Best Golf Tracking Apps

Best Golf Tracking Apps

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Considering getting a new golf tracking app? If you're serious about using technology to improve your golf training, here are 3 reasons why you need to consider this list of the best golf tracking apps:

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1. That is what all the young players seem to be using. You need to get onto that technology.

2. Your balls seem to have a life of their own. This is becoming quite costly. A tracking app should be able to save you some money.


3. You are keen to see the continual development of your game. Having a coach with you on the course is not an option. Your friend’s advice is poor. A tracking app would provide you with the data that you need to push your game forward. 

Each one of these reasons is a perfectly common example of why golf ball tracking apps are an essential part of most golfer’s arsenal.

In A Hurry?

Out of the vast number of apps on various websites, play and app stores. We have been able to cut them down to 5 that we think are the very best. Out of those 5 we wanted to make it even easier for you and pick just one.

This is a very difficult task. As you would find with apps and golf swing training aids, there are features that you would love about one that is not present in another. If only you could combine them!

If we had to have just one app. It would be the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors.

We found it to be easy to use. It delivers on all of the needs that a golfer may have for their tracking app. It is not too cumbersome or poses any hindrance to golfing performance.

The system is fully intuited. There are no extra costs that are attached to using it beyond the initial purchase. There is a more detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Shows you the course ahead of you including hazards
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • Provides you incredible statistics and insight
Our Score





40 +




top 5 Best Golf Tracking Apps

Although a lot of golf balls are cheap as an initial purchase. When they don’t last too long due to getting lost, it is very easy for the cost to creep up on you.

No one likes the idea of having to replace their golf balls too frequently. It is one thing for them to fall apart. You can always find ones that are more durable.

When they simply get lost, bigger measures have to be taken.

1. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors - TOP PICK

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Our Honest Star Rating

Microsoft teamed up with Arrcos to build this one.

The design of this one is similar to the others that are on our list.

It is geared to deliver accurate data relating to distance and positioning across the entire course. With the data that is gathered, you will be able to make an informed decision on which clubs to use and when. If you go in-depth the data is also very revealing. It opens up your eyes to the areas of your game that can use some work.

Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to get personalised recommendations and better strategy. Your performance is analysed in order to create this.

It becomes your caddy as you get through the golf course. This is all done without the need of many efforts on your part. You will not need to tag or tap for the device to do its job.

For battery life, you will have one that comes with a 2-year full guarantee cover. The manufacturer expects the inbuilt battery to last at least 5 years. I

You will have access to the entire system via the Android and iOS applications. As long as your phone has the latest version of the operating systems as well as a gyroscope and accelerometer you are in business.

There are 14 sensors in the set. They are lightweight. You will not need any tools to install them. Your shots are tracked immediately.

Our favourite feature is the ‘Plays Like’. It factors distance and wind speed when making custom recommendations.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Shows you the course ahead of you including hazards
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • Provides you incredible statistics and insight


  • Some errors recorded with gear, but they are minor and happen very few and far between.

2. GOLF TAGS Real-Time Golf Tracking and Game Analysis System

GOLF TAGS Real-Time Golf Tracking and Game Analysis System

Our Honest Star Rating

We first encountered this product when it was on Kickstarter. It is quite rare to come across a great golfing product on there so this got our interest.

The great part is that you are able to use your iPhone or Android as part of your golf tracking companion.

This was designed to measure the distance that your balls travel and give your data and insight to help you keep improving your game.

Beyond your phone’s technology what you are buying into is a set of 15 tags that make this process more accurate. All of them are extremely lightweight which makes them fit into your game without hindrance.

Your swing will not be affected by attaching them. They work with an app. You will not need to charge them or replace batteries. The tags are attached to your clubs to let you know how well you are doing with each of the irons that you use.

The tags and application are appropriate for golfers of all levels of skill. You will get real-time experience and data to improve your game. The app that works with them is highly regarded on both Google Play and the App Store.

One worry that we all shared prior to testing was that of ease of use. All you do is click a button before taking your shot and you are good to go. You will know how far you hit the ball with each golf club that you use.

This will go a long way in factoring future decisions. It will also work as somewhat of a personal caddy by using your data to recommend the club that you ought to use.

These recommendations consider factors such as your playing history, the current temperature, humidity as well as the altitude.

The App is compatible with most smartwatches. It tracks your shot dispersion based on the club that you are using. Your score is also factored in. It will also help you develop a strategy based on the golf course that you are playing on.

Knowing how far the ball has gone will help you better track it. While out on the course, you can use the app to share your score with others.


  • It integrates with various smartwatches.
  • Very accurate technology.
  • Compatible with NFC technology.
  • The tags are easy to install. The app is easy to use.
  • Competitively priced in comparison to others in the market.


