Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers

Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers

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I put in a solid 15 minutes swinging lefty clubs, trying to find the best golf clubs for left handers. Turns out I'm not a lefty, so we brought in some southpaw golf pros for this buyer's guide...

Oh, and in kinda related news, here are the best golf clubs for women.

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Golf Clubs For Left Handers (And Reviews) For 2020:

  1. Callaway Mack Daddy Golf Wedge (Best Left Handed Wedge)
  2. Mazel Club Irons Set (Best Irons)
  3. Confidence Golf Power V3 Hybrid Golf Club Set (Best Club Set)
  4. Callaway X Fairway Fairway Wood (Best Fairway Wood)
  5. Wilson Golf Ultra 9-Club Set (Best Value Clubs)

In A Hurry? 

Here's Our Top Pick...

For our top pick, we wanted golf clubs that offer great value for money.

But they also had to be durable - as well as lightweight and offer AMAZING performance - nothing less than best in class. 

All of the clubs that we have in our Top 5 meet these criteria.

But our winner, for you, the left handed golfer, is......

The [amazon link="B013WLKXHS" title="Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge" /]

And here's why,

This clubs made with both beginners and rising talent in mind.

Whether you're just starting off or playing at tour level these golf clubs will suffice, scrub that, they will deliver!

Let's get you some info...

The shaft on this wedge is made of soft 1025c steel.

There are seven different levels of loft to choose from, making it easier to control your ball flight without sacrificing spin, and this is just one of the many ways that the best golf gear can help improve your game.

This is a feature that works wonders once you are on the approach to the green.

It also features what the manufacturer has affectionately named “the Mack Daddy 16-groove”. 

This is what gives you that coveted spin. Every golfer loves that beautiful sight of your ball gripping the green and stopping dead 3ft from the pin! 


This club is the king of stopping power.

Of course this will work well for both pitch and chip shots.

Let's jump into look at our other best clubs for left handers. By the time you've finished reading this review, you might have a whole new bang full of top notch clubs, perfect for your left handedness 🙂

There's a tone more information in the detailed reviews below.

Go take a look...and take your game to the next level!

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • The incredible quality of product and workmanship.
  • Offers a wide range of loft angles to choose from
  • Amazing versatility for shot selection.
  • Good value for money.
  • Could not ask for more when playing around the green with these.
Our Score





40 +




Our Top 5 Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers

For the top 5 picks, we wanted clubs that offered comfort and quality. We also wanted them to be well suited to left-handers of all levels and experience.

Most brands are starting to release a left-handed club for every right-handed one that they produce - Perfecto!

Unfortunately, this is nowhere near becoming a universal practice. There is still a lot that can be done to address the golf club balance!

Perhaps a brand that only manufacturers for left-handers is what the market is crying out for?

There are one or two that we came across during our research phase.

They still have a long way to go to capture a significant portion of market share.

If we are to see any change, this is what it will take.

As the bigger brands start to see the pressure coming from the rising forces, they will be inclined to start making changes that would benefit left-handed golfers.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are:

1. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway is a massive brand in the golfing industry.

I would have been shocked beyond words if they didn’t have a product worthy of a spot on this list.

The Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge comes in both right and left-handed options.

They partnered with the legend, Roger Cleveland to come up with this fantastic product. It is made out of soft 1025c steel.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s alright. No golfer needs to know anything, except that it is good steel for the purpose.

One of the aims of this was to give the golfer a great feel and control with every shot.

This is something that they undoubtedly achieved.

It offers response and feedback when you strike the ball. Just enough to start to gauge things by hand.

This was achieved by reducing the offset, giving it a squarer toe and a straight leading edge.

CG positioning gives you an increased amount of control. It progressively moves upwards in response to an upward movement in wedge loft. When playing at a lofted height, the Mack Daddy 3 allows you the pleasure of maintaining and lower and controllable flight.

Don’t worry, you still have that spin. That is courtesy of the 16-groove configuration that has an extra groove at the bottom.

You can order this in various loft angles.



