Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

At Honest Golfers, we just LOVE to help our readers make the most out of their golf game. In this article we're going to be taking a look at the best golf balls for seniors to make the most out of your game.

Because, let's face it...

Age sucks.

There's no escaping it!

But check out these golf balls and reclaim those precious yards on your tee-offs.

We're going to be taking an informative look at the golf balls we've selected for you today...

These are the golf balls we're going to be casting our eyes over:

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

  1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball (Best For Seniors)
  2. Srixon AD333 Golf Ball (Best For Consistency)
  3. Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Ball (Best For Feel)
  4. Bridgestone E5 Golf Ball (Best Budget) 
  5. Taylormade Burner Golf Ball (Best Mid Range Golf Ball)
  6. Srixon Q Star Golf Ball
  7. Chromax Metallic M5 Golf Ball
  8. MG Golf Ball
  9. Precept Extreme Golf Balls

In A Hurry? 

The Test Winner After 24 Hours Of Research:

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.









Best Golf Balls for Seniors 2022

best golf balls for seniors 2022

1. Callaway Supersoft - TOP PICK

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

Gentlemen And Ladies,

***Drum Roll***

Let us introduce.....the new supersoft golf ball from Callaway.

This golf ball has really change the way that golfers are playing with ultrasoft golf balls.

Not only is it tremendously soft (and the softest ball that Callaway makes) but it's got an incredibly fast core making it long and super soft around the greens.

This golf ball has really been optimised based on the use of new low drag aerodynamic technology.

This means that as the golf ball spins at a lower rate it gives the ball less drag which equals better ball flight and ultimately the total yardage you're achieving on your long shots is increased.

Because the Callaway supersoft has a zero compression core , Callaway have engineered the ball with a soft cover.

Callaway's Dave Bartels explains what advantage this gives you as a senior player:

“Supersoft is engineered with an incredibly soft core — actually zero on the PGA compression scale.

It's easy to make a soft core, but it's really difficult to make a soft core that is resilient, and we were able to do that with Supersoft.

Because the soft core is so resilient, it enables us to put a soft cover on it and still achieve really good ball speeds.

The soft cover is great for feel and control around the green as well.

"Supersoft has a very soft cover over an extremely soft core that results in a ball that is only 38 compression points.

That’s a full 20 points softer than HEX Diablo, one of our popular two-piece balls. When it comes to accuracy, Supersoft may be the best ball on the market.

It reduces hooks and slices so more golfers can get more distance and tighter dispersion.”

Best Golf Ball For Seniors

The Callaway Supersoft does exactly what it says on the pack. 

It has a great soft feeling at club strike and a substantial amount of bite on second bounce.

This ball undoubtedly gives you a soft feel, but we did notice the stopping distances around the greens wasn’t quite as tight as we expected.

Overall this is an absolutely STUNNING golf ball for a senior player, gives both great feel while offering out incredible distance ability!

While we personally love this product, it appears that others do too:

"Had my best round of the year with this ball.....coincidence??
I am an 18 handicap and shot 83 today. Hit much more consistent, solid shots and got more distance due to better ball striking. Needless to say, I loved the big ball. Might go buy out the store!

Source Lynnie77,


  • This is the softest ball that Callaway giving it incredible feel.
  • Even with lower swing speed you can still achieve great distance with this ball.
  • Looks great with the standard Callaway hexagonal shaped dimples.
  • Incredible quality materials used to construct this world class golf ball


  • Stopping distance maybe something to watch as it was a little bigger than we expected in testing.

2. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

If you're a Senior golfer looking for a great golf ball, with long distance and great short game feel the Srixon AD333 is the golf ball for you. 

Most of all, these balls come in at an incredible price point. We can't wait to talk with you about the Srixon AD333 in our review below.

Ok, now we're going to be talking about the Srixon AD333.

Just how good is the Srixon AD333 golf ball?

Well to be honest, for senior golfers looking for a ball that's going to serve them off the tee into greens and around greens, while at the same time not hurting their pocket!

The Srixon AD333 is a great choice!

