OGIO Cart Bag Review

OGIO Cart Bag Review

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I don’t think that I need to go on to explain the importance of a golf bag to a golfer. And if you think you can probably get away using a shabby kind, then you may want to rethink that, buddy. On that note, today I will be doing a OGIO Cart Bag review which has been highly requested.

You see the thing is that instead of using something subpar and having to purchase and repair every other week, I say buy the quality stuff and forget about it.

And I'm here to investigate if the OGIO Cart Bag, including luxury golf bags, has what it takes to be a proper golf bag.

Let’s start!

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OGIO 2018 Press Cart Bag

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OGIO Cart Bag

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  • The OGIO Cart Bag is perfect for regular golfers.
  • Has 8 dividers (full-length) and a total of 9 pockets.
  • Looks and feels luxurious.
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OGIO Golf Cart Bag Review

OGIO 2018 Press Cart Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Now, let’s have a quick look at the features of this OGIO Cart Bag.

The product is a feature intensive one and there are good enough features to be happy about.

Features Of The OGIO Cart Bag

First Sight

The very first thing you about to know about this bag is that it is a cart bag. In other words, it has been designed to be able to sit and fit onto a golf cart. If therefore, you tend to walk or take help from a caddy, this wouldn’t be the right bag for you.

You probably may want to take a look at a staff or carry bags instead then. Anyway, moving on.

The OGIO Cart Bag seems like the perfect golf bag for minimalist yet extremely organized golfers.

This bag radiates focus and premium-feel and isn’t as loud in colors or build. You have 3 colors to choose from, but the one I am reviewing today, Carbon, is probably the best-looking one.

It is all black and has a company name on the side. Simple, elegant and minimal.


If you are going to spend money on a golf bag, you obviously want it to be able to carry the most important instruments: the clubs.

The OGIO Cart Bag is an 8-way top bag. Which, in other words, means that it has 8 dividers on the very top of the bag. These dividers are there to house the weapon of your game, the precious clubs.

Now, one thing is that some players may complain that 8 clubs isn’t a good number, however, I beg to differ. Unless you are Tiger Woods or a professional player who plays all day long in various terrains, you are not likely to need more than 8 dividers.

5 is good enough for almost everyone so sit down.

The great thing, however, is that the dividers are spacious, and thus, doesn’t congest the clubs together. And consequently, you may be able to sneak in one more putter into the dividers.


The truth is that, other than the clubs and the balls, you also need a lot of miscellaneous this and that on the golf course to be able to play efficiently.

And the OGIO Cart Bag has 8 spacious accessory pockets that let you store everything from extra tees, sunglasses, scorecards, etc. you furthermore have one extra fleece-lined valuables pocket where you can store you expensive and important goodies like your Smartphone, watch,  and car keys.

One complaint that I do have is that the OGIO Cart Bag doesn’t come with any cooler pocket so this means there’s no cold water for you while playing.  

I don’t mind it since you can very well buy a separate cooler bag for cheap on Amazon or local sports store, but this small addition would make the OGIO Cart Bag darn perfect.


User Comfort

This golf bag is a cart bag, yes I mentioned that before, but you may have to carry it on you (without the cart) when you are loading, unloading, walking to the cars, and so on.

The OGIO Cart Bag, therefore, comes with integrated lift handles and shoulder straps which makes lifting the bag fairly easy and strain-less.


  • The OGIO Cart Bag is perfect for regular golfers.
  • It is very spacious.
  • Made from exceptional quality materials.
  • Has 8 dividers (full-length) and a total of 9 pockets.
  • Is lightweight.
  • Has comfortable carrying and lifting handles.
  • Has a hanger to hand towels, bottles, etc.
  • Looks and feels luxurious.


  • Does not include a cooler pocket.

OGIO Frequently Asked Question

1. Will the clubs reach the bottom of the bag, or halfway?

Answer: The OGIO Cart Bag has full-length dividers so your clubs will reach up to the very bottom of the bag.

2. I know I can store towels in the pockets, but can I hang towels from this golf bag?

Answer: Yes, you can. There is a chain on the exterior, hanging right from the top. It has a hoop at the end so you can pinch inch towels, range finders, bottles, etc.

3.Do you have a carry handle on this bag?

Answer: Yes, there is one on the back just above the lift handles. It lets you drag the bag (even when it’s full and heavy) quite effortlessly so you don’t have to worry about yanking it like crazy.

Final Words

So far in the OGIO Cart Bag review, I have been able to find some amazing and positive aspects and attributes to this golf bag.

Yes, the absence of a cooler pocket is very upsetting since it is so demanded in the gold course, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world.

You can purchase one separately.

And if you compared the flaws to the positives, I think you know already who the clear winner is. It’s lightweight, spacious, strong, good-looking and affordable.

It probably doesn’t get any better than this, buddy. Well, I am very impressed and happy with the OGIO Cart Bag, and there’s absolutely no reason that you feel otherwise.

In conclusion, we say go for it. It's a great bag and you won't be disappointed.

It’s a great golf bag and you will enjoy using it for sure!

This concludes the OGIO Cart Bag review. I hope you enjoyed and picked up some important points from it.

Choose wisely and I will see you soon, take care!

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