Golf doesn’t come naturally to anyone.…not even to Tiger Woods.

I'm sure you know what we mean right?

There is just SO much that goes into becoming a great golfer....

The long hours on the course,

The repetition,

The practice at the driving range,

...and we haven't even got to the amount of patience you need yet!

But before you know it, you've hit that one perfect shot out of the middle of the club, and all the pain is forgotten and you're back on the course the next morning.

Whether you are an entry level golfer or an expert at golf, everybody struggles with something.

And that’s absolutely fine, we can all improve our game.

Even Tiger!

But, to get better we must practice to improve and solve the problems with our game.

This is EXACTLY where golf training aids come in and our reviews of the best golf training aids today below will help you make the right choice on which aid is right for you.

So you can improve your game MASSIVELY or just enjoy it again!

In A Hurry?

Our BEST Training Product To Buy After 22 Hours of Research...

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

Why is it better?

  • The SKLZ Gold Flex includes EVERYTHING a beginner will need.
  • Amazing to use in the comfort of your home.
  • It will give you great confidence standing over the ball on the course.
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Our top 5 Golf Training Aids (more below)





SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer


MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid


IZZO Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid


PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer


Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

The Best Golf Training Aids For 2019

These training accessories, along with your dedication and perseverance, have the power to bring out the best golfer in you.

Bad posture?

Weak grip?

Steep swing plane?

No problem!

There’s help for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE out there! 

Including YOU!

With that said, we're excited to have you read our article today where we'll show you The Best Golf Training Aids out there today.

Let’s GO!

1. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

Let’s kick start our list of the Best golf training aids with the Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer from SKLZ.

It's an ABSOLUTE staple for people who are looking to perfect and master their core strength, swing and body posture.

The Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer comes in lengths of either 40 or 48 inches.

This makes this training stick perfect for people of all heights.

People under the height of 5 ft 6 inches can use the 40-inch stick while the 48-inch is perfect for people over the height of 5 ft 6 inches.

However, the head of the trainer will always be constant weighing in at 2.5 pounds.

With a durable polyurethane head and a flexible fiberglass shaft, the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is flexible and intuitive to the user’s body.

It curves and flexes just enough to find you that much needed stretch.

The swing stick is just the right weight and design to work your core muscles and train your body for the perfect posture and strength.

Perfect golf accessory for warm-ups for the expert players before the big game.

And it is also ideal for training the newcomers in golf.

It is easy to carry, is bag legal in the golf course and is durable enough to last you for years and years to come.

A great way to practice and perfect the art. And then, it is all a matter of practice turning into habit. 

This golf season, let the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer being out the perfect swing in you that you know you have!


  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Just the right amount of weight.
  • Corrects postures.
  • Builds core strength and muscle memory.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Is bag legal.


  • Grips tends to come off.

2. MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid

Next up, we have the MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid.

It is yet another golf accessory that is made to help our not so consistent golfers who suffer from misaligned hand movement and positioning.

The MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid comes with the golf swing trainer a with and a skin-friendly sleeve which rests just above your wrists.

This contraption, thanks to its angular hinge, is designed to correct swing positions.

It is also trains you to correct the face alignment of your swings which is responsible for giving your shots more distance, agility and accuracy.

Anyone who plays golf knows how much goes into perfecting the movements of the hands.

And the MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid is a great way to train and practice both your swings and hand positioning for a more consistent and accurate shot.

It is lightweight so it won’t add any weight or bulk into your shots. It is made from very lightweight plastic and it is pretty compact too. You can, in fact, carry it in your golf bag or in your pockets.

Apart from this, the MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid works for both left and right handers, so it is pretty convenient too!

An inexpensive yet effective way to correct and master the magic hands of the golf player.


  • Lightweight and compact; portable.
  • Skin-friendly, soft sleeve.
  • Corrects swing and hand positioning.


  • Grips can’t be adjusted

3. IZZO Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid

IZZO Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid

3rd on our list of the Best golf training aids is golf balls gone bad.

Just kidding.

These are the Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid from IZZO.

