Wilson Triton Driver Review

Wilson Triton Driver Review

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Wilson might not be the first brand you think of when you're looking to buy a new driver but hold on right there. This Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver review will show you a different type of long club.


It's different...

We highly recommend that you read our informative, hands on review below before you make your mind up that a Wilson Staff could never make it into your bag.

Below you will find our hands on range testing review of the Wilson Staff Triton DVD.

If you are considering purchasing one of the best drivers in the market, we have also included a list of PROS and CONS in our standard rating table below.

You'll also find our star rating for the club on Build Quality, Control and Performance and finally, Design and Appearance!

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Wilson Triton Driver

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Wilson Triton Driver

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  • The Wilson Staff team have taking a giant leap forward with the innovation packed into the Triton DVD driver.
  • Easy customisation options available to you via the sole plat adjustments mean you don't need to head in to your club shop every time you want to tweak you clubs settings.
  • Such a consistent driver! Anyone looking to improve on their drive accuracy and distance consistency should look no further than the Wilson Triton DVD.
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Wilson Triton Driver Review

Wilson Triton Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

Today we've been testing the new Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver.

We were excited to get our hands on this driver and check it for many reasons. 

The Wilson Staff Triton DVD And It's Interesting Backstory

The first is that it's got a very cool backstory, for those of you that don't know this driver design appeared in a driver versus driver competition on the Golf Channel in the US.

On the Golf channel show, aspiring golf equipment designers competed with their various designs to win a cash prize.

But not only this,

They also got their driver developed by Wilson!

How amazing is that!

Then they had their driver marketed and sold to the public. You may have already guessed, but the winner of that Golf Channel competition was the Triton DVD driver which was designed by a guy called Eric sillies. 

The panel that judged the competition included Kevin Streelman, who is a Wilson PGA Tour player but also Frank Thomas who was the US GDA director and developed a number of the testing procedures for golf clubs in todays game. There's a hell of a lot of equipment making and know-how pumped into this golf clubs design.

"A driver that is jam packed with cool features so good they will make your golf buddies weep on the tee box - because you keep on crushing them..."

I'd go as far as to say it's the most advanced driver Wilson have ever made. That's because of the host of adjustable features that we see on this club. We've got an adjustable loft in the hosel, so just by merely twisting and shifting the hosel up and down, we can change the loft by 1 degree.

This hosel adjuster is really one of the most easy to use on the market in our view. The hosel becomes moveable without even having to detach the head. All you need to do is use the wrench to undo the bolt within the head and there you go.

Quick and easy access to six hosel settings.

The settings are as follows: 1 degree stronger, standard, 1 degree weak. Then there is the use of the same three settings to adjust the draw capabilities of the driver.

There's also some draw settings but the critical feature, the main piece of technology, is this adjustable soleplate.

Now it comes in two versions I've got the carbon fibre version fitted first off which is distinguished by the pattern that is on the plate - this weighs in at 9 grams. 

Then there's also a titanium soleplate which weighs a little bit more at 22 grams, so switching between the two soleplates should change the launch and spin of your shots.

Presumably, the titanium soleplate, which is heavier, should lower the spin and increase the launch trajectory a little bit by moving the centre of gravity further down in the club head. 

While the carbon soleplate is setup for players that are looking for a lower launch angle and lower spin.

Now whichever soleplate you choose they're held on by three adjustable weights: we've got one on the toe, and two in the back of the club head. The black ones are 2 grams, and the red one is 6 grams.

You can change these around depending on the preference of shots shape that you want to achieve with your driver. This means the driver can be finely changed to suit any golfers needs


The driver also comes with this adjustable pack which is quite cool, you can put your soleplate in there, and it's got a wrench to adjust it very quickly. It's also got an additional 6 gram weight so you can change the 2 gram for a 6 gram.

If you want a more pronounced shot shape if you want a little bit more draw on your driver, you can put the 6 gram weight on in the heel, instead of the 2 gram. Also, that's going to give you more of a draw bias on your shot shape!

How's the Wilson Triton Look In Your Bag And Will It's Hitting Performance Deliver On The Hype?

One other thing I want to talk to you about before we talk about the performance of this driver is how it looks when you address the ball.

That's because you've got this powerful swing technology built into the club.

It's called a 1:1 design.

The 1:1 design is there to help you align the clubface with the ball, but also helps to improve your swing play a little bit. So it's designed to help you take the club away on a nice neutral path during your backswing.

I wouldn't say it did that for me, but it helped align the clubface, you've also got a black leading edge on a black face so without the 1:1 technology it would be challenging to align the face to your intended target.

It'll really help with your ball striking consistency, resulting better distance and accuracy.


So we talked about technology before but you know we want to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the performance of this driver. So let's have a look at the performance of this driver.

We've been testing the Triton on our GC2 launch monitor using premium golf balls. So let's have a look at the data to see exactly how it performed and the differences in performance I got between the 2 gram and the 6-gram sole plates.

Okay, so we've got the launch monitor data here from the GC2. We tested Triton and driver with the tall extra stiff shaft which isn't the shaft I would normally use with a Wilson driver.

I've got the testing with two different sole plates at 10 degrees of loft for both. Our performance numbers are fascinating to look at, and you would think using the different weight sole plates you would get a difference in launch and spin and maybe even trajectory as well.