We think that Srixon really comes into consideration for a seniors both on performance but also on price point.

For the low price point alone this ball is going to appeal to ALOT of senior golfers.

As we've put this ball through different tests we've really noticed that the differences in performance between it and more premium brands is very small.

There are many shots where you just can't tell the difference in performance because this ball is so good. 

We played a lot of chip shots with the Srixon AD333 around the green and compared them to the same shots using a Titleist Pro V1.

What we found was quite surprising...

There was little to no difference in spin rates (but what we can tell you is there is certainly a difference when it comes to price! And that's a good one!).

Best Golf Ball For Seniors

I think one of the big mind-fields for senior players, is when marketing plays such a big trick in trying to persuade you to get this ball or that ball.

Always trying to persuade golfers that their ball is the best because it's very hard for us to actually measure which one is the best or not!

When it does come down to such fine margins, and with one of the biggest variables being YOU the senior player.

One of the biggest misconceptions with golf balls is thinking that one goes loads further than another off the tee but when it comes to these kind of brands and these type of balls (in these price brackets), made from the high quality materials like the Srixon AD333 and the other balls selected in our best senior golf balls review, the differences are small when it comes to distance off the tee.

This ball, along with the others selected, is going to help a player with a slower swing speed.

However, the biggest difference you're going to see is when it comes to that 9-iron shot in to the green.

These Srixon AD333 balls are really going to put you at an advantage with their great feel and spin rate capabilities. 

But remember folks the Srixon AD333 is one of the best priced balls selected.

(Ps if you're looking for an EVEN more inexpensive ball, with great performance check out our review on the VICE golf ball here.)

And for that reason they aren't going to offer you quite as high a performance off the tee or in to the greens as say the Callaway Supersoft.

But what they are going to do for the player in their senior years is be kinder on their wallet without any let up in performance!

While we personally love this product, it appears that others do too:

"These balls are an absolute bargain. Especially in yellow. They're an ideal investment for winter months. Would buy more..."

Source Eoin,


  • Great price point versus the high end premium balls. Amazing value for seniors with a golfing budget
  • Super distance off the tee and fairways
  • Awesome feel around the green and from 100 yards in.
  • Great performance Vs true high end balls.


  • Might lose you a small amount of grip around the green. But the Srixon AD333 price point more than makes up for it.

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

3. Titleist DT Trusoft

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

When it comes to golf there aren't many bigger or better brands than Titleist.

The Titleist DT Trusoft are an incredible option for your Senior golfers out there

Don't take our word for it find out how others felt the ball performed for them via the red button.

Now we're going to be testing and reviewing the Titleist DT True Soft.

So as we know Titleist is packed full of golf ball heritage, they've been bringing out fantastic golf balls for many, many years and this is a new golf ball to the Titleist armoury.

Titleist are saying it's one of the softest balls they have ever made but it's also a distance ball so you senior are going to get on great with a ball that will really cater to both sides of your game - short and long. 

This ball is not really competing too much with the Titleist Pro-V 1 as it's sitting a little bit underneath that price category.

This ball is really aimed at a middle handicapper which we know a lot of senior players are.

You take the game seriously but also want feel and a little bit more help on the distance front due to potential lower swing speeds creeping in.

3. Titleist DT Trusoft (Insane Durability)

We could read all the details about the ball from the box but there's no point as we all see that type of information all the time.

"Soft, the softest compression, longer distance, improved short game blah blah blah blah blah...."

So we just tested the ball instead and here is what we found...

First off.


My initial thought straightaway when putting was that it doesn't feel that soft.

It has a relatively firm feel but it wasn't clicky and it wasn't too hard but I wouldn't have said it was soft, certainly not Pro V1 soft.

It really performed nicely for me when I putted a few.

When chipping the ball, I actually felt that the feel improved a little bit. It was a nice feel, it wasn't super soft again, but it was a nice feel. 

The spin was good and I was getting some nice feel and getting my shots to stop pretty quick. 

I'll tell you another thing we really liked about this ball - it was probably by far the best durability golf ball we've ever tested! That is a huge benefit for this golf ball the durability.

