some golfers complain the ease of using this putter.
  • It doesn’t have an oversized grip that most golfers look for in a quite expensive putter.

Below you will find out top picks, why we liked them and the pros and cons of each.

As you know, the ideal putter has a low loft, low profile, and a very low striking face, non-circular grips, and slightly bent shaft.

With the help of today’s technology, however, putters now come in a variety of customization.

Within a few minutes you should have a fairly good idea of which Putter is best suited to your needs and be confident in making a purchase.

2. Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

For both design and performance, the Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter is beautiful and stunning.

We are so impressed by how Pinemeadow did a great job of combining a high-performing putter along with an alluring physical properties.

Who wouldn’t want to have a solid swing shot?

This putter has a bigger head space to help you hit that sweet spot while producing a string feel, and performance.

The color of this putter gives a high contrast against the green grass which helps in aligning the golf ball precisely, making sure that your putter is on the right target.

It weighs 420 grams including the mallet making it a tour-weight putter that every golfer needs on a professional tournament, or even during practice.

The weight distribution is perfect making it easy to swing.

Meanwhile, the length of the shaft is 34 inches long which makes it more versatile even for tall players in maintaining the right posture.

What’s even more interesting is that the PGX Putter gives you the option to customize the headcover which can give you a more responsive swing on the green.

Along with the customizable headcover and impressive features, this putter is definitely worth it.

Why not?

This putter can make you be better, empowered, and more confident for every putt that you make. An excellent choice for both new and expert golfers and, we guarantee, it won’t let down your game.

Just to be clear, the PGX Putter doesn’t work like magic. You have to continuously improve your skills, and this putter will help get that win.

Impressively made with a very neat design, what’s not to love with this putter?

With its weight, it can take some time before you can get used to swinging it, but once you get the hang of it, you will get the best low score in most matches.

If you want to get a CONSISTENT and AFFORDABLE putter, this should be added onto your list.


  • The White head of this putter improves alignment concentration and provides contrast on the green grass.
  • It features a ball picker to speed up play and for convenience.
  • The perfect shaft length, and a well-balanced putter for both professionals and armatures.
  • One of the most aesthetically appealing on the market because of its sleek white finish.
  • The customizable headcover makes it perfect for the faster greens.


  • Some golfers find it heavy to swing.
  • Other players complain that the white head is easy to stain.
  • Some white paint on the toe may peel off after some time of use.

3. TaylorMade Golf White Smoke Putter 

The Taylormade Golf White Smoke Putter In-12 is equipped with tour-proven PureRoll face insert.

It promotes forward spin at impact for a smooth, and accurate roll.

We were AMAZED by the remarkable feel and sound that this putter offers.

This White Smoke Putter features a classic and clean shape that’s very pleasing to the eye. Every feature and design is specifically made to give every golfer the best putt of their game.

We were astonished with its black finish that adds more elegance. Other than beautiful look, it also eliminates glare, and “hot spots” on the crown.

This kind of finish will give you a better and more accurate aim.

Alignment is essential putting, so, to aid this further, TaylorMade incorporated three white alignment lines on top of the head. It will give the golfer better vision, and promote more accurate putts.

Wait, because this PUTTER has more to offer!

The White Smoke Putter is equipped with TaylorMade’s tour-proven PureRoll face insert that promotes smooth forward spin, and accurate roll at impact.

This is not just a common tour-proven PureRoll face insert, because it’s constructed of Surlyn that provides quality feel, and impressive sound for every shot.

FUN FACT: In a study, it showed that 65% of golfers fail to square the putter face to the target from about 12 feet, which caused inaccurate putts and higher scores.

So, TaylorMade’s White Smoke Putter is created and developed to aid alignment for consistent roll.

This putter has a classic shape, plus a L-Neck shaft connection so the putter sits perfectly behind the ball.

Moving on with putter head, it’s made from 304 Stainless Steel making it softer yet durable. This will give you a fantastic feeling, and maximum feedback.

Additionally, the White Smoke Putter is especially designed to reduce skidding, and improve ball roll with precise speed control.

Overall, based on our personal experience, this putter is precise and have exceeded our expectations.

It’s true that it has a genuine soft feel, consistent roll, firm feel, and accurate performance. It is a putter that can help you win more games.


  • The Pure Roll Surlyn insert improves a soft, solid, and accurate roll.
  • It provides a consistent roll off the face.
  • The 15” and 130-gram grip counterbalances putter increases the stability of every stroke.
  • It has a sleek and elegant design that’s made with specific purpose while giving a better look.
  • Designed to reduce skidding, and improve ball roll with precise speed control.
  • It is created and developed to aid alignment for consistent roll.


  • Other golfers find it expensive and inaccurate.
  • It’s heavy to swing for some amateur golfers.
  • Other players complain that the white head is easy to stain.

4. Cleveland Golf Putter

Cleveland Golf 2135 is the answer to mis-hits and inaccurate alignments.

TRIVIA: 2135 is actually a technology consisting of a Visual Performance and alignment technology that corrects your putt regardless of your set-up.

