15 Best Golf Club Brands ([year] Rankings)

Top 15 Best Golf Club Brands of 2023 (Expert Rankings)

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The younger generation’s interest in golf has increased, and everyone wants to follow in Tiger Woods’s footsteps. Finding the correct golf club can be difficult, especially if you want to up your golf game and better your handicap. But can you afford the best golf club brands if you’re just starting out?

Getting the best golf club to enhance your game is crucial and buying the priciest model is not always the way to go. Instead, choose golf clubs from the best golf club brands because they will help take your game to the next level.

If you’re wondering “what are the best golf clubs?”, Titleist, TaylorMade, PING, and Cobra are a few of the best golf club brands available today. And the golf market has grown to include many other brands on that list. Professional golfers aim to get the best from their clubs, and a good golf club brand can ensure a better chance at victory.

Each golf brand caters to a certain caliber golfer, though some offer a wide club selection that suits different skill levels. Some golf club brands are top-notch, but they cater to pro golfers, and they are expensive because of their manufacturing, engineering, and unique design.

Despite being a touch less pricey and geared at beginners, other brands are nonetheless regarded as some of the best golf club brands.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Golf Club Brands

It can be difficult to know what to look for in a brand to identify high quality, especially for novice players. Let’s consider some of the primary factors!

Reputation in the golf industry

One factor to consider is a brand’s reputation. 

When we see world-class players using certain brands for their clubs, that signals something to us about the quality of the products: they are trusted by those who know the sport best!

It is often scenarios like this that lead to a positive brand reputation and is therefore one promising sign of golf club quality.

Club performance and quality

You don’t have to take someone else’s word for it: sometimes all you need to do is try the clubs and see what works for you!

Does the club feel well-crafted and built to last? Does it perform the way you want it to on the course? 

At the end of the day, a club that feels good to use goes a long way, and your mindset can impact your performance.

Customization options

There is no perfect club for everyone. We are different shapes and sizes, our muscles work differently, we perceive space differently, and we have different natural tendencies when we play. 

Therefore, one factor to look out for is customizability so you can help build the perfect club for you. 

For instance, this may include a custom lie angle, shaft length, shaft flex, grip size, or loft. 

You might also want to make cosmetic customizations, as an aesthetically pleasing set can make a round so much more pleasant.

Price range

A more expensive club that’s no better than a cheaper club is a waste of money. 

A lower price doesn’t always reflect lower quality, and a higher price doesn’t always reflect higher quality. 

The question is: is the club’s price justified? Are you getting what you’re paying for? 

It is also important to look out for deals, as you might receive some free or useful accessories if you choose one club over a similar alternative.

Club technology and innovation

Highly innovative and novel club designs might give you an edge over players using more antiquated designs. 

Most of the differences between different types of clubs come down to physics. 

Artificial intelligence and other software are now being used by some companies to optimize the structure, composition, and other design elements of new clubs.

Club fitting services

This factor relates to the customizability of the clubs. The best clubs are designed to be perfect for you as a unique player – not for every player out there! 

A great brand will therefore offer services such as swing measurements to ensure you get the best club for your purposes.

Warranty and customer support

Things go wrong even in the best manufacturing facilities, and there is always a chance that you’re the unlucky one. 

The best brands will have your back when you receive a defective product, following up on any complaints and compensating you appropriately.

Player reviews and recommendations

The first thing I always do before even considering a product of any kind is quickly scan through a wide range of reviews. 

Pay attention not only to the average ratings but to the number of reviews and the contents of those reviews. 

When people give a bad review, it might be for a feature that you would actually prefer; likewise, high ratings might be given by others for features you aren’t personally looking for.

Brand history and heritage

In competitive markets like this, brands don’t stand the test of time by offering bad services or products. 

If a brand is still making good money and having its name thrown around after decades in the business, they’ve probably got a thing or two right. 

You may also want to pay attention to the values of the brand. Is the brand owned by people with a passion for golf, or is it just using golf as a mere means to an end? 

A company that cares about the sport is more likely to put greater care and effort into its products and customers.

15 Best Golf Club Brands

Top Golf Club Brand

With almost fifty golf club manufacturers available today, finding the best golf club brand requires a golfer to get the right information before buying or changing their current clubs for something else.

Acquiring the best golf club to improve your game is not always cheap, but if you buy quality, it will last many great golf days.