It has blown every other golf ball that we've ever tested out of the water.

Which is pretty impressive, and again if you don't lose that many golf balls and you're not too bothered about the softest spin or banging the ball for miles...


You've found your perfect golf ball.

This ball gave me good distance and good spin numbers, not excellent but good spin numbers and it was giving me absolutely exceptional durability!

We feel like there's a definite attraction for this ball for a senior buying golf player.

It delivers well on so many levels and for those of you who just want a golf ball to perform out of the bag (and be happy that's it's not going to be amazing) BUT know that it's going to have insane levels of durability (plus a ball that's not going to break the bank).

It's perfect for that.

We think there's softer golf balls out there but if you don't won't to pay crazy amounts of money and you still want a premium brand like a Titleist golf ball this could be where you need to look.

We'll say it again one more time, the durability of this ball was the BEST we have EVER seen!


  • Incredible levels of durability. This ball will last a life time (providing you don't lose it of course)
  • Great balance between softness and distance capabilities
  • Will serve you well on the putting surface
  • Great value for a Titleist golf ball
  • Look great on the tee and in the bag


  • Not the softest ball in the world but it won't break the bank either
  • If you like to switch up your ball every round you're missing out on the insane durability on offer with this ball!

*Don't forget to check the price on all 3 as some maybe running exclusive discounts.

4. Bridgestone E5 Golf Ball

Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Do you want a golf ball to help you improve the accuracy of your shots?

Then, the Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Ball is probably the best option for you.

Loaded with game-changing features to give you the best results, and help you win more games.

The Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Ball is for you if you need more accuracy in terms of better ball flight, great speed, and more distance.

Additionally, these golf balls have been popular to most senior golfers because of its precise shot results, and faster ball travel.

Designed to provide higher ball flight off the tee, and can still offer an excellent spin even on the greens.

This only means that E5 is an ‘all-arounder’ golf ball that you can use from the beginning of the game, to putting the ball inside the hole of your target flagstick.

This ball also features a seamless modified double dimple design that offers excellent feels, superior loft, and a better ball trajectory.

It also helps in reaching maximizing ball distance, while increasing the spin on the golf ball for a higher ball flight.

To put the cherry on top of the icing…

The Bridgestone E5 is the only two-piece golf ball on the market that has an Urethane cover - which is normally found only on high-end golf balls.

The core of this golf ball features a large gradational core that assists senior golfers who have a slower swing speed. This will also help in maximizing the velocity of the golf ball resulting in reaching farther.

The Urethane cover with the combination of 326 dimples and a large core, helps the golf ball go higher into the air at maximum speed, and travel greater distance while adding more spin on your shot.

Some golfers think that Urethane covers may be less durable, but if you prefer a golf ball that reacts better on the green, then this Bridgestone E5 is for you.

Definitely, any skilled or amateur senior golfer would LOVE every feature and design of this golf ball.

For us, Bridgestone E5 can offer excellent performance with the right and proper use.


  • It offers extra distance for golfers with low swing speed which makes it perfect for senior golfers.
  • Features a revolutionary design improvement to give a longer distance and excellent ball trajectory on every hit that you make.
  • It has a Urethane cover that adds more spin onto the ball, and give more control to help you hit targets easier.


  • Using this ball might require more calculations and well-planned shots.

5. TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball can level up the competition, and help you win more games.

Specifically designed to maximize distance because of its ultra-low 60-compression Burner REACT™ Core, which helps in improving your game performance.

What does this technology can do more?

This ultra-low 60-compression Burner REACT™ Cor technology also helps in transferring the energy and impact more accurately to the golf ball when hit by a golf club.

On the other hand, the Ionomer cover further enhances the durability of the golf ball for longer use.

This also intensify short game responsiveness for better control over the greener side of the course.

The TaylorMade Burner 2-piece construction creates maximum distance and greater speed from the tee. 

This 2-piece construction also enables soft feels, and excellent sound.

We definitely enjoyed looking at the high-launch take off of this golf ball. 

It also has low-spin and straight ball trajectory, at a speed almost all senior golfers would absolutely appreciate.


