Pinemeadow Golf Cart Review

Pinemeadow Golf Cart Review

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You do not want to miss this Pinemeadow Golf Cart review because we spent the time and money to break it down for your deciding eyes!

Carrying a heavy golf bag as you walk around the large golf course could be tiring and Pinemeadow Golf Cart can easily be the perfect solution here.

We talked about this golf push cart with seat in our best golf push carts guide, but there’s a lot more to talk about.

Therefore, we had to do the Pinemeadow Golf Cart Review. 

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Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Our Honest Star Rating

Pinemeadow Golf Cart

Why is it better?

  • For the price, it is a great entry level model - suitable for all players.
  • Super light weight and will fold to fit inside your trunk easily.
  • It has durable nylon straps to secure your clubs - ensuring that they don't fall.
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Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Golf Cart Review

Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Our Honest Star Rating

This golf cart has gone through a lot of changes over the years in terms of stronger wheels, push options and loading.

Is this the best golf cart ever in the history of golf carts? Not really!

Is it something that you will go for if you are a beginner or if you are not looking for premium options? Definitely!

Features Of The Pinemeadow Golf Courier Push Cart

Highly Durable and Easy to Install

The courier lite 2 wheel golf cart is made from high-quality aluminum that makes the golf cart to last for a very long time. Since it is built using aluminum, it is extremely lightweight when compared to other golf carts in this level. With a strongly built body, it is highly durable and can withstand long hours of pushing around or bumping around cracks in the ground.

It can also hold a heavy golfer bag with many golfing accessories and still you can push the golf cart easily, as it is equipped with strong and stable wheels that can withstand any kind of weight. Made using high quality steel, these golf carts are resistant to rust and corrosion and hence can be your golfing companion for years. It is always good to have carts with strong and stable wheels, as the golf courses can have different types of terrains and large wheels help in moving along the course easily when moving over obstacles and rugged areas. It also reduces the strain on the players as they don’t need much effort to push the cart along the ground.

Lightweight Steel Frame

The courier lite golf cart comes with 2 wheels and has frame that is made of high quality steel and is extremely light in weight. If you happen to have a golf bag that is heavy and if your golf cart is also heavy, then pushing the cart would be much harder. That is the reason the courier lite golf cart is specially designed keeping in mind the size of golf bags every one carries around these days and hence came up with a frame that is light weight and easy to push along the course even with heavy bags. The steel frame also is equipped with all kinds of features to hold most of golfing equipment including your Pinemeadow golf club review in your golf cart easily.

Unique One Step Collapsible Design

A good golf cart is that one which supports heavy bags with strong wheels and most importantly should also be easy to install or fold. The courier lite 2 wheel golf cart comes with a unique one step collapsible design, so that you can fold your golf cart with just a single step on the pedal in the bottom. The cart is carefully designed so that it folds down easily so that you can easily store in the trunk of your car and carry it along wherever you go. Since it can be collapsed easily, storing these golf carts in your garage can be easy and requires very little space.

Contoured Handle

Golf pull carts are carts that need to be pulled along with you on your sides or through your back, whereas golf push carts are carts with three wheels and those that need to be pushed from behind. Since the courier lite golf cart is a pull cart, the only contact between the player and the cart is the handle and only if it is strong and durable, the player cannot feel any strain while pulling along the cart with its heavy bag and all its accessories across the huge terrain of the golf course. The handle provided in the Courier lite 2 wheel golf cart is specially made using a contoured design so that it provides additional grip and also sits in your hands firmly.

Tee, Ball, and Score Card holder

When you are moving on the golf course, you are not only carrying your huge golf bag but also carrying other golfing accessories like the tee, golf balls, water bottle and also a score card holder. You cannot keep everything in your golf bag either, as it may already be filled with your clubs and also, it may take time to open and take every accessory out, every time you go to a new place in the golf course.

The [amazon link="B00DP6PKJM" title="Courier lite 2 wheel golf cart" /]
 is also equipped with options to hold your tees, golf balls, your score cards and also a water bottle.

That is the reason, most of the golf carts have come up with various options to store your accessories on the steel frame of the cart itself. The courier lite 2 wheel golf cart is also equipped with options to hold your tees, golf balls, your score cards and also a water bottle.


  • Great Entry Level golf cart.
  • Lightweight and fits into your car trunk easily.
  • Easy to push or pull.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Nylon straps holds your bag securely.


  • Wheels get loosened up easily and need to be tightened often.
  • Cannot support extra-large bag of clubs.
Torrey Pines North

Final Words

Thanks for enjoying our Pinemeadow Golf Cart review. For people who play golf regularly and think that carrying their huge golf bags around shoulders is tough and thinking of buying a cheap and an entry level golf cart that suits your requirements, the Pinemeadow courier lite 2 wheel cart is a great option in the market.

It is highly durable, more flexible, lighter in weight and easy to fold and even fits in the trunk of your car perfectly.

Also, one more feature these manual golf carts offer is that these provide a very good walking exercise while pushing these carts around the golf course. Walking is always great, right?

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Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Golf Cart