Best Golf Ball for Slice

Best Golf Ball for Slice

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Hoping there's such a thing as the best golf ball for slice? Maybe even a nasty slice like yours??

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Ideally one that will help you to STOP slicing your shots as much?


  1. You've become the laughing stock of your golfing buddies because of your wayward slice shots...It’s time you got the last laugh.
  2. Your current balls just won't go in the direction you want them too.


3. Everyone is telling you that a new set of golf balls is what will take your game to the next level (and help you with your slice).

Whichever one of these golf ball review you fall under, this is the right article for you. It is often difficult to find a golf ball that gives you complete performance.

In A Hurry?

Even avid readers like me would rather just go ahead and play.

If you're not feeling up to the task of reading through the entire list to make your pick -it’s alright. We've taken the liberty of sifting through the list for you.

Out of our top 5 picks, we looked for the one golf ball that we could present to you as the ultimate one.

The differences between the top picks is very small.

This is what makes this part more difficult.

But we've done our due diligence - and I'm thrilled to give you our winner.

Our top is the [amazon link="B01N42J6GN" title="Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball" /]

It's built to deliver distance and accuracy. The accuracy part is the one that matters a lot when it comes to slicing the ball. This ball delivers a reduction in the amount of spin generated when driving it off the tee, which will mean that the ball is much less likely to go off in an unintended direction.

Exactly what you don't want!

Beyond solving the slicing problem, the E6 will also deliver great performance once you are out on the green. Let's face it, solving one issue should never be done at the cost of creating another one.

There's a ton more detail in our in depth product reviews below...

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Bridgestone 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • They offer incredible value for money.
  • Good quality golf balls that perform well.
  • Reasonably priced set of balls.
  • Delivers good distance off the tee.
  • It minimises slicing by making shots straighter.
  • Suitable for various swing speeds.
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Golf Ball For Slice

Your golfing game is divided into two key parts. These would be the long game and the short game. Slicing is more common in the long game.

This is mainly due to the fact that there is more force required. With more force, there is also a dip in your accuracy. This is where the slicing begins to come into play.

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You may be surprised to find that there is no relationship between having a fast swing speed and slicing the ball more frequently.

However, if you struggle with hand to eye coordination and have a high swing speed there are more chances that you will have this problem.

We have spent a lot of time in pursuit of just the right ball for those who are struggling with slicing.

This took a lot of research to get hold of the balls that are sold as ones that offer this feature.

Once we had them we put them through their paces. Having done this, we are happy to say that we have found some great balls for you.

Our list has 5 incredible golf balls that would all make an incredible addition to your golf bag.

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball - TOP PICK

Bridgestone 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Bridgestone has been consistently delivering high quality golfing products since 1935.

Their E6 soft golf ball is designed with accuracy and distance in mind.

Seeing as we are looking for balls that reduce slice, it is the accuracy part that we've paid more attention to. This is delivered by the means of lowering the spin that is generated when you strike the ball with a driver or long iron.

The softcore of this ball is such that there is less immediate resistance on impact with the ball.

Stray motion is diminished as a result. Exactly what causes you to slice the ball!

The outer layer is covered in Delta Dimples for less air resistance and more control. This helps you to improve your overall game with each shot. Your shots will generally be straight for long-distance strikes.

The ball is more resistance to air motion as well as to pop-ups. It flies straighter.

Once on the green, you will have enough spin to get around the course at ease. The ball lands softly and stops quite quickly. This is where your skill will count more than assistance from the ball.

As your game improves, you can still use this set of balls.

Bridgestone has an unfair advantage over most competitors. They have access to data and science from the large part of the business. They also manufacture tyres.

This is where their rubber technological advancements come from. Most of the polymers developed in this aspect are then utilised in the internal core of the ball as well as a soft outer core.

Each pack contains 12 balls. They are sold in two colours, white and yellow. The yellow ones are more visible.