  • The incredible quality of product and workmanship.
  • Offers a wide range of loft angles to choose from
  • Amazing versatility for shot selection.
  • Good value for money.
  • Could not ask for more when playing around the green with these.


  • The grip was not to everyone’s taste. But again, people like different things.

2. MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons

MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set 4-SW

Our Honest Star Rating

Yes, you read that right, this comes with 9 clubs.

You cannot possibly get any more value for money than that.

These are crafted with simplicity in mind. As you know most clubs are sold on their complexity. They have a 100% graphite shaft and sold at the same length. What this means for a golfer is consistency.

No matter which club you use, your swing will no longer be thrown off by the difference in weight or in shape. The focus goes back to your game, which is where it should always be.

Your clubs should be an aid.

The simplicity is such that these can be used at all levels, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

The iron end is made of stainless steel that is equipped with a larger sweet spot. It will improve the accuracy of each shot.

If used well, your distance will also see a bump. There is a greater emphasis on your swing speed.

The lower centre of gravity will make sure that your ball flies straighter and go further.

You will get the following sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, AW and SW. All of them are geared with a good rubber grip that is anti-shock and anti-slip.

The brand, Mazel has been around since 2002. It has made headway among golfers of all levels.

They are synonymous with offering golf clubs that bring consistency and repeat ability to the golfing game.

The soles on this are wider. This will mean more forgiveness when you don’t catch your shot quite right.


  • The quality is excellent through and through.
  • They live up to the idea of making it easier to hit straighter shots.
  • The consistency in length and weight of the clubs is a touch of class.
  • Very forgiving of stray hits.


  • The R shaft seemed stiffer than it ought to have been.
  • Could do with having versions for taller and shorter individuals.

3. Confidence Golf Power V3 Hybrid Club Set & Stand

Confidence Golf Power V3 Mens Golf Clubs Set & Stand Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Value for money is incredibly important to all of us.

This is what Confidence has an offer with the Power V3 Hybrid.

They are lesser-known brands than some of the big names that we know.

This is not something that is reflected in the quality of their product.

They deserve to be applauded for that. They are by no means a new kid on the block. Confidence has been around since 1967.

The set includes 460cc alloy driver, a 24° hybrid iron, 6-7-8-9-PW and a 35" blade putter. All of the clubs come fitted with regular flex shafts made of steel.

The grips are made to be suitable for all weather conditions. From the 460cc alloy driver, you will get more forgiveness on your shots. This is thanks to a 10° loft.

From the 24° hybrid you get enhanced ease of hitting, which is absent in longer irons. These clubs are made with beginners and improving players in mind. I would not recommend them for players with lower handicaps.

Their enlarged sweet spot makes them a dream for beginners. There is more room for forgiveness on your shots.

This is not exactly the club, but having a bag to put your new clubs in is always an added bonus. It is a stand bag with auto pop legs.

There is plenty of extra storage room to fit in other things besides the golf clubs.

Depending on how often you play, you may have these for a while. They offer reasonable durability for the occasional player.

The jury is still out as to how well they fare when regularly used.


  • The price is a winner. It’s an absolute steal.
  • It is beginner-friendly.
  • Come with a good bag.
  • Reasonable quality.


  • Definitely not for experienced, low handicap golfers.

4. Callaway X Fairway Fairway Wood

Callaway X Fairway 08 Fairway Wood

Our Honest Star Rating

We throw in another one from Callaway.

This time it is a single golf club.

The head of the club is made up of an X-sole design.

This facilitates versatility on contact. Whether you are coming into contact with the turf as you strike the ball or gliding through the air to complete your swing.

This makes it ideal for getting more lift on your golf ball by lowering the leading age.

The head is slightly larger than most clubs have. This appeals to beginners and professionals alike.

It has a wide and deep face that increases your hitting area by a large margin. From a beginner’s perspective, you are much less likely to slice the ball on impact.

You can get it as a 15 degree or 18-degree loft. The flex is available in either stiff or regular.  If you are prone to a mishit here and there, you will be pleased to know that there is increased perimeter weighting.

