Best Golf Balls For Low Spin

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Too much spin on your shots? We put in 40+ hours testing and these are the best golf balls for low spin.

Preferably ones that have low spin?

1. The spin on your shots is out of control and has got to be stopped!

2. Your current low spin golf balls need replacing. You just want to get better ones this time around.


3. One can never have too many golf balls! Another set of different balls to try out wouldn’t hurt.

Any of these three reasons above are perfectly valid. Or any other you have for that matter 🙂

Playing a game that you love with a ball that isn't optimal for your style of game can often feel like rowing a boat - with holes in it.

You may be able to hold on for a while but you will eventually end up sinking / losing shots cheaply out on the course.

For the continual development, no matter if you're a beginner or older golfer, you just have to get your gear right, playaaaa! And speaking of gear, don't miss out on these current golf balls on sale.

Here Are Our Top 8 Best Golf Balls For Low Spin (And Reviews) in 2019:

  1. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball (Best Golf Ball For Low Spin)
  2. Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball (Best Budget) 
  3. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball (Best Distance)
  4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball (Best Premium)
  5. Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls (Top Value)
  6. Titleist Velocity Golf Ball
  7. Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball
  8. Bridgestone Tour

In A Hurry?

Golf balls are fun to research and read a lot about right?

Well, it's definitely not for everyone. 

Some golfers would just rather be out on the fairway.

They would rather watch the ball in flight shooting onto the green on the 9th.

Or maybe lining up the perfect putt for a cheeky birdie?

We understand.

This is why we have further sifted through the best golf balls that we had already picked to find an incredible one that we could stand behind. As difficult as this was, we have a winner.

Queue the drumroll....*

*Ok we don't have any drums.

Our top pick for golf ball for a low spin is the [amazon link="B0751TN2BR" title="Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls" /]

This ball delivers on everything that the manufacturers claimed it would.

You will get a ball that delivers on the distance that you require off the tee each time.

It offers a good amount to control on the green.

Did I mention that it offers very low spin off the tee?


Well, it does.

Your short game will remain largely unaffected by this balls performance.

At the pricing point that you can get these balls for, it is a no-brainer!

There is a ton more detail in our review of this ball below. Enjoy!

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Delivered considerably longer drives when tested.
  • Favourable to players of low swing speeds as well.
  • Surprising good on the short game.
  • Quite cheap.
  • Provides good feedback and feel on the green.
  • They have a soft feel on impact.
  • Great consistency on ball flight.
Our Score





40 +




Our Top 5 Best Golf Balls For Low Spin

Having low spin will mean that you will be able to get the very best out of your long shots.

When the ball spins more on the tee, valuable momentum and some distance are lost.

This is part of what makes low spin so desirable for some golfers.

When you have low spin, your shots will usually be straighter and significantly longer.

1. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls 

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

The DT TruSoft sees the unleashing of Titleist’s new core and a new cover.

They combine to deliver longer distance on every shot.

There is reduced spin on long shots which is where the bulk of distance will come from. They have also made this their softest compression ball at the time of release.

The inner core is known as the TruTouch Core. It is responsible for delivering good feedback and a soft feel on each shot. It is larger than previous cores made by this manufacturer.

The outer layer is known as the TruFlex Cover. It embodies Titleist’s very own technology created to give a soft feel on the green. It also increases your short game spin to give you better performance.

This is a perfect balance between the game on the long shots and your game on the green.

Where ball flight is concerned, the DT Trusoft has what is termed Trusoft Flight. It makes use of advanced technology in aerodynamics. The result is a more consistent flight to give you the maximum distance possible.

For your short game, the ball has great stopping power and improved performance. They sought to strike a balance between minimising spin on the long shots without completely doing away with it.

Improving players will know and desire the value of spin on the green, even if they may not necessarily want it on long shots. You will also be impressed with the putting performance of this ball.

It rolls softly on the green.

Each box contains 12 balls. They are divided into 4 sleeves with 3 balls in each sleeve. These are manufactured in America. If that makes a difference to you. They are available in white and in yellow.