As your slicing improves you will benefit from being able to visually track your ball’s flight and direction.

An HONEST Review



  • They offer incredible value for money.
  • Good quality golf balls that perform well.
  • Reasonably priced set of balls.
  • Delivers good distance off the tee.
  • It minimises slicing by making shots straighter.
  • Suitable for various swing speeds.


  • Some users consider it to be too soft.

2. Polara XDS 3-Piece Golf Balls

Polara XDS 3-Piece Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

This one is marketed as the ideal ball for those seeking to improve their game without losing out on the fun of playing golf.

That is a lot of responsibility for anyone to put on one ball.

According to the manufacturer, it is designed to correct your slices and mis-hits by up to 50%. This is courtesy of their appropriately named Self Correcting technology.

It has an arrow that is used as a compass of sorts. This is to be pointed in the direction that you intend for your shot to go.

Any deviation from the direction pointed by the arrow is minimised by up to 50%.

Their target market is those who play the game for fun. These are by no means sold as professional golf balls.

They do however perform well. There is a good degree of control that is maintained by the player when taking shots on the green.

They also have a good amount of lift when you drive them. This is due to their enhanced aerodynamic lift. They will fly high and add to the distance that you intend to get out of your shot.

There is a higher trajectory and longer carry on your drives.

The XD in the name stands for extra distance. Which, we are pleased to say that they provide. Each ball is just over an inch and a half in diameter. They weigh 46 grams.

The compression rate on 90. An ionomer is used as the cover material. This complements the 336 dimples that make up the surface.

Each box contains 12 balls. As balls for a bit of fun or casual play, they do the job.

However, if you are looking to improve your game consider another ball.


  • Delivers better overall performance for most users.
  • Enhances the distance that you get off the tee.
  • The Self Correcting Technology means that you will slice the ball less.
  • Improves your direction as well.
  • Offers great value for money.


  • Not PGA approved.
  • Did not get as much distance as the advertising had led us to believe.

3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson is our next pick. This ball is built to deliver both distance and direction.

Their Smart-Core technology is geared to be a clear representation of a player’s swing speed.

This is delivered by minimising the amount of spin that is generated when you strike a ball over a long distance.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is conveniently flipped on its head once you are on the green. On the green, you will have more spin and control of your shots.

This is the same thing that you will encounter on chip shots as well.

There are two cores to the ball. The external cover of the ball is made of ionomer. It has 432 dimples. It has a compression rate of 85. This is material that is famed for offering durability even when exposed to adverse conditions.

There are counter-responses on the tee and on the green. Off the tee, the ball responds to the iron by zooming off. This is courtesy of the inner core. One the green, the ball is softer on contact.

It has a soft feel to it as you putt it. The beauty of this is such that you will be able to use this ball as your game improves.

Each box comes with a substantial 24 balls. 8 sleeves of three balls each are what you will get. They were released in 2017 and have been going strong ever since. It can also take a good swing.

You will notice very few signs of wear a tear after using them for a few rounds.


  • Incredible low pricing point. No one could complain about that one.
  • The pack has 24 balls, that’s a lot of balls.
  • Delivers straighter shots off the tee, lowering slicing.
  • You will also get more distance on your shots.
  • Performs well on the green too.
  • Has a very responsive inner core.


  • Some golfers may find these to be too hard.

4. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1

Our Honest Star Rating

Titleist has yet to let us down. This would not be any different. Or would it be?

The V1 balls have been adored by a budding golfer for a while now.

They deliver a mixture of distance and accuracy. These are marketed as balls that deliver a total performance for players of all skills and styles.

To deliver on this, the manufacturer worked to deliver very low spin on the long shot. The balls are designed to offer a penetrating trajectory as they come off the tee and take flight.

They have what has been term the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process core. It is designed to provide longer distances on shots off the tee. This is achieved by coupling lower spin with faster ball speed.

