Bagboy C3 Review

Bagboy C3 Review

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If you are a sincere and smart golfer, then we can bet on it that caddies probably don’t make the cut for you. Bagboy C3 review to the rescue!

Which is why you need a quality and durable golf push cart to accompany you your games. On that note, we have one particular golf push cart to our attention.

Hello and welcome to our article, today we will be doing a Bagboy C3 golf push cart breakdown.

We have been hearing a lot about this push cart, and needless to say, our readers are driving us nuts for a Bagboy C3 review. 

So finally, we are here to deliver. Watch us as we crack down the best golf pull cart and the best push cart for golf to find out if they are really worth your attention and hard-earned money.

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bagboy c3 review

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Bagboy C3 Push Cart

Why is it better?

  • The Bagboy C3 golf push cart is super lightweight and compact.
  • Utilizes an aluminum, weatherproof framework so it will never rust.
  • It has maintenance-free wheels, something which is important on push carts.
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Bagboy C3 Push Cart Review

bagboy c3 review

Our Honest Star Rating

Without further ado, let’s actually get into the reviews.

This cart, for some reason is not that popular like some of the other ones out there despite having quality features.

What’s the reason behind that?

First Look at The Bagboy c3 Push Cart

This golf push cart is a 3-wheeler and comes to you in 3 different choices of colors. And we can really appreciate that! However, the one we are looking at on our bagboy c3 review is in the color: Battleship gray/orange, where the body is a combination of mostly gray, and black, while the interior of the wheels is orange. Simple and minimal. Nothing too shocking.

Right off the bat, you will furthermore notice that the bagboy c3 golf push cart probably looks a tad bit different from most other carts. Now, this isn’t, of course, a bad thing. It, in fact, looks very sturdy and stable at first sight. However, looks can be deceiving so let’s die right into its performance.


If there’s any way to judge the credibility and reliance of a golf push cart, don’t look any further than the wheels. This is the most important part of the cart next to storage.

And the bagboy c3s will probably not disappoint you. As you may know already, this push cart is a 3-wheeler, which automatically means that it will be easier to push since it has a triangular shape the base. The front is just a tad bit smaller than the rear 2 wheels (9.5 and 11.5, respectively), which may mean more speed while pushing, but it could more or less interfere with the level of stability. With the bagboy c3, pushing is easier and smoother.

Oh, and more sweet detail is that the wheels are airless and therefore maintenance-free. This means there are no chances of deflation, thus no need for inflation as well. in other words, your wallet is pleased.


Storage and carrying are the 2 sole purposes of any good golf push cart, and if a cart cannot comply with these, then you might as well hire a caddie!

The bagboy c3, however, is very generous when it comes to storing and accommodating your baggage. The frame of this cart is already extra wider than your standard push carts for golf. And the dedicated storage features furthermore means you can store more. First of all, you have the console which offers you a cup holder, an umbrella holder, and a neat little spot for your phone as a well. You furthermore have the benefits of being able to store scorecard and golf ball since they come with their own storage spaces.

As for the main golf bag, the bagboy c3 push cart can accommodate most bags, including stand and cart bags! You have brackets to hold them in place, they have furthermore secured, thanks to the adjustable and stretch elastic support arms. Not bad, at all.

Size and Weight

You will be very happy to hear that the bagboy c3 push cart weighs… .just 10 pounds. Yep. Just 10 pounds. And for size, the cart is wide-based which contributes to its amazing storage capacity. On the contrary, it turns into a compact “ball” almost, when you fold it down.

Speaking of which, yes the bagboy c3 is foldable and therefore, very much portable. You just have to follow a simple, and easy-to-do 3-step folding system, and you are pretty much good to go! There will be absolutely no struggling while to carry it to and from the course and your home!

Ease of use

Apart from being ridiculously lightweight and compact, the bagboy c3 push cart is furthermore very comfortable to use. First of all, you have its foamed handle which you can shorten or elongate depending on the user’s height.

Next, you have the easy to use and no-fuss brakes which can be initiated without having to move an inch since it’s right beside the handle!


  • The Bagboy C3 golf push cart is very lightweight and compact.
  • Folds easily.
  • Is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Utilizes an aluminum, weatherproof framework.
  • Has an adjustable handle.
  • Uses hand brake.
  • Have maintenance-free wheels.


  • Does not come with the accessory bag.

Bagboy C3 Frequently Asked Question

1. Does the front wheel on the bagboy c3 push cart swivel?

Answer: Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, the front wheel of this push cart does not pivot. 2. Does the hand brake initiate an immediate stop, or does the cart stop gradually?

2. Does the hand brake cause the cart to stop immediately, or does it stop gradually?

Answer: The hand brake will stop the cart almost immediately so we recommend that you don’t push the break while pushing at high speed. This will end up disturbing or baggage, or even topple over a few stuff.

bagboy c3 push cart

Final Words

We are almost at the end of our bagboy c3 review, and let’s just say that this push cart is worth a second look!

If you are looking for something lightweight yet durable, compact yet spacious, then the bagboy c3 push cart is right up your alley.

Having said that, it is a tad bit disappointing that they skimped on the accessory bag, and furthermore, many users were anticipating a pivoting front wheel. But hey, it is still a very effective and easy to use a golf cart. In conclusion, we highly recommend it!

This wraps up our bagboy c3 review. Thank you for staying with us and don’t to click on the product link for a better look. Until next time!

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