8 Best Golf Simulators (Home, Outdoor & Commercial)

8 Best Golf Simulators (Home, Outdoor & Commercial)

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Simulators have taken the golf world by storm, and just when you think technology cannot improve, another simulator blows the previous one out of the water. Using simulators to improve golfers’ performance is nothing new, but some have only recently become affordable for average players.

Golf simulators were thought to only be a way to play golf indoors, but they have become one of the best ways to learn and improve your golf game. If you are looking at simulators and need more information, this article will help you with some of the best golf simulators:

  • Commercial Golf Simulator: Trugolf Vista 10
  • Home Golf Simulator: SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor
  • Golf Simulator Used Indoors: OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator
  • Golf Simulator Used Outdoors: Bushnell Golf Launch Pro
  • Golf Simulator On A Budget: Phigolf Home Golf Simulator
  • Rainy Season Golf Simulator: Garmin Approach R10
  • Portable/Data Capturing Golf Simulator: Foresight Sports GC3
  • Overall Golf Simulator: TrackMan Golf Simulator

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Best Commercial Golf Simulator: Trugolf Vista 10

Best Commercial Golf Simulator
Source: shopindoorgolf

The greatest simulator for businesses and commercial golf is the Trugolf Vista 10, which offers a genuine experience. Trugolf simulators are used for club fitting and bag mapping by PGA professionals, instructors, and golf shops all around the country.

For a more spectacular golfing experience, upgrade to the Vista 10 Pro edition and get everything in the Vista 10, as well as an improved computer, audio speaker, side nets, and walls.


  • Almost all the models include E6 Connect software, regarded as the best in the market, with an extensive golf course library, multiplayer capabilities, and peer-to-peer gaming.
  • E6 Connect offers almost a hundred courses. Part of its package is an extensive range to practice on, numerous options for players, and competing options. 
  • Powerful graphics and realism are its strengths, and it provides a 3D experience that makes it feel like you are playing on the golf course. 
  • A great feature of all the models is their analyzing ability which provides an accurate report after every shot so that you can compare the data of your club head and simultaneously the ball direction and flight path. Very view golf simulators available include this feature standard on all their models.
  • The tech behind the Trugolf, included on all models, is known as TruTrac2, which combines reliable and simple-to-understand infrared to calculate all the data. TruTrac2 technology also includes surprisingly handy microphones. 
  • It does not only benefit right-handed golfers but left-handed players too, who can enjoy its simplicity. 
  • Maintaining the Vista 10 Pro has never been easier because you can replace the golf pad when it wears out.


  • The only downside to the Vista 10 Is that it must be used indoors and can be used for club fitting, but it is not ideal.

You may play golf indoors in its entirety and with a realistic, accurate simulation with Trugolf Vista 10. It will undoubtedly give you the complete range and benefits of a real game if you can afford to have it at home, but it works best for business use.

Best Home Golf Simulator: SkyTrak

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To calculate the ball speed, launch, backspin, sidespin, and side angle, [amazon link=”B01KZNMS2Y” title=”SkyTrak” /] takes a sequence of photos soon after impact and tracks the ball throughout its entire flight.

Complex algorithms and golf swing aids provide accurate predictions for variables including peak height, carry and overall distance, landing position, and even clubhead speed.

SkyTrak includes a built-in spirit level on top, so you can ensure it is level once it is in place and properly aligned. It will then project a laser to the target on the floor from which you need to hit. If you want to test yourself, change the mode to full numbers and make the fairway smaller.


  • The SkyTrak is one of the easiest launch monitors to set up. 
  • It has built-in Wi-Fi that pairs it with your mobile device or computer.
  • On iOS, you can play World Golf Tournaments through SkyTrak without setting one foot outside.
  • If you run SkyTrak, you can play countless golf courses on your computer through TruGolf E6.
  • The SkyTrak graphics are mind-blowingly realistic and make you feel on the tee playing every shot. 
  • The SkyTrak is lightweight and portable, so it can easily fit into your bag and your iPad when you go and practice. 
  • It sends out regular software updates.
  • The data is simple to read, and you can delete shots during your session and compare different clubs to see if your performance is at its best.
  • SkyTrak is accurate within one to two yards.