Once the ball is in flight, it is designed to achieve this feat with some marked consistency. This is helped by the tiling of 352 dimples across the surface of the ball. They have an aerodynamic effect.

On the green, the soft urethane elastomer cover system springs to life. This helps deliver a more controlled experience. It is also the layer that is responsible for making sure that the balls last long.

An ionomeric casing layer is a finishing touch. It helps with both speed and shot control. The ball rolls better on the green allowing for more accurate shot power gauging.

These balls are ideal for both low and high swing speeds. Each box contains 12 balls. They are packaged in 4 boxes of 3 balls each.

You will get a compression rate of 90. They are certainly a little on the pricier side in comparison to other balls. It is however very difficult to put an accurate price on quality and workmanship.

This is also another golf ball that you can grow with. As your performance improves, you will not have to ditch these for other balls.

That is always a plus. If you can continue with something that you are accustomed to, it is easy to build on that consistency.


  • Enhanced distance and less slicing.
  • The shots show a steadier path of flight.
  • Enhanced accuracy was observed.
  • Notably lower spin off the tee.
  • Good level of control on the green.


  • These are more expensive than other balls on our list.

5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Our final ball is from Srixon. The soft feel golf balls provide a low compression core.

Their energetic gradient growth core comes in at an incredibly low 60.

Their previous model was a 72, which was already impressive. They have gone and outdone themselves. The aim of this new design was to provide a soft without doing away with the performance.

This meant the ball still had to have a high launch from its core. It still had to have a slow spin.

The Rabalon HR+ and Pana-Tetra blended ionomer cover is slightly thinner than the ones used on the predecessors.

This by no means indicates a loss of softness. It perfectly complements the 324 aerodynamic dimple design that is newly introduced. Dimple design and enhanced surface coverage are the key ingredients.

The overall feel of the ball is that of more greenside control. You will be able to generate more spin on such shots.

The aerodynamic design of their Simple Dimple is one that reduces drag to produce more distance and wind-cheating flight.

For the reduction of slicing, you will be pleased to note that these balls have reduced spin off the tee.

This is also thanks to the ionomer layer. As the low compression would have indicated, ball speed is another plus.

Each pack comes with a total of 12 balls. A soft white and a tour yellow for better visibility. As a whole, the balls are softer at the centre and harder on the exterior.

This means a core that is responsive and an outer layer that is strong enough to offer good durability.


  • Two ball colours to choose from. Both designed with visibility in mind.
  • They have a very soft feel.
  • They are durable.
  • You will note that the driver distance attained is longer.
  • There is a lower spin off the tee, less slicing.
  • Higher spin on the green. Better ball control.
  • High-speed ball launch off the tee.


  • Some balls are not as durable as others.

Best Golf Ball For A Slice Buyer’s Guide

Most slicing issues stem from issues with the golfer’s technique. Using better golf balls and irons that have a larger sweet spot will help. Depending on the age of the player, age may also be a factor.

As we grow older and less active our hand to eye coordination severely diminishes. Shots that used to be straightforward start to throw some slices our way. This is usually an indicator that it may be time to get a set of clubs or balls that are more geared towards the issue that you are facing.

We are going to consider some of the things that you can do or look at in your quest to resolve this issue.

There are two key factors to this solution. One is developing a plan for self-improvement. The other one is making sure that you have the best possible ball. The 5 balls that we picked will suffice for the second need.

We will cover potential solutions for the first part.

Exercises to reduce golf ball slicing

There are some things that you can do beyond choosing the right gear to reduce your spin. The two things that you can work on immediately are your hand to eye coordination and your swing pattern.

To achieve the best results you must tackle this in a methodical manner. These are things that can both be improved with a bit of work.

For hand and eye coordination, you can begin by doing simple catching drills. Throwing your golf ball up and catching it. The catch is used as a drill in a variety of sports because it works. Besides using your golf ball another effective method is that of using a tennis ball.

