Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate Golfers

We've found that those of you searching for the best golf club set for intermediate golfers fall into one of three scenarios:

1. Your needs have changed and you want a golf set that matches up to the improvements you've made in your golf game .

2. You're getting someone a gift and you think a golf set would be the perfect present!


3. Maybe this is what your friends at the golf club have been doing? Everyone but you has a new golf set. It’s time you treated yourself!

Whether it's one of these reasons or a different one, making sure you do some research before a purchase such as this is important. And that's exactly why we put together this best golf club sets for intermediate golfers buying guide!

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate

Our Best 10 Golf Club Sets For Intermediate And Reviews (2022):

  1. The Judge Founders Club Golf Set (Best Overall)
  2. Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Set (Best Premium)
  3. Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set (Best Budget)
  4. Wilson Golf Ultra Men's 9-Club Set (Best All Rounder)
  5. Wilson Profile XD Complete Golf Set

In A Hurry?

Having completed our research and selected 5 incredible golf club sets, we went further to see if we could find the best, the set of clubs that really deliver!

We wanted it to be a set that was geared to the needs of the intermediate player.

And ideally it needed to be a reasonably priced set.

Durability and versatility were other aspects that came into consideration. With this in mind, we're pleased to say we have a winner.

We chose the Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set.

It delivers more for your money!

This is a set that has options suitable for male or female golfers.

Catch our more detailed review of this product below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Callaway Mens Strata Plus Complete Golf Set 16-Piece

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • A great quality product overall.
  • It includes every club that you will need on the course.
  • Extremely lightweight set and bag.
  • The putter does a great job on the green.
  • Beginner and intermediate player-friendly.
Our Score

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.





40 +




Our top 5 Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate

1. Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Mens Strata Plus Complete Golf Set 16-Piece

Our Honest Star Rating

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

All intermediate golfers will appreciate the value of distance off the tee and that of overall performance.

This is EXACTLY what the Strata Ultimate set is built to deliver.

There are nine clubs included with this set. It makes for a complete set that you can take on any golf course with.

There is a driver that is made out of titanium. It boasts of a large sweet spot that gives you incredible forgiveness on any mis-hits. This ensures that all your drive shots deliver the sort of distance that you want out of them.

The set include two fairway wood irons. There a 3-wood and a 5-wood. They are both designed to make your shot rise higher. The shape of the clubhead is designed in such a way that it gives your ball the most aerodynamic support possible on impact.

If you do not particularly fancy using the long irons, you will be thrilled with the hybrids. They are designed to stand in for the long irons and deliver an equal or better performance each time. These come in a 4 and 5. They are versatile irons that will come in handy for a variety of shots.

The Iron/Wedge is designed to deliver maximum flight. Fortunately, this is paired with forgiveness and control. The irons are made of stainless steel. This gives them a decent amount of durability.

The putter is one that has a milled face for precision. There is an emphasis on distance, accuracy and control on each shot. I am sure you can see why these characteristics are important for a putter.

To complete the set is a lightweight bag that you can carry all of your new clubs in. It has ample space for the clubs as well as some convenient pockets for extra storage space. It has a retractable stand, allowing you to free up your hands and do other things.

You can purchase this for both right and left-handed players.


  • Perfect set for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Great value for money on a good set.
  • Good overall quality set from a trusted brand.
  • The bag is sturdy and spacious.
  • You will undoubtedly get a lot of use out of these.
  • This is a complete set of clubs that can go an entire course.


  • Some signs of wear and tear quickly appeared on the driver after a few rounds.

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

2. The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set

The Judge Founders Club Complete Golf Set

Our Honest Star Rating

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

There are ten clubs in this set. You get a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid iron, six irons and a mallet putter.

That offers you a wide range of options for liberal shot selection no matter what you face on the course.

The driver is a 469cc lofted to a 10.5 Degree angle. It features a titanium head with a large sweet spot. You will get more forgiveness on any mis-hits on the long shots.

The head is attached to a graphite shaft.

The #3 fairway wood is lofted at 15 Degrees. It is a mid-profile wood that can handle itself either on the tee or down the fairway. You will see a great distance and carry on your shots.

The clubhead is attached to a graphite shaft.

The #4 Hybrid iron is designed to facilitate versatility and allow you to unleash your shots comfortably. This is due to a large sweet spot and maximum forgiveness.

It is the perfect replacement for using long irons that tend to be harder to control. The head is attached to a lightweight graphite shaft.

All the irons are geared with cavity back irons that have wide soles. They are beginner-friendly and easy to get used to. You will get more flight on your shots.

They will also go a longer distance as well as straighter. Your mis-hits will receive more forgiveness. The irons include a #6, a #7, a #8, a #9, a PW as well as an SW. They are all flex graphite shafted.

The putter is a mallet one. The weight of the head is evenly spread with the head and the toe being heavier than the rest of the body.

This minimises the chances of twisting and guarantees a large sweet spot. It has alignment likes that make shot preparation and execution easier.