  • Made from highly durable materials, so it offers toughness over the long run.
  • It features a high dimple count that provides lower air resistance that is perfect in getting more ball control.
  • This is the golf ball that would help you achieve more distance at a faster speed.


  • Some golfers complain of the distracting sound this ball sometimes makes when hit by a putter.

6. Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

The Srixon Q Star Golf Balls become popular to many senior golfers because of its better control than having more ball spin.

It may be more well-known for providing greater control, but don’t underestimate its spin. Spin might be greatly reduced, but this was made for a reason.

Decreasing the spin on this golf ball helps in gaining more distance, and stability on your shot.

In fact, even during on a windy day, you can still rely on the exceptional performance of this golf ball because of its 338 modified dimple design.

With its low compression score, this golf ball will definitely give you a good feeling whenever you hit it with your club.


The urethane cover also adds durability, and toughness on every shot. this, for sure, is what every senior golfer would look on a golf ball.

You may have to sacrifice with distance and spin when purchasing this golf ball, but your greatest advantage in using this is its resilience and better control.


  • Features a urethane cover that adds durability and perfect for long-term use.
  • Specially designed for senior golfers who wants better control.
  • Helps in achieving greater distance, at a maximum speed.


  • Accuracy of this golf ball may not be trusted sometimes.

7. Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Ball

Many senior golfers’ common issue in playing golf is the difficulty of seeing the ball off the tee. This scenario can greatly affect your overall game performance on the course.

If you can’t see the golf ball before and after you hit it, chances of losing the ball or, worst, the game are high.

BUT, definitely not with Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls.

Specially manufactured to solve every senior golfer’s issue in looking at the golf balls even from afar.

In fact, Chromax M5 golf balls offer great visibility even in low lights because of its bright metallic colors that will help you see it even from a long haul.

Available in a variety of colors that definitely adds unique values and metallic looks on the golf ball. 

More than what you can see, this golf ball is not just about looks.

Chromax M5 Colored Golf Balls are durable enough to allow you to use it for a long period of time because of its Surlyn covers.

Additionally, this golf ball is also excellent in achieving longer distance because of its upgraded dimple design.

So with that being said, we assume that with this metallic colored golf balls, your issue with ball visibility is finally solved!


  • It has a durable cover and a strong core that enables you to use the ball in the long run and provide greater energy for every shot.
  • These golf balls help in achieving greater distance even around the greens.
  • Available in different metallic colors for higher visibility rate, perfect for senior golfers with poor visibility.


  • Might have lack of accuracy because of its different colors.

8. Precept Extreme Golf Ball

Are the Precept Extreme Golf Balls good enough for senior golfers to improve the quality of their games?

Generally, based on our experience, it is excellent in providing longer ball distance IF you have a slower swing speed.

Since most senior golfers have slower swing speed, then yes, this golf ball might be just what they need.

This golf ball is excellent in delivering long, and straight shots when hit by a driver or an iron.

Not to mention that it also offers nice sound, and softer feels even around the greens.

In addition, the core had been developed along with its improved dimple scheme to aid accuracy in getting more spin in long distance shots, and more roll on the course.

With its tough cover, you can guarantee high durability that prevents wear off easily.

For those senior golfers with slow swing speed, Precept Extreme is an excellent value for money.

It might not be as fancy or good looking compared to its rivals in the market, but this will definitely improve your ball distance off the tee.


  • This golf ball will help you achieve more distance at a higher speed.
  • Most senior golfers with a slower swing speed may be satisfied with the performance and features of this golf ball.
  • Features higher and straighter launch with minimal spin.


  • May subject to wear off quickly, and some golfers say that it is not visually attractive to meet their standards.

9. MG Golf Ball

Golf balls are made for specific use and purpose, and the MG Golf Balls are manufactured for all golfers who want to achieve greater distance for every shot.

Golfer seniors tend to have a slower speed, that’s why getting a ball that can do long distance is essential.

One thing is for sure, these balls are perfect in reaching more distance on your every swing shot and drive.

Tailor-made especially for Senior Golfers needs.

