10 Best Golf Alignment Sticks ([year] Hot List)

10 Best Golf Alignment Sticks (2024 “Hot List”)

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No matter how well we play, we can all do with an added edge from time to time. Alignment sticks are an excellent tool to help you improve your game in small but vital ways. But with so many brands and models on the market, which are the best golf alignment sticks?

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There are many excellent golf alignment sticks on the market, but which one should you buy?

Is it really worth it in the first place?

Let’s look at the characteristics they should have and then compare the best golf alignment sticks and golf training aids on the market.

What Are Golf Alignment Sticks?

What Are Golf Alignment Sticks
Source: PGA.com

Golf alignment sticks are a training aid. Young golfers spend hours training to perfect their swing technique, but very few beginners even think about their alignment and aim.

Alignment sticks are a popular way to help you get your alignment right while you’re training or on the driving range, thereby ensuring that your swing will send the ball where you intend it to.

That’s why you will often see young golfers on the driving range with colorful sticks on the ground in front of them. Using the alignment sticks during practice will teach your body to align while playing on the course.

How To Use Golf Alignment Sticks

There are different types of golf alignment sticks, and some kits have more sticks (and thus more features) than others. On the most basic level, you need at least two sticks to get good results.

Simply grab your sticks and follow these steps:

  1. Lay both sticks on the ground in front of you.
  2. Ensure the sticks are parallel, about 1 foot apart, and pointed in the direction you want the ball to go.
  3. Place the ball on the opposite side of the stick that’s furthest away from you, not too far or close. You must be able to reach it comfortably with your club.
  4. Position your feet so that the toes on both feet are at an equal distance from the alignment stick closest to you.
  5. Now check that your toes, knees, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the sticks on the ground.
  6. Without changing your body’s alignment, turn your head to follow the course of the sticks toward where you want to send the ball.
  7. Now take the swing as you’ve been practicing. 

Some alignment stick kits include an additional stick that you can position at a 45-degree angle. You can use this as a guide for the angle at which you should hold your club.

Are Golf Alignment Sticks Worth It?

Most professional golf trainers use and recommend golf alignment sticks. When you see a professional golfer at the driving range, there’s an excellent chance you will see alignment sticks somewhere close to them. If these people who make a career out of golf use alignment sticks, that should tell you they are worth it.

Golf alignment sticks aren’t a miracle cure for a bad swing, but they will help you to make rapid improvements in your alignment, aim, and swing. And the best news for golfers on a budget, they are pretty inexpensive.

Alignment Stick Drills

Alignment Stick Drills
Source: woodalign.com

The steps mentioned above offer a general guideline, but you can use alignment sticks in various ways to improve your game. Here are a few drills that you can practice.

  1. For intermediate practice, place the two alignment sticks on the ground in a straight line, end-to-end, pointing in the direction you want to send the ball. Now move the two sticks about a foot apart but still keep them in a straight line. Place your ball between the two sticks. Hold your posture parallel with the sticks and aim your club to follow the line as you swing.
  1. For a more advanced drill, place the two sticks on the ground as mentioned in the “how-to” section above, but put your ball about two or three feet behind the sticks, still on the middle line between them. Check your posture and aim to play the ball as close as possible through the middle of the two sticks.
  1. This drill is excellent if you have a kit that allows you to set a stick at an upright angle. Place one stick flat on the ground aimed in the direction you want to send the ball. Set the second stick at the angle, then comfortably get your club in the proper position at the same angle as the stick. This will help with your posture. Now play the ball following the alignment stick on the ground.
  1. The next drill will help keep your body still as you swing. Place one of the alignment sticks at an angle and put the golf ball under it, but somewhere you can play it from. Stand so you can see the stick passing over the middle of the ball. As you swing, pay attention to the orientation of the stick over the ball, and you should immediately see if you moved.
  1. This drill will help you with your pivot and stop you from pushing your hips out as you swing. Place an alignment stick upright at a slight angle, then keep your ankle as close as possible to the stick. As you swing, try to keep your hips in place. If you can feel the stick against your waist, you are moving your hips and not pivoting correctly.

The Best Golf Alignment Sticks in 2024

Now it’s time to go into the best golf alignment stick kits you can get. These are chosen based on a combination of features, price, value for money, and customer satisfaction.

1. Tour Aim Golf

Tour Aim Golf

Tour Aim is a product that helps you to place alignment sticks with the perfect aim. If you use Tour Aim, you don’t have to struggle with the manual layout of your alignment sticks – all the correct positions are already in place, so you can place the sticks and adjust your aim in seconds.

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The Tour Aim works for right-handed and left-handed players. You have various positions to insert your alignment sticks for different practices and drills, and it also helps you to set up a stick at an upright angle to improve your club position.

You can set the Tour Aim for front or back swing and even practice putting and chipping. It’s compatible with any surface, so you can practice on grass, turf, or mats.

