Best Golf Training Aids ([year] List)

Best Golf Training Aids (2024 List)

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Each golfer aspires to improve their swing at some point in their life. Every perfect swing begins with holding the club correctly. Most trainers or coaches will show you how to grip the club in the initial few lessons. Then you’ll practice your setup, address, and backswing. Not to forget the downswing, impact, release, and extension. Finally, improve your follow-through.

The best golf training aids can be broken down into these categories:

  • Grip trainers
  • Swing trainers
  • Swing analyzers
  • Resistance trainers
  • Alignment sticks

As with all golf equipment reviews, we waded through the tremendous number of training aids on sale to prospective golfers. We researched and came up with this list of products that we believe are the best value for money and products that customers agreed worked for them.

Friendly reminder: There is no quick fix, or one size fits all approach to golf so expect that some will work for you where others may not.

1. SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

[amazon box = “B015N2NX3A” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B015N2NX3A” title=”SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer” /] is the best gift for a beginner golfer or someone returning to the game. The first swing faults or issues golfers have started with their grip.

This training aid helps you train a neutral grip. It does not matter if you use an interlocking or overlapping grip. This training aid will help you achieve the proper grip. 

It is small, portable, and easily clips on any golf club. Once aligned on the grip, it guides your thumbs into their proper positions. You don’t have to constantly ask your trainer or buddy if your grip is correct when you have one of these on.

It would be best to have this trainer aid attached at home, on the range, or playing a quick 9. The only time to take it off is if you’re going to play in a tourney.     


  • Perfect for training or pre-game grip practice
  • It is pretty straightforward how to attach it to any club 
  • It helps create muscle memory for a neutral grip


  • It is only available for right-handed golfers
  • It may be a tight fit if your grips are not stock
  • If you force it…it will break.

Overall, the customer’s reviews are positive. Many had reservations about if it would actually help their golf game and swing, but it seemed that it helped when they tried it.

This is by no means the only tool you’ll need to improve your golf swing, but it is where you should start. Some said their grip trainer broke after some extensive use. In contrast, others expressed their rubber and plastic separated after some time. 

2. Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers

[amazon box = “B0019GKDTM” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B0019GKDTM” title=”Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers by SKLZ” /] is a tool intended to assist golfers in improving their swing. It’s inexpensive and straightforward to use, so it’s definitely worth a look.

This training device will assist you in perfecting your grip while maintaining the proper swing speed or tempo and improving your swing path.

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer is also a tool for warming up before you play golf. It has a contoured grip to help position the hands correctly.

It has markings that you should point to your right shoulder when holding the grip. Then it would be best if you swung back and forth until your muscles relaxed. The weight and bend in the shaft produce a feeling of the club lowering on the plane and then releasing through impact. 

The trainer can also be customized to simulate driving by removing the weighted screw at the end. 

The grip is one of the customer’s favorite features of this trainer. It’s intended to ensure that you’re holding the club correctly by offering an interlock, overlap, or if you prefer, a baseball grip option. Using alignment sticks on the floor while swinging the trainer is recommended to improve your swing further.

The sole disadvantage is that the grip may not be suited for people with large hands. However, the device has generally received excellent praise, with users complementing its features.


  • Short shaft to use at home or indoors to practice your swing
  • It helps loosen your forearm and back muscles 
  • Removable weight system
  • Small enough to fit in a golf bag to use as a warmup tool


  • The grip is small, and golfers with big hands struggle to use it
  • It can hurt your back if you swing too hard
  • Some said the grip came loose
  • Some don’t like the short shaft.

Overall, the sentiment of this product is positive. Some use it in their basement in front of the mirror, and others in their office between calls.

It has excellent potential for beginner and avid golfers alike. However, a few customers are complaining about this small grip; one said its small size is more for kids as a toy. 

3. Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer Aid

[amazon box = “B006YTYM8W” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B006YTYM8W” title=”Callaway Swing Easy” /] is made of a stretchy fabric that can be pulled up to the upper arm. The fabric’s strong elasticity keeps your elbows close together while still providing enough give for comfort.

Many golfers, especially right-handed (or left-handed) players, “chicken wing out” their right elbow at the top of their backswing. 

Most golfers’ shots are sliced or faded because their swings are structurally broken up and swing from outside to inside. You can bring your elbows closer together with the Swing-Easy for a more natural and comfortable inside-to-outside swing.

I’ll use it until my elbows are strong enough to stay put. Then, bring this to the driving range to warm up before your round.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners and instructors 
  • Made of quality material and is durable


  • Doesn’t fit smaller people.

Overall, golfers are happy with the product and say it is a big help with getting used to the correct form when swinging. It is easy to use and can last long because of its durable material. 