Instead of just having weighting across the surface, they have strategically positioned internal weighting. This would, of course, improve stability and enhance your ball’s flight trajectory. 

Another aspect that may usually be severely understated is the improved ball speed that is generated with a good strike.

Not to worry, there is a reasonable amount of forgiveness.

The S2H2 is no longer in its usual place. Instead of being on the hosel, it is now stationed around the clubhead.



  • An amazing all-around golf club at a good price.
  • Great club for getting distance off the tee.
  • Reasonably durable.


  • Callaway has been seen to occasionally send the wrong shaft when you choose one.

5. Wilson Golf Ultra 9-Club Set

Wilson Golf Mens Ultra Package Set

Our Honest Star Rating

A list could not be complete without this juggernaut.

Wilson delivers a 9 club set for left-handers.

It is not just golf clubs that you get.

This is a set of 13 pieces. It includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PWs, a putter, a golf bag and the headcovers.

All of the clubs are of standard size.

You may want to note that these clubs were designed specifically for beginners.

If you are a little further along in your golfing journey, these may not be the ones for you. That being said, players of all levels will enjoy having the large 460cc titanium head that is held on flex graphite shaft.

As far as height is concerned, they should be okay for men and women who are up to 6 feet tall.

It is great that you get a golf bag as well. This is the perfect way to get started. The bag is universal making it easy to carry for both left and right-handed golfers.  It is free-standing.


  • Great pricing point.
  • Lightweight golf clubs.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Comes with a bag and headcovers.


  • Will not perform well enough when used by low handicap players.

As a left-hander, you probably do not need telling that the golf clubs that the right-handers use are just not good enough.

Unfortunately, you tend to find that because of the sheer number of right-handed golfers floating around, most products are made with their needs in mind?

What about the left-handers? 

Does no one care?

It is not too long ago that it was presumed that something was wrong with you if you used your left hand for anything.

You’d see kids being forced to use their right hand, instead of the left one, the one that felt natural to them. Boy am I glad to see the back of those days. They came and went before my time.

Today, more and more products are coming on to the market created just for left-handers. I believe that this is how innovation and progress are fostered. The more purpose-built products that are brought onto the market, the more feedback received.

The more feedback received, the more data we have to make informed decisions about invention and manufacturing. That is another article in its own right.

Having the right golf club, the one that is natural to you is essential to any golfer’s overall game. It can be likened to giving a runner the wrong size shoes. If they are very fast, they will probably still win. However, it is not until we give them the right shoes that we will see their very best.

We want to see your very best golfing game.

So, we searched high and low for the very best golf clubs for left-handers. The process involved speaking with left-handed players to get their recommendations. We took those, as well as other highly regarded golf clubs on the market and put them to the test.

The essential criteria were that they were made specifically for left-handed players.

I am thrilled to tell you that we found a lot of great contenders. The market is not as saturated with lefty golf clubs as it is for right-handers. We took on the tough task of weeding out our top picks down to just the best 5 picks. These are the ones that we thought were worthy of your consideration. It was by no means an easy task.

Our hope is that this would make it easier for you to make your choice. Looking at 5 is certainly easier than looking at let's say, 500?

Well, let’s introduce you to some great golf clubs.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Golf Clubs for left handers

Key Differences Between Right and Left-Handed Golfers

It is estimated that there is one left-handed golfer out of every 30. That is about 3% of the entire golfing community. This may seem somewhat insignificant for some.

For those that make up that 3%, this is everything. To put it into context, lefties make up about 11% of the entire population. So they are certainly punching above their weight in golf.

Golfing equipment has increasingly been made to suit players that are left-handed. You are in great company.

Some of the more famous left-handed golfers include Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson. It is the success of such players at the highest level that makes room for more equipment to be geared towards their needs.

The lack of equipment for lefties at a grassroots level in the golfing world is one of the reasons why there are fewer players coming through the ranks. We are for all intents and purposes giving the same clubs to two completely different players and expecting them to excel.

It is similar to that analogy about having an elephant compete with a monkey at tree climbing. Given a level playing field, there is absolutely no reason why lefties would not excel. Bubba and Phil are great examples of this.

