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Best Odyssey Putters 2024 (6 to Choose From)

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The Odyssey golf brand has been synonymous with world-class putters for over two decades. Started in 1997, Odyssey’s indisputably iconic putters quickly rose to prominence throughout the golfing world, leading to Callaway’s controversial purchase of the company. The merger further entrenched Odyssey’s reputation for consistently producing numerous confidence-inspiring putters. 

Currently, the best Odyssey putter overall is the Eleven Triple Track. The iconic putter is known for its premium feel, rugged design, forgiving nature, and unmatched alignment. Yet, the best Odyssey putter will vary between players depending on their specific requirements, budget, and skill levels.

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Investing in one of Odyssey’s outstanding putters will benefit all players significantly.

Many of the world’s top-ranked players exclusively utilize Odyssey putters when competing at the highest level, while the iconic club remains especially popular among amateur and beginner golfers.

Odyssey’s putter selection is enormous, making the selection process for putters fairly challenging!

Odyssey, owned by Callaway, is considered (by many) to have been the world’s leading putter designer, producer, and manufacturer over the last two decades.

Since being founded in 1997, Odyssey has consistently reinvented and improved its product lineup, leading to the company producing an enormous variety of top rated putters. Due to the numerous options Odyssey offers, selecting the optimal club for your specific requirements can be overwhelming or tricky.

While choosing the optimal Odyssey putter for your needs may be challenging, all of the company’s products are undoubtedly high quality, consisting of the best materials, design techniques, and production processes possible.

Essentially, you cannot go wrong by purchasing one of Odyssey’s premium putters; however, you should do some research before making the final decision. In addition, having a clear understanding of your exact requirements will be beneficial as there is no uncertainty that Odyssey will have a perfectly suitable putter, no matter the rarity of your requirements.

It should be noted that Odyssey has a dominant market golf putter market share and position, with the revered company being directly responsible for more than 70 wins on professional golf tours since 2018.

Odyssey’s putters produce repetitively outstanding results for amateur and professional players, with its recent success further entrenching the brand into golfing legend.

Despite most of Odyssey’s putters being relatively expensive, the price tag is seamlessly justified by the company consistently breaking new ground with its pioneering club designs.

If you are in the market for a new putter, one of Odyssey’s numerous iterations is a good place to start your search, as this article will demonstrate.

1. Best Overall: Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter

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Selecting the best overall Odyssey putter proved difficult due to exceptional quality, performance, and design characteristics evident among many of the brand’s available clubs.

While choosing the best putter Odyssey produces currently was tricky, once our thorough testing process was complete, it was clear that the Eleven Triple Track putter iteration is a class above the rest.

The [amazon link=”B09KNWM1CJ” title=”Odyssey Eleven Triple Track putter” /] is an incredibly forgiving club, noticeably more so than most of the company’s previous premium models.

The Odyssey Eleven Triple Track putter is a distinct world-class golf club, with its aesthetic appeal evident straight out of the box. Importantly, Odyssey’s Eleven Triple Track Putter is a blend of top-class materials such as aluminum, TPU, and steel, resulting in a surprisingly high MOI.

In addition, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track putter has a square club head, with its wide design allowing for maximum stability. The unique white-lined alignment feature is sufficient for golfers of any skill level, enabling them to accurately and consistently line up challenging putts.

The noteworthy Triple Track iteration is the most premium putter option Odyssey currently offers. However, the company permits buyers to customize their club to further align it with their requirements.

Surprisingly, Odyssey could stiffen the putter’s shaft section by incrementally reducing its weight. The putter’s reduced weight has led to the golf club being more accurate and stable during the backswing phase and when making contact with the ball.

The expected White Hot face insert features prominently on the putter, directly responsible for the unmatched feel and sound produced by Odyssey’s revered golf club. It should be noted that the putter’s center of gravity has been shifted forwards, resulting in the club performing similarly to a traditional blade design.

The Eleven Triple Track putter’s unique combination of traditional mallet and blade designs has significantly improved its intrinsic inertia characteristics, making it one of Odyssey’s best clubs.


  • The putter is incredibly forgiving, allowing players of any skill level to instantly improve their overall putting as the golf club will undoubtedly enhance shot confidence
  • The putter sports a noticeably stable design, which is evident by the way it automatically permits players to improve and maximize their usual putting consistency 
  • The putter is perfectly aligned straight out of the box, with experts noting the golf clubs alignment characteristics remain unmatched throughout the industry
  • The putter is aesthetically appealing and can be purchased in a variety of distinct colors or designs


  • The putter does not provide the best feedback compared to other Odyssey clubs, although the reduced feedback can offer more experienced players an advantage
  • The putter is expensive for beginner, amateur, and non-professional players, yet the golf club’s outstanding quality and numerous benefits make it a worthwhile investment

2. Best Blade: Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two Putter

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The [amazon link=”B09NBFHZCD” title=”Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two putter” /] is an exceptional piece of golf equipment, favoring players familiar with traditional blade-styled clubs.