4. Callaway Alignment Training Stix

[amazon box = “B00H88JDKU” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Have you heard of the [amazon link=”B00H88JDKU” title=”Callaway Alignment Stix” /]? Alignment sticks, also known as swing guides, are used as plane path indicators. There are many uses for these sticks, like alignment and direction guides for your shots to guide your swing plane or clubhead path. We would advise you to research more about their many uses since professionals and trainers use these all the time. 

Overall, these golf alignment sticks are of high quality. They have a shock chord construction that allows them to collapse into a storage tube only 19 inches long. Yet, they measure 48 inches in length when fully extended.


  • Versatile gadget with various applications, including alignment, swing plane, and target indicator
  • Professional and beginner golfers frequently utilize it
  • It can be used in several ways, including laying it on the ground, sticking it in the turf, or holding it in your hands
  • Comes in a nice plastic tube
  • Reasonably priced
  • Pull apart and store easy


  • Only comes in pairs of two, where some others have 3 sticks
  • Some customers said their black rubber ends come off too easily and get lost.

Overall, most customers are pleased with their purchase and use it for all their drills while putting or chipping. They’ve been highly welcomed by golfers and teachers alike, and many professionals use them.

5. Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

[amazon box = “B00UNFHKUK” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B00UNFHKUK” title=”Blast Motion Swing Analyzer” /] is a device that will help you analyze your golf swing.

It provides data such as your swing angle and how quickly you swing the club (tempo ratios) to help committed golfers track and improve their swing. The device is attached to the back of the golfer’s club. Some users had difficulty connecting to the club, but once connected, it is secure.

The sensor communicates directly with an app that delivers data for you to analyze almost real-time. Although some reported a lack of instruction on how to use it, others say there are many instructional videos on the app. The gadget is complimented for its quick feedback, the accuracy of data, and instructional videos.


  • Provides in-depth information about club swing and pace.
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Intuitive feedback speed and accuracy 
  • Provides beneficial putting and chipping drills 
  • Extensive and immersive software with instructional videos


  • Inadequate initial instructions
  • There is no opportunity to register a hybrid club.
  • There is no option to convert the output from km/h to mph.
  • Beginners might  find it overwhelming. 

Overall, this product has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Some users report positive outcomes. Others chastised it for its lack of instructions, inability to register a hybrid club, and inability to switch output from kilometers per hour to miles per hour. It is also considered a good choice for serious golfers trying to improve their swing, but it may not be as beneficial for beginners.

6. Sure-Set Training Aid

[amazon box = “B01EFYQLYK” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B01EFYQLYK” title=”Sure-Set” /] training device is intended to assist golfers in mastering the backswing and swing plane, both of which are critical components of the golf swing.

The device is straightforward in terms of both its installation and its operation. It has a padded grip that makes it easy to teach golfers how to properly hinge their wrists. It helps golfers rotate their forearms and move their shoulders into the correct posture to achieve a powerful backswing stance. 

The Sure-Set is also portable, allowing golfers to carry it with them on the course to practice swings, or they can use it at home to create muscle memory.

The device is adaptable, with variable length adjustment for any size golfer. The angle can also be changed to fit your grip like you would hold a club. The comfortable ball sits firmly tucked into your leading arm’s shoulder to accommodate different swings. 

Overall, the Sure-Set is a simple and efficient method for improving the swing plane and increasing distance and accuracy in your golf swing. 


  • Aids in the mastery of the backswing and swing plane posture, resulting in increased distance and accuracy
  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • Adjustable in angle and length to accommodate golfers of various sizes
  • It can be used at the course during a round to help maintain proper swing plane
  • A simple approach to learning the correct swing plane


  • The price is on the high side 
  • It comes with a right-handed grip. You need to specify if you want a left-handed one.

Overall, it seems that customers are pleased with their purchase. Some bought it to keep training their muscles in winter; others said it is a sturdy and well-made product. One customer said it helped with their rotation and wrist hinge techniques. 

7. Swingyde Training Aid

[amazon box = “B000OZI256″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B000OZI256″ title=”Swingyde” /] is a device that assists people with their backswing.

Especially if you have a flat swing plane.

It’s an excellent training tool for learning how to hinge your wrist appropriately. One of the problems golfers experience with their swing is that they hinge too late or too soon, and this device helps you get the desired result faster.

It can also help you with clubface alignment if you are struggling with that.

This is most likely the most copied training product on the market. The gripping part, where you tie it to the club, is where most fake products break.

Another issue is that individuals don’t know how to set it up properly, leading them to believe it’s a horrible product when, in fact, they mounted it incorrectly. You must line it correctly and get it close enough to your index finger without touching it.

According to reviews, the Swingyde may not be sufficient by itself, and they recommend the support of a human trainer to achieve significant gains in their swing.


  • The installation of this product is quick and easy
  • It fits any golf club 
  • It can be used for right and left-handed golfers
  • Can use it anywhere you train with your golf clubs


  • If you set it up incorrectly, you can damage your wrist and fingers, not to mention your golf swing
  • Lots of fake products replicas. Get the original one.

