Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review

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Golf balls are the most crucial investment in your bag of golf goodies. They can not only give you the spin, the distance and the scores you crave...but your performance and ability solely depend on it. In this Wilson Titanium golf ball review, we'll let you know if Wilson should be in your bag.

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Costing the cheapest among all the gears you probably invested at least over $500 on, don’t be fooled into buying “everything and anything” off the rack that sells as the “best golf balls” these days. Answering the question "What's the best golf balls for me?" is very crucial and it needs a lot of research.

Those who are new to golfing are also misled into buying “what the professionals use” but this will severely handicap your skills and make you start out wrong.

Thus, it would always be wiser to educate yourself before hitting the stores and falling prey to “the slick and shams” words in golf ball packaging.

For people starting out golf, dizzy by the wide array of offerings, a ball that is value for money and performs excellently without causing a major drain in your pocket in something every golfer needs to look out for.

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson Titanium Golf Balls

Why is it better?

  • Inexpensive and great value for money.
  • Explosive titanium core makes it tough and cohesive inside.
  • Good for beginners whose prime focus is improvement.
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Wilson Titanium Golf Balls Review

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Are these golf balls for you?

The Wilson Titanium Balls are the safest bet for golfers pining in the dilemma of getting the “balls right”.

Features of Wilson Titanium Golf Ball

Let’s quickly have a look at some of the most important features that Wilson Titanium Golf Ball offers to the table.

What are those?

Core Matters

Wilson Balls come in a two-piece or two layers, composing of a sturdy outer and an inner core. The core is made of explosive titanium, finely powdered to cause the core materials to form a cohesive unit.

The titanium core is also responsible for the “hard feel” of golf balls. This is the soft “clicking sound” made by the ball on impact with the club, something which is desirable to some and annoying to the others opting for a quieter, softer feel.

More Distance, Less Spin

Wilson Titanium balls maximize energy transfers and result in long, unhindered distance with much reduced spin.

A word of importance here would be that reduced spin is dreadfully undesirable for professionals, matured or more skilled golfers, who want to make the ball “fly and land gracefully”.

However, low spin balls like Wilson Titanium ones are ideal for amateurs and handicapped golfers who wouldn’t want to lose focus on target by unnecessary sidetracking or spinning.

Professional golfers obviously go for “more layers” not just two layers as they can have better greenside control of their shots and their spins; the newcomers would rather benefit from fewer layers as distance counts are more vital for them and they’re only starting to discover what their golfing abilities really are.

Strong, Sturdy & Surlyn

Surlyn, an Ionomer resin does not just feel firm but also plays the part. It is durable, long-lasting and comparatively stronger. It will definitely survive the cuts and scruffs of normal use but mower lawns and cart path may damage it.

Value For Money

Wilson Titanium is a greater saver for money because it is cheaper than most golf balls on the market. It is excellent for beginners, who can invest a little less inexpensive, and more in actually learning the sport or buying other types of equipment.

The 18 balls pack is economical in the sense that you have your stock ready and handy when you have the tendency to lose a lot of them in ponds, woods etc around your local golf course. Plus it is inexpensive too!

The Balls For Noobie Golfers

This ball, however, would definitely be a big no for professional golfers who want to get a balance between their spins and distances. 

There is little or almost no hooks or slices with this model and hence is not a favorite amongst pros and for tours.

However, for very new golfers and unskilled golfers, this works just fine since they are mostly concerned about distance and cannot handle the spin and sidetrack much. 

There is almost no greenside control with Wilson Titanium golf balls.


  • Inexpensive and great value for money.
  • Extremely durable, sturdy and long lasting.
  • Explosive titanium core makes it tough and cohesive inside.
  • Maximum energy transfer.
  • Straight long distances can be achieved, without spins, hooks, and slices.
  • Good for beginners whose prime focus is improvement.


  • Does not provide the spin and control desired by professional or skilled golfers.
The Balls For Noobie Golfers

Final Words

So that was our Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review. Wilson Titanium balls are the basic golf balls for beginners and for those who are only looking forward to improving their distance.

They are relatively inexpensive, providing you great value for money; losing one or two less expensive balls wouldn’t hurt the pocket.

For professionals and matured golfers, they’re much of a disappointment as they do not feel premium and soft.

If you are a mature golfer, then you should check out our Best Golf Ball for Seniors article - where we review our top 3 picks.

The energy transfer is maximum, which translates to greater distance but disappointingly reduces spin, hooks, and slices greatly.

There are numerous other two-piece golf balls in the market which perform better than Wilson Titanium balls.

The balls, however, are durable, long lasting and will last you a long, long time.

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