7 Best Putters for Women ([year] Rankings)

7 Best Putters for Women (2024 Rankings)

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 Over the last few decades, golf has developed into an incredibly popular game for women. Traditionally, golf was dominated by men. Golf’s recent growth explosion among women has led to major golf brands designing and producing an enormous number of high-quality putters. While the increased variety of women’s putters benefits the game, it makes the selection process tricky.

The TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast is the best and most well-rounded women’s putter money can buy. You cannot go wrong with putters such as the Cobra King Nova, the Odyssey White Hot OG, and the Mizuno M Craft Putter Line, as they undoubtedly offer incredible yet distinct value in their own right.

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While we rank TaylorMade’s Spider X HydroBlast putter as the current industry leader, many other top rated putters exist. Selecting the best putter is crucial for women as it will immediately benefit their short game.

This article will detail the best women’s putters of 2024, allowing you to make a thoroughly informed decision on which putters for sale will suit your needs best.

What Are The Best Putters For Women In 2024?

What Are The Best Putters For Women In 2023

The best women’s putter will vary between players, with factors such as skill levels, price, topspin, and forgiveness significantly influencing the eventual decision.

Due to increasingly intense competition in women’s golf equipment, selecting the optimal putter can be overwhelming for anyone. It should be noted that women golfers are not limited to putters specifically designed for them, with a few gender-neutral clubs being better options for some ladies.

Currently, numerous high-quality, desirable, and beneficial women’s putters are on offer. Women golfers need to utilize the best equipment possible as it significantly reduces the traditional gap in average playing levels compared to men.

When using optimal and appropriate putting equipment, women golfers can easily match men golfers despite lacking the same power and club head speed. While selecting a new putter is usually a complicated process, there are a few crucial factors, such as playing levels, associated experience, personal budgets, and individual preferences, to consider before making the purchase.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best women’s putters, allowing you to make a thoroughly informed decision. Most golf experts agree that players can excel at their putting and short games; however, only if they consistently utilize the best equipment possible.

While we highly recommend the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast putter to all women golfers, it might not be the most suitable club for your requirements, which will be demonstrated throughout this article.

1. Best Overall Putter: TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast

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The [amazon link=”B093KR48RS” title=”TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast” /] is an exceptional all-around putter, and while it may be among the most expensive clubs, it is easily the best option for women golfers in 2024.

Throughout an extensive testing process, the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast putter performed incredibly well despite the various conditions thrown at it. TaylorMade’s best putter is one of the most forgiving golf clubs we have tested, which the company seamlessly combined with world-class topspin, feel, and a satisfying acoustic sound at the point of contact.

The TaylorMade putter’s distinct True Path Alignment system and its Hydro Blast coating will benefit all women golfers enormously. In addition, the putter sports an aesthetically appealing design, premium durability, and unmatched stability at the point of contact.

TaylorMade is globally revered for its constant innovation, with its unique Pure Roll inserts enabling an undoubtedly soft and smooth feel, which is especially noticeable when contacting the ball squarely.

The sharp 46-degree grooves found on the putter’s club face significantly enhance the amount of topspin on the ball and increase the likelihood of women players being able to consistently control the ball’s speed.

It should be noted that the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast putter weighs just less than 320 grams. However, the lightweight putter comes standard with a carbon sole, which weighs just over 15 grams. The extreme yet unique perimeter weighting allows for dramatically improved top spin characteristics and intrinsic stability even if the ball makes contact with one of the club’s edges.

We highly recommend the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast putter for all women golfers. Its forgiving nature, premium look, and feel, combined with an industry-leading alignment system, make the fairly significant financial investment worthwhile.


  • The putter comes standard with a well-designed and premium quality alignment aid
  • The putter produces a consistently soft and smooth feel at the critical point of contact
  • The putter delivers a remarkably soft and appropriate acoustic sound when women golfers squarely contact the ball
  • The putter will consistently produce industry-leading topspin, allowing women golfers to obtain the best ball roll possible
  • The putter is incredibly forgiving, making it suitable for all women golfers, especially beginners


  • The putter is considered expensive for most women golfers, although it is justified by the club’s distinctly premium quality and feel
  • The putter comes in the form of a mallet-styled club, which does not suit all women golfers
  • The putter’s shaft is relatively long, although its considerable length is significantly beneficial when women golfers correctly utilize it

2. Best Beginner Putter: Pinemeadow Golf White

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The [amazon link=”B008JO4SHK” title=”Pinemeadow Golf White” /] putter is the perfect short-game club for beginner women golfers, with it being incredibly forgiving, consistent, and affordable straight out of the box.

