What is a Golf Divot Tool (Do I Need One)

What is a Golf Divot Tool? (Do I Need One?)

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Imagine you’re watching a golf tournament on television. The golfer steps up with the golf club and prepares for the shot. Golfer swings, nails the golf ball and the ball is sent on its way down the course.

Sometimes you’ll also see a chunk of grass take off along with the ball or a mark is left behind by either the golf club or the golf ball. Does that ruin the course permanently? The good news is no! There’s a special tool that will fix the damaged grass right up.

So what is a golf divot tool? A golf divot tool is what’s used to repair the marks and indentations left by golf balls in the grass on the golf course.

Why Is a Golf Divot Tool Needed?

what is a divot tool in golf

When golfers play, they sometimes scrape the grass with their clubs.

At times, even the golf ball itself may leave an indention in the grass. A golf ball might plop down onto the green, causing a small depression in the ground. The damage to the golf course grass is called “divots”.

It is important for the golf course to be kept in tip top shape, and this includes regularly repairing any damage to the course. Repairing the damage right away prevents long term problems with the grass roots and its ability to grow.

Who Uses the Golf Divot Tool?

There are a few situations where a golf divot tool is used. It is the golfer’s responsibility to repair any divots they have made in the grass.

Most golfers bring a golf caddy along with them on the course. In some cases, the golf caddy is responsible for repairing any damage the golfer does with the golf clubs or the golf ball. Oftentimes, the golf caddy will carry a divot tool around with them so that they can repair the course before moving on to the next hole.

Divot repair also falls under the job description for the greenkeeper.

The greenkeeper is the person who makes sure the golf course is presentable. This person maintains the grounds by mowing the grass and setting the greens pins and tee markers.

An additional part of the grounds-keeping duties is divot repair. The greenkeeper will carry a divot repair tool with them and take care of any marks that might have been missed by players or caddies.

Where Do I Get a Golf Divot Tool?

You might be wondering how you can acquire this magic tool. Simple – most golf courses have them available.

They’re usually fairly inexpensive.

Most golf courses encourage golfers to repair divots in the course and some courses may give them away for free to accompany you on your round. It helps them out after all!

If you’re looking for something custom or slightly fancier, you can also check out a golf pro shop or other sporting goods retailer. Of course, you can also order online.

How to Use a Golf Divot Tool

So the next question is what does this tool look like and how do I use it? The divot repair tool is usually made of plastic or metal and has one or two pointy prongs on the end. Think key fob or small bottle opener with prongs. The prongs are what you’ll insert into the grass for the repair.

Using the divot tool is simple. Find the ball mark and notice where the green is slightly raised. You’ll insert the pointy end into the raised edge at a 45 degree angle. It is super important that you not insert the divot tool into the area that the ball has pushed down; it could cause further damage to the the green.

Your next step is to move the divot tool along the edge of the ball mark. Simply hold the divot tool into the ground and work around the sides of the mark. This will fill in the indentation left by the golf ball. Many make the mistake of trying to pull the indentation out of the ground to even it out.

This is not the proper way!

Make sure not to pull up on the tool because then you risk tearing up and damaging the grass roots.

After you’ve used your divot tool, you will want to lightly tap down the green with your putter where the mark was and you should have even ground again!

Divot tools are an invaluable addition to any golf bag.

Why Repair Divots?

So why do divots need to be repaired anyway?

And why should golfers do it?

There is a person who is designated for that task, after all. Well, the simple answer is common courtesy and proper etiquette.

Repairing a divot you’ve made in the green sets a positive example for other players and aids in the way the golf course plays.

Most golfers follow the practice of repairing multiple divots on the green – including those they did not make. This ensures a smooth green surface and keeps the grass healthy.

If left, a divot can cause the grass to die, making for an unsightly blemish on the course.

Repairing the divots helps the turf recover and restores a smooth playing surface for everyone else.

If you wait to repair a divot, it can take months to properly heal.

This can result in dents in the green and an uneven playing surface, which can have a negative effect on everyone’s golf game. It’s best to take the initiative to “clean up” after yourself.

Recap: What is a Divot Tool in Golf?

The golf divot tool plays an important part in a round of golf. The tool is used to repair any marks the golf ball has made in the turf. Using the tool is simple and helps to ensure an attractive golf course and a quality game for all players.