Best Golf Shirts [year] (Men & Women Top 10)

Best Golf Shirts 2024 (Men & Women Top 10)

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Your attire isn’t only about practicality – style is also an element worth considering. Your golf shirt is an essential item when you plan on spending the day hitting the links. The best golf shirts aren’t an afterthought, because these manufacturers know that comfort is critical when making your way through the fairway.

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Golfing is not a fashion show (or is it?!), but you wouldn’t want to leave it short-sided. These golf shirts will ace your style while complimenting comfort!

Best Men’s Golf Shirts (2024 Update)

Best Men's Golf Shirts

A perfect men’s golf polo can give you an extra boost in confidence and the ease needed for the perfect shot.

Here are the top 9 best golf shirts for men right now:

  • Best For Larger Players – TravisMathew The Heater Polo
  • Best For ON-And-Off Course Wear – TravisMathew The Ten Year 2.0 Polo
  • Best Famous Golf Shirt – FootJoy Shadow Palm Print Lisle
  • Best Classic Shirt – Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Performance Polo
  • Best For Tall Players – Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo
  • Best For Cold Weather – FootJoy Thermolite Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Best Striped Shirt – Puma MATTR One Way Polo Shirt
  • Best Color Options – Adidas Textured Stripe Polo
  • Best For Sustainability – Ocean Tee Reef Polo Shirt

Best For Larger Players – TravisMathew The Heater Polo

[amazon box = “B09QKT6GPZ” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Another great TravisMathew option is [amazon link=”B09QKT6GPZ” title=”The Heater Polo” /]. This polo shirt offers the same top quality as other TravisMathew clothing, along with anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, quick-drying elements, producing a top-notch golf shirt. 

The Heater Polo is an excellent option for larger golfers as the shoulders are a wider square cut. This polo has a very high rating thanks to its comfortability and size accuracy. The negative of this polo is that it is a little on the pricy side at $90.

Best For ON-And-Off Course Wear – TravisMathew The Ten Year 2.0 Polo

[amazon box = “B09HJRC83X” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

TravisMathew is a well-known golfing apparel brand guaranteed to offer you a quality polo that can be worn on and off the course. [amazon link=”B09HJRC83X” title=”The Ten Year 2.0 Polo” /] has a loose fit for comfortable wear. It is lightweight and is designed to keep you cool through moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology. 

This shirt is available in five different colors and has anti-wrinkle material made of 59% cotton and 51% polyester. This shirt has a lot of cotton in its composition, so it is better to wear in cooler weather as it retains sweat a lot more than other shirts on this list.

Best Famous Golf Shirt – FootJoy Shadow Palm Print Lisle

If you loved Max Homa’s fit in his 2022 Wells Fargo Championship win, the FootJoy Shadow Palm Print Lisle is the golf shirt for you. This fun print offers a contemporary style along with its top-performing functionality. 

This polo has a traditional fit made of ProDry fabrication to keep sweat at bay. The shirt is highly durable and comfy. The print is beautiful but doesn’t match everyone’s style. 

Best Traditional Shirt – Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Performance Polo

[amazon box = “B075RY4T1H” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Ralph Lauren brings a unique class to golf apparel, and the [amazon link=”B01F1CX3RS” title=”Classic Fit Polo” /] will wow your wardrobe.

This golf shirt has a classic fit and is available in multiple colors. It is made of high-quality material bound to last you many days out on the course and is stylish enough to complement a casual outfit. 

This polo shirt is designed to wick moisture and stretch while you play. The colors seen in pictures don’t end up as bright in person – so you need to bear that in mind when ordering one.

Best For Tall Players – Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo

[amazon box = “B01GH5GC7Q” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

This Under Armour golf shirt is a winner in balancing comfort, fit, technology and price. The shirt is lightweight and has commendable breathability for those extra sunny days. It has a clean and simplistic design with a loose fit and is available in many colors so owning more than one is worthwhile. 

The [amazon link=”B01GH5GC7Q” title=”Men’s Tech Polo” /] is also excellent at keeping sweat at bay and is quick drying. The downside is that the quality isn’t as good as the other polos available on the market. 

Best For Cold Weather – FootJoy Thermolite Long Sleeve Shirt

This athletic fit long-sleeve polo is fantastic for colder days. Although the sleeves are long, the FootJoy Thermolite is still completely breathable thanks to its hollow core fibers, which also aid the shirt in drying after you sweat. 

The shirt also has anti-microbial fabric to reduce sweat odor and anti-wrinkle and shrinkage technology for easy care. There aren’t any reviews on this shirt, which leaves the negatives unpredictable, but the quality and features make sure that it is one of the best options.

