10 Best Golf Putting Mats ([year] Buying Guide)

10 Best Golf Putting Mats (2024 Buying Guide)

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A quality putting mat allows you to practice your game even when you can’t get onto your local course. Of course, there is a vast difference between casually tapping a golf ball across your living room carpet and having an authentic putting green experience. Fortunately, if you have a professional quality putting mat, it is possible to fine-tune your shots even if you are stuck in the office. 

The best putting mat for the office is Perfect Practice Indoor Golf Green. The golf putting green mat that is the most realistic and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications is Chriiena Professional Training Mat. Beginner golfers may enjoy a game of Putterball to get them hooked on golf.

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While you probably won’t be able to practice your drives indoors, putting mats are a valuable golf training aid. They are generally easy to set up and a fun way to include your colleagues, friends, or family in the sport without dragging everyone along to the golf course.

Putting mats and best golf training aids come with various specs, so we have put together this handy list so you can quickly find one best suited for your situation.

Like many things in life, golf-putting mats are not created equal. At one point, having a short putting mat in an office was a bit of a status symbol. It was more of an entertainment item than a serious piece of practice equipment. 

Things have changed, and golfers have realized that the precision shots at the end of each round may very well make or break their score. Being able to practice a smooth, confident putting technique can be done comfortably from any location where there is a bit of space and an opportunity.

When shopping for a putting mat that will enhance your game, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: 

  • Consider the room size where you will be using your putting mat. Length should be chosen accordingly. Some models have different-length mats available. 
  • Think about the greens at the course where you most often play. What are some challenges that you need more practice to overcome? Some putting mats have built-in hills or weighted balls to make things more realistic. 
  • If you are left-handed, check that the mat is suitable for your style.
  • Mats with holes are excellent confidence-building aids
  • Some mats have built-in alignment aids that you may find useful
  • Some models have built-in green speed selection
  • Durability 
  • Easy storage
  • Cost

With all of the above in mind, let’s go through our top pics in various categories to choose the best putting mat that will give your game the edge. 

1. Most Realistic Feel Putting Mat: Chriiena Professional Training Mat

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It is rare to find a product with a close-to-perfect review rating, and if you need a golf mat that makes you feel as close as possible to the actual greens while indoors or on your patio, this one ticks all the boxes. 

The realistic-looking artificial putting green is a little pricier than some other options, but if you have the space, it is an attractive, durable exercise mat. In addition to the moveable holes, it comes with a moveable slope fitting that allows you to practice more challenging shots. 

Product Specs: 

  • 5 x 10 ft
  • Realistic artificial grass surface
  • Rubber
  • Three optional built-in coverable holes and as well as a moveable golf cup
Consistently excellent reviewsExpensive
Stimp meter reading of around 10 is very close to a real putting greenIt may be too casual for some settings
It is weather-resistant, so perfect for outdoor areas or patiosQuite large for smaller spaces
Easy to roll up and store 
Easy to clean – vacuum or wash
Removable cups
Moveable slope fitting
Attractive, natural look and feel

This putting mat may not be ideal for tight office spaces and may look too casual and realistic for a corporate setting. However, it is our number 1 pick if you need a bright, cheerful, authentic-looking golf putting mat that is almost impossible to ignore – you will want to practice every time you walk past. 

2. Best Office Putting Mat: Perfect Practice Indoor Golf Green

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If you are a workaholic who spends most of your time in the office and doesn’t get enough time on the golf course, the Perfect Practice putting mat may be what you need. Its long narrow shape and convenient guides let you practice making consistently well-aimed shots. 

The Perfect green putting mat is endorsed by former PGA tour pro, Dustin Johnson, so you can use it confidently as a training aid. Improve your game from the office or home living room, one putt at a time. 

Product Specs: 

  • Available in 3 sizes. Lengths available are 8ft, 9.6ft, and 15.6ft. 
  • Non-slip rubber base, so the mat remains stable on any surface
  • 2-hole sizes to improve precision for long and short shots
  • Automatic ball return
Endorsed by a professional golferIt may take time to get the long mat completely smooth.
Conveniently marked, so golfers can practice doing drills from various distances.Less portable than some other mats. This product performs better if set up correctly in a space rather than moved around.
Perfect for executive office settings where a more formal look is required. 
The narrow design can fit neatly against a wall without using up much space.
The automatic ball return is a convenient feature. 

The Perfect Practice is a valuable piece of putting practice equipment for golfers who are serious about improving their game. Short and distance strokes can be fine-tuned before hitting your local golf course on the weekends.

3. Best To Reduce Stroke Pressure: Champkey Hazard Golf Putting Mat

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Many golfers struggle with being a little too heavy-handed on the greens. A magnificent round can be completely destroyed by over-putting at the end. 

This Champkey putting mat has little ‘hazards’ built in behind the hole. Hit it too softly, and the ball won’t make it up the slight incline, but wack it with too much pressure, and it will land in the bunker or sand hazard – but don’t worry, the ball will automatically come back to you, so you can try again. 

