Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review: Read Now Before You Buy This

Golf is quite an expensive game. It gets even more expensive when you panic and feed a few balls to the water bunkers.

Golf balls are not cheap just like the game isn’t. And, losing them is not just bad for the score but for your heart as well, isn’t it? But, the better you play, the less the chance of losing those balls.

However, if you are a beginner, you will definitely face a phase where your heart will be hurt. Because you will be losing a lot of balls to the bunkers unless you decide to roll it past the bunker.

A good golf ball can somewhat lessen the pain and the strain. Firstly, if the ball is cheaper than others, you will get less heart. Secondly, if the ball is of such a great build that it improves your game, it somewhat shares the pressure on you to do better.

And, Nike Mojo Gold Balls offer both these reliefs. How? You will find out soon through our Nike Mojo Golf Balls review. So, let’s get started!

Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

Our Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

The features of these Mojo balls that will surely make golf more fun for you are given below:

Not a dozen but its double:

These are balls you can use to play with kids or even teach them. Because kids tend to lose more balls and the Nike Mojo set surely makes it hurt less. It does not come in dozens but comes in 24 piece sets. Now, how is that beneficial? Well, you get it more or less at the same price you buy a dozen of other balls for. And no, the quality will not disappoint you. So, if you are a beginner and lose a lot of balls, this pack offers you enough balls to lose and at a lower cost.

Layers of two with 314 dimples:

Nike has apparently manufactured it keeping consumers’ needs in mind. These balls actually have a two-layer design that makes it perform better. Not only does it make the balls go faster but helps it to be more accurate in direction. The 314 dimples on its outer layer also give it a nice grip to keep in place.

A solid core:

If the numbers are giving you doubts about its quality, it’s time for that to stop. Because these balls have a solid polymeric core that gives it all the power you need. It acts as a head start for the distances to be covered. That is, the speed and distance are both enhanced with the help of these balls. Moreover, it suits higher swingers best but lower swingers can use it comfortably as well. This also assures that your ball will not break due to the enormous strength it gets hit with.

An Ionomer coating:

You may be thinking that the ball goes a long distance alright but what about the short games? Apparently, you do not have to worry about that either. In fact, the outer coating that gives off a soft feel suitable for rolling magnificently on the green. Moreover, the design gives you better control over the ball. So, putt carefully and wait for the ball to show its splendour off. Apart from that, this outer layers combined with the core produces a sound that satisfies a golfer’s bone when hit perfectly. Lastly, balls with surlyn coating are definitely better than the ionomer one. But, it has its own advantages like providing with the soft feel. Also, it is a great buy for the price.

The looks:

With four balls lying next to each other on the course, you won’t have much difficulty identifying yours. That is if you use mojo and others don’t. In order to make tracking your ball easier, it is white in color like most other golf balls. Because you only see it as clearly as you should among the green when it’s white. And, the unique black MOJO logo with the Nike logo placed right above it will definitely help you differentiate easily. Apart from that, there is also an arrow nearby to help you align your ball towards the hole during putts. So, this is a ball that takes care of everything that should be taken care when it comes to style.



  • The 24 balls per set deal is a very lucrative offer.
  • Great for the beginners and kids.
  • Golfers with lower handicaps can use them efficiently for practice sessions.
  • The solid core helps it to cover more distance faster and more accurately.
  • Provides excellent control with its 77-compression build.
  • Splendid performance on the green because of its ionomic coating.
  • The soft feel it provides.
  • 314 dimples for better control and speed.
  • A traditional yet noticeable look.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not the greatest option for semi or professional players.
  • Not as durable as the balls with surlyn coating
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do these balls come in any other colour than white?

    Answer: Unfortunately, no. These balls are available only in white colour.

    1. Will these balls be available in the future as Nike’s not in the golf business anymore?

    Answer: It will be available as long as the supplies of the retailers who had purchased it beforehand do not run out. However, once the supply is over that is the inventory is empty, these balls will no longer be available.

    Golf can get really frustrating with the wrong balls. You might even be taking the perfect swing with the perfect speed but your balls do not excel accordingly as it’s of low-quality and poor design. Apparently, the frequent donation to water bunkers may even be the fault of those faulty golf balls.

    Ultimately, it leaves you with disappointment for your own game and more expenses to deal with. But, the right golf ball should neither break your bank nor ruin your game. It should improve your game in every way it can be improved. Because golf is mostly about the ball. Our Nike Mojo Golf Balls review should not only tell you everything about this set but also what you should expect from golf balls. Apparently, you should expect quality, distance, speed and control from golf balls. Therefore, make the right choice considering everything and you will have a great time on the course. And this will conclude our Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review.

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