How To Choose The Right Golf Bag

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag For You

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A golf bag is a necessary thing that you will need on the course. In fact, it is your best friend. It will not only bare your golf equipment, but it also keeps all the important gadgets safe. That is why it is very important to choose the best golf bag for you. You need to consider many things when you are choosing a golf bag. The first thing to consider is the functionality.

This is key, in fact. First, consider who you are as a player.  Are you a rider? A walker? Or both?

Different types of bag

There are different types of bags available on the market. They are:

  • Cart Bags
  • Stand Bags
  • Carry Bags
  • Travel Bags & Covers
  • Staff Bags

Each type of golf club bags has different functions and structure. So you need to be careful when you are choosing one. Let us discuss the different types.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are very easy to use when you are riding on the courses. This kind of bag does not have any stand. Cart bags are also very lightweight to carry.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are almost same as the carry bags. The main difference between the cart and stand bag is that the stand bag has the stand but the cart bag does not. The stand bag has two retractable legs. These legs let the bag stand on the green with all of your gadgets whereas cart or staff bags are mostly designed to be used on flat surfaces. This type of bag is perfect for the golfers who are working on the course.   Many stand bags also have a shoulder strap, so you can use them as a backpack.

Carry Bags

As I said, carry bags are almost same as stand bags. To say it in another way, stand bags are one kind of carry bag. If you do not want to use stand bags when you are walking, you can use carry bags. “Sunday golf bag” is one kind of carry bag as well.

Travel Bags & Covers

Travel bags are not the typical type of bag that you may think of. This type of cover is used to protect your gadgets and equipment while you are traveling. If you are fond of traveling like me and like to carry your golf bag with you, the travel bag can be very helpful.

Staff Bags

There is another kind of bag we see to be used by the golfers.  This kind of bag mainly is used by the pro golfers, especially in tournaments and during tour. These types of bags carry the brand logo of the sponsor.

Last Words

So just think about the functions of all golf bags mentioned above, and decide your best one.