Available in three different colors - white, yellow, and pink - so, you get the luxury to choose which color will help you see the ball clearly.

The durability of its cover, softer feels, and excellent sounds are all guaranteed.

The only main issue is that MG Golf Balls is not allowed in major tournaments because of how much ball distance it can add on your shots.

The USGA may not conform using these balls, but you can still it on a friendly match, during practice or for recreational purposes.


  • Specially made for every senior golfers needs in achieving the greatest distance on their shots.
  • Offers more forgiveness, and fun while playing.
  • The cover is durable that adds softer sounds, and excellent feels.


  • The USGA doesn’t allow using this ball in some professional tournaments.

The Golf Ball And Distance

When you're looking for a golf ball, what's the first thing you think of as a senior player? 

Will this ball help me hit the same distance as I used too? How will my slower club head speed affect the ball off the face? Will I still hit the same distance accuracy with this ball?

Ok, sound like you? Well this is why we wrote the review. 

Drive for show and put for dough is very true when it comes to selecting a new golf ball to use. However if you can gain 5 yards from using a different ball then hey why not? 

The golf balls we've selected for senior players make the absolute most out of the club head speed you can generate ensuring that you get a helping hand from your trusty new ball!

The aim of the game with golf ball manufacturing is to achieve either optimal distance or control.

It's often the case that the golf ball designers and manufacturers look to find the best possible blend between distance and control to suit their customer, you!

If you were to compare the material used to make a ball that was aimed at achieving maximum distance then the ball would need to have a lower spin rate and this means the ball covering would need to be made from a hard material such as surlyn.

The consequence of a lower spin is less control, so if you have a ball which is designed for distance then it is likely to be harder to control when it comes to your short game.

This is where finding the right ball for a senior player becomes so crucial.

The Golf Ball And Distance

In most cases seniors don't want to lose too much feel around the green (aka softer ball) but they do what to maintain (or even increase) their distance play. 

Softer balls are usually made from a material called urethane. They feel softer when they're struck off the tee.

We talked earlier about the low spin rate of the harder balls (distance) well with a softer ball the spin rate is much higher.

Higher spin rate means you might not get the same distance as a shot with a harder ball but what you do get is control. And lots of it.

The softer ball gives you far more feel around the green and great opportunities to tailor the shape of your shots. 

It's worth mentioning the dimple patterns that you always see on a golf ball. These indented circles (and sometimes hexagon patterns on Callaway balls) allow the manufacturers to play with the level of control given to the player by the ball.

Simply put the aerodynamics achieved through the use of the dimples can give a harder ball more control and feel.

As a golf ball flies off your golf club face after your strike, the golf ball is met by air resistance.

Using dimples on the ball reduce the drag of the air on the ball allowing it to stay in the air for more time and inevitably travel farther. 

As a senior player you'll probably be best to find a ball that is softer and lets you make use of your skills around the green, but also still gives you plenty of distance off the tee.

The Golf Ball Spin  

You hear the words spin rate or ball spin all the time right? But what does this actually mean for your shots and your game (plus your ball) as a senior player? 

Really it's very simple - the rate of spin is the number of times the ball spins fully.

Although we hear about spin rate of the ball ALOT it's probably one of the most under-appreciated elements of the golf game.

Spin rate affects all sorts of shot behaviour such as the height and the distance of the shot.

The effect of spin is also heavily influenced by the strength of the wind both in the direction of the shot and in the opposite direction to the shot.

Generally speaking having a ball which has a high spin rate is better the closer you get to the putting surface.

A ball which is spinning at a high rate around the green helps you control the ball, the spin also gives your ball grip on the green so it's stops quicker.

The more loft you have on your club, the more ball spin that will be generated.

On the other hand a high spinning ball isn't as favourable when you're looking to hit a big shot such as your tee shot on a par 5 hole.

If your club is very lofted and you're looking to hit a long shot here a high ball spin rate is not going to help you get distance.

This is something to keep in mind as a senior player, if you use a ball which is soft and high spinning you may find that it kills your driving distance.