However, honestly, the performance of this driver across the board was pretty much the same!

The average carry was precisely the same at 270 yards - which is an excellent carry by the way for me hitting. It's definitely in the top half or top five of the drivers I've tested concerning the carry distance.

Each of the ten shots I hit had precisely the same ball speed at 150 miles an hour with just the same launch angle 14.5 degrees and pretty much the same spin rate between the two sole plates between 2200-2300.

So there has indeed been absolutely nothing in it, both sole plates have shown precisely the same peak height as well at 39 yards.

So to be honest with you I don't know what to say about the difference between the two sole plates.

They have been pretty much the same. Which in a way is nice because we've seen consistent shot hitting.

What I would say is that with both the sole plates the overall performance was outstanding.

There was a nice healthy high launch angle at 14.5 degrees and combining that with the kind of mid to low spin and great carry at 270 yards average over ten shots with a nice mid to high ball flight - you can't be anything but happy with that performance overall.

Would We Recommend This Club To Our Golf Buddies....

Well, to be honest with you....


We want to keep this as our little secret right?

The performance of the Triton was excellent.

The only thing I would say is that I didn't get a significant performance difference regarding the spin or launch angle between the two sole plates. If you want to change the ball flight, you can do using the 6-gram weight instead of a 2-gram weight, but I didn't feel the need to do that.

When I looked at the dispersion average, it was less than five yards offline for both. So, honestly, it was hard to understand how the performance was remarkably similar between the two sole plates.

However, in summary, I don't want to take anything away from the stunning performance we got out of this club.

Ultimately, it's a unique looking driver at address, and there's so much to admire about the way it sits next to the ball.

You've got so many options concerning alignment assistance on the top of the head so you can see, from what we've seen, the driver is something different for the market.

The 1:1 technology helps you align the clubface, and it includes an excellent visual aid for you to help you align the swing of the club to maximise the impact at the ball.

The Wilson Triton DVD driver feels powerful and banging off the face at the strike.

It's one of the best feeling Wilson drivers we've ever tested, and we've hit a lot of Wilson drivers.

In conclusion, this Wilson Triton DVD is the best Wilson Driver we've hit. It's the top of the list regarding Wilson drivers available on the market in our view, so if you're looking for a driver that's going to give you excellent, all-around performance, there's no doubt that the Triton is going to deliver that for you.

Moreover, for the very reasonable price, there's an element of value there. If you go and get, custom fitted for this driver you may you may experience a vast separation in spin and launch and different performances from the different sole plates, just because we didn't experience a vast difference between the two sole plates doesn't mean that you won't.

Clearly ball strike plays an integral part in this equation as well, so that's another element to consider.

However, all in all the Triton driver is one of Wilson's best-performing driver's ever made.

It's going to appear on the course with a broad spectrum of players and abilities because the flexible options available to you make the Wilson Triton driver an excellent all-around package as I've mentioned before the value that you get from a driver that's packed with game enhancing technology and is so versatile in its customisation.

You just have got to consider putting this baby in your bag!

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  • The Wilson Staff team have taking a giant leap forward with the innovation packed into the Triton DVD driver.
  • Easy customisation options available to you via the sole plat adjustments mean you don't need to head in to your club shop every time you want to tweak you clubs settings.
  • Such a consistent driver! Anyone looking to improve on their drive accuracy and distance consistency should look no further than the Wilson Triton DVD.


  • During our testing we didn't find that the weight adjustable sole plates made a huge difference to our shot performance. But don't take our word for it. Try it out yourself first, every player is different!
  • If don't like to hear a thud sound when you strike the ball on the tee and need to wear ear protectors to take care of your hearing, the Wilson Triton DVD might not be the driver for you. We loved the sound!

Wilson drivers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tell me if the Wilson Triton DVD in the 10.5 degree is USGA Conforming?

Answer: Yes we can confirm that this is a USGA conforming club

2. Is this driver now approved by the USGA ?

Answer: We can confirm that the USGA ruled that the 10.5 degree and 12 degree did not conform to the standards required. But don't worry a fix is at hand. All drivers sold from 1st January 2017 have been changed to ensure they conform to the USGA standards.

3. Is it possible for me to change the lie and loft angles of the Wilson Triton DVD? I'm especially keen to set draw bias and also a higher loft setup?

Answer: Yes you can have the club altered at an official Wilson custom fit store.

4. Is it possible to get this club fitted with a longer shaft?

Answer: Yes, this is possible. Your local Wilson qualified custom fit store can help you with this.

5. Does this club come with weights and a headcover?

Answer: If you're buying the club from new then all this kit should be included. Please verify with the seller.

Final Words

The Wilson Triton Driver is our favourite Wilson Drive. The technology packed into this driver is astonishing. From the sole plate weightings to the 1:1 alignment everywhere you look around this club there is a player performance aid waiting for you to help you knock your next drive out of the park. We know you'll step up to the tee box with confidence holding the Wilson Triton DVD driver in your hand.

You'll have your golf buddies quacking in their boots. It looks great, it's great value and most importantly the Wilson Triton DVD delivers on performance consistently.




Go get yours today. We're confident you won't regret it!

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