Best Striped Shirt – Puma MATTR One Way Polo Shirt

[amazon box = “B08PKP2P3N” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Puma has fine-tuned this golf shirt through research and technology to deliver a moisture-wicking, breathable shirt that is light and comfortable to play in.  It has a 4-way stretch and a wide fit at the shoulders and sleeves for unrestricted movement. 

The [amazon link=”B08PKP2P3N” title=”Puma MATTR One Way” /] is available in multiple colors, is easy to wash, and has a high rating for its ease of wear. The style is bold and unique but not for everyone.

Best Color Options – Adidas Textured Stripe Polo

[amazon box = “B07DW6LM97″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

This Adidas golf polo has a blade collar for those who aren’t fans of the traditional collar and want a more casual look that is permissible on the golf course. This athletic fit shirt is available in five colors, with stylish stripes to complete your golf look. 

The [amazon link=”B07DW6LM97″ title=”Adidas Textured Strip Polo” /] is made of 100% recycled polyester with brilliant material breathability. The 100% polyester means that the fabric isn’t soft but will keep sweat at bay.

Best For Sustainability – Ocean Tee Reef Polo Shirt

This golf shirt is extremely lightweight and is made of sustainable materials according to Greenpeace standards. The shirt has a simple design and is available in red, blue, and grey. 

Besides the sleek, fashionable look, the Reef Polo Shirt offers excellent stretch, temperature regulation, and anti-odor features. The $100 for this golf shirt is heavy on the wallet, but it does pack many features.

Best Women’s Golf Shirts (2024 Update)

Ten Best Woman's Golf Shirts

Women are typically more fashion-forward on the golf course, which is why these best golf shirts for women are specially picked for appearance and functionality:

  1. Best Sleeve Style – FootJoy Women’s Cap Sleeve Print Interlock Polo Shirt
  2. Best For White Shirt Fans – Adidas Warp Knit Quarter Zip Polo Shirt
  3. Best To Match Anyone’s Style – Ping Sedona Polo Shirt
  4. Best Value For Money – Puma Women’s Harding Sleeveless Golf Polo
  5. Best Material – Ocean Tee Reef Ladies’ Polo Shirt
  6. Best For Cold Days -Ocean Tee Golfino Long Sleeve Ladies’ Polo Shirt
  7. Best Collar Design – Nike Dri-FIT Victory Women’s Golf Polo
  8. Best Breathable Shirt – The Nike Dri-FIT ADV Ace Polo
  9. Best Traditional Golf Shirt – Golfino Ladies’ Polo
  10. Best For Sunny Days – Under Armour Zinger Ladies’ Golf Polo

Best Sleeve Style – FootJoy Women’s Cap Sleeve Print Interlock Polo Shirt

FootJoy Women’s Cap Sleeve Polo will fit the bill if you aim to shrug off a golfer’s tan and stay cool while playing golf.

The shirt boasts UV protection and keeps sweat away with moisture-wicking technology. It has a unique spot print pattern and is available in four colors to satisfy fashionistas. 

This FootJoy Polo is flattering and technology-packed, making it a prime choice. The shirt clings to your body, so be careful when choosing your size.

Best For White Shirt Fans – Adidas Warp Knit Quarter Zip Polo Shirt

[amazon box = “B081HHFMN7″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B081HHFMN7″ title=”Adidas Warp Knit” /] is for you if you want a classy white golf shirt. The shirt is made of mesh fabric, is breathable, and has top-notch moisture-wicking technology. It has a zip instead of buttons for an extra sporty look and packs some excellent features. 

It is also pleasantly lightweight, with a four-way stretch for comfortability while hitting the links. This shirt only comes in white, unfortunately.

Best To Match Anyone’s Style – Ping Sedona Polo Shirt

The Ping Sedona Polo is available in seven colors and has an elegant and straightforward cut to match anyone’s style. The shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable, with stretch features making it a go-to option. 

The Sedona has cooling technology, making it a perfect option for any weather condition. The material draws moisture away from the skin for an all-day dry feeling and dries quickly on those rainy days. The downside is that the athletic fit will only suit some.

Best Value For Money – Puma Women’s Harding Sleeveless Golf Polo

[amazon box = “B09QGWRW9P” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

This [amazon link=”B09QGWRW9P” title=”Harding Sleeveless” /] performance-fit golf shirt is sophisticated and a great golfing staple item. The wearability is effortless, lightweight, and breathable for a relaxed round of golf. This sleeveless zipper polo is available in various colors and is in an affordable price range.

The shirt features moisture-wicking technology with mesh paneling by the shoulders to keep you cool and dry and has stretch performance to help you nail the perfect shot.

