How To Clean Golf Shoes

How to Clean Golf Shoes

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Aside from giving you a good look and confidence while standing on a golf course, your golf shoes contribute too in your performance. Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes helps you feel good about your game! Thus, it is very important to take care of your one of the best golf buddies, your golf shoes!

Often, we are caught off a busy schedule that we tend to forget cleaning our shoes after a long terrible walking and running along the golf course. Golf shoe brands are typically made of leather or synthetic materials which easily gets dirty.

A good golf shoe can cause a lot of money; therefore, you may want it to last long. Of course, you can achieve it by taking care of them.  And the very basic form of caring?

Cleaning them properly.

Below are the tips of cleaning your golf shoes:

  1. Prepare necessary tools for cleaning the shoes such as water, mild soap, clean soft towel, shoe polish and leather oil.
  2. At first, Moistened the soft towel with the mild soap and water mixture. Start wiping away the dirt with the towel starting on the upper part of the golf shoes.  Do not soak the shoes to prevent them from damaging and possible cracks.
  3. Get rid of scuff marks using the polish that matches the color of your shoes such as brown, white, and black. These colors may cover the scuffs of your shoes.  If you want it to be just shiny, you can use the natural one.
  4. To get rid of grass stains, you may dampen a white cloth with the mixture of soap and water and rub stains away.
  5. Try not to get your shoes too wet. It may ruin the leather or other material.
  6. Sometimes, you may accidentally soak your shoes in puddles, and if not properly dried, it causes a foul smell. You may place a crumpled newspaper inside the shoes until the water is soaked up.  Then use another clean cloth to wipe remaining dirt and air-dry the shoes.  When drying, do not use a heater, or place the shoes under the heat of the sun.  Too much heat will ruin the materials.
  7. After applying the polish, wait at least 10 minutes for it to dry, then continue cleaning the shoes, this time, on the outsoles. Wipe away any dirt that appears in the outsoles using the water and the soap mixture.

Remove dirt especially hardened mud on the spike.  If not removed immediately, it will harden much and may damage the spike.