What you need is a golf ball that makes the most out of the kind of swing speed generated by a senior player (particularly you) and directly assists increasing distance off the tee while also giving you ample control around the green.

One of the very best ways to make the most of out of your ball performance while also achieving great distance, ball flight and control is to 'club up'.

Put simply you need to take one or even two clubs more (this means using a 4 iron instead of pulling out the usual 6 iron from the bag) than required for the distance of the shot and then take a more of an easy swing. 

As we said before more loft generally means you're going to see more spin from your ball.

Let's think about this, whichever way the ball is spinning will lead to it travelling in that direction.

Okay, we have to take into account the wind and the air resistance on the course but lets say you're looking to hit a fade shot around a dog leg right.

If you hit across the ball with your club face and the ball launches from the club face spinning right to left, your ball will travel from left to right (a fade). 

The opposite path of travel for the golf ball will be achieved if you hit the ball to achieve a draw shot. Hitting the ball to achieve spin from left to right will lead the ball to travel towards the right relative to where the shot is taken from.

But wait...

We can take this thought process even further...

And ultimately the speed at which the ball is spinning, or as we say the rate of spin from left to right or right to left will dictate how fast the ball turns to travel in whichever direction is desired by the shot taker (or not desired as is usually the case with me).

The lower the spin rate, the less curve on the shot, and conversely, the higher the spin the greater the curve on the shot. 

The problem which is often encountered by all levels of players and seniors is controlling a ball to the extent that their shot doesn't spin out of control.

Having a ball spin from left to right, or right to left at a very high, uncontrolled spin rate will inevitably lead to an out of control shot with an unwanted ball destination!

It's interesting to think that no matter the level or handicap of the player, every single shot hit by every single player will very rarely (if ever) spin and travel straight.

Basically, they'll always be some side spin on your ball - no matter what you do!

The key to all of this and how spin affects your game as a senior is whether the turn is controlled or not and also whether the golf ball being used is the correct one for the kind of senior.

Hitting the ball in a perfectly straight line is pretty much impossible.

And it's important to mention that almost every professional player out there will pretty much always look to hit a shot with some sort of side spin and thus see their ball curve.

It's part of the beauty of the game.

The more advanced you are as a player, the more likely it is that you can mould and shape the curve of the shot you're playing. 

Manipulating the ball and spin precisely how you require depending on the type of outcome you need! 

And when you look away from the height of the professional game and closer to home and your golf game; it's important to remember that having a shape to your shot as a senior is not a bad thing - especially if you can control and manipulate it to your advantage on the course!

We've talked a lot so far about side spin but what about back spin, as a senior player with plenty of golf playing experience, it's likely that you make the most out the other part of the spin game...


Back spin is the magic ingredient that can really help your score with 100-150 yards from the pin. Every time you hit a shot there will always be some back spin present on the ball - it's just the way it is. Imagine, any shot you hit, your club head will travel under and through the ball.

Depending on the loft of the club really affects just how much the club head travels under the ball.

Consequently this under, to up and through movement of the club causes the ball to spin backwards on itself. 

When comparing the amount of back spin generated by club each club it's best to think that your driver will generate least back spin while shots hit with a loft wedge that pop high into the sky generate the most back spin.

That's why when you're looking for your ball to stop fast around the green, generating a lot of back spin with a wedge club, gets the ball spinning backwards extremely fast.

When your backward spinning ball comes into contact with the solid green, the friction is likely to stop your ball dead!

A Golf Balls Compression

Ball compression is effectively how much the ball changes shape at strike. Lower compression balls generally means that the ball gets more distance off the tee with less swing speed.

The key to achieving the most from your ball performance is to get full compression.

Basically if you achieve full compression, amazingly, the ball wall flatten to half it's width. 

Perfect for seniors looking to get the most from their swing, especially if swing speed is seeing a deterioration. 

As you start moving up to medium compression balls, which are likely used by more advanced level players.

This is because players with lower handicaps can generate higher club head speeds and therefore want to use medium compression balls because they offer benefits from a distance but crucially a control point of view.

If you're a higher level senior player with decreasing swing speed (which is still superior) maybe a medium compression ball is for you.

