How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Golf Bag (Like a Pro!)

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Golf Bag (Like a Pro!)

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A golf bag is a basic necessity for everyone interested in playing golf. Golf bags are generally designed to carry almost everything you’ll need when playing the 18 holes. However, most times, people ask questions like how to arrange a golf bag.

Both amateur and professional golfers have to spend time learning how to efficiently organize their golf bags as this can influence your output during the game. Apart from helping you play better, golf bags are also a necessity if you do not want to damage your expensive clubs or waste time finding the right one for a particular shot.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to organize your golf bag and get yourself ready for your next tournament:

  • Empty the golf bag first
  • Gather all necessary equipment
  • Consider factors like weather
  • Arrange your putter
  • Arrange your drivers and woods
  • Arrange your short clubs and middle irons
  • Arrange your golf accessories

At first glance, this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. Once you master the steps, you’ll find the process becoming easier every time you try to arrange your golf club bag. Read on to find a detailed explanation of each of the steps involved in organizing the 14 golf clubs in a golf bag.

Step by Step Guide for Arranging a Golf Bag

Whether you prefer a standing bag or a cart bag, a good starting point is to have your bag organized so that you can remove anything you need within seconds. Here’s a detailed guide for doing it.

Step 1: Empty The Golf Bag First

Like every other type of bag, you must take out everything from your golf bag if you want to arrange its contents efficiently. At least, it helps you see what you are working with. Remember that it’s very likely that some of your bag’s contents are things you’ll not need for the course. Too much gear would clutter your bag and cover space for other useful equipment. Therefore, it’s essential to start by removing everything from the bag.

Also, empty the side pockets. You don’t want unnoticed content adding extra weight to the bag when you hit the course. For instance, an extra towel, extra balls, an extra pair of gloves, and the likes can make your bag heavier and more difficult to carry.

Step 2: Gather All The Necessary Equipment

Now that you’ve emptied your bag, you want to start loading what you need. But wait, how about you start with gathering all the necessities before arranging them. Needless to say that the list includes your drivers, irons, and putters. Get them all together in one place before arranging them into your bag.

Although it may not seem like, this step is equally as important as the other steps we’ll explain in this article. What it does is that it helps you decide what you’ll really need for your game and what you won’t need. It’ll also help you discover whether you’ve forgotten anything or not. Some of the most important equipment are drivers, irons, putters, and wedges.

Step 3: consider Factors Like Weather

We can’t overemphasize the importance of this step. Will you be playing your next round of golf in a sunny place? Would the weather be different in the area? The answer to these questions would help you decide what to carry and what not to. If it is a sunny day, then you can leave your raincoat at home instead of letting it occupy more space in your bag. You can also get one or two extra refreshments to maintain hydration throughout your game.

Not considering your environment while setting up your golf bag can cause you to carry additional weight and stay uncomfortable throughout your game.

Step 4: Arrange Your Putter

The next important step is arranging your putter. Every golf bag comes with three separate sections. The front side part of your bag is the farthest from its straps, while the backside is the closest. So, the proper arrangement requires that you put your putter in the backside section since it’s the closest to the straps.

It’s also possible to get a golf bag that’s pre-equipped with a putter sleeve at the back. In this case, you can place your putter in the dedicated space for it. However, if you are using a regular bag, you’ve got to throw the putter in the back section.

Step 5: Arrange Your Drivers and Woods

If you are using regular golf bags, your woods and drivers would have to share the backside section with your putters. However, as we’ve explained above, it’s possible that your golf bag would be built with a separate putter compartment. In this case, your putter would be in a separate place. Otherwise, put them all in the back section. The drivers should occupy the left position, and the woods should occupy the right position.

The goal here is to have your golf clubs well-organized from the longest to the shortest. This would mean that your 1-3 irons would remain at the back so that you’ll not confuse them with your smaller clubs.