The Pinemeadow Golf White putter is noticeably affordable despite having highly desirable and quality features. It can be said that the putter is an outstanding value-for-money offer, making it an essential piece of equipment for beginner women golfers.

Putting is among the most challenging aspects of the game; however, for beginners, it is usually even more tricky. The forgiving nature combined with unmatched affordability makes the Pinemeadow Golf White putter a must-have for women golfers aiming to enhance their short game quickly and effortlessly.

In addition, the Pinemeadow Golf White putter is one of the most visually attractive clubs we have tested so far. Its unique rubber inserts are mainly responsible for the putter’s topspin, alignment capabilities, and distance control.

 Importantly for beginner women golfers, the putter has a relatively high stimpmeter reading, while it weighs just less than 380 grams. Moreover, the Pinemeadow Golf White putter comes equipped with a 40-gram mallet-styled head, enhancing its forgiving nature.

While the Pinemeadow Golf White putter is less of a premium product than many big-name rivals, it’s the most appropriate club for beginner women golfers.


  • The putter consistently produces exceptional performance on standardized greens, although the women’s club remains unmatched on faster greens
  • The putter’s alignment aid is outstanding, offering a significant advantage to inexperienced women golfers and during highly competitive rounds
  • The putter is among the most forgiving currently available, dramatically enhancing the confidence of most women golfers
  • The putter’s value for money offering is unparalleled, with the club being significantly cheaper than most big-name competitors despite displaying numerous premium features
  • The putter is designed to promote the ideal amount of topspin at the point of contact, enabling women golfers to instantly improve their putting accuracy and overall game


  • The putter is not as durable as some of the pricier big-name alternatives; however, the incredibly low price can make the inconvenience justifiable
  • The putter is relatively heavy, especially when used by women golfers

3. Most Forgiving Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG

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The [amazon link=”B08PXLDLVF” title=”Odyssey White Hot OG” /] putter has been globally revered for many years, with its forgiving characteristics, high topspin rates, and premium feel and sound, justifying its high price.

As is well known, the Odyssey White Hot OG is a mallet-styled putter; however, the incredible amount of forgiveness the club offers at the point of contact is pleasantly surprising.

The unique White Hot face insert makes the putter ideal for women golfers of any skill level. Despite the notable lack of an alignment system, the club’s forgiving nature ensures a smooth roll even if the ball contacts the edge of the putter’s head.

The Odyssey White Hot OG putter is especially good over longer distance putts, mainly due to its lightweight design and suitably slim grip that favors women golfers. Importantly, the Odyssey White Hot OG putter can be purchased in various sizes. The smallest one is a tiny 33 inches, demonstrating the club’s enormous benefit to women golfers.


  • The putter is exceptionally forgiving, enabling all women golfers to improve their putting game by retaining additional confidence in every shot
  • The putter’s design is notably high quality, with the golf club producing a satisfyingly premium feel and sound when it makes contact with the ball
  • The putter is appropriately balanced and well-rounded, enabling women golfers to improve their putting technique without any significant hindrance
  • The putter can be purchased in various lengths, making it a suitable option for shorter women golfers


  • The putter does not come standard with a modern alignment marker, resulting in the club being challenging for beginner players to become accustomed to
  • The putter comes with a hefty price tag, although the investment is worthwhile due to the club’s exceptional quality and premium design 

4. Most Versatile Putter: Cobra King Nova

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The [amazon link=”B095THBRC1″ title=”Cobra King Nova” /] putter is exceedingly versatile, which is just one of the club’s many advantageous characteristics.

The Cobra King Nova putter comes standard with a unique adjustable weighting setup, enabling women golfers of any skill level to customize the club according to their personal requirements. The simplistic alignment system is sufficient, with the premium design allowing players to immediately and significantly increase their accuracy at the point of contact.

In addition, the versatile putter comes standard with a Nova and aluminum SIK-designed club face, seamlessly combined with the industry-leading descending loft technology. The putter’s distinct combination of high-quality materials makes it light to the touch while delivering consistently high rates of topspin even if players hit the ball with the edge of the club’s face.


  • The putter’s built-in alignment aid is exceptional and straightforward to correctly utilize even for beginner women golfers
  • The putter has a uniquely adjustable weight mechanism, enabling women golfers to effortlessly reduce or add a beneficial amount of mass
  • The putter sports a pioneering Lamkin smart grip, which allows women golfers to immediately analyze and critique various important areas of their putting game
  • The putter comes standard with a descending-type loft technology, which undoubtedly enhances optimal control and roll


  • The weights for the putter’s adjustable mechanism must be purchased separately and will be an unfortunate additional cost
  • The putter is considered pricy for women golfers, although the club’s premium design, feel, and aesthetic make the investment worthwhile
  • The putter’s non-customizable shaft is lengthy for shorter women golfers

5. Most Premium Putter: Mizuno M Craft Putter Line

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The [amazon link=”B08V47NHXK” title=”Mizuno M Craft Putter Line” /] is one of the most premium clubs for women golfers currently available.

