13 Best Blade Putters for the [year] Season

13 Best Blade Putters for the 2024 Season

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We’ve gathered some of the best blade putters on the market for all our golf traditionalists out on the green. You might not agree with these choices, but please be strong and save your golf club throwing arm from strain. There’s a blade putter here for every swing style!

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport is one of the finest blade putters you can buy. It has outstanding craftsmanship and has been around long enough to prove timeless. Even against the Super Select Newport, the putter’s responsiveness and feedback aren’t to be trifled with.

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The best putter brands have seen action on the pro circuit, and some have even bagged noteworthy accolades. 2022 and 2023 introduced some exceptional blade putters.

Any choice you make here should help you “drive for show, putt for dough”.   

1. Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport

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Cameron continues to meet and even exceed expectations in his artistry and engineering eye. The [amazon link=”B0842NLY1R” title=”Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport” /] is another perfect example of such craftsmanship.

Yes, this simple, industrial look of the Scotty Cameron range has been around the block. Still, this blade putter is considered one of the best putters in the market and gets hips gyrating the pro way.

There’s something for everyone in any Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select putters, which are milled ingeniously from a single piece of 303 stainless steel. 

You’d probably be just as thrilled with the more mechanical-looking Newport 2 with one of the softest feeling club faces you’ll ever get your hands on. 

The Newport and Newport 2 share a similar design regarding the refined plumber’s neck, offering a full shaft of offset for the performance edge you need. 

The two putters are also the same price and have as many elements that help them to be forgiving putters, such as using tungsten sole weights. However, Newport is more forgiving than Newport 2.

It’s only finer details and personal preferences that the Newport “edges” over the Newport 2. Visually, the Newport is rounder in design, has a smaller head, and looks sleeker than the Newport 2. 

It better accomplishes the goal Cameron has been after with his design. Because of this, new and old golfers can continue to experience this iconic putter, just as the PGA tour pros do.


  • Full shaft offset allows for easier squaring upon impact and greater visibility with a milled flange sight line and can better help you get the ball off the green
  • Milling from the solid block of 303 stainless steel gives the putter a high-quality feel, sound, and tried-and-tested performance
  • The stainless steel face also has fantastic feedback that makes you feel like you’re having conversing
  • Has 3.5 degrees of loft, right in the sweet spot of the ideal 3-4 degrees of loft
  • The plumbing neck has been pulled back from the leading edge to give the golfer better eyes and make alignment easier 
  • It has improved balanced and weight distribution that can minimize your errors off the club face by having a larger sweet spot thanks to the heavier and performance-balanced tungsten sole weighting
  • Has the classic Cameron tri-sole that’s been helping golfers with smooth takeaways and follow-throughs for decades
  • A thinner topline gives more flexibility to your shots
  • The distinctive tour-inspired three dots help with finding your target at every address while making the club stand out from the competition
  • Simplistic looks that draw the eye and many technological features that keep them there, as you’ve come to expect from the visionary mind of Scotty Cameron


  • The premium price tag still holds steady, making it increasingly more difficult to opt for this club when the newest releases are only fifty or so more dollars
  • Sometimes might be hard to get between a shortage of stock or manufacturing material
  • The tour-inspired three red dots are distinctive, but they now appear superfluous when the club stands next to the newly released 2023 Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport

2. Ping Anser

Ping Anser 2023
Source: ping

This Ping Anser is from the consumer-centric 2023 Ping putter line. The range has variations for almost every liking of material, feel, and looks. The 2023 flagship line is as close to a slam dunk as it gets. 

The general aesthetics of the putter and shallow front-to-back head gives it the classic blade putter swag. The 3 degrees of loft sit on the lower end of the preferred zone. 

The loft and shallow milled pattern give it a solid feel when you get the ball right in the middle. Ping has updated the putter by improving forgiveness and stability using tungsten toe-heel weights. 

The classy 35-inch shaft is made from graphite, with the rest of the blade putter made from 304 stainless steel for a surgical look that’s not too cold. 

The 2023 Anser is most suitable for golfers putting with a slight arc stroke.


  • Platinum topline contrasts against the putter’s black cavity and helps your eye stay focused and properly aligned
  • The middle has a great feel
  • Shallow milled face feels firm and has stellar acoustics and a pristine sound when it hits the ball, giving you consistent ball speeds
  • The graphite shaft has a stable and light feel
  • Head design is solid with a high moment of inertia(MOI)
  • This Ping line continues to be one of the most diverse and consistent performers on the market


  • Even with the tungsten toe and heel weights, it could be more forgiving
  • The contrasting colors and color-blocking aren’t for everyone 
  • Similar to the yearly smartphone reveals the putter is one of the slight improvements that won’t be appreciated by everyone on the green
  • The looks may also feel too contemporary for traditionalists

3. Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide

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You have options with the [amazon link=”B08PXQ3CXJ” title=”Odyssey White Hot OG” /]. You can try for more accuracy with the double-wide or get some heavenly intervention on squaring the club face with the double-wide stroke lab putter.