The IZZO flatballs are designed to golfers correct and perfect their swings.

These rather funny looking flat golf balls look like small, white flatbreads.

These discs of golf balls are made flat so that you can correct your swing plane. And as we know already, it is the swing plane of the golfer that decides the game for you.

A swing plane to shallow and you won’t hit too far. And a swing plane to steep and you just might “jump” the ball to nothing good.

A proper swing is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to master both distance, speed and direction with their golf balls. And the IZZO Golf Flatball Swing Training Aid does just that, minus the damage!

These flatballs are made out of thin and soft material that makes sure that your practice session does not end up resulting in broken glasses and skulls.

So soft and safe in fact that you can use these flatballs to practice at home!

One other great thing about these flatballs is that because they are so soft and light, they won’t fly too far and get lost like regular golf balls do.

And there are 6 in a single pack so you can keep using one again and again before moving to the second.

Definitely going to last a long time.

Also, given the material and sizes of the IZZO Golf Swing Training Aid flatballs, they are obviously pretty compact and lightweight too.

Carry them in your golf bag or your pockets to the course of the park. No problem.


  • Lightweight and compact; portable.
  • Corrects swing plane.
  • Soft material; won’t rolls far.
  • Can be practiced with anywhere without damage risks.


  • Undercuts.
  • Catches great speed (little too much for our liking).

4. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

And then on our 4th pick, we have for you a device the Pressure Putt Trainer from PutOut.

It's been made specifically for players who want to train their putting skills - and it does a great job!

The Pressure Putt Trainer has a unique parabolic curved construction and design that allows you to practice your putting skills on it just as you would into on the green.

All you have to do is gently hit the ball and try and get it to center with the device.

One thing we really appreciate about this device is it super simple, and yet somehow, super intuitive design.

It is almost as if you are playing on the real thing!

The design is such the missed putts will be rejected automatically. The trainer also has a hole on it which can be opened. This allows you to practice for a more expert levels training.

If you can get you golf ball to click into the hole, it means you have made the perfect and most accurate putt!

A very interactive training aid.

No doubt.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is made out of high quality elastomer and translucent polycarbonate which is not just durable and reliable, but designed well enough to fold into a more compact device than it already is.

It is lightweight and perfectly fine to travel with you anywhere you go. Great for practice on the yard or maybe even indoors.

Definitely one of our most recommended golf training aids!


  • Perfects putting skills.
  • Controls user’s hitting force and directional projectile.
  • Interactive design.
  • Compact and lightweight; portable.


  • A little expensive - but well worth it in our opinion.

5. Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Next up on our list for the Best golf training aids we have yet another accessory that focuses on improving the swing of your hands.

If you liked the MECO™ Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid, then you will also like the Golf Swing Training Aid from Swingyde!

The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid is a simple and basic device that is used to control and correct the hand movement of the golf player.

More or less of the times, almost all golfers struggle with this. Justifiably so, it is very tough to get right after all!

And this swing trainer is definitely a godsend of them.

The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid improves the swinging plane of your shots by restricting unnecessary movement by your hands. As a result, you shots are far for solid and accurate.

You will also begin to sense an increase in the distance that your shots cover.

And that’s exactly what you want: CONTROL.

As for the swing trainer itself, it is super simple device made out of even simple materials. It is very lightweight and is compact enough for you to carry with you everywhere!

The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid attaches fairly nicely to the shaft of your club and add no bulk whatsoever to manipulate the shots.

The only thing it manipulates is your hand and wrist movements!

The device is great for both right and left handers so it is pretty convenient and versatile. Not bad.


  • Lightweight and compact; portable.
  • Corrects swing and hand positioning


  • No instructions - but pretty intuitive.

6. Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid

Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid

6th on our list of the Best golfing aids is the Chip Stix Golf Training Aid from Callaway.

Is a little something for our golfers who needs a little help with their shorter clubs.

Let’s be honest, playing golf with longer clubs are so much more convenient, and easier, than playing with your shorter clubs.

That’s where a device like the Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid comes to play.

The Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid is a stick extension that you attach to your short clubs. This extension stick is designed to correct and eliminate the most common chip swing faults. It is 18 inches long.

With this extension attached, you get a better balance on the shorter clubs and eventually learn to impart more spin and for better control for each shot.

To add to that, the Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid is very lightweight and it needs not much space at all.

You can carry it in your golf bag and forget about it.

The great thing however, is that will attach to any iron or wedge of your choice.

Perfect for any level of golfer who needs that extra hand perfecting the use of short clubs!

A great way to improve your short game and keep those scores on low.


  • Lightweight and compact; portable.
  • Makes mastering shorts more convenient.


  • Sometimes it won't find non-standard clubs.

7. Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid

Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid

Ah yes, the dreaded chicken wing elbow syndrome.

Anyone who suffers from it knows how annoying it can get when you can’t correct the position and angles of your elbow.

And to help you correct your chicken wing disease, we have for you the Smart Ball Golf Training Aid from Tour Striker.

The Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid is an odd, but awfully smart golf training aid.

And here's why...

It's basically an inflatable and flocked beach ball that hangs by your neck via a lanyard.

Now, what is does is actually pretty smart.

You are supposed to place your arms on either side of the training ball before making the big hit. This is supposed to correct your hand positioning such a way that it syncs with your body.

The Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid is going to both lengthen and strengthen body pivots.


Not only do you begin to play at a more body specific rhythm, but you also begin to understand the importance of timing and hitting force.

It is super light and compact and can be carried with you anywhere. It hands by your neck!

There’s not much you must do to look after it.

The Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid is undeniably one of the Best golf training aids for correcting the common flying trail elbow.


  • Lightweight and compact; very portable.
  • Hangs by your neck from a lanyard.
  • Corrects chicken wing elbows.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Can deflate is used incorrectly, which is a pain when learning.

8. SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

You can be all the book smart you want, but if you can’t hold a golf club properly, nothing is going to do you any good.

And believe it or not, many people are holding their clubs wrong!

So to help golfers who need a little guidance there, we have for them the Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer from SKLZ.

The Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer is basically a training stick to help people learn their right way to hold and grip their golf sticks.

To make the product a little more generous and versatile, it comes with an additional screw-on cap component which adds weight to the overall training stick.

This allows the product to be used for learning to hold both irons and woods.

But the future that makes the SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer so fantastic for us is its molded grip with all the right indentations and instructional directions built and printed onto it.

This allows the user to know where to place the palms, the thumb and so on. It is a great way to learn more about hand placement.

Speaking of which, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. But given how lightweight and compact the product is, you should have no trouble carrying it in your bag to the course.

Perfect for warm-ups and pregame stretching and practicing. Great for beginner golfers who are just starting out at the sport!


  • Lightweight and compact; portable.
  • Teaches hand placement on clubs.
  • Improves swing plane.
  • Include additional weight for more versatility.
  • Easy to use; comprehensive design and construction.


  • Made for right-handed users, only.

9. Impact Snap Golf Swing Training Device

Impact Snap Golf Swing Training Device

Next up on our list of the Best golf training aids, we have a training device that is fairly new to the marker but it taking it by storm.

And we are talking about the Golf Swing Training Device from impact Snap!

This odd-looking contraption of a training aid consists of a small stick and a faux golf ball sticking out at the end of the stick.

Now, what exactly does it do for you?

Well, the Impact Snap Golf Swing Training Device is designed to train a golfer for controlling and correcting the impact or force that goes into hitting a golf ball.

Remember: more is not always best.

In golf, calculated hits win the game. Which is why having control over the impact of your shots is so incredibly important.

You hold the shaft of the training stick and let the ball face towards you. As you swing, you will feel and hear a clicking noise.

That is the noise coming from the weighs inside the shaft. This clicking noise acts as a cue to the level of impact.

Throughout the process of using the Impact Snap Golf Swing Training Device, you will get a feel and understanding for the impact. This will eventually let you know, and get habituated, to the positioning of your hands, wrists and arms to give you the best possible impact.

