Spin It Golf Cart Review

Spin It Golf Cart Review

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You are here, so we are guessing that you are on the look out of a golf push cart for your next game. Well, thank your lucky stars because that is exactly what this in-depth (maybe too in-depth) Spin It Golf Cart review does!

 Today, we have our eyes set on the much requested Easy Drive Golf Push Cart from Spin It Golf Products so, fairly enough, we are going to dedicate this article to it. Let's roll. 🙂

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Spin it Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

Our Honest Star Rating

Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

Why is it better?

  • The durability, lightweight, and ease of use are the biggest advantages of this golf cart.
  • It folds down very small allowing easy transport to and from the car. 
  • Lets be honest, it looks amazing! One of the best looking carts on the market.
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Value for Money


Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart Review

Spin it Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

Our Honest Star Rating

So, if you want to find out if the Spin it golf cart has what it takes to be your next purchase, then stay with us and continue reading our Spin it golf cart review!

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Features of the Spin It Golf Cart

The very first thing you are probably going to notice about the Spin it golf cart is that it looks ah-mazing! Seriously. It comes in an all black body, with bright red interiors on the wheels a bit on the console. Speaking of wheels, the Spin it golf cart is a 3-wheeler, meaning it will go easier on your back automatically.

Overall, the Spin it golf cart looks very sleek and stylish. And it furthermore looks very promising from our visual calculations. However, we are not going to judge a book by its cover so have put together everything from its advantages, flaws, and down to your FAQs to give to the best picture possible. Let’s dig in.


The Spin it golf cart, like we previously mentioned already, is a 3-wheeler. This automatically makes this push cart easier to use in the sense that it will be much easier to push than a 4-wheeler. However, if you prefer a 4-wheel option, be sure to check out our list of the best golf walking carts as well.

The front wheel is smaller than the rear 2 wheels, and furthermore, swivels to make moving forward and pushing super easy. Speaking of which, turning the Spin it golf cart is very convenient as well. This is due to the fact that the front wheel takes on most of the weight and is, therefore, faster and more effortless to move.

Wheel Type

However, the feature that you will appreciate the most about the Spin it golf cart’s wheels is that they are all airless and thus, maintenance-free! This furthermore means that there are absolutely no chances of the wheels deflating, and therefore no need to pump them back up again. It is probably a small saving on the wallet, but every penny counts. And moreover, who has the kind of time to be repairing around a golf cart?!

Storage and Capacity

Now, let look into the very purpose of a golf push cart: storage!

And we say that the Spin it golf cart does more or less a fantastic job at it. First of all, you have the console which offers you a scorecard holder which is easily accessible, an umbrella holder, and a cup or bottle, holder. And then you have the main storage where you place the golf bag. You can store most types of golf bags on it, including stand and cart. The golf bag is then secured in places with the brackets, and you furthermore have bungee cords which stretch and expand to accommodate your bag while securing it in place.

Size and Weight

You are going to be carrying heaps and heaps on baggage and accessories on your push cart, and that’s only normal. However, having a lightweight push cart to start off with really helps since it will furthermore be easy to carry on its own.

And that brings to the weight and size of the Spin it golf cart. This golf push cart weighs a ridiculous 16.5 pounds, and is furthermore very compact to have you carry it around with you easily!


And speaking of which, if there’s any feature that golfers look forward to the most in a push cart, it is the feature of portability. The Spin it golf cart does not disappoint. It is the ultimate travel and portable cart since you can break down the entire framework in a small, compact body all with the push of a single button! It gets so compact in fact that you could just chuck it on the back of your car, or carry it on your hand without tiring out from fatigue anytime soon.


  • The Spin it golf cart is very lightweight and compact.
  • Golf bag is stored securely in place.
  • Folds down and is therefore very much portable.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Is durable and strong.
  • Has a front-wheel locking system.
  • Is very good-looking.


  • You have to lift the backs wheel to be able to kick the brake; takes a little practice to lock quickly.

CaddyTek EZ-Fold Frequently Asked Question

1. Is there a lock on the Spin it golf cart that I could use?

Answer: Great question! There is, in fact, a lock on this push cart on the front wheel. It is a kick brake and does a great job stalling the entire cart in place. Pretty neat.

2. What is the Spin it golf cart made of, in terms of metal, that is?

Answer: The Spin it golf cart is made out of a very lightweight aluminum frame. However, we wouldn’t underestimate the strength of this guy despite having such a light body. It does a great job storing heavy baggage without wobbling or destabilizing.

Golf Balls

Final Words

We are almost at the end of our Spin it golf cart review, and if there’s anything we learned from it, it is that the Spin it golf cart is probably one of the safest bets when it comes to golf carts!

It is an excellent golf cart and is worth every penny you will spend to buy it. And anyway, if you look at the advantages against the disadvantage, we think we have a clear winner.

In other words, the Spin it golf cart is effective, strong, and total value for money and highly recommend it. Go for it!

This concludes our Spin it golf cart review. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and have also picked up some great information throughout. Thank you for staying with us, and we will see you next time. Take care!

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