Lag Shot Swing Trainer Review [year] (7 + Wedge)

Lag Shot Swing Trainer Review 2024 (7 + Wedge)

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As a golf product review website geared toward game improvement, I was thrilled for this Lag Shot review. Lag Shot Golf offers a new swing trainer club with a whippy, flexible shaft, and a clubhead that can actually hit golf balls.

Lag Shot is already well-known around the golf industry as a game-changing training aid. For this review, I tested the Lag Shot 7-iron swing trainer club and a Wedge swing trainer club.

The Lag Shot is considered by many as one of the best swing training aids on the market today.

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lag shot swing trainer showed up on my doorstep
teeing up my lag shot swing trainer
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First Impressions

The first thing you notice when addressing the ball with both the 7-iron and the Wedge is how the look and feel make you think you’re swinging a normal iron.

But as soon as you begin to take the clubs back, the whip of the shafts immediately come into play.

They initially remind you of the Orange Whip, but then give immediate feedback because you’re actually striking the ball rather than swinging into the air.

A feature I always thought was missing with the Orange Whip.

Swing #1

I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical about hitting the first ball into my backyard net thinking, “where is this going to go”, but the first swing was steady and contact felt much purer than I anticipated.

The natural flexibility and whip of the shaft basically forced me to load the club at the top of my swing.

This enables a player to store power and generate real lag, which creates:

  • Slower smoother transition on your club pull downward
  • Delivering a repeatable golf swing
  • With enhanced tempo and rhythm
  • …that will ultimately lead to more consistent and powerful contact with the golf ball

The Best Thing

What I personally like best about the Lag Shot swing trainer:

The Lag Shot swing trainer is effortless and doesn’t add any swing thoughts, which no golfer needs!

– Honest Golfers

You take a normal swing and naturally feel the club doing the work, it doesn’t feel forced.

You’re not changing your swing to try to incorporate “how a swing should look or how a swing plane should feel”, you’re simply swinging and unconsciously gaining the feel and repeatability of a smooth powerful golf swing.

Furthermore, the Lag Shot swing trainer exaggerates your natural swing, but in doing so, also enhances tempo and rhythm, which again will lead to greater clubhead speed and more powerful contact.

My Final Thoughts on the Lag Shot Swing Trainer

As a player who has competed in numerous Long Drive competitions and has a very high swing speed, when I miss, it’s almost always because I’m too quick in my transition.

I can’t wait to utilize Lag Shot in my daily training and practice to generate more natural lag and create a repeatable smooth transition on every swing.