It is lightweight and compact so you can carry it with you to the green, or maybe, just practice at home!

You will be glad to know that the Impact Snap Golf Swing Training Device has won many prestigious awards and is used by golf instructors to teach.

 It is truly a great golf training aid to train your control over impact as well as build your posture for the best impact! Great stuff.


  • Lightweight and compact; very portable.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Corrects and improves control over impact.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Award winner.
  • Used by professional instructors.


  • A little too lightweight (for most people) for effective for impact training.
  • Tad bit awkward to swing with.

9. Golf Grip Training Aid

Golf Grip Training Aid

We are ending off our list for the Best golf training aids with our final pick, the Golf Grip training aid.

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective device to help you master your grip, the take a look into this one!

In the sport of golf, grip means everything. Get the grip right and everything will follow like they should.

And Gold Grip knows this!

This training aid from Golf Grip is a very basic and very simple attachment for your golf clubs and wedges. You simple slap it on to the handle of your stick and that’s pretty much it.

The design is such that your hands will, very intuitively, follow.

Much like the SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer, the Golf Grip training aid has all the right curves and directions on it that allows your hands to grip the club the best it possibly can.

It makes sure that you are slowly giving up re-gripping, hooking and slicing for good!

And on top of that, the Golf Grip training aid also makes sure that your hands are practicing exactly what it should execute: alignment and superior impact control.

And thanks to the new and improved grip that you have hopefully mastered,  you enjoy better shots with more distance, more accuracy, and better direction.

The Golf Grip training aid is a very compact and lightweight. You can throw it inside your golf bag or even carry it your pocket.

Overall, it is a great, discreet way to train yourself to gripping your golf stick just the way an expert should!


  • Lightweight and compact; very portable.
  • Teaches and trains proper hand placement.
  • Improves swing plane and impact.
  • Easy to use; comprehensive design and construction.


  • Can be a little difficult to fit to some clubs.

Why Do I Need a Training Aid?

What might be the reasons of getting a training aid?

Well, it varies from person to person but here’s a list of ideal reasons (we asked our Honest Golfers community to come up with these)

Corrects and works on the struggle area

Okay, smart guys, let’s start with the absolute obvious.

The first and foremost reason behind getting any training aid at all is to help you with your trouble areas.

Listen, we said this before and we’ll say it again: no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you are very likely to be having a hard time perfect a move.

This could be something as simple (and fundamental!) like your grip on the clubs. 

Or something a little more complex and difficult, like impact control. Whatever it is, there are heaps of golf training aids out there that are designed to cater to specific types of problems.

These aids are designed and constructed so that you get help where you need it most. These devices and contraptions don’t just correct or restrict what’s wrong, but they also train you and body to do what’s right.

With consistent use and practice, you begin to strengthen your muscles and become more flexible and in control of your body.


One of the many perks of golf training aids are that they are, almost always, made so that you can travel with them at the course.

They are usually very lightweight and compact so you will have no trouble carrying it with you anywhere. Some are in fact small enough for you to carry in your pockets.

Whatever it is.. . .they are made to be convenient and accessible.

A great way to practice and warm-up

Speaking of which, one of the benefits of training aids so lightweight and compact is that you can practice and train right about anywhere. You don’t always need to be on the green.

Most training accessories are safe for use both indoors and outdoors.

Training aids are a great (and fun) way to practice on a regular basis without having to travel to the course every day.

But whether you need practice or not, you definitely need to warm-up right before any big game to loosen up and flex up those muscles.

And training aids are absolutely fantastic for this.

Cheaper than a professional instructor

Alright, alright, we will just say it. One of the most important reasons why golf training are so popular among golfers is because they are cheap!

Well, you do have your occasional high-end training aids, but we can bet our bucks that they will almost always be a fraction of the cost of learning from a professional golf instructor.

Did you see the fees they charge?

Hell no!

Best Golf Training Aids Reviews

Buying Guide: Golf Training Aids!

Fit for purpose

You will be surprised to how many golf training aids, and different yes of golf training aids, are available in the market today.

