6 Best Budget Golf Bags ([year] Revamp)

6 Best Budget Golf Bags (2023 Revamp)

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Buying golf gear can be an expensive venture. And if you don’t want to break the bank, you should look for the most affordable options that meet your needs. If you are in the market for a new golf bag, you might wonder what budget bags top the list.

The best budget golf bag is the Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag. It features 14 way-top full-length dividers, which prevent your clubs from jumbling, and six pockets, including a waterproof one for your valuables. Other essential features include a rain hood, umbrella holder, and towel clip.

This post will discuss the top six budget golf bags on the market. It highlights the features that make them stand out and the pros and cons, so you can decide if they’re right for you. Keep reading if you’re looking for the best cheap golf bags that won’t fall apart after a few rounds.

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Best Overall Budget Golf Bag: Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

Izzo Golf Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Golf Bag with Single Strap & Exclusive Features, Black, 3.8 Pound
  • Lightweight & Compact: 3.8 lbs; 35’’ x 14’’ x 11’’
  • Easy To Transport: Equipped with a Smartgrip handle that allows you to easily load and unload the bag from your car, SUV, or truck, our lightweight golf bag is exceptionally easy to carry
  • Exceptional Organization: Our cart golf bags feature a 14-way padded top with full length dividers for easy organization and shaft protection

The Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag is one of the market’s most durable lightweight golf bags. It consists of heavy-duty polyester material and weighs 3.85 pounds (3.85 lbs).

Its interior consists of a 14-way top with full-length dividers, which ensures your clubs remain scratch free as you hit the links, making it a great option for mens golf bags.

Other impressive features that this golf bag has include: 

  • Protective rain cover
  • Velcro glove holder 
  • Umbrella holder 
  • Towel fastening

It is also large enough to accommodate all your golfing goodies, including your clubs and accessories


  • It is easy to carry. The bag has a “Smart Grip” that allows you to load and unload it quickly and an adjustable single carry strap for crying your clubs around the course. It also gives you flexibility because it can fit in a push or pull cart.
  • It is available in multiple colors. It comes in black, red, gray-lime, and navy blue, giving you numerous color choices.
  • It has a durable construction. The 4200 polyester fabric makes the bag look beautiful and long-lasting.


  • The lightweight material might reduce durability. Though the material that makes the bag is durable, using thin material makes the bag wear off faster if you pack more than 2.88 kilograms (6.35 lbs).
  • It has no insulated pocket. Though the bag has multiple pockets, it can’t keep your drinks cold throughout the golf course. 

Best Bag With Range Finder: CHAMPKEY Lightweight Golf Bag

CHAMPKEY Lightweight Golf Stand Bag | Professional Pitch Golf Bag Ideal for The Driving Range, Par 3 and Executive Courses(Golf Stand Bag 2.0)
  • The lightest sunday stand bag on the markt .This lightweight sunday stand carry bag comes in at 1.95lbs and can git up to 6-9 clubs comfortably. The perfect bag for a evening Sunday round or...
  • 5 Pockets for Extra Storage : Champkey sunday bags has 5 extra pockets for safe storage of golf accesorries such as golf balls ,golf divot tool & mark ,golf tees ,water cup etc.
  • Advanced Aluminum Alloy Bracket : Champkey bracket made by Aluminum Alloy and It has great Load Capacity that can hold clubs well.

The CHAMPKEY Lightweight Golf Stand Bag comes with rangefinder technology which measures the distance between you and course objects. This technology helps you know the type of club to use and whether you’ll hit a three-quarter or full shot.

This bag is made from premium oxford fabric and features a comfortable shoulder strap and hip pad for easy carrying. It has a large main compartment and one full-length divider that can fit three to six clubs. Also, it has five pockets for storing your gear and foldable aluminum legs for durability.


  • It has a lightweight design. The bag weighs 1.95 pounds (0.88 kg), making it easy to carry around the course.
  • It has comfortable carrying cushions. The bag is flexible because it has an adjustable padded shoulder strap and a sturdy handle grip.
  • It is easy to strap it into a golf cart. If you wish to play with a cart, you can put the cart strap through the bag’s shoulder strap to hold it securely.


  • It has one color option. The bag only comes in black, limiting your options.
  • It can only hold a partial set of clubs. The bag can only accommodate a maximum of nine clubs which can be an inconvenience if you want to carry 14.
  • It has poor stitching on the pockets. The pocket separators may come off after a few rounds if you pack a heavier weight than 1.29 kg (2.84 lbs). 

Best Bag With Double Straps: Wilson Staff Feather Stand Bag

WILSON Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag - Red, 36" x 10" x 15"
  • 5 way top with 2 full length dividers
  • Slide 2 in 1 self-balancing strap System with four-point double strap
  • Ergonomic padded strap

The Wilson Staff Feather Bag delivers everything you want in a functional golf bag. It features a double strap system, which helps distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders.

At only 5.1 pounds (2.31 kg), it is incredibly lightweight and boasts five pockets to hold items, such as golf balls, tees, and your mobile phone. 