You can even toss the tennis ball against a wall and catch it with one hand.

Repeat this over and over again. Each time, attempt to catch the ball with a different hand. If you used your left hand for the last catch you should use the right one for the next one.

Jugglers have some of the best hand to eye coordination out there. You can take a page from their book. Do some juggling. It can start with two balls. Increase to three and see how far you can go.

If the balls prove too difficult to start with, you can look at getting a juggling set with large items in it. It is surprisingly easy to get started. Your aim is to challenge yourself to do the more difficult drills.

The more you challenge yourself, the more likely you are to see a fast improvement in your hand to eye coordination.

We hardly spare a thought to what we want our eyes to focus on. The brain handles this in a seamless manner. Taking some of that load from the brain will go a long way. Next time you practice your drives make an effort to consider your eyes’ involvement.

Find things that you know they should not miss out on. You may want to focus on the ball, then the head of the club before taking your shot.

The final part as you swing would be for your eyes to focus on the part of the ball that you want to strike. Be an attentive part of the entire process.

Working on your swing pattern will also deliver great results for your slicing issues. The easiest way to film yourself swinging. Look at the movement and compare it to that of a swing coach or professional golfers.

That will usually tell you what requires adjustments.

What is this Ionomer?

We have mentioned ionomer several times in this article. It is a key component used in the manufacturing of some golf balls. For the most part, where it is not used manufacturers tend to use urethane.

You will sometimes find ionomer referred to as surlyn, which is a variant of the product.

The pricing is the clear distinction between ionomer and urethane, with the latter being more expensive.

This is mainly down to production costs. The lower cost of producing ionomer makes it more friendly to your wallet.

Urethane is a polymer that can be found in three forms. It can be found as ethyl carbamate, carbamate as well as polyurethane. For golfing purposes, we will focus on polyurethane. It is ideal for golf balls due to its hardness, tensile strength, resistance to impact, resistance to scraping and to tears. I am sure you can already see how all these properties make for a great golf ball.

An ionomer is a polymer.

Nowadays it is commonly used in the form of surlyn which is a variant developed by Dupont. It contains ethylene and methacrylic acid which create great coating material.

Ionomer coated products tend to be harder than those coated with urethane. This is what makes Ionomer perfect for reducing slicing in your shots. Be sure to check that every set that you buy makes use of Ionomer rather than urethane.

This is not to say that there are no urethane balls that would be suitable.

How soft or Hard balls affect slicing

The composition of the golf ball that you use will obviously have an effect on the rate of slicing that you encounter in your game. You probably know this, seeing as you are reading this post.

Harder balls tend more difficult to slice. It will come down to the rate of compression in some cases. When you don’t quite catch a ball that has a high rate of compression, will veer. This is not quite cut and dry. As a general principle, it will guide your choice.

There is no clear correlation between ball speed and slicing. Faster balls tend to move off in a direction quite quickly. Making imperfect contact with the ball will cause it to take off in an unwanted direction. Not all instances of this nature are classed as slicing.

Sometimes it is just a mis-hit.

The Core of the ball is usually a key factor in the speed that is generated on impact. Responsive cores will generally deliver more distance and speed off the tee. There is no clear indication of this being a factor in slicing.

Final Words

Before making your final it is important that you consider each of the balls on its own merit. There are various things that are used to stand out in a crowded market. Some of these will make it more difficult to choose the ideal golf ball.

This is not a decision that should be rushed. Having said that, the pricing point on most of these will mean that you can afford to make at least one mistake with.

We have considered 5 great golf balls that will reduce the amount of slice and in some cases completely eradicate it. Making use of any of them will undoubtedly deliver the results that you have been in search for.

For those that would prefer making their own picks, we have created a buyer’s guide. This is geared to ensure that you have the right sort of information to direct your decision making. 

Knowing the material that is used to make the ideal ball for slice will go a long way. You will be able to avoid the ones that do not have what you require in a ball.