3 Best Golf Cart Bags ([year] Hot List)

3 Best Golf Cart Bags (2024 “Hot List”)

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Golf cart bags can come in handy if you prefer to ride around the course in a cart. Any golfer, no matter their experience level, will probably tell you that carry bags aren’t designed to be placed in the back of a cart, making a cart bag the better option. But, with so many varieties in the market, what are some of the best golf cart bags out there? 

The best golf cart bag is the [amazon link=”B08XPZ2R73″ title=”TaylorMade Pro Cart Bag 8.0″ /]. It has a stylish and slick design and a spacious waterproof interior. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry. This bag is suitable for beginner golfers and pros alike.

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The rest of this article will review the three best golf cart bags and the best stand golf bags. We’ll discuss each of their unique features and their pros and cons. Let’s get started!

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Best Overall Golf Cart Bag: Taylormade Pro Cart Bag 8.0

The [amazon link=”B08XPZ2R73″ title=”Taylormade Pro Cart Bag 8.0″ /] (available on Amazon.com) has a large body designed for good storage capacity and is also lightweight.

Coming in at 5 ½ pounds (2.5 kg), this bag is 5 pounds (2.27 kg) lighter than the average carry bag. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but after a full round — that’s roughly 4–5 hours — you might beg to differ.

TaylorMade is known for their superior quality golfing goods, which include their well-made golf bags. The Pro Cart Bag 8.0 is no different, and it could possibly be Taylormade’s best golf bag. 

Apart from being completely waterproof, this golf cart bag comes with a 14-way top, giving you a separate compartment for each club. This bag is ideal if you’re a beginner looking to familiarize yourself with different club categories or a pro who likes to keep their clubs organized. 


  • Waterproof: The well-designed waterproof exterior allows you to store your valuables with the confidence that they’re protected from the elements. This bag also has a convenient umbrella pocket and a protective rain hood. 
  • Lightweight: Heavy bags are far from ideal, no matter how much room they offer. The Pro Cart Bag 8.0 provides as much space as possible while keeping the bag’s weight at a minimum. This bag is lightweight and suitable for golfers of all ages and handicap levels.
  • Great storage capacity: With a 14-way top that allows you to arrange your clubs in whatever way you want, and a total of eight pockets, this golf cart bag has plenty of storage space for everything you need on the course. There’s even an umbrella holder and a special pocket to keep your water cool.


  • Too much padding: Normally, you would want as much padding as possible on a golf bag. However, that’s only necessary when carrying the golf bag, as it provides you with more comfort and protection. The extra padding on the TaylorMade 8.0 is unnecessary if you’re only going to use it as a golf cart bag. 
  • No cart strap area: The biggest let-down of this bag is that there isn’t much room for a cart strap at the top of the bag. There is some room at the top where a cart strap could go around, but it would then make the top pocket unusable. This is unfortunate, as many bags out there have a designated cart strap area.
  • It’s both a cart and carry bag: This will be annoying if you are looking specifically for a cart bag, and a specialized cart bag will have more features than this one. 

Most Stylish: Cobra Golf Ultradry Pro Cart Bag

Cobra is a company that specializes in golf bags, golf accessories, and golf sets. One of their most popular products is the [amazon link=”B08QJP9H6Z” title=”Cobra Golf Ultradry Pro Cart Bag” /] (available on Amazon.com) which many customers state is the best waterproof golf bag on the market. 

It’s also easily our pick for being the most aesthetically pleasing. The Cobra cart bag comes in a unique range of colors to choose from, including black-high risk red, and navy blazer-high rise. 

Good looks aren’t the only thing this cart bag has to offer, though. It’s specifically designed for golf carts, with much of the storage space in the more easily accessible areas, such as the front. 

All golfers know how frustrating it can be not to be able to access the long side pockets when using a cart bag.

Fortunately, this Cobra cart bag is an exception: the smart design allows for more storage space at the front of the bag, as this is the most easily accessible area when using a cart bag.

This golf bag has an insulated cooler pocket to keep your food and beverages cool and an internal umbrella bay.


  • Durable: This golf bag is certainly amongst the best regarding protection from the elements. Its outer fabric is completely waterproof, and the watertight seams and zippers also help keep your golf clubs and other valuables dry. It’s also designed with a special heat-sealed waterproof fabric that prevents moisture from entering the bag.
  • Lightweight design: This is another extremely lightweight golf bag for the amount of storage capacity that it offers. Weighing just over 5 pounds (2.27 kg), this lightweight bag is easy to carry and is also perfect for push carts. The secret lies in the super lightweight waterproof fabric used to make this bag. 
  • Very spacious: The Cobra Golf Ultradry Pro Cart Bag has a high-end look and feels and a spacious interior. It has 14 separate compartments for each golf club and an additional two oversized apparel pockets.


  • Price: This golf bag is almost twice the price of a standard golf cart bag. However, this makes sense if you look at it as a premium product that offers unbeatable features and aesthetics. Still, this price range may cause you to reconsider, as you could easily get a regular golf cart bag for half the price. 

Most Durable: TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag 

The [amazon link=”B09LZ9RB63″ title=”TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag” /] (available on Amazon.com) is one of the most robust and overall best-performing golf cart bags on this list. TaylorMade has produced many good golf bags over the years as compared to its competitors.

However, the Supreme cart bag takes the brand to a whole other level with a product that fits every criterion of reliability. 

Like the TaylorMade Pro Cart Bag 8, the Supreme has optimal storage space (11 pockets in addition to a 14-way top) and comes in a stylish but practical design. 

Happy customers describe the Supreme cart bag as a strong and durable product that lasts over a decade. So, if you’re looking for something that will be of reliable service for years to come, this bag is for you.

In addition to separate apparel compartments, it even has its own shoe compartment where you can keep a change of shoes. This is great for switching between your golf and casual shoes and is a major selling point of this bag. 


  • Specialized cart bag: While there are many golf bags out there that claim to be “golf cart” bags, many of them are actually just normal carry bags — with a cart. This often creates impracticalities, such as there being no cart strap area for you to strap your bag onto a golf cart. However, the TaylorMade cart bag is designed as a pure golf cart bag that offers more accessible storage areas and room for a cart strap. 
  • Great storage: As you would expect from a premium golf cart bag, the TaylorMade has great storage capacity, with separate pockets for balls, food and beverages, tees, and clips. 
  • Comes with a shoe compartment: Most golf shoes have spikes that aren’t comfortable for walking off the grass or driving. Unfortunately, this means most people have to carry a separate shoe bag. With TaylorMade’s innovative shoe compartment, you can easily bring a change of shoes along with you! 
  • Slick design: The TaylorMade Supreme cart bag has a stylish but practical design that’s easy on the eye, which gives it a leg-up on other golf cart bags in the market. 


  • Isn’t fully waterproof: The TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag isn’t the best option if you’re looking for something that’s 100% waterproof. This is probably the biggest letdown to what is otherwise a truly impressive golf cart bag. 
  • Price: If you’re on a budget or are just looking for a regular golf cart bag, then you might have to take the TaylorMade off your list as it’s on the higher end of the price range. However, it is worth the money for what it has to offer. 

Final Thoughts: Best Golf Cart Bags

Final Thoughts

Most golf carry bags can’t easily be used on a golf cart, which is where cart bags come in. A good golf cart bag should offer enough storage capacity, weatherproofing, and helpful features to make it worth buying.

When looking for a new golf cart bag, I recommend going for something spacious, practical, and, most importantly, built to last.