Best Golf Balls for High Handicap

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Are you a high handicapper or swing a slower club? We rolled up our sleeves and tested the best golf balls for high handicap.

Could it be:

1. Your game is not what it used to be. The balls you have are not what they used to be?

2. You are buying for a friend or a senior player who is using the wrong golf balls for their handicap?

Or perhaps

3. You would just like to see how your game would be impacted by using these balls.

Whichever category it is that you fit in, we are here to help. We have scoured the web and stores across the land to find the right balls. Having studied them. We went on and tested the balls based on feedback from high handicap players as well as manufacturers’ claims. With all of this work under our belts, we are pleased to tell you that we have some great picks for you.

In A Hurry?

For our top pick, we wanted to deliver a ball that was just the very best. There are several things that we realise that a high handicap player would benefit from in their golf ball.

We wanted to make sure that this ball could live up to these things. There are certain limitations that high handicap golfers seek to overcome. It had to be available in a wide range of colours, for enhanced visibility where it is necessary.

We wanted a ball that would have a reasonable amount of forgiveness on mis-hit shots. It also had to be one that provided enhanced distance on your drives. If possible, it would preferably be one that would not be too costly.

Our winner is the Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball.

You will find further details about it within the article.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Great set of balls from a brand that you can trust.
  • The pricing point is affordable.
  • Great feel on impact.
  • The control on the green for spin and chipping is good.
  • The balls are durable and clearly well made.
  • They require quite some knocking to show signs of wear and tear.
Our Score





40 +




Our top 5 Best Golf Balls High Handicap

Being of a high handicap and not having the ideal golf ball will lead a lot of players to give up on their game.

For those that have played for a while, it can be deeply dismaying to have to leave a game that you have loved for so long. If you are starting off, the feeling may be somewhat similar.

Golf is meant to be triumphant and relaxing. The last thing that you need is for it to add to your struggles.

You will find our top five picks below, as well as a buyer’s guide for those among us that want to understand some of the things that came into consideration when picking golf balls for this category.

1. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball - TOP PICK

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson is a brand that we have come to appreciate.

The Smart super core golf ball is designed to respond to your swing speed on impact.

There is minimised spin when you drive the ball. This results in getting more distance on your long shots off the tee.

There is also an emphasis on the direction of your stroke. The balls provide more accuracy on long shots. They are more forgiving on shots that would have otherwise been sliced.

Once you are on the green, you get more control of your shots. The overall short game is good. You will be able to generate more spin on the green.

The exterior cover is made out of ionomer. It makes the ball more versatile in all sorts of terrain and playing conditions.

You will also notice the softness of the feel when playing on the green. It provides you with the feedback that you need to gauge your shots better.

Each box contains 24 balls. They are packed into three sleeves that hold 8 in each. That is a lot of ball by anyone’s standard.

At the pricing point at which these come, no one could possibly complain. They were released in 2017.

The official compression on these is 85. We found no reason to doubt it.

An HONEST Review



  • Great set of balls from a brand that you can trust.
  • The pricing point is affordable.
  • Great feel on impact.
  • The control on the green for spin and chipping is good.
  • The balls are durable and clearly well made.
  • They require quite some knocking to show signs of wear and tear.


  • Wish there were more colours to choose from. White balls are not great for tracking. High handicap players can use more tracking.

2. Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

The Tour B330-RX is an amazing pick.

It comes with a Hydro Core that is designed specifically for players that have slow swing speed.

They are geared to bring a tangible gain to your distance and accuracy.

This gain is courtesy of a unique design and core construction by Bridgestone. It increases ball speed.

Enhanced ball speed means that the ball goes further. There is enhanced accuracy more consistently.

The distance and trajectory do not hurt. You will also get notably lower sidespin off your shots.

This comes from the gradation core construction. Giving you that coveted distance. Most high handicap players will struggle with both of these. Having a ball that bears some of the load is worthwhile.

It is designed to give the budding golfer a little more confidence as they hone their skills.

Bridgestone has worked to improve the stability of the ball in flight. The result of this is that the ball has less swerve as it travels. This means that it gets more distance in the intended direction.

The outer cover is built to take some punishment without easily showing wear and tear.

Once you are on the green. The smooth finish of the outer layer ensures that the ball rolls better on the grass. Every golf knows the agony of seeing your ball stop just short of the hole.

What impressed us the most about this ball was its performance on a windy day. We were fortunate to hit this directly into the wind. It seamless cut through the air as if it was nothing.

Limited visibility would have been an issue. The benefit of the constant trajectory was that we were always able to easily map out where the ball had landed.

You can purchase these in either yellow or optic white. The yellow would be the more visibility friendly option.




  • Great distance off the tee.
  • Offer great control on your shots.
  • Performs very well in windy conditions.
  • High handicap friendly balls.
  • Low spin off the tee.
  • Just the right amount of spin on the green.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Do not feel as soft as we expected on when playing on the green.

3. Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

No, these are not golf balls specifically for women.

The name can be a little misleading.

They are not “x-ed” out either. You will not have any problems using these in an official tournament.

Now, onto the golf balls. These are designed with ball speed in mind. On impact, the initial velocity is very high.

This is paired with a faster rate of elevation. It adds up to a high ball going at a decent speed. You will see an increase in distance on your drives.

They have a total of 372 dimples across their surface. This is what makes them more suited to cutting through the air off the tee when you drive them. The cover is made out of and ionomer cover.

It makes for a smooth feel.

Surlyn and muscle fibre were perfectly combined on the outer core. This is what makes the ball easier to control the ball when you get it onto the green.

The impact from the driver off the tee causes deformation to occur on the ball. All of the energy pulls in the same direction. It makes the ball very versatile.

As your handicap improves, you’ll still be able to rely on it. This is not something that can be said of a lot of balls that are suitable for high handicap players.

It responds well to both high-speed swing and the slower ones.

Each box comes with 8 sleeves that carry 3 balls in each. Making for a grand total of 24 balls.

You can certainly afford to lose a few without breaking the bank.


  • Considerably cheaper than similar balls from other brands.
  • Less spin off the tee.
  • Greater accuracy when you drive it.
  • A ball that you can continue to use as your handicap improves.
  • The outer layer holds its own after a few rounds. Very little sign of wear and tear.


  • The control on the green could definitely be much better.

4. Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

The E6 come with a total of 326 dimples seamlessly embedded around the outer core.

This is a design that has become popular among manufacturer.

It is always an indicator of speed in the balls on impact. To enhance this feature even further, there is a surlyn cover overlaying a low compression core.

The inner layer is designed to minimise the amount of spin that is generated on impact.

This is a feature that is aimed at the driving shots off the tee. Beyond that, there is an emphasis on making sure that there are some control and backspin maintained for the green.

The jury is still out on whether they were successful in this attempt. We certainly would have liked to have seen more spin.

Most high handicappers do not yet have this in their game, so they can get a bit of a pass on that one.

They are most suitable for golfers with a swing speed of up to 100mph. This is due to the compression rate of 50 that the balls have. There is no doubt that the shots are straighter with this ball.

This means that your drives will certainly go the distance. There is a lot of forgiveness as well. The chances of slicing your shots are slightly lower.

As a three-piece ionomer construction ball goes, this ball is solidly made. There were very few signs of wear and tear after using it for a few rounds. You will get a lot of durability out of it. It is a softball.

The roll-out speed was as good as any on this list. This is certainly a ball that you can grow with all the way up to the higher single figure handicaps.

You can get these in orange, white or yellow. The yellow and orange ones offer more visibility than white ones.




  • They offer great speed off the tee for enhanced distance.
  • Provide incredible value for money.
  • Softcover.
  • Great overall control and spin.
  • They certainly make slicing more difficult.


  • The spin and control on the green left a lot to be desired.

5. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway is one of the more famous golfing brands out there.

Their Warbird golf balls are designed to give you more distance and flight off the tee.

They have a high energy core that is part of a dual piece design. Callaway’s own HEX aerodynamics technology is utilised for the reduction of drag, the enhancement of speed and hang time.

That is perhaps where the name is derived from. With all these features combined, you will get more distance on your drives. They have a total of 332 dimples spreading across the entire surface.

The enlarged high energy core is highly responsive to the impact of the drive. It compresses on impact to give you more distance for your swing speed.

There is a thin, highly sensitive ionomer cover that gives you that feeling that you need on the green.

Most high handicap golfer would be thrilled to get more distance and accuracy off the tee.

You can purchase these in white or yellow. These balls are designed with the high handicap player in mind. They are also balls that you can carry forward with you as your game improves.

They are suitable for players from the higher single figure handicaps upwards. As you get better than that you would require more control on your shots, which is something that you cannot get out of these balls.

Each box comes with 12 balls in it. They are reasonably priced, but not the cheapest price per ball on our list. On the green, you will note a moderate feel on contact with the balls. Y

ou will need to be very skilled to get enough spin on these to see the difference. They provide very high forgiveness on your mis-hits, which all high handicap players will love.

The flight is straighter than you would get if all control was left to you.


  • You will get great overall distance off your drives.
  • The accuracy on long shots is equally impressive.
  • Great value for money.
  • Two good colour options to choose from.


  • Control on the green could be much better.
  • The exterior does not take much to scuff.

Buyer’s Guide for Golf ball for high Handicap

Buying the right golf balls can be a complex process. It does not have to be. There are a lot of things that one can spend time considering. These can become overwhelming. Many golfer and golfing enthusiasts feel as if the more they read the more confused they become. An overload of information does not help. We have decide that the best way to tackle this is by cutting down the amount of information. When you focus just on the things that really matter, a lot of the things that would usually muddle the water vanish. This is what we hope to do with this buyer’s guide.