  • Previous iterations have had issues with the scorecard misrecording the data.
  • It is reliant on mobile phone reception, which is not a great idea on some golf courses.

3. SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition

SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition

Our Honest Star Rating

SkyCaddie is one of the leading brands for golf tracking equipment.

The LinxGt is an incredible game tracking that combines range finding with short tracking capabilities.

This is a first of its kind within the market. There are two pieces of gear that are included, the GPS rangefinder and the shot tracking watch together with a mobile app that makes use of GPS.

This comes with 35 000 golf course maps already loaded on it. With the use of this data, the system is able to generate accurate distance metrics. You will know how far you are from the bunkers, water bodies and so on.

The shot tracking system makes use the knowledge of the clubs that you use and the location from which you are striking the ball. It uses this to determine the distance of each shot and keep track of carrying.

The Intelligreen system is then used to show the shape of the course that you are playing on. You have the option to rotate it to the angle that suits you at any given moment.

The application that accompanies all of this and brings additional functionality is called SkyCaddie. You can install it on your Android or iOS devices. It works with the rest of the gear to give you a wider perspective of the golf course.

This is done by providing an eagle’s eye view of the whole course. The course maps on the devices are in HD. You will have a clear understanding of how well you are performing with each golf club that is in your bag.

This should help you make the right choices at the right time. Your game can certainly use that.

Using the watch with the other gear will give you access to a quick view of GPS distances, a view of the holes and shot tracking in real-time

There are 14 tags included with the purchase. You will also get one ball marker tag. There is an annual subscription fee to be paid. When you buy this, the fee wavered for one year. It is something to be mindful of.

This is a product that has tremendous potential but leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. Would love to see improvements made.


  • It enhances the golfing experience
  • It is easy to use.
  • It connects via BlueTooth


  • The battery life is appalling.
  • The app is somewhat buggy.
  • Requires subscription access the maps after a year.

4. Golf Buddy Talking GPS Range Finder with Connected Tracker

Golf Buddy Talking GPS Range Finder with Connected Tracker

Our Honest Star Rating

Golf Buddy is not exactly the most popular golfing brand out there. This will often lead to being overlooked when you have fantastic products in the market.

Fortunate, we got our eyes on this one.

Their offering is fair simple. You will receive a range finder that talks to you. It is clipped onto your shirt of any other part of your clothing that you would prefer.

The Golfwith Smart Marker Bluetooth Connected Shot Tracker is also included. It allows you to synchronise courses between the smartphone App and the device.

As you pick data on the device, it is provided to the application on your phone so it can be presented to you in a format that is easier to digest. The audio distance measuring device is impressive.

It picks up on which course or hole you are playing on without the need for human interference.

You pair the smart marker with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. This is facilitated by the app. Once paired, you will receive live audio feedback as you play your way through the course.

The audio feedback can be delivered in either a male or female voice. To start tracking your shots you will need to press and hold the button on the tracker for a second.

 Your shots are reported on your phone through the app. It will also provide you with valuable information such as the distance to certain points on the golf course as well as to hazards along the way.

There are a total of 38,000 golf courses that come loaded onto the application.

The battery will give you up to 11 hours of use on a full charge. You can use the GPS tracker indoor as well as outdoors.


  • Great for getting more distance on your shots.
  • Durable, abrasion and cut resistant.
  • Very low spin.
  • Extremely visible. You will recover your ball even after a stray shot.


  • Pretty difficult for putting.

5. Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20

Our Honest Star Rating

Our final pick is a watch that pairs up with an app that you can have on either Android or iOS.

It delivers great performance through a good looking watch.

Most of the devices that we use on the golf course tend to be cumbersome and a hindrance to what we are doing. The watch is designed to be as comfortable as can be.

It delivers micro chunks of data through the 128x128 pixel screen. Garmin is known for its cutting edge GPS technology. If anyone should be pushing this market forward it is them.

The first feature to catch our eye was the auto shot. It gives you an accurate measurement of shot distance that is automatically captured while you simply go about your business.

The data is pushed onto Garmin’s great application, the Garmin Connect. You can also use it in collaboration with other Garmin gear such as the TruSwing sensor. If you do so, you will get feedback on your swing as well.

For those of us that can get caught up in conversation once we are on the course. The watch tracks your activity and reminds you to keep moving. This is a function that you can switch off if you do not require it.

It delivers a wholesome health experience that includes considering calories and sleep among other things.

Your golfing statistics are kept in an organised manner. If you play on the same course often, you will find that you can compare your performances each time. The watch is built to work under direct sunlight without making difficult for you to read the information provided.

For those who want a community, Garmin gives you one online. You can compete with others across the world on various metrics of performance to keep yourself engaged and motivated. There are a lot of golf courses that come preloaded on the watch as well.


  • You will love the incredible battery life that you will get out of this.
  • Garmin has continued to take feedback and improve the product year after year.
  • Incredible value for money when compared to other devices.
  • It is easy to see even under direct sunlight.
  • Gives accurate distances.


