What is a Golf Towel Used for

What is a Golf Towel Used for?

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Towels are handy for various purposes, such as after a shower or when drying dishes. But they’re also convenient for golfers, too. Wait…what is a golf towel used for again? Aren’t they just an overpriced dish towel with a golf logo on it? Au contraire! As you will read, because of their unique purposes, golf towels can seriously enhance your gameplay. And did you know that they’re used by amateurs and PGA professionals alike?

What is a golf towel used for? Just like any other kind of towel, a golf towel is used for cleaning and drying. A clean and dry golf club hits much better than a dirty wet one. Likewise, sweaty hands can ruin your grip and ultimately cause you to lose the game.

Avoid these disastrous golfing situations by carrying around a golf towel (USGA approved!).

What is a Golf Towel Used For? (2 Main Purposes)

what are golf towels used for?

Golf towels have two purposes that mimic the purposes of any other towel: clean and dry. But how is this relevant to the game of golf? Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific reasons why you should always have a golf towel at the ready.

1. Cleaning

One of the key things a golf towel does is clean. Have you ever tried to hit a golf club that’s covered in grime and caked-on dirt? It makes for a wonky shot that could cost you the game.

The best thing to do? Use a damp golf towel to clean off the club when it gets dirty. Use your other dry towel to wipe it clean. Professionals use this trick even when their golf club is not necessarily dirty. A quick wipe ensures it’s in pristine condition.  It also fends off rust, which is something every golfer will enjoy.

The same is true for golf balls, too. Dirty golf balls are more challenging to hit than clean ones. So, if you notice your ball getting a little dirty, a quick swipe with the wet and dry golf towels can work wonders for your gameplay.

And don’t worry – it’s perfectly fine to carry more than one golf towel at a time, and you will be glad you did.

2. Drying

Even more important than the cleaning aspect is the drying. A golf towel used for drying can be used in multiple applications, including:

  • Drying off the club. Trying to shoot when your club is wet is going to be a recipe for disaster. You will ultimately lose your grip and risk the shot. Avoid this disaster by drying off wet clubs before taking the shot.
  • Drying the ball. A wet golf club can be challenging to hit correctly. Again, you can deter an “off” shot by simply drying off a ball. This will come in handy if you ever have the off chance of shooting into a lake, stream, or puddle of mud. It’s also great for days when the green is just simply wet from rainfall the night before.
  • Drying your hands. Last but not least, you can use your golf towel to dry off your sweaty palms. Seriously. Being out in the sun all day can lead to some drenched palms. This can pose a challenge to your grip of the club, leading to horrible shots. Use the golf towel to dry your hands and reclaim your best shot.
  • Drying your face. Sweaty palms aren’t the only issue with golfing; your face can get quite sweaty, too. If sweat beads drip into your eyes, it can make it harder to see where you need to put. So, wipe your face before putting and be glad you did.

How to Carry Golf Towels?

When you’re out on the green with all of your equipment, you might wonder how exactly you’re supposed to carry golf towels, too. Well, it’s pretty simple. There are special rings situated at the top of golf bags that carry golf towels with ease.

If you plan to carry multiple golf towels, say one wet and one dry, you can use separate clips on your golf bag.

What is the hole in a golf towel for?

The hole in a Caddy Towel has one specific purpose: to drape casually over a club. By draping over a club, the towel stays put and won’t get lost inside the bag. It also makes it so you don’t have to purchase accessories such as a towel loop or clip.

What is a golf players towel?

The Golf Players Towel is a unique towel that is designed with a microfiber waffles design. Due to this “technology,” it can get into the grooves of clubs with ease. This produces an optimal cleaning and drying that golfers will enthuse about on the green.

How many towels should be in a golf bag?

The number of towels that are in a golfer’s bag depends on the golfer. Some golfers are fine with a single golf towel for wiping their hands, club, and balls clean and dry when necessary. However, some golfers prefer to use the two-step system for better cleaning using two towels.

Some golfers may ditch the golf towel altogether, and that’s okay, too. In this instance, golfers will rely on ball washing stations that typically have some drying source.

The benefit to bringing a personal towel or towels is that you don’t have to seek out a ball washing station should your ball get dirty. It’s also better for golfers to dry their hands, face,  and club before putting.

Conclusion: What are Golf Towels Used For?

caddy using a golf towel

A golf towel can change your gameplay because it will provide a smooth and dry surface on the club and the ball. This will lead to a better shot overall,  which could be the edge you need to win the game. You can bring a single towel or two towels, one wet and one dry, on the green.

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