The yellow ones are known to be more visible.



  • Delivered considerably longer drives when tested.
  • Favourable to players of low swing speeds as well.
  • Surprising good on the short game.
  • Quite cheap.
  • Provides good feedback and feel on the green.
  • They have a soft feel on impact.
  • Great consistency on ball flight.


  • Some reports of buyers receiving the wrong colour balls.

2. Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

As a tyre manufacturer, we always expect the very best rubber-based products from Bridgestone.

If anyone has the technology and know-how to pull this off. This is the brand that ought to. 

These are designed to increase both distance and accuracy. To achieve this they deliver what you are searching for, which is low spin off the tee and on all your long-distance shots.

Now that you know that they will give you one aspect that you are after let us see what else this ball can do.

Each ball features the Delta Dimple design that gives a more consistent flight to the ball due to reduced air resistance. With less air resistance you will also get more distance off your shots.

Your swing speed counts for more. You will usually get more pop-ups when balls travel longer distances at top speed. This is not the case with the E6. It has a pop resistance mechanism built into it.

They also land quite smoothly on the green which makes for a great transition to the short game.

In comparison to bigger golfing brands, this gives you equal or better performance at a fraction of the price. Each pack comes with 12 balls. You can get them in white or in the more visibility-enhancing yellow.

The transition from the full Bridgestone to just the letter B on the balls has been an area of contention among lovers of the brand.

I do not see why that matters at all. If the ball still delivers on performance, I could not care any less what they have printed on them.



  • Middle to low handicap friendly.
  • Delivers long-distance shots off the tee.
  • Delivers straight long-distance shots.
  • Minimises the amount of spin generated on long shots.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • You can choose a high visibility colour if you’d like.


  • Some golfers don’t like the branding change on the balls.

3. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

These are marketed as great balls for those looking to get more distance on the long shots.

To achieve this, TaylorMade included their React core.

It is a core that is famed for its responsive nature. Once the ball has been struck and taken flight it benefits from the aerodynamic 344 cover. There are 342 dimples on the surface of these golf balls.

This is a part of the two-piece construction that make up these amazing balls.

On the green, you will benefit from the Ionomer layer used to finish off the design. It is ideal for getting a bit of control on the green. Depending on the level of skill that you have, you may find some of it to be insufficient.

Lower handicap players will certainly want to get more spin out of their ball. However, I don’t believe you should be looking for low spin balls if you want to maintain a great degree of control on the green.

In comparison to some of the more expensive balls on the market, the Distance Plus balls hold their own.

It has a compression rate of 60. The low pricing point will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that when they do get lost or worn out, you can afford to get new ones.

Each box contains 12 balls. They are spread across 4 packs. You can purchase them in white or hi-visibility yellow. TaylorMade is no longer actively producing these balls.

This makes them highly sought after and likely to be extinct soon.


  • The low pricing point makes these an absolute bargain.
  • Enhances the distance that you get off the tee.
  • They provide a decent level of control.
  • Delivers low spin on your long shots.
  • Good quality balls from a good brand.
  • The yellow is highly visible and perfect for autumn and winter conditions.
  • Offer a high-velocity overall performance.
  • Very few signs of wear and tear after a few rounds.


  • Minimal feel and a plastic-like look.
  • A little on the hard side.

4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Prior Generation

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway has been around for a while now. They are one of the leading manufacturers of golfing equipment.

The core of the ball is designed to produce incredible ball speed while maintaining a low spin on the longer shots.

To generate maximum distance, the flight of the ball is straighter. We all know that the quickest way between two points is as the crow flies.

The premium HEX aerodynamics technology is used on this ball. It comes with more refined surface contours that see to a reduction in drag and an enhancement in the lift.

There is increased carry taking your shots to longer distances. Your shots will rise quickly and drop just as quick to get a lot of distance while getting a good drop stop speed on the green.

The cover of the ball is made of a tri-ionomer formulation. It delivers increased softness. There is a better feel with each shot on impact.

