What is a Golf Umbrella

What is a Golf Umbrella?

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Have you ever noticed someone golfing with an umbrella? No, they weren’t trying to be “fancy.” Golf umbrellas can come in handy when it comes to golfing in the sun and rain. If you don’t want the elements to stop you, a golf umbrella may be an excellent addition to your golf arsenal.

What is a golf umbrella? A golf umbrella is a type of umbrella that is specifically designed for golfers. They work to shield the golfer from the harsh rays of the sun or raindrops. The golf umbrella is so much larger than traditional umbrellas; they can also shield the golfer’s basket.

If you’re considering buying a golf umbrella for yourself or a golfing buddy, keep reading. This article shares what exactly a golf umbrella is and why it can be so beneficial during gameplay. Plus, you will learn some other interesting info like the different types and sizes of golf umbrellas.

What is a Golf Umbrella Used For?

A golf umbrella is, well, like any other umbrella, really. It is designed to protect the golfer from the rain and sun.

Let’s face it – it’s not the simplest task to try and golf when the sun is blazing in your eyes and obstructing your view.

It’s also not ideal when it’s pouring rain, and your glasses keep fogging up.

golf umbrella blowing in the rain

Cue the golf umbrella!

These uniquely designed umbrellas are created to be much larger than their traditional counterparts. They’re bigger because they are technically used for the golfer and his basket since wet equipment is not ideal. 

Types of Golf Umbrellas

At this point, you know that golf umbrellas are a good idea, and you should probably get one. It can really change your gameplay!

But which one is right for you? To answer that question, we need to look at the different options available.

  • Folds. Not all golf umbrellas are created equal. Some have extra folds, which is beneficial for those that play in the rain frequently.
  • Structure. The canopy structure can also have several layers, making it more ideal for rainfall.
  • Shape. The canopy can also be bought in round or square, which may be more of a design preference than anything else.
  • Opening. Does it open manually or automatically? This preference is specifically geared towards your style and what type of umbrella you’d prefer.
  • Fabric. There are plenty of fabrics to choose between, too. Which fabric you prefer will depend largely on the type of weather you play. However, you can expect to see various top-notch picks like PVC and pongee.
  • Handle. Straight or curved? Some may find the curved option more comfortable during gameplay, but this is a personal preference.

What Size is a Golf Umbrella?

Golf umbrellas can range in size. They start at 26 inches but can be as big as 34 inches. This is quite impressive compared to a “normal” umbrella, as standard lengths range between just 21 and 25 inches.

The extended rib length ensures that the golfer and his equipment are safe from the elements during gameplay.

A golf umbrella is much larger than regular umbrellas, which causes some to believe it may be heavy or troublesome on the green.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Although vastly larger, golf umbrellas are made using a fiberglass shaft that allows for a lightweight and comfortable feel. It also ensures the umbrella is lightning-resistant, which is a big perk.


Now that you know the basics of a golf umbrella, it’s time to dive into some of the frequently asked questions about this query.

What is special about a golf umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are aptly larger than their traditional counterparts, providing more protection from the sun and rain. Not only that, but the fiberglass shaft allows for lightweight and comfortable carry. Most are made with high-end materials, such as pongee, that have tremendous protection from the elements and won’t wear and tear over time.

Is a golf umbrella necessary?

While not exactly essential, a golf umbrella is a great addition to anyone’s golf arsenal. A golf umbrella will keep the golfer and his equipment safe and dry. This results in better gameplay. It also ensures that the golfer can be seen in bad weather conditions, a great safety measure.

What is the best umbrella for golf?

There are many top-notch golf umbrellas on the market. When buying, consider things like the design, strength, fabric, structure, and opening. For help deciding, here are a few of the top picks from golfers across the country:

  • Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella
  • G4Free 54/62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella
  • MRTLLOA Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

What to look for in a golf umbrella?

There are several things to consider when buying a golf umbrella. First, make sure you’re comfortable with the size and weight. From there, check out the fabric and canopy design. Some are better suited for high winds, while others are designed to tackle rain. Lastly, pick your favorite design and be glad you purchased a golf umbrella!


A golf umbrella can mean the difference between winning the game and being left out in the cold rain (no pun intended).

Golf umbrellas are an essential piece of equipment for fending off the rain and sun, and having one of these XL umbrellas can seriously improve overall gameplay.

Most golf umbrellas will get the job done right, but try to find a design, shape, and fabric that suits your specific weather situations.