When we move on to higher compression balls, you might have guessed that you really need a higher swing speed to get the most out of the performance of these balls.

Higher swing speeds in tandem with a high compression ball means mean maximal distance achieved.

Not only that but you'll see a truer flight.

As a result it's easy to see why higher compression balls are preferred by players with lower handicaps.

You may have noticed that the key to getting the most from your ball performance is to achieve maximal ball compression at strike. Making sure that the ball is fully compressed.

If your swing speed isn't sufficient for the medium or high compression ball selected then put simply - you won't achieved the kind of performance the ball is capable of.

And because of this selecting the right type of compression setup for your ball is crucial.

Especially for you senior guys!

Pick the right ball and you'll reap the benefits of the balls performance.

Another point to note is the number associated with compression on the ball. You may see this in the golf ball information.


It's very simple.

If a ball has a 70 compression then the golf swing speed for optimal distance should be 70 miles per hour. 

Following on from that an 80 compression ball means that the golfer needs to be swinging at 80 mph.

The rule follows on as you would expect 90 equals a swing of 90 miles per hour and 100 equals a swing of 100 miles per hour. 

Another point to keep in mind is the temperature you're playing when you're on the course.

The way the ball compression works is related to the temperature of the environment. As you probably already know, playing with the same ball in winter will feel very different in terms of ball performance in comparison to playing with the ball in the summer.

Golf Ball Material (... Basically The White Cover)

When we talk about a golf ball, the material it is made from is pretty darn important!

In fact it's pretty much the only thing that separates a very cheap (and bad ball for your game) and a ball that can do wonders for you - especially you senior guys out there on the course.

A golf ball with the best kind of materials used (basically the balls we're looking at in this review) can add yards to your game and shave points off your scorecard around the greens.

Basically better material equals longer shots and better feel around your short game hits.

As you can imagine, the better the ball material, the higher the cost of materials and therefore the more money you pay for the ball.

But the upside of that is a far better performing golf ball.

Balls that have a softer outer shell give the player a great feel and distance too but it is worth keeping in mind that as a result of the softer material, the ball is a little less long lasting than harder balls.

We'd expect a softer ball to last many rounds (probably up to 10) but it is worth noting.

Ps. If I were to keep the same ball for 3 rounds let alone 10 I'd be a happy guy!

Golf Balls for Seniors FAQ

What Are The Key Differences Between a Regular and a Senior Golf Ball?

Let's be honest we all know that there are some pretty low shooting senior players out there right?  Seniors have years of experience on the course to draw - picking the right club for the shot, playing the safe shot rather than the hero shot.

There's so many things year's of playing golf can bring to a seniors game.

However, everyone (seniors included) are always looking for an edge, something that can shave off a shot or two.

As we enter our senior years it's often the case that our club head speed is reduced. As the speed of our club reduces, inevitably the contact speed with our golf ball reduces too.

So golf balls we've been reviewing in this article are those which are designed to assist a slower swing speed.

What Else You Should Think About When Buying Golf Balls?

Okay so we wanted to give you as much of the extra tips and knowledge we could to put you in the best position to make your next golf ball purchase.

So here it is, more value packed information: 

  • We recommend that you stick with a certain type of make / model of golf ball for at  least 10 rounds to ensure that you get the most out of a balls performance. Just like wearing in a new pair of shoes, it takes a few days to feel the most comfortable wearing them. Same goes for a golf ball! This is especially true when it comes to your short game. Getting used to the feel of your ball around the green is just so crucial to the success of your game.
  • When it comes to the difference changing a ball can make around the green. Imagine hitting the same ball, the same shot but with two different balls.
  • The release between a less expensive ball and a more premium ball could be up to 5 feet at release from even as small a distance of 20 yards to the pin - these a important things to get familiar with and can transform the performance of your game - for better or for worse!
  • Our Ultimate Pro Tip: Please, please, please, never leave buying your golf balls until you get to the course. It will kill your wallet. Buy balls WAYYYY in advance of your next game - ideally on the internet (it's highly likely you'll get the best prices).

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