This putting mat is an excellent tool for improving striking force and accuracy in a fun way. The set comes with three movable putting gates, so you can create drills and easily recognize problem areas that need to be improved on. 

Product Specs: 

  • 9.5 feet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inclined ramp with automatic ball return
  • Indoor use
Best putting mat for heavy-handed puttersIt may not look as high-tech as some others
Markers help to refine putting accuracyIndoor use only
Optional putting gates for drillsIt may be difficult to store as it doesn’t roll up completely – there are plastic fittings.
Automatic ball return
It makes practice fun and entertaining. 

All in all, the Champkey Hazard Golf Putting mat is an inexpensive putting mat that is perfect for golfers who want an indoor option that won’t break the bank. It’s also an effective way to master greater control when striking the ball, and it is a fun way to learn that when putting, less is often more. 

4. Best High-Tech Putting Mat: WellPutt High-Speed Training Mat

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There are plenty of basic roll-out putting mats available, and then there are some next-generation putting practice tools that can redefine your game. WellPut has a range of simple-looking putting mats linked to high-tech digital aids. 

The roll-out mats are durable and tough enough for your kids to run over them indoors or outdoors, but hook your drills up to the WellPro putting app on your phone and improve everything from speed control to alignment. 

Product Specs: 

  • Three lengths available: 10, 13, or 26 feet
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Replicates a medium to fast green
  • You need to download the WellPutt app to get the full benefit of this putting mat.
Developed and endorsed by a professional golf coachIt looks intimidating for novice golfers. 
Made of premium materialsYou need the associated apps to access the WellPutt exercises
54 Training apps available There isn’t a cup – some players enjoy the feeling of sinking a putt
Easy to transport, set up, and cleanMore expensive than some other putting mats
Two rolling speeds – depending on which direction you are playing

The WellPut High Speed putting mat is like having a professional coach by your side. It may require a little more concentration to get through the exercises than simple-style putting mats, but it’s a great tool for golfers keen to challenge themselves and improve their game. 

5. Best Affordable Putting Mat: SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

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The SKLZ is the epitome of simplicity and effectiveness. The design is almost elegant in its simplicity. The eight-and-a-half-foot-long green foam mat has no bells or whistles yet allows golfers of all levels to practice and perfect their putting strokes. 

The simple irregular cutout design gives the unmistakable look and feel of a putting green, but without the distractions of markings or intimidating measured lines. The premium quality surface simulates real putting conditions, and it is simple to set out on any indoor floor. 

Product Specs: 

  • 8.5 feet long by 3 feet wide
  • Foldable foam putting mat
  • Indoor use only
  • Premium true-roll surface
InexpensiveExperienced golfers may not find this mat challenging enough
Lightweight and portableIndoor use only
Slight incline at the cup end
Bunkers behind the cups catch missed putts.
Can roll up for storage
Great for practicing stroke consistency

The SKLZ indoor foam putting mat may not be for everyone, but it is a great, uncomplicated way to focus on stroke consistency and follow through without spending a fortune. This product has received great reviews and is a popular choice for regular players or even grandparents trying to encourage youngsters to get into the game.

6. Most Versatile Putting Mat: PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

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This simple putting mat rolls up completely and fits into a compact carry case. It’s a great addition on trips as it won’t use up packing space, yet setting up is as simple as unrolling it on the floor. 

Reviewers are enjoying this putting mat as it consistently provides a bump-free surface which is often a problem with products that get rolled up frequently. The metered zones also allow for easy practice, and the stimp meter measurement is consistent for a medium to fast green. 

The PuttOut Pro is a bit of a mixture of everything. It fits snuggly against the floor and has handy space markers to practice putting drills, but without any of the cute cup cutouts or buffer sides. 

The mat is marked with alignment guides and target points, so players can work out some drills to benefit their game. 

Product Specs: 

  • Length is 7 feet, 11 inches x 1 ft 8 inches wide
  • Available in green-grey, green-yellow, blue-red
  • Easy to roll out flat
  • There is no putting cup included – players putt toward a marked zone. Any flat-putting cup could be added for anyone who likes to tap their last ball into a cup. 
Extra smooth, premium rubber surface to provide a smooth putting surfaceIndoor use only
No need for any special equipment – just a putter and some ballsSome players may like to add a flat putting cup which does not come with the mat
Easy to roll up, store, or transportNo ball catch or return feature
Simulates a medium to fast green speed with a stimp meter reading of around 10Errand balls could roll all over the room while you are gaining experience.

PuttOut Putting mats come with an assortment of tried and tested putting drills to keep players engaged. Each exercise has a mini-objective, so improving your putting skills can become an entertaining activity that will help you to fine-tune your putt rather than a series of boring, repeated drill activities. 