What to know about the secret of 2135 technology, and how it would affect your game?

This 2135 specifically means two things: the radius of a golf ball, and the exact height of the putter’s alignment line is 21.35 mm. It will allow every golfer to line the putt up accurately.

Let's dig deeper...

Since this 2135 Technology represents a raised 21.35 mm alignment line making it the most accurate alignment putter. It helps in providing more precision on the golf ball roll, and even on mis-hit putts.

This kind of technology makes the Cleveland Golf 2135 the most perfect alignment putter whether you putt with your eyes behind, directly over, or well over the golf ball.

At first, we were surprised, and amused to see how this putter can perform so well.

Appearance-wise, the new Satin line in both body and face and the high contrast black backdrop provides better frame with the white sightline.

The combination of New TFI (True Feel Innovation) face and a Milled Copper Infused Face Cap over a Copolymer Insert offers the ultimate feel and most accurate consistent across the face.

It may sound complicated, but this putter is very easy to use, and to swing.

The overall design is impressive with the combination of premium features that makes this putter perfect for all golfers, regardless of their level of experience.

The sound and feel are both incredible, even though it slightly differs in size of the head and insert compared to other putters.

The Cleveland Golf 2135 is a very forgiving putter - thanks to its face milling technology.

At a competitive price, this putter makes it a good value for your money. Versatile enough that both beginners or professional golfers can use.


  • Consistent Distance and Alignment.
  • It has a beautiful soft feel and incredible sound at impact that gives more confidence for every shot.
  • The distance control is outstanding even on off-center strikes.
  • There are 7 different models to choose from with four mallets and three blades, so you can find one the best suit your game style.


  • It may not be the most eye-catching putter in the industry.
  • Some golfers are not happy with the performance and accuracy that if provides.

5. Pinemeadow Pre Putter

There’s no denying to the fact that one of the major issues of most golfers is lining up putts.

This is the problem Pinemeadow hand in mind in creating the Pre Putter. The goal is to provide a solution in putting.

How can we say that?

Continue reading and find out what brilliance this putter can bring into your game.

Everything about the PRE Putter is set top-of-the-notch to give you a versatile and impressive putting game on the course. It may not be as fancy as other premium putters, but it can give you that performance that you’d hope.

This putter features a center weighted alignment system which improves the overall aspect of your putting. It will help your putt right on path.

Additionally, the it is weighed to provide improved feel, and incredible sound which adds in offering unbeatable confidence.

For every putt that we made, we definitely felt that responsive and accurate putt that gave our golf ball a seamless roll.

Meanwhile, the distinctive design of this putter allows you to align the ball properly, and hit it smoothly. This will give you the confidence to make those crucial putts.

The takeaway from this is that it offers a good-looking putter, plus an amazing set of features to knock off your opponents and win golf games.

If you’re looking for a putter to change your game, then this PRE Putter is definitely worth a try.


  • For every purchase, there’s a headcover included in the package.
  • One of the most forgiving putters suitable for beginners.
  • It offers a very solid feel for every shot, which helps in increasing self-confidence.
  • It may be low-priced, but the performance is superb and can compete with top-notch rivals.
  • The shaft gives an impressive balance between control and balance.


  • It may not work well under some conditions, and may not be suitable for someone with a single handicap.
  • Some golfers complain that it has a smaller sweet spot causing too many mis-hits.

Complete Buying Guide

How are you going to buy the best putter?

Continue reading, and you’ll find answers (100% guaranteed).

Let’s begin with…

1. Roll Quality

This is the foremost reason why a golfer needs a putter. You need to get a putter that has the ability to get the ball rolling quickly and smoothly as possible.

Avoid any putter that would give you skidding, bouncing, or not rolling smoothly golf balls. Yes, there are grains and impurities on the green, but a great putter can give the golf ball a good amount of inertia to keep it rolling smoothly regardless of grains.

2. Feel And Sound

Feel and sound might be the hardest element to test, but meticulously inspect the numerous inserts and metal used in a putter. It will help you understand what is the level of feel at impact to expect.

Take note: The type of ball that you’re going to use may also affect the feel and sound, so make sure to test the putter with a golf ball that suits a wide wide cross-section of players.

3. Forgiveness

Never underestimate putting, because even if it's only intended for shorter distance stroke, it can still produce mis-hits.

Aside from putting distance, precision and accuracy are the main ingredients of the game. So, look for a putter that will provide excellent results no matter where on the face the putt is struck.

A putter with an amazing forgiveness can only do that job for you. A high level of forgiveness means you can do more putts, EVEN on high-pressure situations or on green with grains.

4. Looks

Yes, we are talking about the overall appearance of the putter because it would also contribute to your confidence in using it. More than the looks, we’re also talking about how a putter looks when it’s behind the ball or when it is set up on the target line? These are the major notes in assessing the effectiveness of a putter.

There are various types of alignment lines, dots or aids already available, but the main goal is to hit the ball with the right roll towards the right direction.