The best part?

Tour Aim golf alignment sticks are insanely affordable (as golf gear goes).

You can buy the Tour Aim on its own to use with other alignment sticks or in a kit with sticks and an alignment stick cover.

Many professionals and trainers use and recommend Tour Aim, and it deserves its spot as the number one golf alignment stick kit.

2. GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks

[amazon box = “B082N7L7QN” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B082N7L7QN” title=”GoSports Golf Alignment Training” /] sticks are excellent value for money. The sticks are 48 inches long, meaning you can perfect your aim and alignment without struggling with shorter sticks. But the sticks are also foldable, so they are easy to carry with you when you go to the driving range. 

They come in a pack of three, which is plenty for any alignment stick drills. They also have pointed ends, so you can easily set them to an upright angle if you need to. 

The GoSports kit doesn’t come with a high-quality alignment stick cover, but the container has a cap you can reuse to keep them safe while carrying them around. But the container does not fit in your golf bag easily, so getting a carry bag for more compact storage might be a good idea.

The sticks look flimsy when you take them out of the bag, but they are actually really sturdy. However, it has happened that people accidentally knocked their ends off by hitting them with a club, even though they generally still work perfectly after such an incident.

A last crucial point to remember is that, because you assemble them, they might not be as perfectly straight as some of the other options on this list, mainly due to their length. However, they are still perfect for most uses, and some joint adjustments will usually sort out any slight bend they might have.

3. Asyxstar Golf Alignment Sticks

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The [amazon link=”B08T82DT2H” title=”Asyxstar” /] alignment sticks may not come from a well-known brand, but the product is excellent. Like the GoSports kit, Asyxstar alignment sticks are 48 inches long and can be folded up to fit in your golf bag and re-assembled when you start training. 

Only two sticks are included in the package, but that should be enough for most players to practice and warm up before a game. The length of the sticks helps immeasurably with aiming precision. They also have pointed ends, so putting one upright for club alignment is definitely a practical option.

An advantage of the Asyxstar over the GoSports kit is that it comes in a much better container. The transparent tube case looks much more sturdy than GoSports, and it’s a bit smaller, though it will still struggle to fit into some golf bags. You may still prefer to buy a separate alignment stick cover.

Unfortunately, the joints aren’t as strong as they could be, though they are far from weak. If the sticks take too much of a beating, or if players don’t handle them carefully when assembling and disassembling them, they can easily break at the joints.

4. Kamitty Golf Alignment Sticks

[amazon box = “B09YTZ2G9S” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

[amazon link=”B09YTZ2G9S” title=”Kammity’s” /] golf alignment sticks come in packs of two 48-inch sticks, with a lot going for them. 

First, Kamitty sticks are made of aluminum instead of fiberglass or plastic like many others, which means they are more robust and sturdier, so they won’t bend or break as easily. They are also extendible, so you can use them in their shorter configuration or make longer alignment sticks by extending them.

Unlike others, they use screw-in joints that aren’t as easy to break as the elbow joints other sticks use. 

Their ends are sharpened so you can easily place them at upright angles if that’s what you need, but the sharpened ends come with protective rubber caps so they won’t damage your golf bag or cause injury.

Unfortunately, they don’t come with an alignment stick cover, bag, or container, so that is something you might want to purchase separately.

A common problem with the Kammity sticks is that they come unscrewed easily, even while carrying them around in your golf bag. So, it’s always a good idea to check the joints and the sharpened end to ensure that everything is as tight as possible before using it.

5. MoKo Golf Alignment Stick

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MoKo is a brand that’s rising in popularity at quite a rapid pace, proving itself as a manufacturer of excellent but low-cost sporting equipment.

The [amazon link=”B09B72CD2R” title=”MoKo golf alignment sticks” /] are no exception.

The sticks are also made of aluminum, so they are incredibly sturdy and difficult to break or bend even though they are thinner than others.

They are available in various colors, so you can ensure that yours will stand out clearly no matter what surface you’re practicing on. You also get two 48-inch collapsible sticks in one package.

The sticks come in a sturdy transparent plastic tube case, so you don’t have to buy an alignment stick cover unless you want something flatter to fit inside your golf bag more easily. 

As strong as the MoKos are, it has two points of weakness in the form of the joints. They don’t use screw-in joints like the Kammity sticks, sporting the same tent peg-like elbow design as fiberglass and plastic models. An accidental hit to one of these joints may cause irreparable damage to your golf alignment stick.

6. Longridge Tour Rodz

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Longridge’s[amazon link=”B007H3WSSK” title=”Tour Rodz” /] are some of the most popular golf alignment sticks in various online stores. Longridge is a well-known brand, after all, which adds a lot of credibility and trust to Tour Rodz. 