7. Best Putting Mat For Families: BOBURN Golf Putting Mat

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The great thing about the BOBURN Golf putting mat is that it provides a pleasant feeling of authenticity to your putting mat experience. A border of longer grass surrounds the quality green surface of the putting surface – so kids of all ages will be excited to try out this realistic-looking game. 

For golfers who want to practice their putting stroke, the large, high-quality surface provides a stimp meter reading of 10 – so it is a realistic playing surface. What we love about the cups is that they provide the distinctive steel clatter sound when a shot is successfully sunk. It gives a rewarding feeling that builds confidence and adds to the thrill of the sport. 

Product Specs: 

  • Works well indoors and outdoors
  • Heavy-duty surface – will be able to tolerate some rough players
  • Large playing area: 10 feet by 4 feet
Attractive, easy to roll out putting matNo measured guidelines to repeat specific drills
Three holes in the golf mat produce the distinctive sound when the ball lands in them. This can be highly confidence-boosting.It may be too large for some indoor settings
It rolls up and is easy to carry and storeIt may be too outdoorsy and informal in appearance for some corporate settings.
Four free stainless steel flag holders
The longer grass edging prevents errand balls from disappearing.

8. Best Slope Control Putting Mat: Champkey Professional

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Golf greens only appear completely smooth on television. Players out experiencing the course are often surprised to find an undulating surface that could lead your well-practiced straight putt dribbling in the opposite direction from what is intended. 

For players that need to practice greater control on sloping greens, the Champkey Professional may be just what you need. This nifty putting mat includes a wedge slap that can be inserted below the surface to emulate the unexpected undulations of your local golf course. 

The bumpers on either side of the mat keep balls from overshooting the surface and keep everything conveniently together. The mat offers four adjustable speed surfaces – from the slowest 8 through to the PGA tour speed of 11. 

Product Specs:

  • Rubber, antislip backing, so it can be used on any surface
  • Indoor only
  • Great for home and office
  • 10 feet long
  • It comes with a carry bag
Alignment and distance control gets a boostIt may be too bitty for uncomplicated players
4 Different green speeds10 ft length may be too long for some players
Premium velvet mat finish
Great for putting drills
Includes a putting cup

The moveable wedge tool makes the Champkey Professional an excellent choice for anyone who struggles with sloping greens. Find your mojo at home on your mini putting mat and take your new skills live with you to your next game at the local course. 

9. Most User-Friendly Putting Mat: Helixus Training Aid

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For a quick roll-out and play putting tool that you can take anywhere, it is hard to beat the Helixus golf putting mat. It is a proudly made-in-the-USA product and features durable, high-quality foam construction. 

This putting mat is easy to lay out flat, and the horizontal put alignment, vertical alignment, and distance markers are helpful indicators for golfers to practice their putts using definable aids. Slight changes in striking distance and follow-through can be made to achieve a more consistent stroke. 

Product Specs: 

  • 10 feet x 10 inches
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • It comes with a foam backstop
  • A non-slip silicone cup can be placed anywhere on the mat
  • Alignment guides printed on the mat
Made in the USAThis putting mat may be too big for some spaces
Suitable for home, office, or patioNo automatic ball return
Professionally designed training aidIt has no raised sections to practice sloped play
Easy to set up
Includes a standard-size, movable putting cup
Light and portable – includes a carry bag.
It comes with three practice balls.
Affordably priced and a useful putting practice tool

10. Best Fun Putting Mat For Novice Golfers – Putterball Game

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This is the perfect putting mat for anyone who shares a space with other people. Everyone will love this game, even if the golf bug hasn’t yet bitten them. 

Putterball mat is actually a beer-pong-inspired game on its own, but it is a terrific way for golfers to practice their putting skills while still being sociable. It can be used inside or outside. The 6 cups on either end can be open, or just leave one open for more accurate putting drills. It’s a fun way to practice and show off your putting skills.

Product Specs: 

  • Easy to unfold
  • Light, durable light density foam
  • Six cups on each side which can be covered for more precise practice shots.
  • It comes with two mini putters and two golf balls.
It makes putting a fun activity that can be sharedDoesn’t give a serious golf vibe.
Lightweight and easy to set up anywhereIt’s more expensive than many other putting mats
Holes can be covered, so for better practice, only keep one openIt doesn’t come with a carry case – that needs to be purchased separately
Mat is the same on both ends, so you can play multiple balls in one direction and switch and play them the other way.
An entertaining way to share your love of the game
It comes as a ready-to-play game and includes two balls and two mini-clubs. 

Although PutterBall looks like a social backyard activity, it can be a useful putting practice tool. Regular golfers will benefit more from this mat by using their own putter to have a more authentic golfing experience when practicing. 

Conclusion: Best Putting Mat 2024 Has to Offer

Conclusion Best Putting Mat

There are a huge variety of golf putting mats available. Each type has specific features that make it more or less appealing for particular situations.

Players should consider aspects of their putting that they need to practice and match their challenges with a product that will fit their lifestyle and space.