The bag features a five-way top with two full-length dividers for your clubs that can fit a complete club set. Other essential features include the following:

  • A towel ring
  • Rain hood
  • Umbrella holder


  • It has plenty of storage space. The bag is large enough to accommodate your clubs, balls, and accessories. You also need not worry about your valuables because it has a velour-lined waterproof pocket.
  • It is comfortable for walking around the course. The bag has a self-balancing, ergonomic double strap system that’s well padded and a hip/low back pad, which, together with the bag’s lightweight, makes it easy to carry.
  • It has multiple color choices. It is available in red, black, light blue, and navy blue.


  • It does not offer a cooler pocket. No pocket is insulated to maintain your drinks at the desired temperature.
  • It has only two full-length dividers. There needs to be more to prevent the clubs from colliding with each other as you move. 

Best Insulated Golf Bag: Cobra Golf Ultralight Pro Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro Stand Bag (Elderberry-Black, One Size)
  • Lightweight-Easy to carry at only 4.0 LBS
  • 7 Pockets-including a magnetic velour lined range finder pocket located on the apparel pocket for easy access
  • New Stable Leg Design-An updated leg design provides a streamlined aesthetic and lower CG yields a more stable bag

If you’re looking for a bag that will keep your drinks cool on those hot summer days, then the Cobra Golf Ultralight Pro Stand Bag is perfect.

This bag features an insulated cooler pocket that’s big enough to hold two cans or one bottle of your favorite beverage. And, if that’s not enough, the bag boasts a water-resistant polyester fabric that protects your clubs from the elements.

In terms of storage, the bag features seven full-length dividers that can fit an entire set of clubs and seven pockets which include:

  • A soft and velvety lined pocket for your valuables
  • A large compartment for bigger accessories
  • A magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • An insulated lined drink pocket
  • A ball pocket


  • It is spacious. The bag’s design fits everything a golfer might need when out on the course.
  • It has an insulated pocket. This pocket will keep your beverages cold, which is vital on a hot day.
  • It has a sturdy leg design. It provides a streamlined aesthetic and a lower center of gravity, making the bag sturdy. Also, it has an easy flex base which offers better ground contact.


  • It is available in one color. The bag comes in elderberry black, limiting buyers’ choices. Other colors for this model come at a higher price.
  • It is suitable for men. The bag’s design and weight of 7.68 pounds (3.48 kg) are not favorable for ladies. 

Best Value Golf Bag: Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag

Club Champ Golf Premium Lightweight Dual Strap Stand Bag, Black
  • 7-way padded top with four full-length dividers organize and protect your golf clubs
  • Five total storage pockets including a velour-lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket provide plenty of room for all your essential gear
  • An adjustable, dual-strap sling and hip pad, along with an auto-pop stand system makes carrying your clubs and gear comfortable and convenient

If you’re looking for great value on a golf bag, the Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag is the option. It’s made of durable nylon fabric and features a 7-way top with full-length dividers, meaning your clubs will stay well-organized and protected.

There are also seven pockets for storage, including an insulated water bottle pocket and a velour-lined valuables pocket. 

It is also convenient and comfortable because it has a hip pad, an adjustable dual-strap string, and an auto-pop stand system.

Other extras include the following:

  • A divot tool holder
  • Glove patch
  • Towel ring
  • Catch and cinch umbrella holder
  • Pen holder


  • It is lightweight yet spacious. The bag weighs 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg) and does not compromise storage capacity. It is large enough to fit your golf gear.
  • It has a unisex model. The bag’s design and size suit males and females.
  • It has a 90-day warranty. Should the bag spoil or fail to meet your expectations, you can return it to the seller.


  • You can only package 4.5 pounds. The bag will wear off sooner if you regularly pack more than 4.5 pounds (2.04 kg).
  • The bag offers limited color choices. The bag is only available in black, which may not be ideal for everyone.

Most Spacious Golf Bag: Cleveland Golf Cart Bag

Cleveland Golf Cart Bag, Charcoal/Red, Large
  • 9. 0” 14-way divider
  • 5 grab handles for easy loading
  • Waterproof zipper valuable pockets

The Cleveland Golf Cart Bag comes with a 14-way top with full-length dividers and 14 pockets, so there’s plenty of room for all your clubs and golf gear. One of the storage compartments is also water-resistant, making it ideal for storing your cell phone or other valuable items. It also has an insulated holder for drinks. 

The bag also has seven convenient built-in handles, making it easy to load into your car. Its putters have precise alignment, which combines with unique speed technology, allowing you to sink it with fewer puts.


  • It has plenty of storage space. The 14 pockets provide ample space for everything you need on the course.
  • It has a cooler compartment. You don’t have to worry about your drinks getting warm when playing in the sun.
  • It has a warranty. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty. The extended warranty shows the manufacturer is confident of the bag’s quality.


  • It has a few color options. The bag is available in black and navy blue, which is not ideal for all shoppers.
  • It is heavy. It weighs 7 pounds (3.18 kg), making it challenging to walk the course. 

Conclusion: Best Golf Bags for the Money in 2023

The price of golf bags has been increasing steadily over the years, but some great options are still available for budget-minded golfers. The six bags featured in this article represent some of the best inexpensive golf bags on the market, and each one will help you enjoy your time on the course.