  • To access all the facets of SkyTraks’ launch monitor, you must pay a subscription fee with additional yearly costs. 
  • Sometimes, it isn’t easy to see the laser point on fluffy mats, but it can be fixed with a quick wobble of the SkyTrak. 
  • Sometimes the SkyTrak must be positioned outside the mat, but SkyTrak has a Metal Case with height-adjustable legs.
  • SkyTrak struggles to detect shots in bright sunlight and off the grass. 
  • Because divots accumulate on grass, it is better to hit off a mat under cover or indoors.

SkyTrak has a big name in the simulation industry, and that is because its product delivers and aspires to confidence.

A combination of great software, graphics, and usability sets SkyTrak above most competitors, and golfers currently using it swears by it and how it improved their game.

Best Indoor Golf Simulator: OptiShot 2

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The [amazon link=”B00RCTYJZY” title=”OptiShot 2″ /] is a bargain, but it needs a big enough room. The simulator sensors detect movement in a horizontal plane and transmit to display software that connects to a TV, Windows laptop, or catch screen.

OptiShot 2 keeps track of your distance, club speed, swing path, and ball flight, and the data with irons read within 5-7 yards.

You can access extra golf courses and participate in two monthly tournaments for a small annual charge.

OptiShot 2 also offers a Pro Tour package that allows you to access several additional courses and three to four monthly tournaments. It features 62 of the world’s best courses, including several from Scotland, South Africa, Thailand, and Taiwan.


  • The OptiShot 2 is very easy to set up and to get started. 
  • It uses foam balls indoors if you do not have a catch screen but works with real golf balls if you want to experience proper impact. 
  • The multiplayer mode is great for those who want to enjoy a game with a friend or family member.
  • Fifteen virtual courses are available on the OptiShot 2 that include practice ranges.
  • The simulator lets you test your golf swing and record your game at home for you to playback.
  • The OptiShot 2 is affordable and regularly available at discounted prices.
  • It has a one-year warranty so you can buy it with confidence. 
  • SkyTrak allows you to choose a golf course and play with other golf enthusiasts worldwide. 
  • It has six wind speed variations that include changing the wind direction.
  • Five adjustments to control the speed of the greens.
  •  The SkyTrak simulator has four difficulty levels that you can change for the fairway, rough, and bunkers to suit and improve your skill. 
  • When you set the SkyTrak on its practice setting, you can select to play any golf course, choose a specific hole, and place your ball any ware.


  • Putting is not very accurate, but poor putting is not isolated to just the OptiShot 2, and most simulators struggle to give an accurate and real feel-putting experience.
  • It needs a big space and a high ceiling, especially for your woods and driver. 
  • Graphics on the OptiShot 2 aren’t as good as some more expensive simulators.
  • You will need a decent computer to run on. 
  • Optishot 2 does not measure ball spin or launch angle.

If you’re on a tight budget, Optishot 2 is fantastic and will help you play better and give you the convenience of playing at home if the weather is bad. Although it falls short in several areas compared to more expensive golf simulators, it delivers reasonably accurate feedback. It is excellent and complements any golfer who wishes to own a simulator.

Best Outdoor Golf Simulator: Bushnell Launch Pro

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[amazon link=”B0BFJR2VWW” title=”Bushnells’ launch pro” /] is a simulator that brings new excitement to golf enthusiasts and promises to make using a simulator outdoors something to remember.

A once-off fee will grant you access to Bushnell’s FSX simulator software for more practice options and ten extra courses. The FSX software can store all the information for eight players.

From the moment you connect the Launch Pro, this simulator means business. The Launch Pro is a professional launch monitor with a device, power adapter, alignment stick, and a small quick-start instruction book.

The Bushnell functions as an on-the-go launch monitor; detach it quickly and take it to a golf course or driving range. The Bushnell is strongly manufactured, so it can easily travel to the golf course.