Both options have a double-bend face balance. The extra-stiff stepped steel shaft and the once-fabled multi-material Stroke Lab shaft should consistently perform like a Mustang on the putting green. 

Similarly, as golfers come in every size and preference, you have options for accuracy by choosing the lie angle for your Odyssey from Standard, 2 Up, 1 Up, 1 Flat, and 2 Flat. 

You primarily get two grip choices. The first is the highly soft-feeling and subtly textured Grey Odyssey DFX grip that sticks to your hand even in inclement weather conditions.

The second grip fitting is the versatile Oversized Odyssey grip that many golfers will probably gravitate towards. 

The double-wide putter is a double-edged sword. You get a blade putter that showcases aspects of stability in its face and forgiveness customarily associated with a mallet while having the DNA of a blade putter.

Although you’re stuck with the sole option of the 70-degree lie angle, the putter brings the larger and heavier characteristics of a double-wide blade putter without dragging you down. The 350 g weight of the head should feel manageable for many golfers. 

To cap it off, re-introducing the two-part urethane insert brings back some of White Hot’s sauce regarding the putter’s performance. The insert is firm to the touch but has the give, and slightly lower-pitched sound, of a softer material when it connects to the ball. 


  • Many grip options to choose from, and customize yourself if you can’t make the time to step into a golf shop and get professional fit and customization
  • Has beautiful and familiar inserts that have proven performance over the years
  • The full shaft offset is always a welcomed addition
  • Not the most affordable sticker price, but it is on the more considerate side of prices especially considering the quality of the Odyssey brand
  • Great option to have if you desire a premium putter that marries the best qualities of a mallet and blade putter


  • The price can be “white hot” for most golfers
  • Buying the putter on the Odyssey-Callaway website gives only a standard flex option
  • Eye-catching and helpful insert, but the flange might appear much for some
  • The topline chunkiness and general makeup of the double-wide putter do steal away from the sleekness that’s typically associated with a blade putter

4. Bettinardi Studio Stock 28

Bettinardi Studio Stock 28
Source: bettinardi

Despite not being as popular as Titleist, Ping, or TaylorMade on the PGA tour, Bettinardi is one of the best American putter exports. The Studio Stock 28 is one example, as it is one of the best-milled putters you can buy.

The subtle yet awe-inspiring design has been meticulously tendered, and the final product has been precision milled. This attention to detail helps the Stock 28 produce a tremendous rolling performance on the greens. 

The Roll Control Face Milling on the solid block of 303 stainless steel is so precise and intentional that it nods to a simpler time in putter technology. 


  • Face milling improves roll and speed control for a faster and smoother roll off the face
  • Diamond blast finish is somewhat industrial but easy on the eyes
  • Shaft and grip fittings are of tour-grade quality


  • The SS28 is a high-end putter with sleek and simple looks and a considerable ticket price to boot
  • As a 2021 model, it might soon begin trailing behind 

5. PXG Battle Ready Dagger Plus

[amazon box = “B0BRLC72YW” template=”horizontal” description_items=”2″]

The [amazon link=”B0BRLC72YW” title=”PXG Battle Ready” /] putter series is all about stability. The high-density tungsten inserts keep the Dagger Plus from twisting when you hit off-center. Because of the weighting, you can achieve better face angle stability and a higher MOI.

The face-balanced toe-hang is significant because the heel-shafted hosel aids players with strokes with a bit more rotation. 

It helps that you get two fixed options. There’s the heel-shafted and center-shafted fixed hosel. Both choices have the same specs. 

The Dagger Plus has an updated face design with improved groove depths that optimize the feel and consistent ball speeds over the face. 


  • You get more control and stability in your stroke 
  • Well-balanced and has a good sound and feel
  • The 40 grams in the heel and toe of the Dagger Plus make it a much slimmer putter than its Closer kin


  • Being able to fine-tune the balance of the putter by moving and changing the weights around can be a great power but a responsibility not everyone can handle
  • The matte black and skully aesthetics can appear too heavy for people that aren’t familiar with the fast-growing PXG brand
  • It can be difficult to find

6. Evnroll ER1v Tourblade

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The [amazon link=”B09J1GSJJ3″ title=”ER1v” /] is the unbusy intersection of innovation and tradition. The classic blade is three-tiered heel and toe weighted. The 90-gram stock Evnroll White TourTac isn’t too shabby and should consistently help with smooth swings. 