On the green, you will also get wedge spin to make sure that your shots stop within a reasonable distance. The roll on the green is smooth.

Each box contains 12 balls. They are divided into 4 sleeves that each have 3 balls. You can purchase these in yellow, white, pink or a multicoloured pack.

They are certainly not created for the elite player. However, beginners and average golfers will derive a lot of benefits from using these balls. This is no surprise, with a compression of 38!

They are certainly designed with players that have a slow swing speed in mind.

You will probably not get the best out of these balls if your swing speed is over 110.



  • These come in at an affordable pricing point.
  • They are good quality balls from a reputable manufacturer.
  • They deliver great ball speed and distance off the tee.
  • There is good control on the green.
  • Very low spin on long shots.
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from.


  • Don’t perform well for players with high swing speed.

5. Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls 1

Our Honest Star Rating

I cannot think of another manufacturer that delivers golf balls in such a professional-looking package.

If there ever was a high end looking golf ball box, this is it.

Nothing makes you more keen to explore a product like great packaging. Onto the performance.

Vice Golf’s goal with these balls was to produce a soft feeling ball that had a good all-round performance. They used a 3 piece cast urethane cover. It delivers low compression while maintaining responsiveness.

You will get incredible distance off the tee with every shot. The cover has a total of 336 dimples that make up the design. They minimise the dispersion and make your ball more stable in flight.

You will get straighter shots that got a further distance each time.

The finish on the outer layer is a matter coating that used small silicate particles. There is great feedback and feel once you are on the green. There is also high spin on the and control on the green.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player, you will get the best out of your skills. The coating and special adhesion are responsible for creating this phenomenon.

It is the perfect ball for medium to high swing speed golfers. The S2TG technology used on the ball makes it deliver a high degree of backspin. For durability and a fine finish, each ball is UV-resistant coated with BJ13.

There is an anti-glare effect that is courtesy of the matte finish. This is also an important aspect for visibility in flight as well as on the ground.

The final feature is the KIL line that is on each ball. It is there to make it easier to line up your ball on the green to strike the perfect putting shots. You can purchase these in lime, red or white.

The lime is the most visible.



  • Great balls for a reasonable price.
  • Great feel on the ball.
  • Could not have asked for a better ball for putting.
  • They offer durability.
  • There are three colours to choose from.


  • They tend to favour faster swing speeds.
  • They seem bouncy when landing on the green.
  • The matte finish is certainly not for everyone.

Best Golf Balls For Low Spin Buyer’s Guide

Having considered some incredible golf balls. Any of our top five picks will make a good ball to lower your spin on long shots.

The buyer’s guide is will help you understand some of the things that go into picking a good ball. We have spent considerable effort in making sure that our research would be beneficial to you. We wanted to consider the needs of various golfers beyond the low spin.

There are other things that matter that you would have thought about before.

Our goal was to make sure that these do not become neglected as we chase low spin.

What does spin do for your game?

You will have heard golfers talk about spin nonstop if you have played on any golf course across the world. There are two types of spin. Your ball can spin back or sideways.

The spin that you desire to generate will depend entirely on the conditions that you are facing as well as your goals for the shot. Balls do not exclusively spin backward or sideways at any given time. They usually spin in a combination of the two.

One tends to be the more prevalent one. The part of the ball that you strike will also be a key factor in determining the type of spin that you get from it. Chip shots, for instance, are struck from a low and lofted angle. This generates backspin. The ball is moving fast in a forward direction but also slightly in a backward motion. This is what backspin is.

Backspin is most useful for the transition between a long shot to the green. Without backspin, the ball will likely roll on for longer than you would want it to. Using backspin slows the ball down after it has landed. It makes it stop a little quicker and sets you up for your next shot.

Most golfers would want to avoid sidespin under normal circumstances. Sidespin will see your ball curving in the air, and potentially changing its direction in a way that you would not have wanted when you set up your shot.

