10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors ([year] Edition)

10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors (2024 Edition)

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Reaching senior status is far easier than admitting you have arrived, even to yourself. As such, transitioning from the white or yellow tee box to the blue one and from your usual golf ball to one more suited to your new physiological limits can take some time. Once you make the decision, however, the cross-over may be slow, but it will be sure, and it’s good to know which are the best golf balls for seniors.

The best golf balls for seniors are, on average, balls that do not require a fast swing speed:

  1. Titleist DT Tru Soft 
  2. Callaway Supersoft
  3. Srixon Soft Feel 
  4. Vice Drive 
  5. Volvik Vivid 
  6. Bridgestone E6 
  7. MG Senior
  8. TaylorMade Soft Response
  9. Wilson Staff 50 elite
  10. Snell MTB Black

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As a ‘senior’ golfer myself, I can assure you that few of us care for the moniker, but once you come to terms with the fact that your eyes require assistance when reading and your knees start to creak on the stairs, you may appreciate the assistance a good golf ball can give you. 

By a good golf ball, I’m specifically referring to a ball that works for you, regardless of whether or not the tour Pros or your neighbor uses the same.

By the time you reach senior age, your acquired wisdom should make it clear that just the passing of years (even excluding any diseases or injuries we picked up along the way) requires we make use of the best options possible.

Here are the top golf balls on the market for senior golfers.

In no particular order (because we are all unique) you can have confidence that these balls are all suited to a senior golfer’s game – regardless of gender – and may just make your game a little more enjoyable. 

1. Titleist DT TruSoft

[amazon box = “B0164EL0CW” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

This ball is described by Titleist as their softest golf ball, and with a low compression rating of 50, these [amazon link=”B0164EL0CW” title=”Titleist DT TruSoft” /] balls fly long and straight. The two-piece construction contains a large core called TruTouch, which keeps long-game spin to a minimum without losing feel on the strike.

Their ionomer cover utilizes something called TruFlex, which is the technology that generates a surprisingly good greenside feel while improving spin off your shorter irons in the same area. This is extremely valuable to those of us whose swings are slowing. 

Their ionomer covers have a lovely soft feel, but in the system of checks and balances, will not last as long as a urethane sheath. As long as you are happy with this trade off you will love the Titleist DT TruSoft.

Check out this Titleist Trusoft video review.


  • Good greenside feel
  • Superb short-game spin providing improved stopping power
  • Less long-game spin offering increased distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Incredible durability


  • Not exceptionally soft on the hands.

2. Callaway Supersoft

[amazon box = “B07M6GKHVR” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

For senior players who prefer a forgiving golf ball to help them stay on the fairway, I recommend you try the [amazon link=”B07M6GKHVR” title=”Callaway Supersoft” /] golf ball. These balls provide a supersoft feel via their High-Speed core offering Soft Compression and the cover of ionomer.

This high-speed core explodes from the clubface to provide a strong launch and low-driver spin, giving the senior golfer the best distance possible. Very soft in the hands, greenside spin is as good as you might expect, and the increased distance off the tee box and fairway will put a smile on your face.

Callaway has stood by their HEX dimple design, which reduces drag aerodynamically, allowing the ball to achieve a decent lift, flying even further in a consistent manner.

These balls are available in several highly visible colors, which can be very useful to senior golfers, particularly in low-light conditions. These Supersoft balls are helpful for those senior golfers who are still able to generate decent club-head speed and who demand reasonable distance and forgiveness while accepting a slight drop in spin.

Check out this Callaway Supersoft video review:


  • The flight is not high, but the ball rolls out well
  • It supplies the promised ‘supersoft’ feel
  • Provides golfers with decent spin control around the greens
  • Very forgiving
  • Maximum distance gains


  • The finish is not as durable as one might require and is easily scuffed and cut

3. Srixon Soft Feel

[amazon box = “B01GPGPTPS” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

These are quality golf balls that I have used for several years with good success. They target all golfers – including seniors – who have less than optimal swing speeds. These stunning balls are of a two-piece construction using Srixon’s EGG core, which stiffens from the center outward. 