Before purchasing your golf ball make up your mind as to what you would like to see in your game. If there is one particular area of your game that you are looking to improve or just to focus on, it may be wise to look for a ball that is well suited to that area of the game. There are some balls that will get you great results on the drive but not perform as well once you get onto the green. The ideal situation is to find a ball that offers a balance of the two. When this is not achieved, getting a ball for each facet of the game may be a way to go about it. Most high handicap players will be more focused on their driving game. The green game is secondary at this point. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a ball.


The flight is the measure of how a ball goes when you hit it. It considers the trajectory that it takes from the tee into the sky and how long it will remain in the air. There is a delicate balance to be struck. A ball that has flat flight will certainly cover more ground quickly. However, it will not necessarily cover a larger overall distance. A ball that has a looped flight would go higher but not necessarily further. When these two characteristics are combined, you get a ball with a great flight. It will go further.

Air Resistance

Golf ball manufacturers often mention what sort of aerodynamic technology they have used in their ball. This is the technology that they use to conquer air resistance. Air resistance is the general force that reduces the speed at which an object is travelling across space. The greater the air resistance the shorter the overall distance that the ball would be able to travel in the air before falling to the ground.

When a ball is said to “cut through the air”, it is designed to overcome this challenge of air resistance. This is a feature that is worth considering when buying your ball. It is one that is very difficult to measure. The manufacturer will always say that they have figured it out. That is not always the whole truth.

Hard or softball for high handicap

One of the most common questions from high handicap golfers is about the hardness of the ball that they should buy. This is a question that seek clarity on the science behind compression. Compression determines the speed at which the ball moves when it is hit. This is a factor that mainly applies to your game when you are driving the ball. As you get onto the green it starts to diminish in importance. As a rule of thumb, the softer balls require less compression input from the golfer. There are other factors that will apply to this. The core of the ball is one of them.

Do they cater to my Swing speed?

This is one of the most important questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a golf ball. Some manufacturers will mention what sort of swing speed they have geared each ball to. This is not a universal practice. The idea is that if you get the ball that is ideal for your swing speed, you will be able to get the most distance out of it. This is due to the level of compression that it would require you to generate with your swing. The right ball will respond appropriately to your swing speed. If your swing speed is too fast for a ball, it will usually feel too hard when you strike it. This signifies that there is not enough room for compression.

Back Spin

Backspin will not matter as much to a high handicap player. It is one of those things that help the more skilled players make the way around the green. Backspin is the turn that you can generate on the green. When a ball has backspin, a seasoned golfer will be able to direct it in their desired direction without necessarily pointing their club in that direction.

When there are obstacles on the course, backspin will allow you to avoid these obstacles. Most balls that are tailored to the needs of high handicap players are designed to give them minimum control. Their aim is to straighten the shots. This is something that provides a lot of benefits to the overall game of such a player, especially when they are driving the ball. The compromise is that they sacrifice control of the ball.

If your skills are not at a level where you can control the ball, this is not a bother. As you get better at the game, you will start to desire to take more and more of this control away from the hands of the ball and the clubs into your own.


One of the most common features of a high handicapper’s game is the prevalence of mis-hits. This is when you do not quite catch the ball right. The result is that the ball tends to veer in a direction that you did not quite intend for it to go. A lot of these balls are lost and often difficult to track. It can be a very expensive mistake to make. Even if you were to use the cheapest golf balls, the cost of needing the replace them will soon add up.

Visibility allows you to track your ball’s movement when it is in flight as well as when it has landed. The trick for this is to use balls in colours that stand out to the eye. The most commonly used colour for visibility is yellow. White is arguably the least visible colour you can use, yet it remains one of the most widely used colour at all levels of the game.

Final Words

We have considered a selection of 5 great golf balls that are all suitable for players that have a high handicap. They all have characteristics and features that make them ideal for golfers of that level of skill. You can pick any one of these five and be assured that you will have a good ball. The detailed reviews included under each ball provide you with a lot more detail based on our testing. This should allow you to make your choice based on a decent amount of information.

You would want to match this information to your personal needs. You may consider some of the things that we thought to be negative about a certain ball to be irrelevant to your needs. By the same token, some of the things that we thought were amazing about some balls may be outweighed by the negatives, based on your own needs. There is no one size fits all in this.

Our buyer’s guide is more geared towards those that want a better understanding of some of the factors that we take into account when considering golf balls. Going through it will equip you with enough information for you to be able to independently evaluate the features of any golf ball. If you can help it, do not commit to an expensive set of golf balls as a high handicap player. They are bound to get lost while you play. Rather lose the cheap ones as you work on your game.