Here are fifteen of the best golf club brands available today and some of their features:

1. Cobra Golf Clubs

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The designers of Cobra golf clubs are pioneers in creating the autoclave system. Cobra’s Graphite shafts are strengthened by the autoclave system, a compression-curing process that gives these clubs the extra strength it needs to perform.

Cobra Golf Clubs
Source: cobragolf

Most golfers still use Cobra’s well-known Baffler technology because it has helped them hit shots from the rough with height and distance.

Cobra’s Radspeed series uses maraging steel, carbon fiber, 3D printing, weighted heads, and other materials to ensure a lightweight feel that results in precise, controlled swings.

When Greg Norman agreed to serve as the company’s brand ambassador, and Tiger Woods decided to use one of their drivers in his 1997 Masters victory, Cobra’s popularity skyrocketed.

Today, golfers like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler use Cobra clubs. However, Cobra is a powerful golf brand in its own right because of its RADSPEED line and Forged Tech, not to mention that it makes DeChambeau’s renowned single-length irons.

Puma acquired the Cobra brand in 2010, bolstering its claim as a genuine contender and boosting the appeal and potential of Cobra golf clubs.

Cobra’s newest irons, the Speedzone series, compete with other brands with their ball speed despite golfers’ perceptions that it is merely a forgiving club. You can monitor your progress and determine if your handicap is improving or declining with the help of Cobra’s Connect Technology.

Make the right choice with Cobra, and you’ll enjoy the performance and speed that only these high-performance clubs can deliver.

2. Miura Golf Clubs

Miura Golf Clubs
Source: miuracogolf

If you love elegant, sleek-looking irons and wedges, Miura designs their golf clubs with patience and precision.

Miura aims for perfection with all their golf clubs and meticulously ensures that the size, weight, thickness, bounce, and center of gravity are as perfect as possible. Precision combined with soft carbon steel provides a club that effortlessly slices turf. 

Miura clubs are elegant, refined, and made with the highest degree of integrity, including a unique forging process that ensures the steel grain is fine and uniform. Every club is hand-crafted and touched by founder Miura-San or one of his two sons, who have forged the world’s finest golf clubs since 1957. 

Miura blade irons take extreme levels of precise manufacturing to give demanding players the ultimate feel and feedback. Focused on the power of touch and attention to detail, Miura’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection begins in Himeji, Japan, where the discipline of the samurai starts and ends with a finely hand-crafted golf club.

3. Cleveland Golf Clubs

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Excellent wedges and woods from Cleveland’s Launcher series are among the company’s breakthroughs and upgrades. The Cleveland brand offers some of the most reasonably priced club product lines that deliver constant performance and quality.

Cleveland Golf Clubs
Source: clevelandgolf

Cleveland clubs are built with some of the strongest and lightest materials available, whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting.

The success of Cleveland golf clubs over the years has primarily been attributed to the best wedges ever made. However, the business is still growing and expanding thanks to the current RTX and CB wedges on the market.

Cleveland’s Launcher XL collection, which competes with leading brands on the market, includes woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

The Cleveland Golf Manufacturer is the only company that produces as many diverse player-type wedges as possible. They are exceptional due to the availability of options for players with high and low handicaps.

All golfers want to get better at chipping, pitching, and shots around the green, and Cleveland gives the typical player more short-game control.

Cleveland releases multiple types of wedges each year to cater to various handicaps, unlike other manufacturers that only release one wedge annually. Cleveland is renowned for producing excellent wedges and senior golfers’ hybrid irons.

Cleveland made wedges that were excellent enough for Hideki Matsuyama to use while competing on the PGA Tour, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a shot.

4. TaylorMade Golf Clubs

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TaylorMade would be the eighth golfing wonder of the world if there ever were one, and its influence is seen at every level, from local competitions to the majors. Each TaylorMade club is designed to enhance a particular function, performance, and accuracy.

Due to the TaylorMade brand’s years-long success, it continues to sign notable pros like Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, and Sergio Garcia, known for making it their clubs of choice.

Today, some of the best golfers use TaylorMade’s new Stealth range, which includes irons, putters, and woods with Carnonwood technology.

Golfers will get the most height off the tee with TaylorMade’s SIM2 range of lightweight aluminum drivers, enhancing golf ball control and adding distance. One of TaylorMade’s top clubs for accuracy, the carbon steel and polymer blended P7 irons will motivate every player to reach their full potential.

TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology aids in promoting and providing distances without sacrificing comfort and stability. Professional golfers like Dustin Johnson choose TaylorMade equipment because it offers power, strength, and stability, making them among the sport’s most successful players.