Forged from the incredibly high-quality 1023 mild carbon steel, the Mizuno M Craft putter has become known for its elite alignment and precision capabilities. While the putter is fairly heavy, weighing just over 350 grams, it can be highly customized, with additional weights sold separately.

It should be noted that the Mizuno M Craft putter comes standard with a premium head cover, allowing the club’s associated durability to be significantly improved. We highly recommend the Mizuno M Craft Putter Line to more skilled or sponsored women golfers as the desirable piece of golf equipment does not come cheap.


  • The putter sports a notably stylish, premium, and sleek design making it an appealing option to women golfers aiming to immediately improve their putting game
  • The putter has a satisfying feel in hand and at the critical point of contact
  • The putter’s weight is highly customizable, making it an appropriate selection for all women golfers, especially those with unique playing characteristics
  • The putter can be purchased in three different yet aesthetically appealing colors
  • The putter comes standard with a practical and convenient head cover, significantly improving its longevity and durability


  • The putter’s alignment line could be more prominent, with its lack of boldness being inconvenient for some inexperienced women golfers
  • The putter is not cheap, with beginner players considering it expensive despite its vast array of high-quality characteristics

6. Best Putter For High-Level Players: Cleveland 2135 Satin 1.0

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The [amazon link=”B074P9GFLH” title=”Cleveland 2135 Satin 1.0″ /] was initially designed for elite-level women golfers, with its simplistic yet traditional blade construction making the club optimal for better players.

The outstanding acoustics and soft feel are immediately noticeable. The unique combination offered by the Cleveland 2135 Satin 1.0 will allow women golfers to obtain maximum levels of feedback at the point of contact, with its TPU Polymer insert delivering sufficient levels of topspin.

Importantly, the alignment system is basic, although incredibly reliable and accurate making it enormously beneficial for the world’s highest-ranked women golfers. While the putter is not as forgiving as some of the others mentioned in this list, it is undoubtedly favorable to highly skilled women golfers.


  • The putter has an indisputably superior and premium feel to it, making it the perfect club for experienced women golfers with low handicaps
  • The putter’s blade has a remarkably clean and aesthetically appealing appearance
  • The putter comes standard with a minor, yet distinctly unique alignment aid
  • The putters pioneering and advanced design successfully promotes reliably consistent topspin


  • The putter is less forgiving than most big-name competitors, although its nature is expected of a putter specifically designed for top-level women golfers
  • The putter tends to cause less skilled women golfers to automatically maneuver their wrists, indirectly resulting in the club face opening or closing at the point of contact

7. Best Value For Money Putter: Ray Cook RC PT 04

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Despite being relatively unknown, the [amazon link=”B077Z9PSY5″ title=”Ray Cook RC PT 04″ /] putter is a remarkably high value-for-money offering, making it the optimal club selection for women golfers of any skill level.

The Ray Cook RC PT 04 putter’s design is enthralling, sporting an unmissable golf and white color scheme. While the putter’s aesthetic has caused controversy, with some golf traditionalists claiming it’s tacky, it is indisputably eye-catching.

The alignment system is consistently accurate, although some claim its over-complicated as it has four separate markers. It should be noted that the Ray Cook RC PT 04 putter is fairly heavy compared to some pricier alternatives. However, it can be highly customized, making it an optimal selection for any woman golfer.

While many golfing enthusiasts will overlook the Ray Cook RC PT 04 putter, we highly recommend it for beginner women players and non-sponsored professionals as its low price and high value-for-money characteristics make the initial investment worthwhile.


  • The putter offers women golfers incredible value for money, with its numerous premium features not being indicative of its low price tag
  • The putter comes standard with a convenient head cover, which will significantly enhance the club’s overall durability and longevity
  • The putter’s prominent alignment features are easy to use and become accustomed to, making it an optimal selection for non-professional women golfers
  • The putter’s design and size are perfect for women golfers, with the club being slightly smaller than most regular-sized gender-neutral alternatives


  • The putter is not the most aesthetically appealing compared to most big-name rivals, although its tacky appearance can be overlooked for its exceptionally low price tag

Key Takeaways: Best Golf Putters For Women

Recap Best Putters For Women
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While we rank the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast as the best women’s putter for 2024, you cannot go wrong by selecting any of the various high-quality alternatives mentioned on the list.

Women’s golf has recently experienced an exponential growth rate, with the game’s increasing popularity accurately reflected by the numerous high-quality iterations currently available.