Here are the pros and cons if you consider adding this excellent simulator to your golf game:


  • The Launch Pro has a built-in screen situated perfectly to be useful.
  • A major benefit of Launch Pro is how it captures your data.
  • The Launch Pro uses doppler radar and 3 precision cameras to trackball and club data.
  • The Launch Pro is placed just a couple of feet to the side of where you strike the golf ball, and this helps when you want to look down to see your stats in front of you.
  • It looks, feels, and is high-end and a professional launch monitor.
  • The Launch Pro sets up quickly, and you only turn it on, give it 30 seconds, and you are ready to go.
  • It works well on the range, and its distance measurement is near perfect compared to a rangefinder.


  • You must have your iPad and Launch Pro on the same Wi-Fi network for it to register the gold package.
  • Launch Pro only works on a network with a password.
  • The Launch Pro does not have Bluetooth built-in, which would have been a great option for such an expensive device. 
  • Launch Pro does not come with any simulator options that are mobile-compatible, and it uses the Foresight platform.  
  • You must hook your Launch Pro to a gaming PC to access simulator features. 

The functionality of the Launch Pro depends on the package you purchase, and some of its features are designed with professionals in mind rather than weekend golfers. You can only access half of the Launch Pro features if you don’t have a dedicated area and a PC with gaming specifications.

Best Budget Golf Simulator: Phigolf

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[amazon link=”B07RK9RZLW” title=”Phigolf” /] can integrate into your smartphone or tablet to play through a virtual, on-screen course. It gives you a realistic feel when you swing and a sensor that differentiates your different clubs.

Phigolf is more of a game simulator, but it’s an excellent method to check your knowledge and get going.

It is a low-cost simulator and has limitations…here are pros and cons to help if you consider buying the Phigolf simulator:


  • The Phigolfs’ swing stick allows you to swing naturally at maximum speed without fearing hitting the walls or ceiling, even in smaller rooms.
  • It is safe if you wish to take it outside if you want that feeling that you are on the golf course.
  • The Phigolf simulator offers you all the swing data you need by analyzing your shot during the practice round. 
  • Phigolf includes sixty-plus courses that you can use on your laptop, and it works on your Android too.
  • It is a great training aid and entertainment system.
  • Setup and getting it going are simple. 


  • Response time is slow but not unmanageable.
  • The accuracy is not spot on but consistent, so you can still gain info from helpful stats.
  • Customer service has been average and has some delays.

The company makes regular app updates, and a Facebook group with active participants is also available. The Phigolf simulator is an excellent place to start if you want to get familiar with the game, even though many people merely view it as a game.

Best Golf Simulator For The Rainy Season: Garmin Approach R10

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With the release of the [amazon link=”B095QX1FSR” title=”launch monitor Approach R10″ /], Garmin jumped into the simulator market. Since it is completely waterproof, it is a great option for golf locations where the rainy season is an issue. Some people think the Approach R10 launch monitor is expensive, but weighing its benefits and drawbacks can help you decide whether it is pricey.

Although the Garmin R10 is not one of the cheapest compared to other simulators when comparing the same experience and specifications, it is reasonably priced and affordable. Here are the Approach R10s’ pros and cons that will shed some light on its quality and performance:


  • The Approach R10 scans all the crucial swing characteristics required to improve your game. 
  • You may activate the subscription service on the free Garmin Golf app to play simulated rounds on more than 42,000 courses worldwide and use it on the golf course.
  • The Garmin R10 launch monitor provides 14 different data and produces ball and club data so that you can follow the impact data.
  • With the Garmin R10, you can virtually play thousands of courses while on the range or E6 compatible courses at home, including virtual tournaments online. 
  • The Garmin R10 allows players to compare data with a video of their swing. 
  • After completing your sessions, you can save the data and refer to the videos whenever possible.
  • The impressive Garmin R10 golf launch monitor has 10 hours of battery life.