Following a thorough testing process, it is clear that the Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two putter offers most of the advantages associated with blade putters while maintaining sufficient forgiveness to easily rival a mallet-based putter.

Essentially, the Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two is sold in an Anser-styled design, which the company appropriately combined with some of its latest technologies. The putter sports a distinct urethane insert responsible for the club’s incredibly soft feel at the point of contact. In addition, the feel and sound when striking the ball are satisfying and appealing to players of any skill level.

It is important to note that Odyssey enhanced the TRI Hot 5K Two putters’ inertia while shifting the original center of gravity slightly forward. The minor alterations dramatically improve the ball’s roll, which can be further benefitted by purchasing additional aluminum, steel, or tungsten weights.

While the Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two is among the most modern clubs currently available, the company chose to retain a traditional head-to-toe weight ratio. In addition, Odyssey installed a unique crank hosel, creating perfectly suitable toe hang levels for golfers with average arc and face rotation.

Despite the price of the Odyssey TRI Hot 5K Two putter, the club is outstanding. The unique Stroke Lab Shaft, comprising lightweight and durable materials, permits a shorter shaft design favoring unmatched stability at the point of contact.


  • The putter sports a traditional old-school design aesthetic, with the variety of custom designs being significantly more appealing than most modern putters
  • The putter’s iconic and industry-leading white insert produces a consistently good feel at the crucial point of contact
  • The putter generates an incredibly satisfying sound when it squarely contacts the ball, with owners claiming that it directly and instantly improves their overall confidence
  • The putter can be purchased in a variety of colors, which Odyssey seamlessly combined with an unmatched blade


  • The putter is expensive for beginner or non-sponsored players, although the hefty price tag is indicative of the putter’s exceptional quality, performance, and durability

3. Most Premium: Odyssey Toulon Putter

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The [amazon link=”B0BDCH8S2M” title=”Odyssey Toulon Putter” /] is based on a traditional Anser-styled club and can be purchased with a stunning dark emerald design aesthetic.

One of the most premium putters currently available, the Odyssey Toulon club comes with a lightweight and durable graphite shaft. The high-quality shaft is accompanied by an appropriately placed steel tip that significantly enhances general stroke consistency.

The Odyssey Toulon putter’s distinct diamond groove face produces a consistently satisfying feel and sound at the crucial point of contact. In addition, the putter features a double fly cut club face, directly responsible for promoting industry-leading forward roll.

As with previous premium Odyssey putter models, the Odyssey Toulon iteration can be highly customized, with players able to adjust shaft lengths and sole weights to enhance overall performance. Importantly, the Odyssey Toulon putter sports modern split-weight technology, meaning the club’s weights are shifted forwards so it can be closer to the heel.

While the split-weight design and the alternative placing of the club’s mass were minor, the results are noteworthy. The Odyssey Toulon putter’s associated head inertia is increased, indirectly benefiting forward roll consistency and the important impact ratio.

Despite being one of the most expensive putters sold, the Odyssey Toulon putter can be purchased in various appealing and distinct club head styles best suited to your requirements. Moreover, the Odyssey Toulon putter is incredibly reliable, durable, and rugged, with the club’s industry-leading characteristics easily justifying the exorbitant price tag.


  • The putter is the optimal choice for low-handicap and highly skilled players, with its beloved design making it a popular choice among less experienced players
  • The putter’s unique design makes it exceedingly stable and consistent, allowing the world’s best players to putt with enhanced confidence
  • The putter’s distinctive look and feel are well-known within professional golfing circles, with the lightweight graphite shaft producing consistently precise putts


  • The putter does not offer any notable forgiveness, making it challenging for non-professional players to become accustomed to
  • The putter is indisputably expensive and is considered one of the most costly clubs ever produced. However…its premium quality makes it worthwhile for professional players

4. Softest Touch: Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS Putter

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The [amazon link=”B093CYPFV3″ title=”Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS putter” /] sports a distinctly soft touch due to the club’s unique and industry-leading face inserts.

Throughout our extensive testing process, the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS putter demonstrated an exceptionally smooth roll and feel on every green. The DFX insert was notably softer than Odyssey’s acclaimed White Hot insert.

