Prime Putt Review

PrimePutt Tour-Quality Indoor Golf Putting Mat Review (2024 Update)

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As a product review website geared toward game improvement, Honest Golfers’ review of PrimePutt is a natural fit, especially considering their range of high-quality golf putting aids.

And talk about natural, that’s exactly what PrimePutt’s putting mat feels like.

Roll-Out and Assembly

When the PrimePutt mat was delivered to my front doorstep last month…

…I expected to open the box and pull out a wrinkled mat with curled up corners that I would have to lay out and stack weights on for a week to flatten it and put it to use.

Much to my surprise and excitement, the PrimePutt mat rolled out perfectly flat with no wrinkles, bunches, or curls. This is a credit to the weight of the mat, tour-grade turf used in its construction.

As a person with both limited assembly skills and patience, PrimePutt is the best product you can hope for.

After rolling the mat out, additional assembly includes sliding the cups under the turf, and attaching the PrimePutt backstop to the flexible rubber retainers at the end of the mat.

The entire process was easily under two minutes and is a one-person job.

The Turf: Ball Roll and Feel

But most importantly as every golfer who utilizes a putting mat knows, how does it roll and how does it feel?

In my experience, PrimePutt is the most realistic roll and feel of any putting mat I’ve used.

– Honest Golfers

The tour-grade turf replicates a real green exceptionally, and the speed is very reliable.  Other mats I’ve utilized have a less realistic turf feel, and they don’t always lay flat and often bunch or curl, which gives a golfer poor feedback on their stroke.

The sheer weight of the PrimePutt mats prevents this from happening so that it lays flat every time and when you put a good stroke on the ball, you know it.

Vice versa, if you do not stroke it well, PrimePutt will give you true feedback on what you need to work on.

The Cup and Distance Indicators

Their proprietary cup design behaves just like a full-depth cup, meaning misses react like they would on the course, allowing a player to pinpoint improvement areas.

The 3-ft. and 6-ft. buttons on each side of the mat are a much-needed upgrade to the putting mat industry.

Most putting mats are simply a long piece of turf with white paint/stencil drawn on top of the mat for putting distances. I have never been a fan of that design because it is not true to what a golfer’s eye will see on the course.

With PrimePutt, a player knows distances by placing a golf ball at correlated buttons on the mat, but then still has only green putting surface space in their line of sight, to truly simulate putting on the course.

Storage and Durability

Lastly, let’s talk storage and durability.

Storing the PrimePutt is seamless.

It rolls up with ease, and is ready to use as soon as it unrolls…no flattening, weighting down, etc. Meaning you can store it away easily without worrying about wear and tear during storage.

Furthermore, in a house filled with both kids and pets, I need a mat that can stand up to their test. PrimePutt’s mat is pet-friendly, kid-tough, and can even be used outdoors.

Recap: PrimePutt Review

Overall, golfers who want a high-quality mat that rolls true, has a course-like feel, and who value performance and durability, should absolutely check out PrimePutt. It is the best putting mat I have played.