Callaway Strata Review: Should You Fall For This 18 Unit Set?

Whether you are beginning or already a professional golfer, you require the best and flawless clubs for playing your best game. Apparently, Callaway’s Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf set of 18 pieces is a set that has it all to bring out your best.

Starting from the angle of the clubs to the materials to keep it sturdy, it provides with all the precise things you need for a perfect game except your own skill.

Our Callaway Strata Review will give you an in-depth idea of all things involved in it.

Moreover, with our pros and cons, you will know if this is the set to accompany you in the near future. So, let’s get started with this Callaway Strata review!

Callaway Strata Ultimate Set 2

Key Features of Callaway Strata Golf Set

Here is a list of the features of the Callaway Strata you will get to enjoy if you buy it:

What it includes: In case you are a beginner, this is somewhat gold for you. Because the Callaway Strata offers twelve clubs which includes a driver, two woods, two hybrids, four irons, one wedge pitching wedge, one sand wedge, a putter, the bag and a few head covers. So, all of these amount to the 18 pieces the Callaway Strata promises to provide you with. Fortunately, this is literally everything you need from a club set as a beginner.

Callaway 1
Callaway 2
Callaway 3
Callaway 4
Callaway 5
Callaway 6
Callaway 7
Callaway 8

The Build Material: Since you will be striking a ball continuously with these clubs, you cannot overlook the robustness of the materials used, can you? Let’s not even talk about how rough it will be for the clubs if you are a beginner. However, the Callaway Strata takes all that worry away from you with its excellent build materials used. Apparently, nothing else but Titanium makes the whole Driver and provides you with all the durability you need. Moreover, the irons are made from stainless steel which gives you both a smooth and strong experience. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the materials that make the clubs at all.

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The clubs: Without further delay, let us talk about the clubs that are going to makes your games more fun. As you already know, there are twelve clubs included in this set and we will be discussing all of them.

The Mighty Driver

The completely Titanium driver provides you with a control and strength that only titanium is capable of providing. With a 12-degree loft, it helps as much as it can to get your balls flying straight. Moreover, its length of 45 inches helps all your power to transform into the great distance the ball will fly to. It also features a large sweet spot so a wrong swing won’t cost you a lot. So, we take it, you will get the trophy for the longest drive soon enough. Just work on those swings wholeheartedly.

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The 3 wood is designed with a 15.5-degree loft and 42.5-inch length in order to help you drop your balls just on the green. Not anywhere around it. It will get your balls flying over those middle of the fairway trees with its aerodynamic head-shape.


Now, this features an 18-degree loft and a 41.5-inch length that won’t get your ball as far as the 3-wood will. But, just the right amount of distance so you don’t cross the green. Moreover, it also has an aerodynamic head shape to makes your balls fly high.


Irons are quite a challenge to play with, especially for beginners, aren’t they? So, this bag includes two hybrids to makes you feel more confident and in control. The first is the 4-hybrid with a 22-degree loft and 38.5-inch length. So, you can make your golf balls fly high like with irons and go far like with woods.


This is another masterpiece having properties of both the woods and the irons. You will get the perfect accuracy you need with its 26-degree loft and 37.75-inch length. So, you can replace your difficult iron shots with the 5-hybrid anytime you feel appropriate.


This stainless steel iron of 37-inch length gives you the perfect distance you want to cover for that particular shot. And, you can stay relaxed while swinging as well. Apparently, it has a design that does not strain you for a stronger shot.


It provides you with everything you expect from a 7 Iron. With a loft of 34 degrees and a length of 36.5-inch, you can use it any way you want. Whether you want a high shot for the same distance or a low one to avoid bumping into trees, this iron makes it all easy.


It has the perfect loft of 38-degrees and a length of 36-inch for a men’s 8-Iron. You can expect a high shot that goes a distance lower than the 7-iron or a low shot that does the same. This iron makes your game much more versatile than other clubs can ever make.


When you can neither take the risk of falling short with a pitching wedge nor the risk of going too far with an 8-iron, 9-iron becomes the last resort. Of course, it does not fail you. With a loft of 42 degree and length of 35.5-inch, it provides you the distance and angle that you need for the not-so-short games. It lets you play safe and also take risks when necessary.