While the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS putter is undoubtedly among the best clubs currently on offer, its design is also incredibly appealing, with its black-colored head being a stand-out feature. Importantly, the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS putter comes standard with a two-ball white alignment structure.

The double-headed alignment system will undoubtedly and immediately improve your putting game, as the club will allow you to place your body, hands, and feet accurately before making contact with the ball.

We highly recommend the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS to players of any skill level, especially beginner to intermediate golfers. The putter produces consistent, aligned, and accurate results, despite being one of the cheaper iterations currently available.


  • The putter produces a consistently and exceptionally soft feel at the point of contact, allowing non-professional players to significantly improve their game
  • The putter comes standard with exemplary alignment features, with Odyssey’s industry-leading insert being directly responsible for creating an unmatched smooth roll and feel
  • The putter can be purchased in a variety of desirable colors, designs, and sizes


  • The putter is based on a mallet design, making it more suitable and easier to use if you have prior experience with mallet-based putters

5. Best Conventional Blade: Odyssey White Hot OG 1 Putter

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The [amazon link=”B08TFVN6YT” title=”Odyssey White Hot OG 1″ /] is largely based on a traditional blade-styled putter, although its high-quality silver PVD theme and exclusive White Hot insert render it among the most popular clubs.

The Odyssey White Hot OG 1’s White Hot insert instantly and positively distinguished the club from other traditionally-designed putters, allowing players to obtain an incredible feel and sound at the all-important point of contact.

It should be noted that Odyssey weighted the club perfectly, enabling players to effortlessly complete long short while maintaining enough subtlety to confidently sink shorter putts. The Odyssey White Hot OG 1 putter’s design will favor golfers who prefer to putt with an enhanced roll and stroke arc.

The crank hosel can be precisely adjusted, increasing player confidence while perfectly maximizing ball control at the point of contact. However, due to its relatively low MOI, the Odyssey White Hot OG 1 is not the most forgiving club, especially compared to modern mallet-styled putters.

Despite not being among the most forgiving putters currently available, it is not unusually brutal compared to other comparable blade golf clubs. We highly recommend the Odyssey White Hot OG 1 putter to golfers who favor or are used to traditional blades.


  • The putter comes standard with a highly desirable, traditional, and stylish overall aesthetic, which is especially appealing to long-term golf enthusiasts
  • The putter sports a satisfying sound and feeling at the point of contact, with its distinct characteristics drastically enhancing player confidence


  • The putter does not offer any substantial forgiveness, meaning the margin for error is seriously diminished

6. Best Ball Control: Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball Putter

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The [amazon link=”B07MKS9FL2″ title=”Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter” /] comes standard with the best ball control possible, mainly due to its incredibly lightweight shaft and weighting design.

Throughout our thorough testing process, the Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter demonstrated the clear advantages of shifting a club’s weight towards the toe and heel. While the weight alteration is relatively minor, the incurred benefits are abundantly apparent, with the Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter producing exceptionally efficient strokes and control at the point of contact.

The shaft comprises various premium materials, which Odyssey appropriately combined with industry-leading sole and grip weighting ratios. The Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter’s closely associated roll and feedback characteristics are caused by the physical relationship between the company’s unique Microhinge and White Hot insert design.

The precise control, desirable sound, and unmatched feel make the Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter a pleasure to play with. The putter’s distinct features will significantly and immediately benefit players of any skill level, allowing them to dramatically improve their ball control at the point of contact during competitive rounds.

In addition, the Odyssey’s Stroke Lab club shaft design produces less torque than lower-quality clubs due to its firmer construction. During testing, it became clear that the Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter’s head was heavier than usual.


The additional weight turned out to be a distinguishing feature, making the club effortless to handle correctly.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball putter is best suited for golfers aiming to enhance their general consistency and ball control immediately. Moreover, the club can be purchased with a no-taper grip, an oversized grip, or a traditional piston-style grip.


  • The putter is famous for producing high levels of consistency and control, with these two factors directly influencing player confidence and overall games
  • The putter is highly customizable, with Odyssey offering numerous fitting options at no additional cost
  • The putter and its well-designed shaft are incredibly lightweight, with the club’s reduced mass being its most prominent, distinctive, and noteworthy feature


  • The putter is naturally unforgiving, yet when used correctly, it will offer best-in-class ball control, alignment, and accuracy

Recap: The Best Odyssey Putters in 2024

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Odyssey is the undisputed king of golf putters, with the globally revered company consistently producing some of the best clubs money can buy.

While we consider the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter as the best overall, the company’s numerous premium options mean there is an appropriate and beneficial model for golfers of any skill level.