Overall, customers agree that the equipment helps them develop their swing. Nevertheless, they believe that the informational material that comes with the gadget does not provide enough information on how to use it effectively.

Using the Swingyde alone is not a “fix-all” solution and that constant use and attention are required to observe benefits.

8. Whatafit Resistance Bands

[amazon box = “B07DWSPQQY” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B07DWSPQQY” title=”Whatafit Resistance Bands” /] can improve your game when you correctly load specific muscle groups during your backswing and then correctly unload that built-up energy as you swing through the ball.

You can, thankfully, feel it and learn it with the help of a straightforward piece of exercise equipment such as the Whatafit resistance bands.

Under your trail foot, fasten one end of an elastic band and the other under your grip. Then, swing the club backward while maintaining a taut band throughout the motion.

Better yet, stretch it.

You won’t even need to give it a second thought; when you shift your weight and strain your elbows to maintain the band taut, your arms will swing without any conscious effort on your part.

This will happen without any conscious effort on your part. You can probably imagine that you will only be able to go back a certain distance; once you reach that point, you should start swinging the club forward. Again, make sure the band stays as taut as possible.


  • They come with different ways to attach to various surfaces
  • Durable and flexible
  • Good for the price
  • Easy to use
  • It can be used with any golf club


  • Not as durable as some would want
  • Not a replacement for weights
  • Inconsistent resistance as you stretch the bands further.

Overall, most reviews are positive and discuss how useful these bands are. The resistance bands greatly help improve swing power and overall movement when swinging. However, the bands add more resistance the further you stretch, so the resistance you get from a band isn’t always consistent.

9. theHANGER Golf Training Aid

[amazon box = “B07B7RBBJ7″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

This Golf Training Aid called [amazon link=”B07B7RBBJ7″ title=”theHANGER” /] is one that looks weird, and when you first see it, you think, what is this? But, then, on further investigation, you see how it attaches and how it works, and then it makes sense.

If you are a golfer struggling with slicing or hooking, this training aid is for you.

Of course, we all want that perfect backswing and follow-through, but if everything is not lined up correctly, you tend to miss your sweet spot. 

This training aid is available for left and right-handed golfers, and you can attach it to any iron or wood. It is an excellent tool for developing and training those swing mechanics essential for overcoming wrist issues.


  • Helps improve wrist angle issues
  • Fits any club
  • If you follow their instruction videos, you see improvement from the first training session


  • It is pretty pricey for an all-plastic training aid
  • The components can break easily 
  • Clamps fit only on stock grips. If you have thicker custom grips, they will not fit. 

Overall, customers appear to be overwhelmingly pleased with their outcomes after only a few minutes of practice. However, there have been various concerns regarding the plastic construction’s quality and clamps that only fit stock grips. So, almost universally, first impressions are unfavorable until people try it and see how simple it is to use and how quickly results are obtained, particularly with wrist angles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Source: golfshub
Do training aids really work?

Although most golfers can benefit from high-quality training, such aids do not solve all problems. You’re probably always looking for ways to improve some aspect of the game, whether you have a good or bad swing. Simply put, there is no way to reach the pinnacle of success and stay there without practicing this wonderful sport.

What are golf training aids and how do they work?

Golf training aids are equipment and devices that help golfers hone specific skills such as grip, swing, and more. For example, swing trainers, impact bags, putting mats, and alignment sticks are just a few training aids available.

These devices provide visual and/or physical aid to the golfer, allowing them to identify and correct flaws in their swing or putting technique. Using training aids during practice sessions, golfers can improve their technique and muscle memory.

Are there any risks when using golf training aids?

Most golf training aids are safe to use. Still, before using one, one must familiarize oneself with the product’s instructions and strictly adhere to them. Certain training aids have been linked to muscle imbalance and other issues when used excessively. Furthermore, it is critical to use the training aid effectively and to integrate it with other training strategies, such as attending classes and engaging in continuous practice.

Can training aids be used by all golfers?

Yes, golf training aids can be utilized by golfers of any level of expertise, from amateurs all the way up to PGA Tour players. They can be adapted to the individual golfer’s unique requirements and objectives and modified as their skill level rises. Every golfer’s journey is unique, and getting the best training aid to help improve your golf game is what it is all about. 

How often should I use my golf training aid?

It depends on the training aid and the player’s intended outcomes. It is essential to familiarize oneself with the instructions that come packaged with the teaching aid and use it in conjunction with various other methods of instruction. The more you practice, the better your game will become. Start to focus on the most prominent problem areas of your golf game, and you will see improvement over time.

Final Thoughts on the Best Training Aids for Golf

Conclusion Best Golf Training Aids

In golf, there are so many fundamentals that you need to master, and it all starts with your swing. If you have a lousy swing, you will inevitably become frustrated and have ongoing issues finding your golf balls.

These training aids we selected are some of the best on the market and what we feel will help you improve your golf swing. So get one or a few and start practicing.