So knowing what to get for your needs is very important.

But this is made even tougher because, most if the times, these training aids look and feel odd. You can’t even begin to think to possible use a gripping tool that looking like a the outline of a praying mantis.

So the very first think you need to do, before everything else, is know and learn about the training accessory you are getting.

We can’t begin to tell you the number of times we have walked home with a flex stick when what we actually wanted was a club extension stick.

So do a little research, ask questions to the salesman and get what you need and not what you think you need.. . . .


Remember how we told you that most training aids look a little alienish? Well, you need to believe us because people, still today, struggle with finding out how to set up or use the product! No, seriously.

And we don’t blame anyone who feel lost without instructions.

How is one supposed to use something that looks like something you have never seen before? 

The sad thing however is that many golf training aids come without any instructions, directions, DVDs, whatsoever, making matters even worse. You should be able to find everything on YouTube or golfing forums, but it always helps to have a product that comes with how-to’s in the first place.

User Comfort

Here’s the thing about using a golf training aid, or any training accessory for that matter: It is not supposed to feel like silk and velvet. It will challenge you and your body- that’s the entire point of correcting and training.

Having said that, there are a few golf training aids that are downright health hazards. You want to stay away from those.

Try and pick training aids that challenge you, but it should never hurt or injure you. A particular case we want to talk about here is a flexing stick. A flexing stick should be study and strong, but yet flexible and in sync with your body at the same time. Some sticks, unfortunately, tend to be too stiff.

This usually leads to over stretching of the back and hand muscles which can be painful for the golfer.


Here’s the thing: most training aids are compact and lightweight as is. But just to be one the safe side, we always recommend that you check beforehand if the product fits inside your golf bag.

Some aids may be small, but they carry a lot of weight, while are large and weigh little to nothing.

In the course where you may have to carry your bag, every ounce and every square inch of space matters!

Left and Right handers

This part is as simple as it sounds. Some golf training aids are made specifically for right handers while others are of left. You have to know which one your getting. Or! Just try and purchase something is designed for both left and right handers.

Keep in mind however, that there a few products that will always have to be specifically made for either the left or right hand.


We would love to say that all golf training aids are safe and harmless, and in a way, they really are. But there are a few ​training aids that can potentially damage property or even cause serious injury.

If you are someone who loves to practice at home (indoors or outdoors), then we highly recommend that you only purchase accessories that are safe.

Anything that isn’t too heavy, too speedy or too much of anything.

When at home, keep things light and relaxed.  

Golf injuries can be gruesome so be alert.


Then you have the case of durability. And umm. . ….well, to be honest, most golf training accessories isn’t as durable as we’d like them to be. Yes, they are well-built and get the job done and all, but you’d be disappointed if you had expected them to last long.

They are usually made from questionably low quality materials and ..  . ..that’s probably why they, almost always, come so cheap and affordable!

You lose some, you win some. Can’t win it all!

golf forums

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about golf training aids?

Q. Are all golf training accessories legal on the course? How do I know?

Answer: That’s great question you asked there. It is very, very important that you learn about an accessory’s status on the course.

This is because not all training aids are bag legal. So to avoid getting eliminated or embarrassed, you need to check the packaging of the product thoroughly.

Most of the times, the packaging will states whether a product is allowed or not. Just in case the packaging does not mention anything, we suggest to not taking the risk and ask the manufacturer directly via email or call.

You can also check with your course to see if they’d approve of the product on a game day.

Q. What are some other essential golfing accessories you would recommend out of this list?

Answer: A large umbrella and a range finder that is specifically made for golfing are must-haves!

Q. The training aid a bought, a flex stick, is so highly reviewed by everyone. But it’s just not doing it for me. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Nothing, You are doing nothing wrong. The first thing we want you to know is that a product is never perfect. Sometimes they are made to look perfect through unfair means. In other words, they are made to look like a winner of a product through paid reviews, discounts and sponsorships.

But mind you, this happens only a handful of times. Not always. It is also very important that you know that it takes a while to adapt to using a new product.

