Golf Ball Uses

Golf Ball Uses

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Do you have a bag full of old golf balls, or a bucket of them that you’re wondering what to do with? The truth is that simply throwing them away can be a waste of money. With a little creativity, there are nearly endless golf ball uses inside (and outside) the home if you’re wondering what to do with old golf balls.

Here is a list ideas for used golf ball uses:

  • Recycle/refurbish old golf balls
  • Laundry ball
  • Massager
  • Filler for potted plants
  • Outdoor decoration
  • Indoor decoration
  • Trash

Do you want to know what you can do with your old good golf balls? Read on below to find some different used golf ball uses that you would never think of!

used golf ball uses

There are many things you can do with old golf balls, you can have them refurbished for reselling, you can recycle them, or you can use them for crafts or other non-traditional golf ball uses around your house! Do not throw away those golf balls!

1. Recycling/Refurbishing Old Golf Balls

Whether you work at or own a golf course or range or if you just have a lot of golf balls accumulating in your garage, you can give those golf balls new life and not need to worry about harming the environment by leaving them on the course or sending them to the landfill.

Most balls are able to be reused but just need some tender love and care. 

You can send the used golf balls to a number of different refurbishers who will fix up old golf balls and repackage them for sale.

These balls are cleaned and sanded to the point where they are just as good or as near to as possible to new golf balls. This allows for continued use of the golf balls, but also saving the environment.

Alternative Golf Ball Uses

Maybe you aren’t actually a golfer and you are left with some golf balls in your possession. Perhaps you no longer golf and still have golf balls that you do not know what you should do with them.

If in a situation like this, you can find some alternative use around the house for these golf balls…

2. Laundry Ball

By adding a golf ball to your washing machine can have benefits when doing your laundry. The action of the ball sloshing around in the washing machine can help with the agitation of your clothes and aid in cleaning and removing stains. Do not, however, add golf balls to the dryer. While tennis balls can help your laundry dry faster, likely adding a golf ball will not aid in drying and will harm your dryer.

3. Massager

If you have any sore or aching muscles, you can use a golf ball as a massager to address the painful area. The size of these golf balls makes it helpful in a smaller area than some rollers cannot get to, such as the arches of your feet. They are also smaller than many rollers and can be used during long road trips to soothe any neck pain.

4. Filler For Potted Plants 

You can add golf balls to the bottom of a plant pot for two reasons. The first is if the pot you are using is too deep for the plant you plan to put in it. You can add some golf balls to take up some of the space rather than use extra soil if the roots system will not reach down that far.

The second use if you want to create a better drainage system for your plant and avoid issues that come with overwatering and root rot. Place the golf balls at the bottom then add the soil above it.

Decorative Golf Ball Uses

If you have still a lot of golf balls leftover, but not enough to send in to get refurbished, fun DIY decorating projects could be another great way to use your old golf balls. These could make great gifts for any golfer in your life or even for your own home. 

5. Outdoor Decoration 

Golf balls, due to their durable materials, are good to use as decoration outside or in your garden without worrying about them deteriorating. Golf balls can be used as a decorative trim around flowerbeds or placed in mortar on sidewalks or walls.

6. Indoor Decoration

You can also use golf balls for indoor decoration. One common use is to create ornaments or snowmen using these golf balls. You can use golf balls as replacements for hooks on coat and hat racks or even knobs on cabinets and small doors.

Adding different colored balls inside of a container such as a vase or a shadow box can be a unique way to display old balls or even balls that have sentimental value. In addition, you can embellish a picture frame by adding golf balls around it.

7. Trash Them!

For all you minimalists… 🙂