The head material is solid 303 stainless steel, with that all-too-satisfying round “click” sound when you strike the ball. 

ER1.2 Tourblade’s Sweetface technology allows center and off-center hits to go the same distance. The zero Dispersion feature helps redirect the ball down the target line for an outstanding and consistent dispersion pattern. 


  • You get a variety of hosel options that can help address a player’s push or pull misses
  • Good and accurate roll with superb feel and consistent distance control
  • You can swap to other shafts
  • The Tourblade’s design has proven to help many players get lower their number of puts


  • Older putter yet as pricey as the 2023 V series
  • It’s only available in a single 35-inch length
  • The 2-degree loft could initially prove tricky
  • Those extra-charge pre-fitted Evnroll Gravity grips aren’t as comfortable as you’d expect compared to the stock grips
  • You might sometimes need to wait a while when it’s out of stock

7. Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Two

[amazon box = “B09KNVGWTV” template=”horizontal” description_items=”2″]

[amazon link=”B09KNVGWTV” title=”Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Two” /] is one of the putters selling like hotcakes on the Odyssey website. The Tri-Hot 5 K’s 303 stainless steel milled front is high performing and helps keep the dispersion tight. 

The back is lightweight 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum with heavy tungsten weights that measure over 120 grams around the classically shaped heel and toe section. 

The front-loaded tungsten weighting helps improve the forward center of gravity (CG) and increase the moment of inertia (MOI). 

MOI of over 5,000 IZZ is in the top range for blade putters, which usually sit between 2,000 and 5,000. In comparison, mallets typically have an MOI between 3,000 to 7,000.

Tri-Hot’s cranked neck hosel helps create moderate toe hang, which should be the best partner in crime for moderate arc and face rotation strokes. 


  • It has two 25-gram adjustable weights for customization to help improve distance control on the fly 
  • Tungsten weights help move the CG forward to improve the roll
  • The forward CG and increased inertia help create a forgiving blade putter 
  • It is theoretically designed to hold tight and accurate even on off-center strikes for consistent play
  • Odyssey’s easily-recognizable White Hot inserts continue to seem like the main attraction for its outstanding feel (firm but soft with a spring in its contact when kissing the ball), sound (audible but not too loud “thud”), and overall performance (really does perform like a mallet and despite the high inertia, everything else comes together for dependable feedback) 
  • More speed and more spin control


  • The adjustable weights can’t be taken lightly. You need to consider a couple of elements when making adjustments newer golfers might not yet be in tune with, like the slope of the green
  • Multi-material situation combined with the charcoal grey and touches of red and white branding color scheme might be too modern and busy for the more minimalistic golfers 

Blade Putters That Almost Made Our List

Honorary Mentions

Putting is deceptively difficult and remains one of the most challenging aspects of golf. Keeping a list of recommendations short is then helpful in reducing the amount of additional research and picking your new blade partner.

However, it’s only respectful to give a quick shoutout to the other putters that could have easily ranked on this list if we’d woken up on the other side of the bed.

  • [amazon link=”B07S8XNNWR” title=”S7K Standing Putter” /] is perfect for first-time golfers who still need a heavier hand lining up their shots. While this putter with “training wheels” is one of the cheapest putters on this rundown, it’s not the cheapest.
  • [amazon link=”B0BT1M8RXC” title=”Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite 8.0″ /] takes a page from the modern playbook on where a putter’s CG can be by pushing it further forward with the front-loading tungsten weights. It’s right in the middle regarding affordability and should make your game more consistent.
  • Bettinardi Queen B 6 shows a Bettinardi that’s not slowing down in any area for 2023-2024 lines and beyond. The face-balanced, wide blade and high toe make putting solid and consistent. The light brown color can appear as rose gold and is just a lip-smacking sight.

And don’t sleep on these 3..

  • The 2023 Evnroll V series, perhaps over-the-top looks and can appear bloated with all the features, but it has great potential because of the stability on offer
  • LAB Golf Link.1 has an amicable treaty with your hands and almost automatically re-squares itself
  • The Bettinardi BB series has CG hanging further back, which should help with your distance and direction control on paper. There are a few choices in the line to cater to different pallets

Best Blade Putters (Summary)

Titleist has many amazing lines to choose from, but the [amazon link=”B0842N8Q5T” title=”Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport” /] will continue to be an investment that returns dividends in your game.

The solid feel of the putter lets you know almost telepathically when you’ve hit that one penny-sized sweet and how to hit it again and again.