You won’t feel comfortable using it right out of the package. We have had users who finally got a hang to using a training aid after months of consistent use. It wouldn’t be called a trainer if it didn’t challenge you. .  .

Q. What are some of the basic things I should cover before starting a match?

Answer: First of all, loosen up your body.

A flexible, light body is much more intuitive and interactive with the golf club and the ball. Tensed muscles and stiff body language are going to mess up every shot.

This is why it is very important to warm-up before every game. Start by flexing your arms and back. Then focus on getting the grip right. And then finally, practice controlling the impact and swing plane. And remember: stay calm! Don’t get too nervous.

Your mind needs to stay just as relaxed as you muscles so take it easy.

Q. My training aid is for hand posture is great, but it does not come with a sleeve and its starting to hurt my elbows. What now?

Answer: You should have checked that to begin with. This could end up scratching your skin. Anyway, a little DIY can easily fix this. Cut up a piece of thin foam fabric to the shape of a sleeve and hot glue it in place.

Or maybe just get a new one WITH a sleeve. They are honestly not that expensive.

Final Words

And that was our take on some of the Best golf training aids for you!

Here’s the rundown of golf training aids: they won’t magically transform a new player into a pro overnight.

Sorry, if you were expecting something like that. But what it does, and does so fantastically well, is teach and correct and train to address a specific problem that you may have.

And with consistent practice and training, you just might become a pro sooner than you expect. Who knows!

Our article today has covered a wide assortment of training aids that are each designed to tackle specific types of issues that golfers most commonly face.

Take a look and you just may find the cure to your problem!

That’s it for today, folks.

We hope you found our article helpful and informative.

Thank you for staying with us and we will catch you next time.


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What it includes: In case you are a beginner, this is somewhat gold for you. Because the Callaway Strata offers twelve clubs which includes a driver, two woods, two hybrids, four irons, one wedge pitching wedge, one sand wedge, a putter, the bag and a few head covers.

So, all of these amount to the 18 pieces the Callaway Strata promises to provide you with. Fortunately, this is literally everything you need from a club set as a beginner.

The Build Material: Since you will be striking a ball continuously with these clubs, you cannot overlook the robustness of the materials used, can you? Let’s not even talk about how rough it will be for the clubs if you are a beginner.

However, the Callaway Strata takes all that worry away from you with its excellent build materials used. Apparently, nothing else but Titanium makes the whole Driver and provides you with all the durability you need.

Moreover, the irons are made from stainless steel which gives you both a smooth and strong experience. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the materials that make the clubs at all.

The clubs: Without further delay, let us talk about the clubs that are going to makes your games more fun. As you already know, there are twelve clubs included in this set and we will be discussing all of them.

​The Mighty Driver

The completely Titanium driver provides you with a control and strength that only titanium is capable of providing.

With a 12-degree loft, it helps as much as it can to get your balls flying straight. Moreover, its length of 45 inches helps all your power to transform into the great distance the ball will fly to. It also features a large sweet spot so a wrong swing won’t cost you a lot.

So, we take it, you will get the trophy for the longest drive soon enough. Just work on those swings wholeheartedly.

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Callaway 1


The 3 wood is designed with a 15.5-degree loft and 42.5-inch length in order to help you drop your balls just on the green. Not anywhere around it.

It will get your balls flying over those middle of the fairway trees with its aerodynamic head-shape.

Callaway 2


Now, this features an 18-degree loft and a 41.5-inch length that won’t get your ball as far as the 3-wood will.

But, just the right amount of distance so you don’t cross the green. Moreover, it also has an aerodynamic head shape to makes your balls fly high.

Callaway 3


Irons are quite a challenge to play with, especially for beginners, aren’t they? So, this bag includes two hybrids to makes you feel more confident and in control.

The first is the 4-hybrid with a 22-degree loft and 38.5-inch length. So, you can make your golf balls fly high like with irons and go far like with woods.

Callaway 4


This is another masterpiece having properties of both the woods and the irons. You will get the perfect accuracy you need with its 26-degree loft and 37.75-inch length.