The best-case scenario for any ball would be one that gives you the maximum distance without much movement or spins in the air. Once that ball has landed you would want it to then be able to deliver increased spin. In such cases, your shots would be straighter off the tee and have manoeuvring ability on the green.

The correlation between distance and spin is that you will also get more distance when the ball spins less in the air.

This is a very simple concept. When there is less spin all of the kinetic energy that you generate when you strike the ball will be utilised in getting the ball as far as possible. Any form of spin on the ball will lose you some yardage. 

Manufacturers tackle this issue by creating a soft outer core and a harder inner core. 

These would then deliver one aspect each. The soft outer core would be responsible for the movement of the ball on the green and for generating the spin you would want. The harder inner core is responsible for taking off like a rocket on impact without giving in to much spin.

Dimples on Golf balls

You will have noticed that we mentioned dimples as part of the characteristics of every golf ball that we talked about. There is a scientific reason why manufacturers put these on their balls.

It comes down to aerodynamics. The dimples on a golf ball are there to reduce air resistance when the ball is in flight. This resistance is known as aerodynamic drag. Its reduction will see your golf ball going further.

Golf balls did not always have dimples. They used to be spherical balls with a smooth finish. What brought on the dimple revolution was the realisation that golf balls would get more distance after more use. When they were new, their distance was somewhat limited.

The addition of dimples manipulates the way that the golf ball interacts with the air. Dimples cause tiny turbulence to form over the surface of the ball. This causes airflow to be much tighter to the ball. There is a smaller low-pressure zone behind the ball as it flies. This reduces the amount of drag.

Dimples are also good at enhancing the ball’s lift. Essentially wherever there is air resistance to be encountered, the dimples are a good feature to have on the ball.

This is down to Bernoulli’s principle. It states that an increase in speed results in a decrease in pressure. Seeing as dimples help increase ball speed, they naturally decrease the amount of pressure that is holding the ball back.

On average balls that have dimples travel double the distance of those that do not have dimples. This is based on the assumption that all other features are identical.

Final Words

You have been presented with 5 fantastic golf balls to choose from. They will all deliver low spin on your long shots. Before you settle for one of these balls it is worth making sure that you have considered each ball on its own.

Reading through our reviews will give you enough information about each one of them. With this information and that from the buyer’s guide, you will be able to make a sound decision.

The buyer’s guide covers some of the seemingly small factors and terms that are usually thrown around by golfers. When you understand why they matter you can go back to reviewing your golf balls to figure out if they live up to your revised needs.

As much as you may desire to see a reduction in your spin, make sure you also consider how each of the balls would affect your game as a whole. When you focus solely on the spin, you would likely end up with a low spinning golf ball that performs poorly in the rest of the game’s aspects. Where possible, find that key balance.

Consider your own swing speed and how it would affect the performance of any ball that you pick. Some balls’ performance is closely linked to the speed that you are able to generate with your swing. If you are unable to generate enough swing or if you generate more than the ball is made to handle your overall performance diminishes.

We have considered the following things about each of the balls on our list:

  1. How much they cost and how much value they deliver to the player at that price.
  2. We looked at the manufacturer’s description of the balls and tested them to see if they live up to what was promised.
  3. We considered the amount of spin that is generated on long shots.
  4. We looked at how much control you would still be able to retain on the green.
  5. Finally, we considered

There are a lot of things that you can look at when picking your ideal golf ball. Focusing on the 5 stated above will make the decision-making process much easier. You would end up with a good pick as well. Some golfers will pick balls solely on brand and manufacturer’s claims.

We all know how that ends. It is imperative that you always do your research before you settle on anything.

The saving grace with all of our picks is that they are affordable. The average golfer can afford to pick a few from the list and try them out. You really never know what will work for you until you have tried a few out. Getting into it after doing some reading will give you a headstart.

You also have a more in-depth understanding of some of the terms and features of balls. If you are to search in a store, you would now be able to ask the right questions.

That being said, get your new balls and enjoy this beautiful game.

Happy golfing peeps!