Best Material – Ocean Tee Reef Ladies’ Polo Shirt

Ocean Tee is known for its sustainable fashion standards, and this Polo shirt delivers on this endeavor. The Reef Ladies Polo Shirt is made with 48% Tencel, a wood-based material with superb absorption qualities to retain moisture. 

Tencel also reduces sweat odors and growing bacteria for a stress-free golf day. The shirt is in three colors and has a classic ladies’ polo fit. On the downside, it is quite tight-fitting and expensive.

Best For Cold Days – Ocean Tee Golfino Long Sleeve Ladies’ Polo Shirt

Ocean Tee and Golfino teamed up to create this one-of-a-kind long sleeve golf polo which is a big yes in terms of style, sustainability, and comfort. This golf shirt also offers the Tencel benefits of moisture absorption and odor prevention. 

Don’t let the long sleeves deter you! The Ocean Tee Golfino Polo Shirt is breathable and temperature-regulating for a pleasant time playing golf. The animal print and signature Golfino stripes will sell you on choosing this appealing apparel. 

Best Collar Design – Nike Dri-FIT Victory Women’s Golf Polo

[amazon box = “B0BG36XC18″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

If you’re looking for an affordable but stylish option, the [amazon link=”B0BG36XC18″ title=”Nike Dri-Fit Victory Polo” /] is available in three colors, satisfying all golf shirt needs. This relaxed-fit golf shirt has a trendy petite collar with a 4-button placket made sustainably of 100% recycled material.

The polo is comfy and breathable and incorporates Nike’s Dri-Fit tech, so you’ll stay cool and dry on those hot days. Many reviews have said that the arm holes are on the larger side for the sleeveless option.

Best Breathable Shirt – The Nike Dri-FIT ADV Ace Polo

[amazon box = “B0BC5H24F1″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Another Nike favorite is this unique take on a golf polo, featuring a blade collar V-neck like no other. This golf garment will keep you cool, thanks to the airy neckline and highly breathable and lightweight fabric. This [amazon link=”B0BC5H24F1″ title=”Nike ADV Ace Polo” /] comes in two colors and has a stretchable fabric for ultimate movability. The Nike Dri-Fit ADV Ace is the most wonderful, comfortable option on this list!

Best Traditional Golf Shirt – Golfino Ladies’ Polo

The Golfino Ladies’ Polo with a Troyer-style collar is a superb option if you want a polished look. The shirt also features capped sleeves to keep you cool, in addition to its moisture-wicking qualities. This golf shirt will stay dry thanks to the material’s quick evaporation. 

This polo will save you from sunburn with its UV radiation-protecting material. The material is also soft and elastic for ideal comfort and movement.

Best For Sunny Days – Under Armour Zinger Ladies’ Golf Polo

[amazon box = “B089G3R61L” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Under Armour has created an ergonomic golf polo, suitable for any ladies’ wardrobe thanks to the multiple colors in a classic golf shirt style. [amazon link=”B089G3R61L” title=”The Zinger Golf Polo” /] has a streamlined fit, and the fabric is breathable and lightweight, designed with a 4-way stretch to move with your body as you play. 

It has anti-wicking, anti-odor, and UPF50+ protection – music to any golfer’s ears when spending a long golf day in the sun. 

What Makes a Golf Shirt the Best, Anyway? (7 Factors to Choosing the Perfect Golf Shirt)

What Makes A Golf Shirt The Best

You know how long a day out golfing can be, and your shirt needs to support you in the adored game, from weather conditions to movement support. All the specialized qualities in a golf garment need to sum up comfort and durability into the mix so that you can wear it many times over.

When choosing golf shirts, there are a few redeeming qualities to remember when picking out the best, ranging from how snug and long the shirt is to the fabric qualities that make it golf worthy. 


Golf shirts offer a standard type of fit and usually use the words athletic, regular, and relaxed. Athletic styles are more tailored to the shape of your body, and the regular fit is a bit looser. Casual options offer the most movability and don’t hug your body. You’ll need to keep the fit in mind when choosing your size, as an athletic fit will sit tighter than regular and relaxed options.


Golf polos are typically supposed to have an extended length to tuck them into your pants while you play. If you order one online, you’ll need to take measurements according to an already-owned, well-fitting shirt and compare it to the product description to ensure the correct length. If you lift your arms and your belly shows or the shirt untucks, it is too short.


A sleeved golf shirt should meet halfway on the upper arm, and the seam should be in line with the middle of your shoulder; otherwise, it will get in your way and annoy you. Long sleeves help for colder weather but ensure that the material is still breathable. Ladies have bountiful sleeveless or capped-sleeve options available to combat a heated game.


Golf shirt fabric can be a big game-changer but can vary in synthetic and natural fabrics. Most golf shirts typically contain polyester because it is lightweight and wicks away sweat. Other common materials include elastane and spandex to increase fabric movement and others for comfortability. 