  • Some times it is difficult to connect it to satellites.

Best Golf Tracking Apps Buyer’s Guide

It is likely that some of you are still torn on their choice of which of the 5 trackers they should go with. Perhaps you are considering our top recommendation but are not quite sure yet. These sort of decisions can be very difficult to make. They take a lot of consideration and weighing of pros and cons before one can arrive at a conclusion that they would be satisfied with. At the prices of some of the trackers, it is understandable that one would want to be sure before committing to a purchase.

Our buyer’s guide is designed to help you cross the line. We write it with the aim of providing added information that would help you settle on an informed decision.

Golf tracking

Golf ball tracking is created to deliver a more wholesome experience of the game. It delivers a lot of data that would be used to keep track of your game as you are playing. The best ones on the market are those that would not require much user interaction as you go through the course. This leaves you with the opportunity to interact with those around you without looking at your screen repeatedly.

The sensors that are connected to the clubs allow you to keep track of the performance of each of the club on various parts of the golf course. When you have enough data collected, the golf ball tracking system will then be able to give you tailored guidance. This is like having a coach with you at all times. You will find that a lot of the new golf tracking systems have a caddy system that would keep track of your performance and make sure that the advice that you receive is in context.

It begins to factor in things such as weather conditions as well as comparing situations that you may encounter on different courses but would benefit from using a similar skill or club. Bring data-driven decision making can only push your golfing to the next level.

Location awareness is one of the things that is starting to become more prevalent in the market. In earlier models, you would have had to select the location at which you are playing. A good model should be able to pick the location up for you. It should already have the golf course stored in it.


When testing a golf tracker it is important that you consider accuracy. The early warning signs of an inaccurate set is one that gives you the wrong figures for distances that you have hit the ball. In worse situations, you may find that the tracking app is misrecording the information.

Is a standalone application any good?

Our list is packed with golf tracking apps that work in conjunction with other pieces of hardware. There are standalone applications that would be able to execute some of the same things that we are able to do using the application and hardware such as the sensors. The truth is that it will be a while until there is an application that can compete with the ones that get data from the hardware. The sheer volume of data that one is able to gather using the sensors is not data that an application could possibly gather on its own.

This is not to say that applications are of no good. On their own, they are still slightly behind the curve. Over time I imagine the gap may become much smaller as our devices evolve. That time is not yet here. It is best to stick to what is working.


When you are going to be on the golf course for a long time depending on a device you want to make sure that the battery life is ready for this. This may be where using your mobile phone would be advantageous. In such a case, at the very least, you would know what to expect. Many of the devices that you buy come with a manufacturer claim in regards to the battery life that they simply cannot live up to.

To be on the safe side, ask yourself how much time you spend on the course. Once you know, you can test your tracking devices at the range for similar periods to see if the battery would last. The last thing you should ever do is to use your tracking device on the course for the very first time. You want to be well versed with it by the time you take it onto to the course.

Added Gear and Added Cost

We have already mentioned standalone apps and their inadequacy when they are compared to the ones that work with hardware. When you are buying a tracking app, you also want to make sure that you have considered any extra gear that you may need to get the very best out of it. There will always an upsell. What you want to check is that you can get the basic function of your application without the need to buy anything else. Where that need exists, make sure that you have factored that in your pricing comparison.

A good example of this is the applications that charge extra to get maps of the golf course or the ones that charge a subscription to access their data. Consider what sort of value is placed on that data. If the app cannot function without that data, then you may want to keep clear of it. Unless you feel that the extra costs are justified. It is easy for these costs to slowly creep up on you. One moment you are proud of having gotten a great deal, and the next moment you are ruing the day you ever bought it.

I am not yet sure what would fully justify the subscription model. In my opinion, the maps are not sufficient reason for anyone to pay over and over again. Hopefully, the manufacturers will come up with something that will make us all want to buy into a subscription plan.

Effect on your Game

Always remind yourself why you are getting the tracking apps. It is easy to find yourself becoming too engrossed in the app that your game begins to suffer. Keeping an eye on the purpose of the application will go a long way. If at any moment you find that the application is no longer serving its purpose, it may be time to pause its use or to move on to something else. Your game should never suffer because of something that you brought in to aid it.

Final Words

Between the information that is contained within our buyers’ guide and all of the reviews, I would like to believe that you have either found information to guide you in making a wise purchase. Or at the very least, you have considered one of the top products that we recommended and found it to be suitable for your requirements. If you are still struggling, our top pick may be the way for you to go. It delivers on all fronts.

The buyer’s guide has information on some of the things that we looked at when we were considering these golf tracking apps. Take your time to familiarise yourself with some of these things. It is information that could never be wasted. That being said, Happy Golfing!