Ping Pioneer Cart Bag Reviews

Ping Pioneer Cart Bag Reviews

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Below you will find our Ping Pioneer cart bag review, along with some questions we've answered on the bag below from our readers.

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Ping Pioneer Cart Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Ping Pioneer Cart Bag

Why is it better?

  • 15 full length individual dividers create a space for every club.
  • High impact propylene construction with anti flex walls for maximum protection.
  • Rubberized, recessed bottom fits securely on motorized or pull carts.
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The Ping Pioneer Cart Bag Full Review


Value for Money


The Ping Pioneer Cart Bag Full Review

Our Honest Star Rating

If your cart bag is looking a little worse for wear, it's time to start thinking about getting yourself an upgrade!

The Ping Pioneer Cart bag would be a great choice, and it would look at home on any course.

Features of Ping Pioneer Cart Bag

Weighing in at approximately 7 pounds this bag features a 15 weight top (club divider holders). With integrated soft moulded lift handles for easier manoeuvrability.

It has eight zipper pockets, two large apparel pockets. There's one roomy pocket on each side of the bag.

It also has a water-resistant velour-lined pocket which is great for valuables that you don't want to get wet in a rain shower! Like a cell phone or personal items.

Down at the front of the bag, it has a zip-off ball pocket, an extra large cooler pocket which is going to hold all the drinks you need for around. There's also another accessories pocket for such things as tee holders.

There's also a nifty magnetic pocket for even quicker access. On the opposite side of the bag, it has one of the most secure umbrella sleeves I've ever seen on a golf bag!


Also, then finally on the back is a very comfortable shoulder strap, if you decide to use it to carry the bag.

As you can hear the Ping Pioneer bag is packed with all sorts of neat features to make you as comfortable as possible during your round of golf.

Ultimately this bag is not going to disappoint any level of golfer; it's very spacious with plenty of space for all of your clubs and any accessories that you carry.

There is plenty of storage pocket, and the extra large drinks holder at the front of the bag is something we like. 

You can store all manner of food and drink in there with ease. Great for all you hitters that get a little bit hungry out on the course!

This bag is a great choice for any golfer!


  • Fantastic build quality as we have come to expect from the Ping brand, it'll last due to it's superior build quality.
  • Ample storage space means you don't have to compromise on what you take out on to the course.
  • The integrated 15 club holder means you'll never have any difficulties getting a club out of the bag cleanly.
  • It has a very comfortable shoulder strap so you can carry the bag over the shoulder or take it out on the course by fitting it securely and easily to a motorised golf cart.


  • We're really struggling to think of any negatives with this bag. The one thing we might say is that the design won't be for everyone. We like it though!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Ping Pioneer Bag come with a drain in the cooler pocket?

Answer: No, unfortunately, there isn't a drain in the cooler pouch for excess or leaking fluid. However the bag's cooler pocket can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth after you've finished up your round.

2. Does this bag have full length club divider?

Answer: Yes this bag has full length club dividers.

3. Does this bag come with a kickstand?

Answer: No, this bag does not come with a kickstand.

4. Does this bag have a towel ring?

Answer: Yes, there is a towel ring on the bag.

5. What is the actual weight of the bag?

Answer: This bag weighs in at a very respectable 7Ibs.

6. Does the bag have a rain hood?

Answer: Yes, the Ping Pioneer bag does have a rain hood to keep your clubs dry in the a rain shower!

7. Does it have a carry strap?

Answer: Yes, the bag has a single carry strap. But remember the bag also fits on a golf cart very conveniently.

8. Is the cooler pocket removable?

Answer: No, unfortunately the cooler pocket of the bag is not removable.

9. Are the club dividers large enough for midsize grips?

Answer: Yes, this Ping Pioneer bag comes with ample room for most midsize grip sizes.

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Ping Pioneer Bag Features...

Ping Pioneer Bag Features...

  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Top Dividers: 15-way
  • Pockets: 8
  • 15 full length individual dividers create a space for every club
  • High impact propylene construction with anti flex walls for maximum protection
  • Rubberized, recessed bottom fits securely on motorized or pull carts
  • Molded putter well fits oversized grips
  • Cart-strap channel allows access to pockets
  • Two large apparel pockets for storing jackets and outerwear
  • Water resistant, velour lined valuables pocket
  • Large insulated beverage pocket
  • Magnetic quick access pocket
  • Integrated soft-molded lift handles
  • Rangefinder pocket
  • Includes rainhood
  • Colours available:
    • Birdie Blue / Black / White
    • Black
    • Navy / Silver - 2019 Added Colour
    • White / Black / Canyon Copper - 2019 Added Colour