So, you can replace your difficult iron shots with the 5-hybrid anytime you feel appropriate.


This stainless steel iron of 37-inch length gives you the perfect distance you want to cover for that particular shot. And, you can stay relaxed while swinging as well.

Apparently, it has a design that does not strain you for a stronger shot.


It provides you with everything you expect from a 7 Iron. With a loft of 34 degrees and a length of 36.5-inch, you can use it any way you want.

Whether you want a high shot for the same distance or a low one to avoid bumping into trees, this iron makes it all easy.


It has the perfect loft of 38-degrees and a length of 36-inch for a men’s 8-Iron. You can expect a high shot that goes a distance lower than the 7-iron or a low shot that does the same.

This iron makes your game much more versatile than other clubs can ever make.


When you can neither take the risk of falling short with a pitching wedge nor the risk of going too far with an 8-iron, 9-iron becomes the last resort.

Of course, it does not fail you.

With a loft of 42 degree and length of 35.5-inch, it provides you the distance and angle that you need for the not-so-short games. It lets you play safe and also take risks when necessary.

Pitching Wedge

This is basically one of the clubs you just cannot do without. Extremely necessary for getting your ball from the fairway to green or from hazards to the fairway, this wedge saves you form most troubles. But, playing it wrong may get you in trouble. But, Callaway Strata offers perfection with its 46-degree lofted, 35-inch pitcher for you to excel at your short games. You can even get the ball in the hole with it if you try hard enough.

Sand Wedge

Sand bunkers are one of the most difficult things to deal with. But, the sand wedge does make the process easier with its fly-high capability. With a loft angle of 56 degrees and a length of 35-inch, it can get your ball out of the bunker and firmly pace it on the green. Apparently, its angle prevents the ball from bouncing so you can use it for short games when necessary.


This one you definitely cannot do without unless you are Tiger Woods. The angle and length are particularly important in this case as it will influence the more intense focus rolling the ball into the hole. The Callaway putter has a loft of 3.5-degree and length of 35-inch. So, it is great for both long and short putts.


  • Great brand image and reputation.
  • Includes everything a beginner will need.
  • Efficient and effective club designs.
  • Durable and quality build of the clubs.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Includes head covers for the driver, woods and hybrids.
  • Contains plenty of pockets.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Free return or repair if the clubs have defects.


  • The bag might not seem stable enough.
  • Comes only in one colour.
  • Pitching wedge shaft could use some improvements.

Callaway Strata Frequently Asked Question

1. Does the bag come with a stand?

Answer: Yes, it is a stand bag.

2. Is the length of the clubs standard or +1 or +2 inch from it?

Answer: The clubs are of absolute standard length, neither + or – an inch.

3. What are the shafts made of?

Answer: Apparently, the driver, woods and the hybrids have graphite shafts while the irons have steel shafts. However, the graphite shafts can handle faster and stronger swings despite being lighter.

No matter how hard you practice or how perfect your swing is, it will all be fruitless with a flawed club.

In fact, they have contributions in making your shots go correct as much as they have in making them go wrong. You will not only feel uncomfortable using a faulty or wrong club but your game will never improve either.

Therefore, you have to very careful while choosing a club set for yourself. It should not only fit your style and needs but also have the best quality build.

Our Callaway Strata review should have informed you about everything you need to know by now. So, check if this meets all your needs and the cons are something that won’t bother you.

If you are new to golf and are looking for more beginner friendly clubs then check out our top 10 recommended best golf clubs for beginners.

Final Words

So, that wraps up the features of the clubs of the set.

  1. The Bag Has Everything: You do not have to crumble under the bag’s weight when you are carrying it. Because it’s quite lightweight with backpack straps that balance the weight on your shoulders. It also has a convenient number of pockets with a tee holder. The build is quite durable and back in color.
  2. Head Covers: Unlike sets that do not offer protection, this one does. Apparently, it features five head covers for your driver, woods and hybrids. Also, the bag also has a rain hood.

Callaway Strata Video Review

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