  • Compared to other simulators, The R10 is fairly accurate, but it can misread your shot direction from time to time.
  • If you want a simulator to help with your spin, the R10 struggles with accurate backspin data.
  • When the R10 is set up outside, it performs well, but you may find its performance lacking when used inside.

The driving range is where most golfers practice, so there is no point in wasting time setting up, connecting, and using a tool that is supposed to help us get better more quickly. The Garmin R10 is undoubtedly simple to set up and use, making it ideal for wet circumstances. You may use all its advantages as soon as you connect the stand to the Doppler radar and the unit to the app.

Best Portable Data Capturing Golf Simulator: Foresight Sports GC3 Golf Launch Monitor

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According to several scientific golf professionals, the [amazon link=”B09X97TL25″ title=”Foresight Sports GC3″ /] Golf Launch Monitor is worthy of being included as a portable device.

Ball speed, angles, spin, distance, smash factor, attack angle, club head speed, and swing path are just a few of the crucial swing statistics that the GC3 captures to help you track and develop your game.

For the golfer who wants to experience the science aspect of golf simulation, the GC3 is for you, and here are some pros and cons to highlight this unbelievable product:


  • The Foresight Sports GC3 offers unmatched precision and performance both indoors and out.
  • The GC3 is the upgrade of the GC2, one of the best golf launch monitors of its time.
  •  It provides an accurate and true-to-life simulation experience.
  • It uses the same advanced photometric technology as the GCQuad.
  • It has three cameras that measure ball and club performance data. 
  • The GC3s’ feedback is extremely precise and reliable. 
  • It can easily be taken out to measure shots on the course because it is only 30cm high and weighs slightly more than 2kg. 
  • It gives comprehensive ball data on speed, launch, spin, carry distance, club path, and angle of attack.


  • The GC3 does not measure face angle, loft, lie, impact location, or closure rate.
  • It does not provide full putting data, although you can access basic putting data by applying one sticker to the face. 

The GC3 provides crucial data required to effectively develop a golfer’s game and to run a realistic simulation. It is accessible with Foresight Sports Europe’s FSX 2020 and FSX Play simulator choices, which come with various software to play world-class courses and other skill challenges.

Best Overall Golf Simulator: Trackman

Best Overall Golf Simulator
Source: trackman

The TrackMan simulator, found in most professional golfers’ homes, costs five figures.

Serious golfers, trainers, and club fitting facilities benefit greatly from TrackMan, and the company can adapt its simulator to meet any location.

If your budget allows it, the TrackMan golf simulator, rated the best overall, is the one you want. Other simulators hardly ever have any features that TrackMan does not.

Here are the pros and cons to give you some insight into this amazing simulator:


  • The software of the TrackMan golf simulator and 4 Launch Monitor Hardware competes with some of the best simulators available today.  
  • Due to its revolutionary multi-sensor technology, which synchronizes an internal camera with two specially designed ultra-sensitive radars, it offers precise swing information and ball flight monitoring.
  • Its high-definition graphics are excellent, and it lets you play more than thirty PGA Tour sites as part of the system.
  • Additionally, it has over 100 playable courses loaded on its system, full putting assessment, swing video apps, club fitting software, online competitions, kid-friendly games, skills testing, and an on-course practice facility.
  • The simulator graphics are life-like, and you will think you are a professional playing on a world-class golf course.
  • Can get this as a complete home setup


  • The TrackMan simulator is expensive and will set you back a few thousand, but it ranges very high among golf simulators.
  • A tablet or phone is required to display statistics.

TrackMan is an amazing golf simulator in every aspect of the simulation industry and will give you the real feel of playing golf at the top level while helping you improve and perfect your game.

It is in a price range that may be above most average golfers, but it brings the highest quality and functionality in golf simulation money can buy.

Recapping the Best Golf Simulators for 2024

Source: trackman

A great variety of golf simulators are available for golfers of all levels. Each simulator has pros and cons; some are more appealing than others, depending on your situation.

Before buying a golf simulator, you must consider every aspect, and if it falls within your budget, the TrackMan is recommended as the best overall simulator.