Cotton may seem like a go-to option but be wary of too much as cotton tends to hold onto moisture, so stick to synthetic fabrics, especially on hot days! 


Many brands have technology used in golf shirts to keep them dry, UPF protection, sweat-wicking, cooling, odor-control, stretchability, and movement. Some brands incorporate more sport-worthy aspects than others, but it’s always best to find golf shirts with at least sweat-combating technology. The more advanced technology shirts will be more pricy, but they offer the best golfing experience.


Golf shirts come in countless styles, including finishes, cuts, colors, patterns, and materials. You can opt for a traditional polo shirt or try new cutting-edge designs. You’ll need to look for ones that suit your fashion preferences. After all, if you feel good, the snazzier and jazzier you feel, which equals a better game of golf!


It doesn’t help to break the bank for your new favorite golf shirt; luckily, cheaper options can do the trick. The golf shirts we’ve mentioned range from around $35 to $120. Since you’re looking for the best, one quality shirt will last you a long time and ease the comfortability of your game.

Best Golf Shirt Brands

Best Golf Shirt Brands

Some big sporting brands, you know, top the list of the best golf-shirt brands because they’ve got the budget to research and refine their technology and offer more affordable shirts. Some varieties made it on the list because they specialize in golf apparel; others are premium brands providing exceptional quality.


The Greek goddess of victory inspired the naming of Nike, and they aim to wow the golfing community with its technology-packed garments. You can rarely go wrong with a Nike golf polo unless you choose a collarless option that won’t allow you entry on the course. Nike has more affordable shirt options while still delivering on quality and technology.


Adidas has a golfing range of footwear, polos, sweaters, knits, and shoes. They are among the best because of their long-standing history of developing golf-worthy designs. They’ve been a top golfing attire provider for a long while and are a brand worth considering when choosing your golf shirt.


Puma is another well-known sports brand that built its name in the golfing community. They offer a wide selection of shirt options and are on the more affordable side of the range. They are not entirely a premium brand, but their quality still advocates for a best-brand status.

Under Armour 

One of the top go-to golf shirt options is Under Armour because of its inventive designs and quality materials. Whatever golfing apparel they put out offers supreme quality that outperforms many other brands in its league. You’re bound to be a satisfied customer with an Under Armour golf shirt.


TravisMathew specializes in golf clothing, and they’re good at making golf-ready items. A TravisMathew shirt is high quality and goes a long way, with many features to spruce up its clothing tech. TravisMathew golf shirts embrace a laid-back style for on-course and off-course, boasting fashion-forward designs. Their golf shirts offer some of the best comforts out there.

Ralph Lauren

They have a big steak in the golfing community, and their shirts exude class on the green. Nabbing a Ralph Lauren golf polo will leave you stylish and impressed by how well it compliments a full day in the sun with its moisture-preventing tech.


FootJoy prides its performance in the golfing apparel industry by ensuring top-notch footwear and clothing. Their shoes have been around for an almost-ancient amount of time, with a century of shoe knowledge. The PGA Tour and players like Max Homa and Will Zalatoris popularize FootJoy. Their golf shirts won’t disappoint.

Galvin Green

Galvin Green focuses on comfort and making it stylish. They are a premium golfing store with a wide range of products made with quality in mind. Their golf shirts typically offer thermoregulation so you can play in all weather conditions. Their apparel is specifically designed so that any combination can match, and they’ve been in the industry for over 30 years.


Golfino has been around for 30 years and has made its rounds as a premium clothing company among the golfing community. Golfino is a premium golfing apparel brand, and its garments are exceptional. Golfino is focused on making top-grade clothing, meaning your Golfino shirt will last a long time, thanks to the brand’s durability.

Ocean Tee

Ocean Tee is the most sustainable golfing brand around! They use sustainable materials on all their clothing items and sometimes use plastics from the ocean. Ocean Tee reduces its environmental impact by using natural materials and processes that are unharmful to the environment. 

They even go as far as donating 1% of their annual profits to environmental causes. Golfing and sustainability are worth thinking about and supporting.


Callaway made it one of the best due to its commitment to making the finest quality products. The brand focuses on apparel and equipment, which are noteworthy and worth considering when purchasing new golfing clothing and accessories. Callaway also partners with premium brands like Top Golf and TravisMathew to provide quality-rich options.

Key Takeaways: Best Shirts for Golf in 2024

Key Takeaways

The best golf shirt for you depends on its qualities. You can consider which to buy according to the brand, material type, technology, design, fit, and color. Ultimately the best shirt is one you feel comfortable in, but it’s worth spending money on one that compliments your movement while you play and keeps you cool and dry on sunnier days.