The balls have a 60 compression rating designed, like multiple-layered models, to promote a high trajectory, improved accuracy, and enhanced distance.

The ball is very soft off the club face and stops quickly on the green, which makes it ideal for best ball golf. As a senior, you can attack the pin with confidence knowing that your ball will perform consistently and give your team the best chance to score.

Check out what Srixon has to say about the [amazon link=”B01GPGPTPS” title=”Soft Feel” /]:


  • Offers a high launch and side spin, providing increased accuracy off the tee
  • Very affordable price


  • None I could find, particularly at the price

4. Vice Drive

[amazon box = “B00JXHZC72″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

If you’re playing with a slower-than-optimum swing speed, as most of us seniors are, the [amazon link=”B00JXHZC72″ title=”Vice Drive” /] might be just the thing to add to your Christmas shopping list. It is more solid than most, and the launch angle is a good one. 

Being solid, it may plug a little more in boggy, wet conditions, so consider this when purchasing. That said, at the low price, I’d rather lose a Vice Drive than a far more pricey ball.

They tend to fly reasonably well in windy conditions and might well add ten yards to your drives, but long iron errors are not always forgiven. (Certainly, mine were not!)

They give good performance with less effort and, at the price, are worth trying out, providing your swing speed is not excessive.


  • The casing is durable
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The distance provided is acceptable, particularly for seniors


  • Spin around the greens could be improved.
  • Not suited to faster swing speeds.
  • Feel is decent, but not great.

5. Volvik Vivid

[amazon box = “B09TWX7WH9″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Senior golfers struggling with diminished eyesight will love playing with these ‘Vivid’ balls. Sure, they’re a little ‘loud’ at first, but if you hit one into the rough, you will appreciate the reason for all that color.

In the rough or on the fairway, [amazon link=”B09TWX7WH9″ title=”Volvik’s” /] balls are much easier than most to spot. If you consider the importance of focusing your eyes on exactly where you aim to strike the ball, Volvik’s range is a ‘must have.’ Even on the tee, its vivid colors will assist you.

The three-piece construction with Nano Bi High-Energy-Resilient Cores culminates in a high launch with a lower driver spin. The balls fly straight and far. Even more importantly, they are aimed at us golfers with relatively low swing speeds.

The colored matte finish possesses a UV-protection layer, which helps these balls with durability in all types of weather. I play regularly in baking conditions, and they last perfectly well until I annoyingly lose them. 


  • Creates a high launch angle
  • Enormously Improved visibility
  • More durable
  • Enhanced alignment
  • Flies far


  • Colors can take a little getting used to

6. Bridgestone e6

[amazon box = “B08W2C8RLZ” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Bridgestone has been gaining traction as a trendy golf brand ever since Tiger Woods endorsed and even helped develop them. They provide a variety of golf equipment of decent quality at reasonable prices. Among those, their [amazon link=”B08W2C8RLZ” title=”Bridgestone e6″ /] balls are well-suited to new golfers, seniors, or high handicappers.

The e6 balls have a two-piece construction with a low-compression core, providing a delightfully soft feel. Having been engineered with a revolutionary aerodynamic design to provide a more stable flight, the balls fly true and far.

The e6 will complement the slower swing speeds of most senior golfers due to the low compression not requiring as much force at impact to fly straight. 


  • Minimized spin of the driver
  • Very durable 
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Colors assist senior golfers with compromised eyesight


  • Less greenside spin than promised by the soft feel

7. MG Senior

[amazon box = “B06XDVL17B” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Let’s meander into a grey area for a while and look at the [amazon link=”B06XDVL17B” title=”MG senior” /] golf ball, which is not a ball you will be allowed to play in official tournaments.

The MG Senior ball’s aerodynamics are very different from most and features a unique design that propels them further than the distance sanctioned by golf’s governing body. Wonderful to play with friends. They will improve your drive distance by as much as 17%, which can make a world of difference to your game.

Aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds (new players, ladies, and seniors in particular), these are believed to be the furthest-flying balls of them all. If you’re struggling to get distance on your drives and long irons, you could do worse than give these golf balls a try.