The No. 1 driver from TaylorMade is the second-best driver on tour, and the brand is well-known among professional players. Despite not having a Mickelson in its portfolio, the Adidas-owned club manufacturer’s brand may be seen on numerous headwear, and its clubs can be seen in the bags of several top golfers.

5. Tour Edge Golf Clubs

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Despite being a rookie, Tour Edge has made significant progress. In fact, in 2021, 41 pros contributed to Tour Edge clubs breaking the record for the most clubs used at a PGA Tour event.

Tour Edge Golf Clubs
Source: touredgegolf

Tour Edge is a discreet brand, and you won’t find any advertisements for the most recent Tour Edge product, but it has a devoted following of consumers.

Tour Edge uses advanced layering, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, sound diffusion technology, and carbon fiber for their Exotics series to create some of the greatest fairway woods.

Although many professionals use the Tour Edge C721 series, the company also creates entire sets for juniors, women, and men, as well as the Hot Launch series, which is geared toward amateurs.

A Tour Edge model caters to players who want to feel and require forgiveness. The difference in size between Tour Edge and other golf club manufacturers is offset by the superior quality of their clubs and the availability of individual settings for players.

When looking for cutting-edge technology, Tour Edge is the ideal option because it offers personalized iron sets.

6. Top Flite Golf Clubs

Top Flite is all you need if you’re starting in golf, don’t know much about how to pick the right clubs, and are on a tight budget.

With their titanium-faced drivers, urethane irons, and stainless-steel drivers, Top Flites Gamer line clubs are dependable and deliver the best performance on the driving range and golf course.

Top Flite offers complete club sets with oversized faces and offset club heads constructed from graphite and steel shafts for beginners. While you won’t achieve the same results from other brands as a beginner, Top Flites’ pricing and quality, notably its cavity-backed design, make it simple to strike the ball.

The distance, forgiveness, and speed you can obtain from the ball are the key differences between Top Flite and other more expensive clubs, but it is excellent for anyone who wants to get off to a proper start in the game.

The Top Flite XL Men’s 13-Piece is one of Top Flites’ best club sets, and it features forgiving irons with wide soles that are excellent for producing high shots.

7. PING Golf Clubs

Karsten Solheim, the Thomas Edison of golf and the founder of PING, reinvented the putter with its heel-toe weight design and emphasis on engineering and quality.

The Ping golf club revolutionized club fitting with a color-coding system based on the loft, lie, and length. They cater to every type of player and every issue encountered on the course.

Ping still holds the top spot with their well-known Answer putter and their drivers specifically made to correct shots that are missing to the right off the tee. In addition to its well-liked G425 series of woods, irons, and hybrids, PING now offers Glide wedges and putter variants like the Sigma, Heppler, and Vault.

Based in Arizona, PING’s reputation for quality and durability among pro golfers since the release of the Eye 2 irons is one reason why golfers that play with this golf brand stay loyal.

Ping releases new irons less often and has a limited product selection; however, they almost always have a club for high, mid, and low-handicap golfers. 

Although Ping’s newest G410 and G425 high-ball speed drivers are incredible, the company offers more than just speed. Golfers who struggle to choose the ideal putter length will no longer have to struggle because Ping has launched the all-new adjustable putter length series.

It takes a specific kind of golfer to fully utilize Ping’s capabilities on a course, but once you do, there is no going back to another brand.

8. Bettinardi Golf Clubs

Bettinardi was the first company to mill a putter from a single solid piece of steel and is at the forefront with their Honeycomb face technology design. Because they invest in top-of-the-line equipment and skilled designers, Bettinardi, located just outside Chicago, IL, USA, continuously displays innovative face milling techniques.

Bettinardi is the market leader for putters, thanks to their ongoing technological innovation.

The distinctive head form of Bettinardi golf clubs separates them from other clubs in the game. Incorporating Feel Impact Technology, Bettinardi’s Inovai series offers a mallet with a distinctive design that is forged from carbon and stainless steel.

Bettinardi was recognized for their unequaled putters and wedges in the Golf Digest Hot List 2021 award collection.

Golfers may experience a distinctive club that gives them unrivaled confidence on the course, thanks to the science and technology utilized to make Bettinardi golf clubs. a Custom hand-painted, high-end finish product that was created and executed with great care and attention to detail improved the appearance of clubs everywhere.

Bettinardi exclusively uses premium materials for its accessories, and they have complete control over the manufacturing process, from milling to polishing to painting.

