Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

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The motto behind the inception of Vice Golf balls, a German company started by two golfer friends - Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl- was higher quality golf balls at lower prices.

Their objective was to revolutionize the golf ball industry and offer great quality and performance, making the balls much more budget friendly.

They have been pretty successful because of their two incentives: You can order Vice balls directly off their site, cutting down on the costlier route of buying through middlemen.

Looking for the best value golf balls? This company offers a lot of discount when you buy in bulk. 

The value for money is what makes Vice Golf balls a popular choice among amateurs and professionals.

Besides focusing  mainly on golf balls, the company also sell a range of golf gears like caps, golf gloves, etc – all of which are very popular too.

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Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy...

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Why is it better?

  • Amazing value for money! 
  • Same high quality as more premium balls, just at a reduced price.
  • Its performance is very good - extraordinary even.
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Value for Money


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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls 1

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Our Honest Star Rating

Something Unique:

Vice is stepping up its marketing game

And the fact that Vice allows you to customize the balls you order is pretty unique. 

For the relatively small amount per dozen balls, you can get your name, picture or even personal message on them.

4 Piece Urethene Covered Golf Ball

Vice Pro plus balls boast a 4 piece model.  The cover is Urethene, which provide softness and feel around the greens.

The exteriors also have a 336 dimpled designed, which help the aerodynamics of ball landing, making the ball fly through air.

Urethene is very prone to yellowing due to exposure in direct sunlight but Vice aims to tackle this problem by adding a special coating - BJ13 - which makes it stay white longer and aid its visibility on track.

The fourth layer - outer covering - is added for lower launch and spin for longer drives.

The ball flight is considerably lower.

Which we love.

Performs Like A Top, Top Ball

While many customers who have purchased the product have differing conclusion about the performance of these balls, some claim that they are aimed at directly comparing to Titleist ProV1x, a premium hot selling golf ball.

Others meanwhile have nullified this claim, stating that while the ball performs great, it is not extra ordinary.

Vice balls also have a higher compression rating in comparison to some leading brands but expert claims it is not always rigidly about compression figures as many other things like dimples, cover material, core, etc determine overall performance.

The Pro Plus is a firmer ball than the Pro ball, from the same company. However, the softness when upon hitting the club face is retained and there is no click sound.

For both iron and driver shots, Pro Plus balls provides a tiny bit less spin, and had a lower flight and "stop dead" experience.  

For approach shots, it provides great distance and medium spin, not very high or low spins.

Off the tee, the Vice pro balls respond well and feels firm.

Performance wise and based on actual comparison test data, the Vice Pro Plus perform with marginal difference to the ProV1, which is huge.

The Vice Pro Plus actually cost less, so a significant portion of golfers might make the shift while those loyal to the ProV1s might be indifferent to change.

Great Service

What probably earns Vice balls a plus point is their great value for money, their “direct to consumer” approach, their great performance and their great customization options.

Vice also has a record speedy order processing, and most users have actually received their product within 5 to 6 days of placing their orders.

Value For Money

With the price of Pro Plus balls approximately 25% less than premium choices, it will not hurt to lose golf balls anymore.


The balls during initial release may have had durability issues, suffering cuts and scuffs a lot. The restocked models are much more durable and longer lasting.

The balls also attract a lot of dirt, and the dimples are prone to getting brown and murky while on course and you may have to clean up after it a bit more unless you play in extremely pristine courses that is! Users also complain of the balls discoloring faster.


One other issue is the availability of the balls. Since they’re are much cheaper than premium balls and perform equally well, they sell out pretty fast.

More often than not, it is hard to get them in stock.


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Final Words

At a hard to beat price, these balls are tour-worthy. They are great performing balls and have a premium feel, with a slightly lower launch angle and spin.

It may seem a bit firmer for some players but performance wise, it is extra ordinary.

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