As with many long-flying golf balls (particularly at the low RRP), the MG Senior does not offer an ideal green grip, so you must decide which part of your game needs the most attention.


  • The colored option is easier to see
  • The carry is longer, as is the roll-out distance
  • Can really assist senior golfers
  • Very durable


  • Spin around the green is not great

8. TaylorMade Soft Response

[amazon box = “B082PMZN5L” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B082PMZN5L” title=”TaylorMade Soft Response” /] Golf Balls feature a durable ionomer cover designed with their unique Extended Flight dimple pattern. This provides golfers with a wonderfully soft feel without sacrificing distance. In fact, TaylorMade believes it’s the softest ball they have ever produced.

The ball’s three-piece construction consists of the following:

  • a Hi-Spring Zn0 Flex Core, enabling a soft feel and swift compression
  • a Speedmantle that maximizes energy transfer on impact
  • a soft ionomer cover that enhances the greenside feel 

The shallower U-shape dimples allow the balls to fly a surprising distance by increasing lift and carry, despite lower spin rates off woods and longer irons.


  • Very pleasing durability
  • Very soft feel
  • Lower driver spin gives more accurate and more consistent flight
  • Increased distance


  • Greenside spin is limited

9. Wilson Staff 50 Elite

[amazon box = “B07YXC8116″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B07YXC8116″ title=”Wilson Staff 50 Elite” /] Golf Balls feature a 50 compression rating. The core is far softer, allowing the balls to fly quickly despite a lower swing speed. Distance is good, and the greenside control, lacking in many ‘distance’ balls, is very soft and revealing.

The 302 shallow dimples on the 50 elite covers also contribute to drag reduction, providing ball flights that are more accurate and very consistent. Available in four colors to help with visibility, the balls are very budget-friendly.

The advanced rubber core provides good distance with an increased spin off the shorter irons. The cover ensures a low driver spin and generates high accuracy with noticeable softness around the green.​

A slow to medium swing speed is best employed against the Wilson Staff 50 elite.


  • Balls fly with increased accuracy
  • They offer a tremendous greenside feel and stopping ability
  • Driver spin is limited
  • The balls are easily seen
  • A more penetrating trajectory is achieved


  • The distance off the tee is not suited to a faster swing speed

10. Snell MTB Black 

[amazon box = “B078SKBKF1″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Senior golfers whose swing speeds average 80 to 85 mph should consider the [amazon link=”B078SKBKF1″ title=”Snell MTB Black” /] Golf Balls.

First, this Black version features some improvements in design. Hence they seem to be more advanced compared to their previous performance. They are engineered from a durable premium urethane material, which is extremely attractive and easy on the eye.

The MTB Black is, rest assured, not black at all, but available in white and startling yellow. It is constructed of 3 pieces with a low-compression core and uses an extra mantle layer to promote longer-distance shots. The construction lowers driver spin to force the balls to fly for a fair distance with improved accuracy.

I’d not heard of Snell Golf until mid-2022, but I’m impressed with their design and have been for many months of play. 

Snell is a golf ball brand founded by Dean Snell, a plastics engineer who was a part of developing the somewhat better-known Titleist Pro V1.

Snell’s MTB Black is a very successful high-performance ball with an award-winning design. The ball has an excellent average rating on the Snell website.

The MTB Black is a tour-level golf ball designed to provide a softer feel than other Snell models making it a good choice for many seniors with its compression rating in the region of 80. 

The construction is:

  • fast core providing low long-game spin and increased ball speed
  • softer mantle layer that enhances the spin control from shorter irons
  • cast urethane cover for improved durability and good response

The ball employs a 360 dimple pattern that results in low drag and optimal lift for a more penetrating flight. 


  • Offers excellent feel and response
  • It provides a high level of durability
  • Minimizes driver spin
  • Flies straighter and with more accuracy


  • Spin control around the greens is lower than I would have liked

What Changes Might Affect Senior Golfers?

What Changes Might Affect Senior Golfers

Understanding the essential basics of utilizing a golf ball is a large part of playing golf well. You can’t realistically expect the same results with the slower swing speeds found as a senior versus the high swing speeds of your youth. Finding the correct golf balls for your (now) slower swing speed without destroying your golf score is essential.