You will also get a lightweight stand bag. It is durable and ergonomic. The surrounding of the bag has a lot of pocket space for extra storage. It has a towel hanging loop.

Each of the 3 larger clubs has a headcover included.


  • A great quality product overall.
  • It includes every club that you will need on the course.
  • You cannot ask for much more for this price.
  • Extremely lightweight set and bag.
  • The putter does a great job on the green.
  • Includes a #4 iron.
  • Beginner and intermediate player-friendly.
  • Height friendly set for both short and tall players.


  • Wish there were some options offered in hand or colour.

3. Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Our Honest Star Rating

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

PreciseGolf Company has delivered a great set with this one. It is a 13 piece set that includes 3 headcovers, and a golfing bag.

This is a very reputable golf brand that doesn't disappoint with this high quality set!

There is always a first time for anything. We hoped it would not be this time.

The set includes a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, 5-PW irons and a putter.

The driver is made out of titanium. It is a 460cc head volume.

The fairway wood is similar to the driver in design. It is designed to take over from the driver to execute your mid-range distance shots once you have come off the tee.

The hybrid is designed to be a utility iron. It takes over where you would traditionally have had to use the longer irons, which are not as convenient.

There are 5-PW irons which are a staple to any golf bag. They are made to offer variety. You will find one that is suitable for any situation that you may find yourself in on the course.

The final piece in the clubs is the putter. It is perimeter weighted on the head. This offers that steady hand feeling when executing your putt shots.

All of the woods have shafts that are made of graphite. Both shafts and iron have temper steel. It offers added durability and resilience to adverse condition.

All of these have a two-strap golf bag that they can be carried around in. You can carry it on your shoulders or like a backpack. It has a stand system that has two legs. When you are tired of taking a shot, you can be assured that the bag will not topple over.

There are three headcovers that come with the set. That is one for the driver, the fairway wood and the hybrid. There is no sand wedge included in the set. The shaft offers a medium to firm flex. It is somewhere between the regular and form flex.


  • Perfect set for beginners and intermediate players as well.
  • You will love the double shoulder strap on the bag.
  • Great value for money.
  • Offers options for taller golfers as well.
  • Slow swing speed friendly.
  • The driver has a large sweet spot.
  • A complete set that can go through the entire course.


  • There is no sand wedge in this set.

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

4. Wilson Golf Ultra Men's 9-Club Set

Wilsons Golf Package set

Our Honest Star Rating

Depending on how long you have been playing.

You may not realise just how quickly gear and technology within the game have been advancing...

The sets that were traditionally for beginners but are now geared to go further with you as you improve.

This is something to keep in mind when you are out shopping for a set of clubs.

This set includes a total of 9 clubs. There is a driver, a fairway wood, a 6, 7, 9 and a 9 iron, a pitching wedge as well as a putter. To complete the set, you will also receive a bag and headcovers for the large club heads.

The driver has a 460cc clubhead. It is built to deliver distance off the tee. This is courtesy of the titanium head. It offers a large sweet spot with a good amount of forgiveness on your shots.

The fairway wood is geared to offer a smooth transition from the tee onto the green. It is perfect for those mid-range shots where the driver would be overkill.

The hybrid comes in where the fairway wood stops, although they can often be interchanged. It is great for mid-range to long-range shots. If the long iron can’t quite get it right, you can always turn to the driver.

The pitching wedge is the ultimate iron to get you out of trouble it is built to hit the ball at an upward angle without a necessary focus on the distance. If you find yourself caught up in the sand or other such places, this would rescue you. You get a higher but shorter trajectory with each shot.

There are three headcovers included in the set. That is one for the driver, fairway wood and the hybrid.

The bag included is extremely lightweight and convenient to carry around. It is geared for ease, with a double shoulder strap included. All of the drivers and woods have shafts that are made of graphite.


  • Beginner and intermediate golfer friendly.
  • Offers a wide range of clubs that complete a set.
  • Good value for money.
  • The driver shows little sign of wear and tear after a few rounds.
  • Great set of clubs from a trusted brand.


  • Wish they would include a 4 iron.

5. Wilson Profile XD Complete Golf Set

Wilson Mens Profile XD Complete Golf Set with Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

This is a 14 piece club set from Wilson. It features a wide variety of sizes that should fit every golfer.

The overarching aim of the design was to deliver distance and control on every shot.

The distance mechanism is based on the speed of your swing. In that sense, we can say that those that have a faster swing speed will see more distance off the tee.

The driver has an oversized head that is power weighted. It provides great forgiveness courtesy of a large sweet spot.

The fairway wood has weighting placed lower in the head of the club. This usually means that connection with the ball will be on the lower end. It will slide underneath the ball on impact. The result is a stronger loft on the fairway and to get you out of sticky situations in the rough.

The hybrid is designed to be an easy to use versatile golf club. It has a high launch technology for better trajectory in comparison to long irons.

The irons are made of stainless steel. There is an iron for every sort of situation that you could possibly encounter on the course. It is perimeter weighted to create a large sweet spot and grant you more forgiveness.