Owning a Bettinardi puts you in an exclusive club of golfers who enjoy the benefits of a club created by professionals using American creativity to advance the game.

9. Srixon Golf Clubs

Srixon Golf Clubs
Source: srixongolf

On the tour circuit, the Srixon brand frequently accompanies professionals, and it has slowly established itself as one of the top club brands on the market. Despite having more than 70 years of experience in the golf industry, Srixon is always looking for new, creative methods to improve its clubs.

In addition to offering top-notch clubs, Srixon, a company best known for its golf balls, is committed to growing and becoming a leading inventor and a seasoned golf club developer of the greatest caliber and performance.

The high-quality clubs from Srixon are built for the best possible performance, distance, and control.

To enhance distance and control off the tee, the Srixon brand combines three revolutionary ideas to function simultaneously. Their drivers offer cutting-edge innovation with incredible performance.

The stretch flex cup face and new power wave sole from Srixon increase the COR on low-impact strokes and help maximize the ball’s distance and control.

Srixon decided to emphasize their drivers’ faces and flexible layers. When the ball is struck, the flexible layers improve recoil, and the Z series irons’ sharp, narrow grooves improve spin and stopping power.

Srixon is a major player in the golfing industry and demonstrates that it is a brand dedicated to dominating despite being better recognized for its golf balls.

10. Wilson Golf Clubs

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Wilson is a household name in golf and is constantly at the forefront of numerous technological advancements. Wilson’s most popular line is the D9 series, but they also have Staff Model irons for low handicappers and a great line for game improvement under the LaunchPad name.

Wilson Golf Clubs
Source: wilsongolf

The Wilson brand offers great fairway woods, drivers, and iron sets. If you’re looking for a putter that resembles top-tier models but costs less, Wilson products will deliver. 

With their comprehensive package sets, the Wilson brand makes golfing accessible to newbies and golfers with mid to high handicaps. Wilson’s sets include everything from a driver to a putter and are designed with beginner golfers in mind.

Wilson golf clubs are of the highest caliber, durable, and affordable, making them ideal for beginners looking to assemble a solid and full set.

11. Mizuno Golf Clubs

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Before becoming global, Mizuno was only used in Japan for over 40 years, during which time they built a solid reputation for high-quality production.

Excellent titanium alloy-faced and carbon steel JPX irons from Mizuno and hybrids with maraging steel infusion uphold the brand’s commitment to high quality.

“Nothing feels like a Mizuno”

…is a popular saying according to the well-known Japanese brand Mizuno, which has a devoted following worldwide and produces some of the best-forged irons.

Golfers of all skill levels and abilities can use Mizuno’s:

  • Pro 221
  • 223
  • 225
  • JPX 921
  • MP-20 irons

The ST brand of woods from Mizuno, renowned for its irons, performs just as well as the company’s iron series.

Although it might not be suitable for all golfers, Mizuno’s razor-sharp blade gives players complete control over their shots. The new HMB irons from Mizuno combine a blade and hybrid to provide players of all skill levels access to the authentic Mizuno feel.

As great and known as Mizuno irons are for their feel and performance, they are not well known on the PGA Tour, although Luke Donald currently uses their clubs.

12. Titleist Golf Clubs

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Most Titleist golf clubs are among the best in the game and are regularly featured on the Golf Digest Hot List. According to the company, golfers can get the best outcomes with the lowest score by using clubs from Titleist.

Titleist Golf Clubs
Source: _titleistgolf

Golfers can tailor their club choices, whatever the difficulty level, choosing from various shafts for drivers to various heads for wedges.

Although Titleist has been making clubs for golfers of all skill levels, they are most known for producing clubs for low-handicap players. With CB and MB irons, Titleist offers the TSI wood series, T100, 200, 300, and 400 types. Although Titleist has the Vokey Design for wedges, the golf ball industry still dominates the market despite all its club accolades.

Titleist recently moved their attention from low-handicap players to improvement-type irons to cater to a wider spectrum of golfers. The attractiveness of Titleist to mid- and low handicappers comes from their appearance and feel.

Although its TS series drivers are outstanding, Titleist’s clubs feature a thin design and are not often very forgiving, making them a poor pick for a beginner.

Titleist is a frontrunner regarding feeling and high-end performance, and Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth are two professionals who excel with their clubs. Titleist is not for everyone, but when it works for you, no other club can substitute it.

13. Callaway Golf Clubs

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All golfers adore Callaway since they do not need to spend most of the day practicing with them on the driving range to get good results. Callaway will make sure you look fantastic in front of others players and get the ball in the air and down the fairway, even if you play golf once a week.