Since you simply cannot hit as far as you could ten or even five years ago, you need to use the best equipment to sink that ball in the fewest shots.

Sounds easy and obvious?

The correct golf balls consist of features best suited to your new game, still offering the big three of low spin off the tee box, soft feel, and reasonable distance.

The golf balls in my list have been designed to maximize seniors’ driving distance with improved – or at least maintained – accuracy.

They are more forgiving to errant iron shots but still provide a soft feel for response around the greens. The core technology of the ball and its specific cover help improve consistency, accuracy, and stability. They react better to a lower swing speed, which lets the golfer concentrate on the game rather than any shortcomings.

Impaired Vision

Like it or not, age affects everything, and sight is no different. You will find it more and more challenging to watch the ball to its resting place every time. Lateral vision is not usually the first to go, but distance is an issue, and you might find the ball is as much as 20 yards shorter or further than the spot you marked.

Playing close to dawn or dusk exacerbates this problem, so leave an hour’s gap between these times and your game where possible.

Get your playing partners to assist with watching the ball off the tee and where they can, also the second shot. This is not always practical, so a caddie is a good option if finances permit.

Another aid is the bright colors of some golf balls. The yellow balls, particularly the lime-yellow ones now available, are seen more easily than white balls, and if you are spending time off the fairway, these are invaluable. Many senior-friendly golf balls are available in a variety of colors. [amazon link=”B0819KH8Q5″ title=”Volvik 2020 Vivid” /] is a prime example.

Reduced Mobility

After some time, you will not be able to bend as well, walk as far, or stay fresh as long.

Choosing a ball that will keep you out of the rough, where the footing can be treacherous, is vital to your well-being. Stumbling over grass tuffs, twigs, and tree routes or laboring through the yielding sand of a bunker should be avoided wherever possible, and selecting a good ball for your swing and style of play is essential.

If you hit far but wide, you might add an additional 10% (or 400 yards) to your journey, and if you are on foot, as many of us still try to be, that’s a long way extra to walk – particularly as it’s all away from the smooth fairways.

I’m as guilty as the next senior of this, but we have got to leave our egos in the clubhouse and embrace reality:

  • Take a caddy where possible
  • Take a golf cart if necessary
  • Choose the correct ball for your game
  • Stay on the fairway at all costs
  • Consider using a ball with putting lines on it

Does The Ball’s Makeup Affect A Senior Golfer’s Game?

Does The Ball’s Makeup Affect A Senior Golfer’s Game

The multilayered balls require a high swing speed of at least 100mph to utilize the technology entirely. This is impossible for all but the youngest seniors, and I recommend you use a three-piece or two-piece ball exclusively.

One-piece balls are not a real option. As senior Pro Jim Furyk quips, “One-piece balls have no place on a golf course and belong on a mini-golf course.”

With a 2-piece golf ball, factors like spin and compression favor a slower golf swing. As our strength and flexibility drop off in our senior years, it is far easier to strike a two-piece golf ball with increased distance while gaining improved ball flight. These balls generally last longer than balls with more layers.

A younger player, while already a senior, might make better use of a three-piece golf ball, particularly if they have a mid-range swing speed or play off an 8-18 golf handicap. This option provides them with a solid core and an additional mantle layer. Since more power can be imparted, the ball will travel farther with the best spin and flight control.

If you’re a golfer who tends to slice or hook the ball, you may get more joy from a lower-spinning golf ball. These balls provide less side spin off the longer irons and woods and should keep your shots flying straighter. You can expect to lose some carry distance, but your ball will roll out a little more and give you the best result possible.

Conclusion: Best Senior Golf Balls 2024 Has to Offer

Conclusion Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Since vision, energy levels, and strength will drop off as we reach senior status, I recommend dropping our ego simultaneously. Choose a ball that will help you see it, strike it, find it and putt it.

Avoid the macho shot attempts, and become more cunning than courageous. (I’m still trying!) I’m sure that several of the balls on this list will assist your game.