When considering swing, the key differentiating factor is the angle of the club. Left-handed players’ clubs angle to the left. Right-handed players’ clubs angle to the right. Naturally, we have more strength and control on the side that we are better suited to. As such, when you give the wrong hand club to a player, their entire game is affected. They suddenly have to exercise control and strength on a side that they are naturally weaker. This is not just a golfing issue.

You will see this in the most rudimental things such as writing. Most people would struggle to change the hand that they use for writing.

On such an uneven playing field you will find that a drive would be the most difficult shot to pull off. The combination of power and accuracy required would be a mountain to climb.

Putting will be the easier one to take on. Without needing to get as much distance, the focus on the direction would be rewarded.

Fixed Length vs Variable Length Golf Clubs

One of the golf clubs that is included in our top five is a fixed-length set. Having a variety of length, lofts and weight to choose from for each shot is the ideal place to be.

Not everyone can afford that. Most people have to make do with a limited selection of clubs. This is where making the right choice in your selection becomes increasingly significant. 

Your preference on length will depend entirely on personal choice and your level of skill. The personal choice aspect is that, if you find the length that you like for your golfing club to be, being able to continue to use that length can only work to benefit your game.

Variable lengths mean that you will need to make adjustments frequently. Some players accept this to be part and parcel of the game. Others prefer to focus on other things. Fixed length golf clubs permit you to adjust for weight and length once on a course and then focus on your accuracy.

There are golfers that would die on this hill. The benefits can be seen over time. Whether or not they fully justify this choice is left to the individual.

Final Words

Regardless of whether if you are buying these golf clubs for yourself, or you have a particularly special lefty in mind, it is important to get this right.

All of the things that we have mentioned above are worth consideration. Furthermore, you will also want to consider the level that the clubs are going to be used at.

As you may have noted, not all of the clubs are suitable for players of all levels. Before you commit to a purchase, make sure that the clubs are ideal for the level that the user plays at.

We have presented you with 5 great picks that are all geared towards left-handed golfers. You have also gotten a lot of information that you can use to inform your decision if you are to decide to look elsewhere, or if you are considering buying in store.

It is all on you now. The advantages and disadvantages have been put before you.

Take your time to read through the product reviews carefully.

They do say that the devil is in the detail.

Skipping the detail may end you up with a set of golf clubs that are of no use to you. Reading it properly will gear you to make the right choice.

The main curveball that we have on our list are the golf clubs that come with a bag. There is something inertly built into every one of us that causes us to love a perceived “freebie” or “bargain”. That is why some of these companies include the bags. They appeal to that frugal side that we all have.

Frugality will say, “At least I won’t have to buy a bag separately.” What you should instead be considering is the offer in its entirety. Consider how it compares to others. Interestingly, adding a bag that is supposedly free may be pricier than going to buy a bag separately. If you allow yourself to be sucked in, tunnel vision will have you buying into these without giving the offer full consideration.

This is not to say that the deals that have bags are awful. It is up to you to evaluate each one on merit. A good question to ask yourself is “Would I be buying this if it didn’t come with a bag?” If you answer is a no, it probably is not such a good purchase after all. If you answered yes, then what are you waiting for, buy it!

Pricing is also a tricky matter. If you are buying for the first time, you probably wouldn’t know what a good price point is. You would have nothing to compare any of your offers to. The best way to approach this is to shop around. Find out what the golf clubs are selling for on average. Once you arrive at that point, consider why any clubs are deviating from this.

Is it because of having a superior brand name? 

Is it because they are offering superior quality in products?

You would rather have the former than the latter.

Finally, the only thing that really matters is performance. No matter who made it or where it was made, performance is the best yardstick to measure a purchase.

How the clubs fare out on the course is more important than whose brand name they have stuck to them. Off the course, you would also need to consider durability as another factor of performance.

They seem good, but for how long can I really use them?

Here is hoping that you feel fully equipped to go and make that purchase. The information can sometimes be overwhelming when you initially read it all. 

Allow yourself time to process it.