It is no use highlighting the presence of Callaway Golf, as it is an iconic brand itself.

They have grabbed a huge popularity for manufacturing a variety of golfing gears. So, if you are into golfing, you would definitely wish to own one golf bag from a reliable manufacturer.

As Callaway Gold has already earned massive respect from all the golfers, you can dream of owning a bag from the brand.

So this kind of incited me to write a Callaway org 14 cart bag review for you.

Besides, spreading over 70 countries, they have built up their essence strong enough with the “largest maker of golf clubs” title.

So, this is the reason why I came up with Callaway org 14 cart bag review and thought of letting you know why you have one.

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review- A Decent Golf Bag

​Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag

Why is it better?

  • It is super lightweight making it a dream to carry around. 
  • Stands up straight, even when fully loaded with clubs.
  • It fits great on almost all golf push or pull carts.
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The Important Bits:


Value for Money


Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag Review

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review- A Decent Golf Bag

Now, let’s jump inside to figure out whether this will be an ideal solution for you or not.

We have broken down the most important features for you - so let's find out just how good this bag is. 

Storage Space Generosity:

Starting the Callaway org review with its storage space, this bag comes with a substantial compartments.

It’s obvious that whenever you plan to buy a handy cart bag, you usually look for the one having enough space with plentiful pockets.

It helps you to keep things organized and sorted. So with the most clever design, the Callaway org 14 cart bag has magnificently provided such features.

It comes with 14-way divider organizing system for your club and yes 19 pockets as the bonus.

Besides, talking about the pockets, the bag includes a water resistant and velour-line valuables pocket with key fob and two insulated cooler pockets as well.

Moreover, it also features two integrated molded grab handles that makes handling the bag onto and off a cart, pretty easy and comfortable.

Additionally, its E-trolley base System and trolley Lip tend to adjust with push carts that greatly help to secure the bag.

So, this Callaway org 14 bag can keep your beverages safely as it has 18 holes.

Featherweight and Decent material:

The second most trait that you certainly look for in the bag is its weight. And this beauty weighs about 5 pounds only.

Hence, all the golfers can carry it for its easy breezy weight. Talking about the size of the item, you will get this Callaway org 14 cart bag  in 10.5 inches. And I think that is quite a decent size to have.

Moreover, its quality materials and amount of space are also quite convincing enough to own the bag.

Although people don’t carry a cart bag that often but the manufacturer still has thought of our convenience and manufactured this gear for us. Hence, I felt writing a Callaway review will definitely be a legit thing to do.

Umbrella Slot:

Another great thing about the bag is that it comes with a neat umbrella slot at the outer part of the bag (don't forget to check out our Best Golf Umbrellas article.

The main purpose of this slot is to help you keep the bag sorted and this section indeed can make your job easier. So you do not have to jam your space via adding an umbrella to the bag inside as you can keep it outside in its own pocket.

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Good Looking and Sturdy like a Military Force:

From its look to its secured zip, this stands out the most from all the other bags. Its military print can attract you to take the bag for yourself. Not only it looks decent and good, but acts like robust when it comes to handle your stuff inside the bag.

Let me shorten the Callaway org 14 cart bag review with its detail:

  • It comes with 14 full-length club dividers.
  • The bag is 10.5-inch and weighs 5.6 pounds.
  • It features two integrated molded grab handles and two insulated cooler pockets.
  • It has E-trolley base System and trolley Lip.
  • 19 pockets including a water-resistant, velour-line valuables pocket with key fob.
  • An integrated umbrella sleeve.


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is easy to carry and handle.
  • E-trolley base System and trolley Lip adjust with push carts so that it can secure the bag.
  • It tends to stand straight even when fully loaded with clubs and accessories.
  • The umbrella slot is neat.
  • It fits great on golf carts and push or pull carts.
  • Well-built with smart design and good looks.


  • Cooler pockets do not have drain holes.
  • The bag might have disappointing zippers.

Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag Frequently Asked Question

1. Does this bag have full-length club dividers?

Answer: Yes, this bag has full-length club dividers.

2. Does this bag come with a kickstand?

Answer: No, this bag does not come with a kickstand.

3. Does this bag have a towel ring?

Answer: Yes, you will get the towel ring on the side of the bag.

4. ​What is the actual weight of the bag?

Answer: It weighs 5.6 pounds.

5. ​What is the bottom diameter of the bag?

Answer: The bottom diameter of this bag is the same 10.5″ diameter as the top.

6. ​Does the rain hood have a zipper?

Answer: Yes, the rain hood does have a zipper down the front.

7. ​How many velour pockets does this bag have?

Answer: There is only one velour pocket in the bag.

8. ​Does it have a carry strap?

Answer: Yes, the bag has a single carry strap.

9. ​Is the cooler pocket removable?

Answer: No, the cooler pocket of the bag is not removable.

10. ​Are the club dividers large enough for midsize grips?

Answer: Yes, the bag comes with a plenty of room for most midsize grip sizes.

Final Words

So I think throughout my Callaway org 14 cart bag review, you have got to know why the bag got huge fan followers.

This beauty has all the features that prove to be your perfect mate while golfing. Moreover, no matter how much stuff you throw at the bag, it will adjust all the necessary stuff itself.

Hence, it indeed can be a very loyal thing to you, so I am sure, owning the one for yourself will never be a bad idea.

And I hope you get the one soon with the help of this Callaway org 14 cart bag review.

If the Callaway doesn't sound quite right for you, then you should head on over to our Best Golf Carry Bag Reviews - we have just updated it for 2019.

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