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Pitching Wedge

This is basically one of the clubs you just cannot do without. Extremely necessary for getting your ball from the fairway to green or from hazards to the fairway, this wedge saves you form most troubles. But, playing it wrong may get you in trouble. But, Callaway Strata offers perfection with its 46-degree lofted, 35-inch pitcher for you to excel at your short games. You can even get the ball in the hole with it if you try hard enough.

Sand Wedge

Sand bunkers are one of the most difficult things to deal with. But, the sand wedge does make the process easier with its fly-high capability. With a loft angle of 56 degrees and a length of 35-inch, it can get your ball out of the bunker and firmly pace it on the green. Apparently, its angle prevents the ball from bouncing so you can use it for short games when necessary.


This one you definitely cannot do without unless you are Tiger Woods. The angle and length are particularly important in this case as it will influence the more intense focus rolling the ball into the hole. The Callaway putter has a loft of 3.5-degree and length of 35-inch. So, it is great for both long and short putts.

So, that wraps up the features of the clubs of the set.

  1. The Bag Has Everything: You do not have to crumble under the bag’s weight when you are carrying it. Because it’s quite lightweight with backpack straps that balance the weight on your shoulders. It also has a convenient number of pockets with a tee holder. The build is quite durable and back in color.
  2. Head Covers: Unlike sets that do not offer protection, this one does. Apparently, it features five head covers for your driver, woods and hybrids. Also, the bag also has a rain hood.



  • Great brand image and reputation.
  • Includes everything a beginner will need.
  • Efficient and effective club designs.
  • Durable and quality build of the clubs.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Includes head covers for the driver, woods and hybrids.
  • Contains plenty of pockets.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Free return or repair if the clubs have defects.
  • The bag might not seem stable enough.
  • Some players complained of the driver head coming off after a few uses.
  • Pitching wedge shaft could use some improvements.
  • Comes only in one colour.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does the bag come with a stand?

Answer: Yes, it is a stand bag.

2. Is the length of the clubs standard or +1 or +2 inch from it?

Answer: The clubs are of absolute standard length, neither + or – an inch.

3. What are the shafts made of?

Answer: Apparently, the driver, woods and the hybrids have graphite shafts while the irons have steel shafts. However, the graphite shafts can handle faster and stronger swings despite being lighter.

No matter how hard you practice or how perfect your swing is, it will all be fruitless with a flawed club. In fact, they have contributions in making your shots go correct as much as they have in making them go wrong. You will not only feel uncomfortable using a faulty or wrong club but your game will never improve either. Therefore, you have to very careful while choosing a club set for yourself. It should not only fit your style and needs but also have the best quality build.

Our Callaway Strata review should have informed you about everything you need to know by now. So, check if this meets all your needs and the cons are something that won’t bother you.

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May you find the soul golf set for yourself and if you like this Callaway strata review, do let us know.

If you are new to golf and are looking for more beginner friendly clubs then check out our top 10 recommended best golf clubs for beginners.

Callaway Strata Video Review

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3 thoughts on “Callaway Strata Review: Should You Fall For This 18 Unit Set?

    1. Have you used these clubs? I want to learn and thought this would be an affordable beginning. Are they worth it?

  1. I bought the Strata 16 piece set with 1, 3, 4h, 5h, 4i-pw. Within a few rounds I upgraded the irons to a Ping G30 set but that’s just because I had some extra money. I still use the SW and hybrid/Woods. If you are hunting around and want to get started in golf, I’d grab the 12 piece set and you won’t need to upgrade for quite a while. I am a life long golfer and hadn’t played much in the past years after having my clubs stolen so I bought these to get back into the game. You can get the whole set for less than a top end driver. I really don’t have anything negative to say. If I could rewind time, I’d not buy the Pings and just keep the strata’s. Not because the Ping’s aren’t good but because the Strata’s were solid for me. I won’t argue with someone that says that another set offers distance/control/etc. All I know is for someone who shoots in the low 90’s, the clubs don’t detract from that. The bag is starting to show some signs of wear. That’s from about 20 rounds this year and it’s just some freying of the material. If you’re on the fence about this purchase, buy it. The cost to get a full set and get you onto the course is completely worth it. You could play with these for years.

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