Callaway Golf Clubs
Source: callawaygolf

Callaway aims to provide a streamlined golf club for players and their game strategies. Callaway’s drivers, irons, and wedges are specifically built to achieve the best outcome on the course, thanks to the best cutting-edge technology in the world.

Callaway uses supercomputers and artificial intelligence in its Mavrik series, and their performance demonstrates why they are among the best clubs available today.

Since Callaway introduced the amazing Big-Bertha design, the company has seen a rise in popularity thanks to a marketing campaign to modernize the brand.

With newcomers like Gary Woodland and seasoned pros like Phil Mickelson and Yani Tseng using Callaway, the brand is ever-expanding with new, improved, and popular models based on the Rogue St series.

A new era of Artificial Intelligence makes Callaway a true competitor in the golfing arena, and their Mavrik clubs have supreme technology in their design to help golfers truly enjoy the game.

Although Callaway makes golf clubs for low and high-handicap golfers, their main goal is to provide clubs suited for players that need both distance and forgiveness.

14. Odyssey Golf Clubs

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Odyssey, a pioneer in the putter industry, was acquired by Callaway in 1997 and has long understood that the golf ball cannot be driven into the hole without possibly the most crucial club in the bag.

Odyssey Golf Clubs
Source: odysseygolf

The focus and concentration on just one club by Odyssey allow their club to be one of the greatest putter options, specializing in all things putters.

Several best-putter lists feature Odyssey, particularly their ‘White Hot OG’ series, which the top players on tour prefer. A part of the brand’s extensive lineup that speaks volumes about its reputation is Odyssey’s traditional putters with two-part urethane technology and its double bend face structure mallet putters with superior alignment.

With the recently launched Stroke Lab series, Odyssey significantly improved. Golfers benefit from the ideal balance of weight and feel with each putt thanks to Odyssey’s putter shaft, which is partially constructed of steel and partially from graphite.

No matter what kind of putting style you have, Odyssey has an option for you, and because they offer the best a putter, it is preferred by many professionals.

15. XXIO Golf Clubs

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XXIO golf clubs aim to create high-quality clubs for golfers who demand distance yet have slow swing speeds. Low-swing speed golfers frequently push the club to travel farther; therefore, if you want a club that will do the bulk of the work, you must consider using XXIO golf clubs.

XXIO Golf Clubs
Source: xxiogolf

When building golf clubs, XXIO uses a proprietary weight-plus technology that is evident in their X-Black series.

By concentrating the weight in the golf club’s grip, XXIO’s weight plus technology lowers the force needed to hold the head at the peak of the swing. The greatest impact is made with the least force when the weight is concentrated in the grip.

Men’s XXIO golf clubs are the pinnacle of lightweight golf clubs and a leader in the industry standard for equipment that improves golfers with a modest swing speed. Men’s golf clubs from the XXIO brand provide the best cutting-edge innovations and lightweight performance design in a luxurious package. 

For that game-changing distance and forgiveness, XXIO provides its Prime Driver, Prime Fairway Woods, Prime Utility Clubs, and Prime Irons, all of which include potent performance technology. The XXIO brand is a superb choice for low-handicap players golf that want to meet the particular course requirements.

Golfers looking for the highest caliber, lightweight, and user-friendly clubs may consider XXIO, a premium brand.

The 12 irons in this series from XXIO are the newest of the company’s titanium-faced irons, and it promises longer distance and easier playability.

FAQs on Golf Club Brands

What is the best brand of golf clubs for men?

Titleist has to be the safest choice, catering to players of all skill levels while being one of the most popular golf brands among some of the world’s greatest players.

What brand does Rory McIlroy use?

Since 2017, Rory McIlroy has exclusively used TaylorMade clubs. However, recently, he has included two Titleist wedges in his bag.

What clubs does Dustin Johnson use?

Like McIlroy on a normal day, Dustin Johnson carries a bag of exclusively TaylorMade clubs.

What golf club does Jordan Spieth use?

Jordan Spieth’s bag consists almost exclusively of Titleist clubs, with the exception of one Scotty Cameron putter.

What is the most expensive Tiger Woods Club?

The most expensive Tiger Woods club is usually regarded to be his 2002 Scotty Cameron backup putter, which sold for $393,300 in 2021. However, one could also make a case for one of the clubs in a Titleist set sold for $5,200,000 the same year which were claimed to be those used during the Tiger Slam.