It is essential to take your time to organize the back part well, as it’ll pave the way for easier and more efficient organization in the front.

Step 6: Arrange Your Short Clubs and Middle Iron

Now, what about your long irons and mid-range? Your 3-7 irons, right? They should be arranged after/under the driver. Once again, your arrangement would need to start from the longest to the shortest. This arrangement would put your mid-range irons in the right and the long ones in the left. In addition to proper organization, this step helps you achieve the balanced weight you’ll need to carry your bag comfortably.

Arranging your golf clubs like this would also make the process of removing the golf club easier and faster.

As for the front section, it typically contains your short game and wedges. Utilize this part to store extra wedges. If you’re going with sand wedges, place them towards the right side of the irons.

Step 7: Arrange Your Golf Accessories

Lastly, it’s time to properly place your accessories to make your golf round an enjoyable experience.

Most golf bags come with side pockets that are specially constructed to hold commonly used accessories. If you want to carry extra golf balls, ball markers, tees, etc., to the golf course, then they can go into the top and front pockets to ensure easier access. However, the other items like sunglasses, gloves, rule books, etc., can be placed in the side pockets since you’ll rarely need them.

It’s common knowledge that you should fill the pockets that are most difficult to use with items that you’ll rarely use.

Why You Should Adequately Organize Your Golf Bag

Now that we’ve talked so much about the steps involved in organizing a golf bag, you probably wonder why you should go through the stress. To help clarify, we’ve dedicated the section to explain some of the reasons you should invest the time into arranging your golf bag. Here are the reasons.

Protect your golf clubs

The most important benefit of arranging your golf bag is to protect your golf bag. Usually, you’ll find that the top of most golf bags is “tiered” at an angle. This is done to ensure adequate arrangement of your golf clubs by height and keep the long shafts of your long golf clubs from being damaged by smaller golf clubs that are usually heavier.

These slots should contain your longer golf clubs, driver, fairway woods, and hybrids, as we’ve explained earlier. This way, you’ll be able to keep the club’s from banging against your iron, therefore protecting the granite shafts.

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your clubs are well protected and available for you whenever you want to use them. Remember that those tiny pits and scars you often overlook can weaken the shaft over time, leading to the possibility of breakage in mid-swing. So, if you refuse to arrange these clubs well in your golf bag, you may be paying heavily for your simple mistake in the near future.

It helps you know where each golf club is located when you need it

Ever been in a situation where you can’t find the club you’ll need for a shot? You know it’s somewhere inside your bag but just can’t seem to locate it when you need it. It can be frustrating, right? If you take too much time searching for a club in your bag, it might mean that you’ll have less time to focus on your pre-shot routine, and you know how disastrous that can be.

Arranging your golf clubs properly in your bag allows you to reach for the exact club you need without wasting much time. Knowing where you’ll find your clubs keeps you focused on the most important thing – how to hit your next shot. However, searching for your golf club can cause a distraction in how your brain processes your next shot.

You’ll know when you misplace or lose a golf club

We’ve heard so many stories where people do not notice a missing club until they need it right in the middle of a game. Discovering that you’ve lost a golf club in the middle of a round can disorganize your play. On the other hand, arranging your golf clubs in logical positions within your bag can help you recognize when a club is missing. You’ll see the open slot in your bag right away, and you’ll know what club is missing. This way, you can even remember where you last used the missing club, and retrieving would become easier.

Conclusion: How to Arrange Golf Clubs in Bag

As a golfer, you know that several factors can influence the success of your golfing career and how you organize your bag is part of it.

If you want to succeed in your game, you must learn to organize your golf bag for efficiency, easier retrieval, and placement of your equipment. Fortunately, arranging a golf bag is not as difficult as many people believe. You just need to know the right steps, and you’re ready to go. In this article, we’ve highlighted the crucial steps for arranging your golf bag. It only takes a little commitment, and you’ll have your golf bag neatly packed for the next time you’ll need it.