Based on first impressions, check the overall craftsmanship of the putter. Ask yourself, 'does it comply to your own preference?'

5. Value

Then, of course, the value. For us, the best value is about getting the best deal that’s not going to break your bank. There are lots of options for you out there, and we’re 100% certain that there’s a putter that will give you a great bang for your buck!

If you’re playing for big money, it’s definitely worth it to spend huge buckets for a putter with premium quality. Nevertheless, it’s always a great choice to invest on the best putter.

6. Weight

The main and simple question for this is: How heavy you want you putter will be? Get a putter that’s confident for you to carry, and do your swing shot.

#PROTIP: If you find it hard to give your balls to roll smoothly, then consider getting a bit heavier putter than what you’re currently using. Meanwhile, If you have issues with consistent aim, then a lighter putter would be a better option.

Make sure that you’re still comfortable using it. If possible, grab the opportunity to test the putter at the shop before purchasing, then order it online which makes it cheaper.

7. Face

The face of a golf club is where the contact with the ball and the impact happens, which makes it one of the most vital parts of a putter as well. It will determine how the golf ball will roll for every stroke.

Well, in fact, there are lots of options for face design. There’s the textured face design, smooth face design, and inserts are some of the most common choices.

So, it all boils down to your personal preference, and knowing how it would help your putt. The primary goal for this is to get a putter with an advanced club face to get that responsiveness and consistent results, regardless of its design.

8. Loft

This is, more often, overlooked when it comes to putters. A loft is the measure if a golf club’s angle from the vertical. A loft angle will impact how the ball leaves the club.

Some golfers would suggest to get a steeper angle as it will launch the ball off of the green a little and aid the rolling, but it may hurt your aiming a bit.

To be sure, you have to test the putter and see if it would match your shot.

9. Moment Of Inertia (MOI)

In simple words, MOI helps in giving every golfer a playable game even on mis-hits. As a rule of thumb, more MOI helps in reducing skidding, hopping and other impact issues.

10. The Type Of Design

There are different putter design which may affect your putting. So, it’s important that you take it into consideration in buying a putter.

Just to give you an idea, here are different Putter Designs...

How To Buy The Best Putters (as a Beginner)

Hopefully, you’re able to find a putter on our list. If not yet, don’t worry because we’re here to enlighten your mind more.

In case you want to explore the market on your own, this section, we’re giving you the most precise standards or guidelines in buying a putter. 

Putting can be a stressful part of golfing, but the most satisfying once done successfully.

Just like other golf clubs, buying a putter also involves a buying guide to help you pick the right set-up according to your needs.

That being said, we'll lead you to a...

Different Putter Designs

The Traditional Anser Design
A classic putter that features a square club head with an offset almost the same with some golf irons for a smooth and seamless bal roll. This kind of putter has always been considered as the best option for beginners.

The Mallet
This is a relatively modern putter that will give you easier access to align your putts. It has an extended piece behind the putter’s face which helps in better alignment.

The best asset of a Mallet over the Anser design is that it produces decent distances even on mis-hits. It’s because of the additional weight behind the club face.

The combination of the additional weight and an offset shaft, Mallet Putters are the foremost option for beginners.

The NASA Space Craft
Obviously, it is called because of its weird but wonderful shape. It may come with an expensive tag, but it combines the performance of the Anser Design, and The Mallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of putter should I use?

It’s all about preference. If you have the money to spend, we would suggest to go with The NASA Space Craft, but a Mallet putter can give you the performance that you need in putting. Not to mention, it’s cheaper.

What length of putter is right for me?

Most standard lengths include 33" to 36". In choosing, always get that putter that would fit your height, and give you a good putting posture. With the length, the shaft would be in line with your forearms.

What Should Be the Degree of the Loft for Slow and Fast Green Speeds?

There’s a standard loft of 2 to 4 degrees, but, as a general rule of thumb, a higher loft is required for slower green speeds while lower loft for faster green speeds. 

What Is the Ideal Angle of Contact?

You have to position the ball correctly between your feet, align your putter correctly, and make sure that your ideal angle is when the sweet spot of your putter matches the center of the ball.

How to Read a Green?

The best way to read a green is to stand behind the golf ball of the location of putting. It will allow you to see the slope of the green more accurately. From there, you can determine how much left or right is needed to putt. 

#PROTIP: If the putt is uphill, it’s slower so you need to give stronger stroke, and vice versa.

Final Words

Choosing the best putter will definitely impact your game. So, make sure that you’re starting on the right path.

If you get stranded in a pile of putter selection, then always go back to the basics - the basic features that you need, and the putter that would match your game.

Start with a putter with the most ideal length for you, the average weight, near near-vertical loft with a forgiving face.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but get a putter that will give you a better stroke without breaking your savings.

#PROTIP: Do your research online, try it out in person, then check the price on an online store. That way, you’re getting various options, then seeing and feeling them personally, plus buying online is cheaper.

At the end of the day, you need to find a putter that’s best for you and you game.

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