The pitching wedge is designed to get you more spin off the ball. It is wedge geared for enhanced playability and overall performance on the green.

The sand wedge is a key piece of gear to have. Its purpose is to deliver low weighting and a wide sole. It helps pull you out of the bunker by elevating the trajectory of your shots.

The putter features the heel to toe weighting. This makes it easy to line up shots and execute them. There is more stability on the head to deliver enhanced accuracy with each stroke.

The final piece is the bag to carry all of the clubs in. It combines durability with comfort. The top is padded to allow for the organising of your clubs to keep them safe while on the go. There are 3 large pockets on the bag.

Our favourite thing about this is that there are 7 sizes to choose from. You will definitely find one that fits your height.


  • Wilson provides this in a variety of sizes.
  • The clubs are all well made and durable.
  • They have a lovely grip.
  • These offer great value for money.
  • A good product from a company we love.
  • A beginner and intermediate player friendly set.


  • Wish they had a #4 iron.

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Buyer’s Guide

If you have read through the top picks you probably have your eye on that special golf set. Some readers may want to know a little more about key details that go into the manufacturing of these products as well as things that influence our choices.

That is a fair question for one to have.

To answer this we have gathered together some of the things that we think any intermediate golfer or someone looking to buy a set for such a person should be looking at.

One of the key things that golfers should know are the types of golf clubs that are available. This would allow you to consider what you ought to get in order to have a complete bag.


Irons run from numbers 1-9. The lowest one, number 1 provides the most distance on your shots if struck at the same strength. As you go up, the distance achieved on each shot decreases.

Although you get less distance when using the higher numbered irons, they give you more loft. This will in many cases determine the situations in which they would be most useful.

As you would have noted from all of our reviews, you will be hard-pressed to find a golf club set that has a number 1 or 2 included.

These are somewhat specialist irons. They require a bit of experience to use effectively. As such, most sets will start at number 3 or 4.


Wedges usually come in one of three forms. You will get the pitching wedge, the sand wedge or the lob wedge. The most commonly sought after is the sand wedge. This is mainly because it is somewhere in the middle between the pitching and lob one. It gives a good balance between distance and loft.

If you want to get more distance, the pitching wedge will deliver. It has the lowest centre of gravity. If you are looking for more lofting, the lob wedge will do the job. When you find yourself to in a terrible situation, this might pull you out.


Hybrids rub between 3-6. They were brought in to remedy the difficulty that it is to use long irons. Hybrids have a shorter shaft. Beginners and intermediate players will find this to be of great use. They also offer more forgiveness on mis-hit than you would get with most long irons.


Putters are geared for the finish. They are designed with simplicity in mind. The best way to think of them is as a bridge between any place on the green and the hole. They have various connections, weighting and so on to deliver options.

The weighting of the head goes a long way when it comes to putters. Toes weighted putters, for instance, will give you some spin that goes towards the weighted end. The side that is not weighted would swing and generate this turn. Putters that have the shaft connected in the middle are usually the most popular among beginners and intermediate players.

They are just easier to use. The mechanism is one of lining up and striking.

Final Words

We have delivered a great selection of golf clubs that would be ideal for the intermediate player.

Make sure you take your time to go through each of the reviews on each product. They all have their upsides and downside. It is up to you as an individual to make sure that you have considered each of these factors before arriving at your decision.

If for any reason you would rather not make this choice and want a single recommendation, our top pick is highlighted close to the top of the article.

For those that want to get a bit more detail into what clubs are in a golf set and what they all do, our buyer’s guide will go a long way in giving some pointers. Knowing these things will allow you to understand whether or not the club set you are picking has everything that you would need in it.

If not, you would then need to consider the added cost that comes with getting the additional gear that you may want to add to your set.

You will not find a set that comes with every possible iron. It is up to the golfer to build up their set to where they want it to be. This may involve getting rid of some irons that you do not use or are not ideal for the level that you are playing at.

High handicap players are less likely to get any value out of using the lower numbered irons. There is no point burdening yourself with the extra gear that will not deliver extra value to your game.

Another thing that you should always do is try out irons when you are out on the golf course. This is not a practice that will necessarily deliver on the sizes that you use.

However, others have irons that you do not have. Giving them a try on the range or on the course will allow you to figure out whether or not they would be of any use to you. There are other ways to do this, but, nothing will ever beat firsthand experience. It will usually leave you with no doubt about your need or your thought in regards to club.

If we had to boil it down to a few key factors to consider when making your choice it would be:

  1. The range of clubs and irons that come with the set.
  2. The sort of putter that is included in the set.
  3. The size of the driver that is included with the set.
  4. How good the bag that comes with the set is.
  5. Does it include a hybrid iron?

Making sure that these 5 factors are ticking off on your checklist will put you in a good place when making your selection. Beyond that, you can always refer back to our buyer’s guide or the reviews to see some of the other things that were considered. Otherwise, Happy Golfing!