The sticks come in transparent plastic tubes containing two extendible 48-inch rods. There are also two connectors that allow you to connect multiple rods in different patterns to allow for more training options.

As a bonus, Longridge includes a booklet with alignment drills that you can perform with these sticks in particular. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, for the most part. The sticks are high quality, strong, and durable.

Unfortunately, it seems that there might be some packaging problems at Longridge’s factories since a few users have complained they did not receive all of the components in their package. However, Longridge is generally quick to fix the problem.

7. The Pitch Assist Magnetic Club Alignment Stick

[amazon box = “B07BGWSDRP” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

[amazon link=”B07BGWSDRP” title=”Pitch Assist’s” /] magnetic club alignment stick is another one that’s quite different from the other golf alignment sticks on this list. Its primary purpose is to assist with your chipping and putting.

The magnetic end attaches to any of your iron clubs so you can accurately see where you will be sending the ball. It is a sturdy device that can help any player, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. 

Even though it is slightly more expensive than others, many golfers prefer this type of alignment stick since it gives you a clearer view of the direction. Unfortunately, it does not help with your posture since you have no guide to align your body. But you can play the ball with the magnet stick attached to the club, which helps significantly.

However, keep in mind that the manufacturers specify it’s mainly for chipping and putting. Though you might be able to use it for driving (if you have a compatible driver), the magnet isn’t guaranteed to hold for such intense swings, and it could cause damage to the alignment stick or for the stick to fall off the club and get lost.

8. Longridge Pro Golf Alignment Sticks

[amazon box = “B082DX1VBR” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

We already covered a Longridge option in this list, but this is the Pro edition, and its offering is slightly different (and better).

The [amazon link=”B082DX1VBR” title=”Longridge Pro” /] package includes three aluminum alignment sticks. Two of them are 44 inches long, while the third is half the length at 22 inches. They come in a more durable PVC tube, which is sturdy enough to use as a long-term alignment stick cover.

Like the Tour Rodz, these come with two connectors that you can use to connect the three sticks in various configurations depending on your needs and requirements. The connectors are also the only way to connect or extend the Pro sticks, so they don’t have the inherent weak spots that others have in the form of joints.

The kit also includes a booklet with several clearly explained and easy-to-follow drills, allowing you to use the alignment sticks optimally. 

The Longridge Pro golf alignment sticks may not seem all that different from the Tour Rodz at first glance, but once you start using them, you can clearly see that the Pro edition is a much sturdier and more reliable product. It’s designed to withstand more hard use and last far longer. 

9. Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks With Cover

[amazon box = “B0922CFMVG” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B0922CFMVG” title=”Billisa” /] golf alignment kit is another one that’s a bit different from the rest. It comes with two 48-inch golf alignment sticks like most others, but it also has a helpful swing plate that comes with it.

The system was developed by a group of PGA professional golf players and has proven to be an invaluable swing and alignment training tool.

The swing plate allows you to set up your system to practice on any surface, with easy positioning gaps to place the sticks in any position you require for the particular shot you want to train. You can set it up in an out-of-the-way position so that it doesn’t feel quite intrusive like some other alignment sticks.

The plate does make this kit a bit bulky, so it is less comfortable to transport, but it comes with a handy alignment stick cover to carry it around. It is also more difficult to adjust since you have to loosen screws to change the angles.

The Billisa’s build quality is excellent, though. The plate and sticks can withstand quite a lot of brutal handling before they break, so it’s great for groups of teenage golfers, but it’s equally great for seasoned players to warm up and fine-tune their technique.

10. The Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks

[amazon box = “B00SSYCXIC” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

[amazon link=”B00SSYCXIC” title=”The Elixir’s” /] offering is similar to some of the others featured here, with some slight differences. The kit comes with two 36-inch alignment sticks that are quite a bit shorter than most, which isn’t as ideal for aiming, but they fit in a golf bag much more comfortably. 

There are also two 90-degree connectors to set the sticks at angles to get your aim just right, and everything fits comfortably in a transparent tube case. The sticks are made of solid fiberglass that won’t break easily, and their shorter length also helps make them a bit more robust than most.

Unfortunately, the carrier tube isn’t of excellent quality, so you might want to replace that with a proper alignment stick cover at some point. The sticks are also a bit thinner than the gaps in the connectors, so it’s not a simple matter of picking it up as one unit if you want to move it. These are not deal-breakers, though, since the sticks do what they are supposed to.

The Elixir is an excellent option for golfers looking for something small and lightweight to give them a slight edge.

Conclusion: Top-Rated Golf Alignment Sticks for 2024

Conclusion Best Golf Alignment Sticks
Source: golfblueheron.com

Golf alignment sticks will assist you in improving your game in small but noticeable ways, giving you that slight edge over the competition.

The best options come with some bonuses, like guide holes and positioning supports, but in the end, it’s for you to decide which golf alignment sticks will be the best fit for your needs (and budget).